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Occupy Toronto Food Team - Step 1

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  1. Hello Occupying Foodies!
  3. My name is Antonin and I'm organizing the Occupy Toronto Food Team. Our goal is to feed as many people as possible for the length of the occupation. We've received a tremendous response from volunteers and donors and it should continue for the foreseeable future!
  5. Since our goal is both pragmatic and time-sensitive we will likely be employing a more structured model than the rest of the occupation. "Structure" does imply both leadership and support and we will all take turns at both. Feeding a mass of people will be challenging and fun and we'll be doing a lot of learning in the process. To that end I propose the following guidelines:
  7.     Lead by example
  8.     Don't ask anyone to do something you wouldn't do yourself
  9.     The persons who work the hardest make the rules
  11. Based on the feedback we've been getting it seems that our main rallying points will be Acquisition, Preparation, and Distribution. I propose we establish sub-committees based around these tasks.
  13. We will be starting simple, serving mostly bread and fruit. As we get a better handle on the situation we will expand to our ultimate goal which is on-site cooking and serving of complete hot meals. It will be a gradual process, and we will ramp up over time. If we all pull in the same direction we should get there quickly.
  15. Before we can proceed, we need some information from you in order to establish reasonable expectations:
  17. Name or Handle?
  18. If we've chatted before, what did we talk about (jog my memory)?
  19. How would you like to help (Acquisition, Preparation, and/or Distribution or Other)?
  20. Will you be setting up camp at the Occupation?
  21. Are you available for remote or online tasks?
  22. What is your availability like for Food related tasks (Days of week and hours)?
  23. How important is your anonymity (photos, quotes, media, etc)?
  24. Mobile Number?
  25. Do you have any siblings or children?
  26. Are you affiliated with or close to any other organizations that could help?
  27. Do you have any suggestions for the Food Team or Occupy Toronto more generally?
  28. Would you describe yourself as a "casual" or "hardcore" member of the Food Team?
  29. What food items, physical materials, or services will we need (everything you can think of)?
  31. I can always be reached at this email address or 416 725 XXXX. Don't be shy I am always happy to answer questions or take suggestions!
  33. A+
  34. Antonin.
  36. Occupy Toronto Food Team
  37. occupyTOfood@gmail.com
  38. @OccTorFoodies
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