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May 22nd, 2019
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  1. Drider: I wasn't aware BindMe was your Dom of interest lol
  2. Drider: Her avi's are hot
  3. Drider: 10/10
  4. Drider: I'm glad you may have found someone lovely
  5. Miyko: Have you like never looked at my profile card LMAO?
  6. Pozuda: Domme*
  7. Pozuda: u-u
  8. Drider: Nah.
  9. Miyko: Dom* because they’re fluid and they don’t mind either.
  10. Drider: I don't have any reasons to check your profile card
  11. Miyko: But yeet
  12. Drider: Can ya'll not have a correction war.
  13. Drider: That'd be fantastic.
  14. Pozuda: I said Domme bc
  15. Pozuda: Ari said
  16. Pozuda: "Her"
  17. Drider: Cause like, I'll boot you both.
  18. Miyko: I’m not having a correction war, you dingus.
  19. Eggos: No booth
  20. Eggos: Both?
  21. Drider: Okay, Day.
  22. Eggos: Booth?
  23. Pozuda: Boot me and I swear to God I'll never speak to you again.
  24. Eggos: Boot*
  25. Miyko: Honestly I’m out. Y’all have a good night.
  26. Eggos: Gin got mad at me 'cause I got one with myself.
  27. Drider: Goodnight kiki.
  28. Volvox cuddles with Kiki
  29. Pozuda: You don't have t0
  30. Volvox: ily bb
  31. Volvox: NOOO
  32. Pozuda: -*
  33. Pozuda: Okay then.
  34. Miyko has left the chat
  35. Eggos: :[
  36. Drider: For the record.
  37. Pozuda: She really got mad for nothing huh.
  38. Pozuda: I was just explaining why I said Domme but like go off ig
  39. Drider: If you use our friendship as a reason to prevent me from cutting drama at the neck again, you won't have to worry about us not talking again.
  40. Eggos: Okay.
  41. Pozuda: There was no drama, no reason to boot me, and it pisses me off that you used that as a threat.
  42. Drider: It wasn't a threat.
  43. Pozuda: But whatever, I'll leave. Since I'm obviously such a drama starter. :)
  44. Drider: You could come back in 20 minutes.
  45. Drider: Whatever, Jesse.
  46. Pozuda has left the chat
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