Witchy -NSFW- (fem.Anon)*

Oct 24th, 2017
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  1. You are femanon and due to some shitty series of events, there's nothing better than getting off your tits drunk, while throwing packet after packet of mystic fire into the bonfire.
  3. >As the flames flicker and shift into an array of different colours, you can't help but feel like something is missing. Something wet with a bitter sweetness, sealed inside a chilled metal can.
  5. >that sweet elixir of cider beckons, its sweet satisfaction of slipping past your lips, causing your problems to wash away in a sea of swaying, tingling bliss.
  7. >as much as wanting a certain something else to tickle your tonsils, that's just not meant to be. The once raging libido for that fleshy dipstick, has fucked itself into only stirring itself in wet dreams of fictional beings and monstrous apparitions.
  9. >reaching down and derailing your train of thought on the last time you got your rocks off without that fapper remorse, it appears that you've misjudged the amount of ciders you've already had.
  11. >you could've sworn you had at least another two cans left beside you, or maybe cases are just getting smaller nowadays?
  13. >fuck it, there should be at least one more can in the back of the fridge.
  15. >with the skill of an old kung-fu master, your grasp of ‘drunken style’ doesn't hold you back from getting to your sweet elixir, not even the trip hazards of logs and the intense swaying and swirling of everything around slows you down.
  17. >holding back a ‘holy fuck’ whilst practically kicking down the door, the bombardment of pings from your phone steals you from your quest.
  19. >hands braced against the walls, the epic journey to your bedroom begins as you try not to fall back on your ass, or trip over your own feet as you stagger along.
  21. >entering your room and fumbling onto the bed, you roll towards the other side onto your stomach, legs and arms spread apart, with one arm wildly swinging and swatting just inches away from your phone.
  23. “C-come here you cheeky cunt!”
  25. >with a final grunt and flail, you've managed to inch yourself that last little bit closer in grabbing hold of the still pinging device.
  27. >it's like the painting of god reaching out to man, your finger caresses the edge of your phone, only for it to fall from the side table and onto the floor.
  29. >a muffled groan escapes your mouth
  31. “god fucking damn it”
  33. >as you contemplate if your phone has become the next strogendingers cat, the toll of your drinking has finally decided to catch up.
  35. >It hits like a stack of bricks with that sinking feeling kicking in. Each blink takes longer for your eyes to open back up
  37. >you hear one last ping from your phone before it does it trademark vibrate before turning itself off.
  39. >well shit, at least your phone isn't fucked… well, possibly it not needing you to get swindled out of your money again, but you can't be fucked to check for sure or even just to move in general.
  41. >ah fuck it, you'll just rest for a minute, or at least until you can be stuffed to get that last cider.
  43. >the sound of a hearty chuckle stirs you from the dead.
  45. >Who the fucks laughing at you?, you'll give them a right good smack on the chops if they've taken a marker to your face.
  47. >struggling to lift your heavy lidded eyes, you instead attempt to lift and stretch out your arms, but the lack of dexterity and the clear sounds of hooves sliding against wood seems to be enough to shift those weights away.
  49. >when the haze of tired eyes clears, you find yourself staring at a set of outstretched hooves that are attached to a set of feathered white legs, which change to a darkish purple above the knees and continues up on to your body.
  51. >alright then… ‘spose you should see if there's a second pair of legs, don't want to want to find yourself up shits creek without a paddle.
  53. >shutting your eyes as tight as you can, you turn your head around, holding a deep breath before psyching yourself up for the big reveal.
  55. “oh thank fuck, i'm not a cripple”
  57. >with limbs all in check and moving the way pony legs should, attention now goes to the room you're in and sounds of what you assume is source of that laughter as it makes its way towards you.
  59. >despite being in a room with furniture fixed to the walls and ceiling, stairs placed with no purpose and a variety of items floating around your head with almost a life of their own, its the echo and displaced hoof steps and clicking and scraping on the wooden floor, that's getting to you, making you feel uneasy.
  61. >wait, wait… this seems a bit off, floating pillows and boxes? and what the fuck is up with these doorways? Last thing you remember was having a ‘few’ drinks, shit you must've dozed off.
  63. >sitting up, you crack a few kinks out from your neck and back. Either you drank yourself a bad batch of cider or you must be stressed about something, this room is about as much on track as your life, cause it's really fucking not.
  65. >a voice sings out within the room, even though you're the only one in it. your eyes race around it, until finay locking onto a pair of yellow eyes.
  67. >your heart pounds out of your chest as the figure slings and contorts its body towards you. its mismatched appendages click and scratch on the wooden floor.
  69. >f-fuck me, you've dreamt up some fucked up shit before, but this has got to take the cake
  71. >with a hard blink and gulp, the creature is upon you, grabbing you by the muzzle with a pleased look on its face.
  73. >”i wasn't expecting visitors quite so early” it chuckles before continuing “I've hadn't the chance to clean up”
  75. >the creature boops your snoot before slinking around your side, you can feel it's eyes wander over your body.
  77. >as the beast works its way around, you take the opportunity to get a good peak of what this thing is made up of.
  79. >its whole body is a mixture of different animal parts, with one part that invokes your curiosity the most, an area that'll hopefully reveal itself soon enough if this is to be like your last few dreams.
  81. >you smirk, biting your bottom lip as the creature returns in front of you, it was still talking, but you were too... preoccupied to what was said, except for a few phrases.
  83. >“oh won't this be fun” the creature leans in close, sheer excitement fills its face. “with you helping me, we can show twilight what real fun is!”
  85. >you let out a low chuckle.
  87. “oh yea?”
  89. >the creature takes a large excited inhale “ha ha!, this calls for a-”
  91. >you reach up mid sentence, grabbing its long white chin tuft and giving it a little tug as you hold it in your mouth.
  93. >it takes a few moments pass before what you did to registers, the blank expressions left on its face brings you much joy, but the next few moments of the facial journey as the gears start to turn again is pure bliss.
  95. >“did… did you just billygoat me?” the creature plucks his tuft from your grasp, a subtle blush growing on his face.
  97. >Biting your lower lip with half lidded eyes, you flick up your tail as you shakily stand on your new, feathered hooves.
  99. “this calls for a celebration don't it?” you say with a sultry stare “and what's more of a celebration than a free trip to the bone zone”
  101. >you wiggle your flank as you strut up close, placing a hoof on the beast's chest.
  103. “I could rattle your chains and leave you bone dry”
  105. >the beast lets out an audible ‘oft’ as you push it down on its back, straddling either side of its long serpentine body in its current state of confusion. you run a hoof down it’s stomach before your lips make contact to its brown fur, sucking and licking your way down to the sweet spot.
  107. >fuck your excited for this, especially with how real it feels, its strange. you almost swear it ‘could’ real if it, weren't for the fact that your not a purple pony with a skull tattoo on your ass.
  109. >“W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” it stutters, wide eyed and following the path your head makes down its body.
  111. “oh~ you'll see” you coo, winking as you say it
  113. >plonking your rump on its thick, scaled tail, you dip your tongue in a newly found slit, lapping and working your muzzle in deeper as moans, whimpers and gasps slip out of the creature's maw.
  115. >As you hum and moan inside the beasts sex, your tongue slides against a growing bulge, quickly showing its full length as it throbs with each kiss and lick.
  117. “oh~ i know a great game we could play”
  119. >with a slow, drawn out lick from the base of its ribbed shaft, you sloppily kissing the tip before moving your head away as you gently blow on it.
  121. “you've heard of ‘hide the sausage’ before?” you say, standing up and staring him in the eyes with a smirk.
  123. >with gritted teeth and clenched claws, it calls out “Ngh...H-Hide the wha-ah~! o-oOoh~”
  125. >before the beast could finish its sentence, you plunge yourself onto it's cock.
  127. “F-faahck~”
  129. >you throw your head back as you bounce up and down, forcing yourself further on his shaft, hissing as it stretches you more and more.
  133. >You are discord and your plan to have fun at twilight's expense has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. You never thought any pony could catch you so off guard. You're a god of chaos! And this, this pony, somehow, took you off guard.
  135. >Your claws dig into the wooden floor as this pony forces herself further on your shame.
  137. >her hips gyrate on the top of your length, each time you try to wrap your tail around her to throw her off, she quickly forces herself back down onto your cock, causing you to slam your tail down onto the floor.
  139. >“mmhn” her voice sends chills down your spine “ngh.. h-whos twilight?”
  141. “aa~h..”
  143. >you lift your head from the floor, propping yourself up with your arms.
  145. “twh-twilight?” you pant
  147. >stopping her torment for a moment, she leans herself close to your face, her sex just lapping at your tip as she assaults your ear with her hot breath, nibbling and pulling you in closer to her.
  149. >“Whos twilight?” she says breathing heavily into your neck
  151. >you let out a nervous laugh, surely this… harlot didn't just say what you thought she did
  153. “w-why do you want to know that?”
  155. >“didn't you want to show them what real fun is~” she whispers, slowly rocking herself back onto your shaft, snickering as you tense up from the sensation.
  157. >this is enough!, you're not going subjugate yourself to this torture any longer!
  159. >you scowl at the purple pony as she circles her hips along the top of your dick, biting her lip as she smirks at you.
  161. >feeling the shift in your weight she throws herself back down to the base of your cock, mere moments as you managed to click your fingers from her sudden sensation, teleporting yourself an arms length away as her flank continues down onto the floor.
  163. >panting, you shakily try to stand up, summoning a portal to ponyville to escape, but you are quickly knocked down in a blur of purple and blue fur.
  165. >“don't think your free of this crypt just yet”
  167. >panic has never hit you harder, had you summoned a demon straight from tartarus itself?!
  169. “W-W-WAIT!”
  171. >you plead, shuffling yourself back in a feeble attempt to get away.
  173. >your vision blurs as the pony wraps her tongue around your cock before bobbing her head down the length of your member. her warm saliva coats your shaft as she hums and moans, taking you deep within her throat. She gasps quick breaths, not skipping a beat to keep you locked in place with pleasure, your claws leaving deep gouges on your floorboards.
  175. “H-hng.. ah-h”
  177. >oh dear, sweet, celeste!, you'd never dreamt a mouth could feel so…so...
  179. >NO! no,no,no! what are you thinking! Giving into such… such depravity
  181. >but, BUT, it feels so good~
  183. “n-ng o~Oh”
  185. >you don't know how much more you can of this, your tingling in places you never knew could, your hips betray your control and start to buck.
  187. >the pony chuckles, making your back arch up from her throat vibrating around your dick. you can feel something start to rise inside of you as your paw wraps around your muzzle as you whimper.
  189. >the building pressure makes your head spin. Your body stiffens as she laps her tongue around the head of your dick, slurping and sucking the sides of your cock as she takes you deeper and deeper into her throat.
  191. >g-get a hold of yourself discord! Y-you need to focus, you need to get yourself out of this mess!
  193. “t-thats it!” you pant
  195. >you gasp for air as your tail curls over itself, your grip you have on yourself tightens.
  197. >your cock throbs between her hooves, she licks and swirls her tongue around the head, kissing and softly sucking the tip before opening her mouth wide and resting your cock on her tongue.
  199. >you erupt, shooting thick, white ropes of seed into her mouth, as your dick twitches and throbs before letting go another burst all your self control escapes you.
  201. >she runs her tongue down the underside of your shaft, milking you for all you have, your hips buck erratically, thrusting yourself into her mouth as you pant uncontrollably, your body trembling at the mercy of this harlot.
  203. >you awaken, your body heavy and lingering, tingling sensation still runs rampant over you body.
  205. >staring up at the ceiling, you lay still for a while, still trying to piece back what had happened as you take in the silence of the room.
  207. "Oh no"
  209. >your eyes shoot wide open as you remember something... you've just release a demon into ponyville...
  211. ----------------------------------------------
  214. >it's a warm awe inspiring morning as the sun slowly rises above the trees, your somewhat clumsy trot out of a sleepy little town has been quite pleasant.
  216. >the air sweet and light, the grass under your hooves soft and covered in morning due, it’s taken you awhile to get use to your legs for some reason, but hey the views are beautiful and you're still feeling pretty buzzed from the fun you had.
  218. >climbing up a small hill you look over the town, more of its buildings come into view as the sun's light chases away the shadows
  220. “Oh wow…” you yawn “fuck that's a pretty view”
  222. >you take in the view with heavy lids, the lush cool grass inviting you to make yourself properly acquainted with it... maybe a little lay down wouldn't be too bad of an idea. Who know dream fucking could be so tiresome, or that you could want to sleep in a dream.
  224. “yea fuck it” you paw at a nice section of grass and clovers and begin to get yourself in a comfy position. “damn this is nice grass… not a single bindi in sight” yawning again before shutting your eyes.
  226. >rolling on your back, relishing in the warmth of the sun's light. It’s not long before you drift off to sleep.
  229. >your warm sun soaked nap is soon disrupted by a series of soft prods to your side, as a shadow looms over you.
  231. >“Lyra! Don't poke her.”
  233. >“how am i supposed to know if she's ok?”
  235. >“you can't just go around poking anypony!”
  237. >“But i-”
  239. “nothing wrong with abit of a poke” you chuckle, stretching out your legs as you roll over “mmhn” you hum as you groggily open your eyes
  241. >“guess we know now” lyra chuckles
  243. “...well hello sweet cheeks” you purr looking up at a cream coloured pony, her pink and navy mane curled tight at the ends.
  245. >“E-excuse me?” the cream pony grimaces
  247. “Oh~ i hope you taste as good as you look” you say with a wink. “oh! and a little mint treat for after too”
  249. >lyra giggles “what's that supposed to mean?” she stands close to her friend as she looks over you more.
  251. >“w-why don't we have our picnic somewhere else?” the cream pony hesitantly looks away from you, starting to push her unicorn friend in the opposite direction.
  253. >“why's that bonbon?” lyra turns her head to bonbon, still being pushed by her flank.
  255. “hey!” you call out “it's not very polite to poke someone and leave” you say with a dejected huff “ could've at least introduce yourselves”
  257. >bonbon stands to a halt, a cold shiver runs up her spine. “you're right!” she blurts out before shaking her head in confusion “my name is Swe-” she grits her teeth stopping herself briefly “...bonbon.. and this is..lyra?” raising a hoof to her mouth from her outburst.
  259. >your ears prick up at the sudden eagerness of her introduction, looking them both up and down before standing up.
  261. >lyra smiles sweetly at you, her eyes dreamy and blinking slowly “i'm lyra” she coos “sorry for waking you up like i did”
  263. >you almost purr as you walk over to them
  264. “if you're truly sorry” you whisper “maybe you could make up for it with a kiss”
  266. >“a kiss?” bonbon says groggily “we only just met”
  268. “we won't have to be strangers for long” draping yourself under their necks, your swishing against their bodies as you circle tight around them
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