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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa 6/24 at 9:07 PM
  2. What had Kurosawa been up to since he had been soundly beat? Not much, he had intended to reflect upon himself, maybe think, or try to meditate. He had continued to do his duties as normal, being a busybody around the castle. But today, he had found a bit of free time. The man hadn't eaten all day, so he picked up his daily bowl of rations (today was rice, with slices of pickles and a topped with a small slice of fish) and had set himself out to eat on the steps of the barracks. At least, that had been the plan. As he sat down, a small figure appeared in front of him. A small girl, wearing a dirty blue kimono with a small crab Mon over her heart was now in front. Watching. The smell of the food caught into his nose, and his stomach growled a little. His steely eyes flickered, from the bowl, to the girl, back to the bowl. There was only one choice to make, may his lord forgive him. He set the bowl down on the steps and gently slid it towards his small guest, with his chopsticks atop of it. The girl took it quick, eyeing him suspiciously as if he was going to take it back. When he did not move, she mumbled "Itadakimasu," under her breath and began to eat, faster than he'd seen anyone eat. His only response was a small nod. Was it weird to stare at a kid eat? Maybe, but that's what he was doing. The problem of the orphaned children was going to get out of hand, and this wss not even a dent in the tide. But she'd have rice today, and he'd have rice tomorrow. Everything would be fine. When she was done, she would gently place the bowl down with the chopsticks placed appropriately and neatly, bowing, before scurrying off around a bend, leaving the unicorn to ponder to himself on the steps. ((1 day of fast.))
  4. Shinjo Kurosawa 6/26 at 8:41 AM
  5. So what were we up to now? Kurosawa had secured his rations for the day; steaming rice, topped with pickled vegetables and a slice of chicken nestled atop of it today. He took his bowl to a field, to sit on the soft, slightly dewy under the morning sun. A beautiful morning to begin the day. He closed his eyes and muttered a soft thanks the Kami and Inari for what he was about to recieve. But upon opening his eyes, she was back. The little girl crab from the past two days who he had been feeding his rations. As before, he was torn; he had woken up in pain in his gut, such a severe pain that affected him even now. And it wasn't because of anything he ate. The girl only looked on; she did not speak or beg except with her large eyes. His fingers tightened around the chopsticks, eyes clenching shut. If he kept going he would continue starving, or others would say something about him giving his Lord's rice away. But if he didn't, this kid would starve. The turmoil bubbled inside of him and he wrestled with the thoughts. In the end, he made his decision. He did not peer up at the girl, but made a shooing motion, before tucking deeply into the best rations he'd ever had here at Kyuden Ashinabagachi. And when he looked up, she was gone, not even a trace of her footsteps to be found. He wondered still, what would be the right decision for the kids, and set his bowl down to think, maybe clearly for the first time in the past few days. ((3rd day of fast entered; 14 damage from fasting. Food eaten so fasting ended.))
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