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  1. 1. Format - if the format is wrong, the analysis ends up wrong. Format is pretty quick and easy to check for.
  3. 2. Illegal movesets - If it isn't already picked up on in C&C, just be wary of illegal movesets.
  5. 3. Set viability and underlying concerns - It is very, very important to read the thread. Not only should it help explain any concerns on set viability, it should also show if there are any debates still going on about the set.
  7. 4. Prose and grammar - Should probably be done separately, prose first then grammar. Look through it as a whole and make changes to the prose, then nitpick grammar and spelling mistakes.
  9. 5. Fluidity - New I guess, but just make sure it flows and isn't a really really bad read. Get second opinions if unsure.
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