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TheMadman Jan 6th, 2013 62 Never
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  1. Innocent
  2. --------
  4. - Applejinx*
  5. - Baron
  6. - Bleeding Raindrops
  7. - Dolfeus
  8. - Dublio
  9. - Grif
  10. - Figments
  11. - Golden Vision
  12. - Seattle
  13. - Sum Pony
  14. - Zay-el
  16. Persons from this group prefer stories of the family-friendly variety (or they'd like you to think that).
  18. Nomad
  19. -----
  21. - Ion-Sturm
  22. - Roger
  23. - Soundslikeponies
  24. - Sparky
  26. Persons from this group do not fall into either of the other categories. Depending on the circumstance, they may be on either side of the conflict.
  28. Temptress
  29. ---------
  31. - Malevolent Spoon
  32. - Kurbz
  33. - Roan
  34. - Tactical
  35. - TiredFoal
  37. Persons from this group act more deviant than the others and bring about the main conflict in the story. Whether by organization or spontaneity, they attempt to corrupt the innocent.
  39. *Applejinx himself would be Temptress, but the Nyx-filly-what-is-this? that he's asked for would certainly go here.
  41. Rationale
  42. =========
  44. Any inclination towards having a clop scene or ship puts people firmly in the "Temptress" category. People I have little information on, or people with any kind of squirmish tendencies toward clop and/or shipping, go in the "Innocent" category. People who don't quite fit the description of either (i.e. they're not really deviant enough to be temptress, but I wouldn't call them innocent either) are nomads.
  46. These categories are meant mostly to dictate position in the story. It doesn't necessarily mean they're at all similar in other ways (or even friendly to each other). Pairing people of contrasting inclination gives conflict, making the story interesting (duh).
  48. Personal observation on characters
  49. ==================================
  51. - Applejinx is idolized by Tactical
  52. - Tactical and Kurbz have unresolved sexual tension
  53. - Sum Pony and Roger do weird nerd stuff together
  54. - Sum Pony and Dolfeus probably geek out over large, properly formatted data files
  55. - Ion-Sturm's entire image is based around being a big bad meanie who is brutally honest, good for conflict
  56. - Zay-el is somehow impervious to any kind of conflict
  57. - Roger seizes every opportunity he sees to take potshots at people
  58. - Seattle has a tendency to assume as many authoritative positions as possible, then proceed to disappear for inordinate amounts of time
  59. - Kurbz is despondent towards the community at large
  60. - Golden Vision has an insatiable need to "Boop" everything that moves
  62. TiredFoal is rather difficult to deal with because of her circumstances -- teenage rebelliousness to parents mixed with gender/sex exploration. This could be done well if pulled off properly, but it's also got a high risk. It's not exactly suitable subject matter for the story, but if it's ignored, there's a pretty good risk of her being one-dimensional. Initial thoughts were similar about Roan, but I find there's a lot more character there to work with. (Getting a self-described profile also helps a lot.) I just... I dunno, don't know much about TiredFoal? It doesn't help that her only request was "wincest with Kinsley" -- who has now dropped out. Is she even interested in being in the story now? Without some kind of help, I probably shouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole.
  64. Don't really know much about Baron or MalevolentSpoon either. They don't seem to talk much.
  66. Tactical is the best candidate for the protagonist (or at least the focus character). He's able to draw conflict to himself pretty easily by his over-zealous liberalism and general ability to discard other people's concerns. He's also requested he be in as much "fucked up stuff" as possible, so it only follows that he's probably the one causing it all.
  68. People with "weak" character, or least a poor tendency for conflict, shouldn't ever be the only people on screen. This is mainly people who seem to maintain amicable statuses with all of the community's members: Dublio, Grif, and Zay-el are the main three I'm thinking of.
  70. Now that everything is over-thought, who's going to be genderbent?
  71. ==================================================================
  73. Well, it *is* HoRI after all. And nobody likes a sausagefest.
  75. Easiest way to work it in with some sort of plot is to have Dolfeus (Alakazam) genderbend people.
  77. But Dolfeus probably wouldn't do that, so obviously someone is going to have to coerce him into it. Obvious candidate is Tactical because his character is kind of overpowered with the cybernetic implants or whatever. Bam, plot element one right there.
  79. But who?
  81. Any of the "Temptress" would go along with it easily. If he goes ahead and tries to give Applejinx a futa-dong, that could get kinda funny (and also be wish fulfillment to an absurd degree). Innocents who would react well ("well" as in good for the story) to being genderbent: Figments, Golden Vision, and Sum Pony. Should also genderbend Seattle and Dublio for good measure. Heck, Tactical would probably genderbend himself.
  83. Any of the nomads being genderbent would do fine as well.
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