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  1. ▌welcome to 60s ::
  3. wattpad username | @UWUDOYOUNG
  4. password | créme
  5. name | Ahn Ra Eun (pronounced as Rae Un?)
  6. age | 22 y/o
  7. birthdate | 19/03/96
  8. nationality | korean
  9. ethnicity | korean
  10. birthplace | busan, south korea
  11. hometown | seoul, south korea
  12. height | 163 cm
  13. weight | 48 kg
  14. occupation | college student (majoring in different types of dances. specifically modern dance as well as contemporary dance )
  16. ▌i love play rehearsal ::
  17. personality |
  18. the first thing you should be warned about Raeun is that she will always roast you. so beware when your are around her. saltier than lemon juice yet has a big sweet tooth for desserts and much more. also not to mention she is also really sarcastic so don't fuck up in what you say when she is irritated. but she can get hilarious with her teasing, especially her perverted jokes and ways. you see, she doesn't label herself as having a dirty mind, but prefers the term as she is 'educated' in the topic. this kid is never chill like what the fuck. Raeun always has to be right. what is is this thing as being calm and keeping your cool? yeah Raeun doesn't know that. once she gets mad her mouth will never stop bubbling. she is also very open minded which was why she immediately started stanning after she saw 'blood, sweat & tears' by BTS. despite the fact that she is very salty and such, Raeun is also an honest person that will never sugarcoat her opinions. she is also a very trustworthy person that you can trust your secrets and such. she will never tell a soul.
  20. background |
  21. Raeun was born in busan, south korea on the 19th of March, 1996. She was born into an average family of 4 consisting of her mother and her father, Raeun and the family cat, Pikachu. when she was about 8 years old she later moved to seoul, south korea because of her father's uprising restaurant business. as for Raeun's schooling she has good grades but is currently flunking science. she can get friendly if she wants too also, but Raeun is known to talk back to her teachers and play pranks on her fellow friends.  
  23. family |
  25. Ahn Jihyun - Father - restaurant owner - 45 - 9/10
  26. Ahn Taehee - Mother - housewife - 43 - 6/10
  28. ▌big fun ::
  30. - Cuddle sessions - lives for them
  31. - Roasting battles - her mouth would be on fire once she starts
  32. - iced coffee - starbucks bitch
  33. - oversized sweatshirts - it makes her feel like she's getting hugged
  34. - sweet deserts - who wouldnt
  35. - road trips - they're really fun, Raeun thinks you can create new memories in the process
  37. dislikes |
  38. - smoking - it just shortens your life span man
  39. - mustard - eVIL
  40. - tomatoes - EVIL
  41. - antis - EVIL LIKE MUSTARD
  42. - sour things - might add more saltiness to her personality amiright
  44. hobbies |
  45. - is eating a hobby?
  46. - is sleeping a hobby?
  47. - badminton - it's a fun and easy sport
  48. - photography - captures memories in a picture
  49. - cooking - learnt from her father  
  51. habits |
  52. - Raeun brushes her hair with her hands often
  53. - she nips her lips when she gets nervous or anxious
  54. - she eats when she gets stressed
  56. struggles |
  57. - what is this thing called saving money? broke af sigh
  58. - Raeun doesn't know the meaning of being chill
  59. - her and her mother always have misunderstandings which make them fight all the time
  61. trivia |
  62. - Raeun thinks whoever made ice cream cake is a whole genius
  63. - she trips on air
  64. - milk before the cereal fam (crackhead behaviour is what the others think)
  65. - thinks sehun from exo and Jaehyun from nct are total hotties
  66. - a hoe for the older ones in nct and thinks the dreamies are her sons  
  67. - her way of saying 'i love you' is 'would you like some of my fries?'
  68. - thinks the most superior movies are disney movies
  69. - cries when she watches the notebook
  70. - eats ketchup chips with actual ketchup on the side
  72. flaws |
  73. - Raeun doesn't like the fact that she has a scar on her knee since she gets scars easily as well as being super clumsy
  74. - she can sometimes come off as rude when she teases her friends too much
  75. - she sometimes uses people for her benefit
  77. ▌meant to be yours ::
  78. slot | brûler
  79. backup | rêveuse
  80. face claim | @plumfloral on ig
  81. backup | @vecnexz on ig
  82. love interest | tournasol
  83. backup | doux
  85. ▌you’ll be back ::
  86. love interest personality |
  87. TOURNASOL is a bit of a quirky dude. he's 49 percent random and the other 51 percent is being a total flirt. sometimes he would either blurt out random perverted jokes in the wrong timing. that's why pissing people off is his speciality. although he's a total playboy he can be a really sweet person who is willing to lend a listening ear when you're having a hard time. a big gucci fan, like literally, TOURNASOL breathes gucci. from head to toe it would be gucci. his eccentric personality adds to why he adores gucci.
  89. relationship timeline |
  90. ※ beginning | they don't get along very well since TOURNASOL would always plant pranks in their room and always targets her every time
  91. ※ middle | TOURNASOL is starting to get on Raeun's soft side since he would open up to her when they do their special pillow talks at night
  92. ※ end | they realize that it was not met to be after all since Raeun wasn't ready for a relationship,(is afraid of commitment) but TOURNASOL was willing to wait.
  94. do they end up together in the long run? |
  95. after the trip ended, they did keep in contact. sadly, the chemistry died down after a while. but they met once again because one of Raeun's friends 'introduced' her to TOURNASOL and they immediately clicked together once more. so yes, they did end up in the long run.
  97. ▌when he sees me ::
  98. requested scenes with love interest |
  99. - sneaky pecks on the forehead or cheeks
  100. - cuddle sessions
  101. - Raeun and TOURNASOL go around and play dress up in stores only to get kicked out
  102. - pillow fights with each other
  103. - pillow talks about the others, how they all met, what do they plan to do in the future etc.
  105. requested scenes with other slots |
  107. - Raeun and FLANER got caught by the boys fangirling over the them while watch their mvs’
  109. - PARAPLUIE and Raeun cook together for the whole group's lunch when they decided to have homemade food for once
  111. - BELLE AME and Raeun fight just because Raeun used BELLE AME's favourite lip stain once but Raeun didn't ask to use it.
  113. - LUCIOLE gets touchy touchy with her love interest and Raeun happened to be there making herself a sandwich at the kitchen. she started to tease them about it yet threatened to break his bones if he breaks her heart and then says 'okay bye you love birds! don’t forget to use protection!" while cackling off to her shared room.
  115. - Raeun accidentally threw away one of REVEUSE's plans for something when she was decluttering, it was really important to REVEUSE but Raeun didn’t know. when REVEUSE told everyone about it, Raeun felt so guilty that she had to confess on the spot
  117. - she goes to MYRTILLE to destress herself by ordering pizza and watching sad movies so they could cry together
  119. relationships with other slots |
  121. - PARAPLUIE - she teases her a lot for being the mother of the group and also calls her 'mom' but besides that Raeun always goes to her for advice like love etc
  123. - MYRTILLE - they're pretty chill together when they hang out. Raeun goes to her when she has big problems she bottles up
  125. - REVEUSE - appreciates her hard work to organize things for the group but also gets annoyed by the fact she takes out her irritation on them
  127. - BELLE AME - closet space this closet space that, it gets annoying after time but Raeun admires her talent for make up
  129. - FLANER - would usually tease her for her potty mouth when she curses and also teases her for her little crushes on the boys. their friendship is like tom and jerry since they're also the same age
  131. - LUCIOLE - Raeun takes care of her a lot rather than the other members. just wants to give her all the uwu and love she can give to LUCIOLE because she's such an introvert. protective of her since a lot of guys go to LUCIOLE and LUCIOLE is such an innocent bean.
  133. ▌only us ::
  134. anything else? | her nickname is Rae
  135. message to me | hello! i'm lizzi and uh thank you for reading my form and reminding me to finish my form, hope you like it c:
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