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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. There are countless daily living skills that are essential to life. Without which, society and individuals would not function as well. Three such skills are decision making, budgeting, and time management. A closer look at each of these skills with show their importance and an individuals need to incorporate them into their personal journey.
  3. Firstly, decision making enables one to have confidence in their ability to make good decisions. For example, if my decision yields a positive outcome, then this would be the premise for confidence building. In addition to confidence building, Decision making teaches leadership. For instance, being a good decision maker helps one influence and impact others.The inability to make good decisions makes a person unsuitable for a leadership role,. Along with with confidence building and leadership, decision making teachers us how to problem solve. To illustrate, a problem cannot be solved without brainstorming alternatives after which, good decisions are usually made. Given these reasons, the skill of decision making is crucial to personal, educational, and professional development.
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