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  1. 11:11 < stekern> you'll need this:
  2. 11:13 < stekern> +
  3. 11:14 < stekern> it has the path to the installed gcc hard-coded to /opt/or1k/bin so you need to change that if you have it somewhere else
  4. 11:15 < stekern> and then you'll need to setup or1ksim with tun/tap which should run linux with ftp enabled
  5. 11:15 < blueCmd> I keep seeing Embecosm, how are they involved?
  6. 11:16 < stekern> Embecosm is jeremybennetts company
  7. 11:17 < blueCmd> aha
  8. 11:17 < stekern> he can probably tell himself more in-depth how they are involved, but they have done a lot of work on the toolchain and or1ksim etc
  9. 11:19 < blueCmd> ah ok. it's nice knowing the contributors
  10. 11:19 < stekern> anyway, once you have linux under or1ksim running, you start the test-suite by running:
  11. 11:20 < stekern> make check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=or1k-linux-sim --target_triplet=or1k-unknown-linux-gnu" OR1K_IP=""
  12. 11:21 < stekern> in the 'build-or1k-gcc' directory
  13. 11:23  * blueCmd is logging this, keep going
  14. 11:23 < stekern> I'm all done :)
  15. 11:24 < stekern> there are some more indepth instructions howto setup tun/tap in or1ksim in the or1ksim documentation
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