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  2. Annandale - Yesterday at 11:41 PM
  3. Until it's your name that's used
  4. 💯1
  5. Just saying
  6. May 23, 2018
  7. MazrianDR - Today at 4:08 AM
  8. @Dan I don't think anyone is trying to mount a new case against Rekon's player or get him in more trouble than whatever trouble he got into.  People are reacting to bad behavior that clearly hurt someone in our community whether it was a private joke (that could not have stayed private, and didn't) or not.  Rekon is not a victim in this situation.
  9. So I mean...don't get pissed that people are pissed about it?  They have a right to be.
  10. Ikrin - Today at 4:15 AM
  11. I think Dan is just defending his friend, it's understandable he'd get emotional about it.
  12. Woodsprite - Today at 4:56 AM
  13. So sick of reading this shit.....  DOXING:   (from dox, abbreviation of documents) or doxxing is the Internet-based practice of researching and broadcasting private or identifiable information (especially personally identifiable information) about an individual or organization.  The methods employed to acquire this information include searching publicly available databases and social media websites (like Facebook), hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to Internet vigilantism and hacktivism.
  15. THAT is doxing.  That is NOT what was done by Rekon.
  17. I happen to know the player through a close friend of mine, so I Actually know what happened.  Y'all just like running your mouths and stirring the pot.  The information he used for the character he rolled came from what was posted in THESE ROOMS, so the doxxer would be the person that originally posted it, not the person that read it.  ALL Y'all read it, guess by your defiinition if you commented or in any way reacted to it, you're doxers too, guilt by association and all.
  19. Sure, there's the log in window, that's the only place anyone saw the character.  And yes it was meant as a personal joke, about  Maxwelenski and the reasons are really none of your business.  HOWEVER what was posted was NOT infact the player of Max, so whoever DID dox him sucked at it, it wasn't even the right person.  Both Charlize and Max have cooresponded with Simu that the character made did not bother them and that they forgave Rekon for even rolling it, Max even understood the why.  They also said repeatedly that he was NOT the one that was harrassing them or doxed them.
  21. So sure, have your opinions, always fun to run your mouth when you don't have a clue as to the truth.  Dan probably knows what happened and is no more willing to air the actual details than I am.  One day the rumors will be about you, then YOU'LL expect the benefit of the doubt and why would you deserve it?
  22. 7and7 - Today at 5:04 AM
  23. tell me more
  24. telutci - Today at 5:23 AM
  25. So many people so emotionally invested, who's only tie is 'hey, I know that guy.'  Let me enlighten you.  The name he used in his butchery of the Maxwelinsky 'joke' was mine.  And I have absolutely been 'doxxed' throughout the community, heavily, with false information because there's a fragment of our community that takes great joy in smashing down other people.  Luckily, there's also a sizeable portion with the actual truth (who have seen the facts to support it.)
  27. Regardless, just because he was the last one to pile on to an already circulating set of attacks does not make him less guilty.  Ignorance of the situation at whole does not make him less liable for the words that left his own mouth.  He is responsible for what he did, for stoking an already burning fire, but the real problem are those in the community who are doing it knowingly.  The ones feeding people this misinformation to further their own agenda, or for something as horrible as a few seconds of their own amusement.  The ones that put MY name in his mouth without him even understanding why.
  28. Some of those people are the very ones pushing on the situation, now, to watch the player of Rekon go down in flames.   People need to think about what they post, the rumors they spread, whether they have ANY idea the validity of the attacks they participate in.  This bullshit stops with each one of us taking a stand.  Pausing before we post that malicious bit of gossip, that attack, create that 'troll' character- and saying 'No, I won't further drag the community down.'
  29. Rekon - Today at 5:33 AM
  30. Agreed
  31. Woodsprite - Today at 5:44 AM
  32. @telutci  I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you, and I completely agree with you.
  33. Kartklin - Today at 7:08 AM
  34. Name: Subwayraipist
  35.            Spouse: No Info
  36.   Roleplay Stance: None
  37.        PvP Stance: Closed [Default]
  38. seriously, a few absolutely degenerate IDIOTS are going to cause more restrictions
  39. Alagos - Today at 7:09 AM
  40. I put a report in game but no GM currnetly online.(edited)
  41. MazrianDR - Today at 7:09 AM
  42. wow that's pretty messed up.(edited)
  43. Kartklin - Today at 7:09 AM
  44. yeah normally im like whatever about a name
  45. but jfc
  46. Plix 🗡 - Today at 7:09 AM
  47. I am surprised these people can read let alone log into DR with this nonsense.
  48. Kartklin - Today at 7:09 AM
  49. ^
  50. MazrianDR - Today at 7:10 AM
  51. are they still ig?
  52. Kartklin - Today at 7:10 AM
  53. @Lyneya  i hope whoever you got around on staff can nail this person
  54. they are
  55. still ingame
  56. Chek - Today at 7:10 AM
  57. relax there's not even any subways in DR
  58. we're safe
  59. serakk - Today at 7:11 AM
  60. Immersion ruined
  61. Annais - Today at 8:57 AM
  62. it's more like a slip and slide, rather than immersion, much of the time
  63. NebbyZ - Today at 10:19 AM
  64. Hey I bet subwayrapist was making a joke and forgot about the login window.
  65. NBD
  66. Bhaalgorn - Today at 10:25 AM
  67. I bet you're real fun at parties.
  68. Woodsprite - Today at 10:27 AM
  69. sorry to hear you forgot to check that window Nebby.  That lapse from missing Tarlof  making you his *@%ch all the time?
  70. Chek - Today at 10:28 AM
  71. nothing but a bunch of bullies in here
  72. Ikrin - Today at 10:29 AM
  73. there are a lot of angry people to be sure
  74. Bhaalgorn - Today at 10:30 AM
  75. Just nebby reminding us he's part of the problem.
  76. NBD
  77. Crikey - Today at 10:31 AM
  78. so rekon making the character to point out telutci's history isn't part of the problem?
  79. lots of irony up in this chat
  80. Bhaalgorn - Today at 10:34 AM
  81. Yet both have made clear statements about the issue, that ironically is no longer an issue between the involved parties and simu the way i interpreted it.
  82. Crikey - Today at 10:35 AM
  83. you're both doing a lot of typing and stopping, don't bother. simu already sent a message about how seriously they take this stuff when they let rekon out of the cell.  let's instead focus on pvp policy, clerly that's where the harassment problem is coming from
  84. Dan - Today at 10:35 AM
  85. you are one of the only people person pushing this narrative forward, Crikey
  86. DrBuyersClub - Today at 10:35 AM
  87. I don't agree Simu for the first time unless I'm wrong has taken huge steps to change this behavior. They fired 3 GMs.
  88. Crikey - Today at 10:35 AM
  89. they didn't fire anybody, lyneya said she wanted them to stay on staff
  90. Dan - Today at 10:36 AM
  91. why don't you go ask mugoth about doxxing since he doxxed me in 2012
  92. Crikey - Today at 10:36 AM
  93. but she also has send poor messages to the community since then so
  94. Dan - Today at 10:36 AM
  95. is he whispering into your ear what to say?
  96. DrBuyersClub - Today at 10:36 AM
  97. That's just PR, I'm sure they didn't quit because they wanted to.
  98. Crikey - Today at 10:36 AM
  99. ? no?
  100. what does anybody else have to do with rekon creating a character using someone else's information as a "lol"
  101. Dan - Today at 10:37 AM
  102. you have been, for weeks trying to reframe this, using your lackeys to push lies, and it is clear as day for anyone with eyes
  103. Crikey - Today at 10:37 AM
  104. what are you even on about, what lackeys
  105. Dan - Today at 10:38 AM
  106. it's clear as day for anyone who has even remotely been paying to this chat
  107. Crikey - Today at 10:38 AM
  108. you're so vehemently defending someone else's actions. why don't you both just go "yeah it was a fuck up"
  109. Dan - Today at 10:38 AM
  110. on top of that, you use every angle presented to you to make a public spectacle out of telucti, the guy who was supposedly victimized in all of this
  111. NecroGnomeIcon - Today at 10:38 AM
  112. :ghost::cowboy::poop::space_invader:
  113. DrBuyersClub - Today at 10:38 AM
  114. What happened to Telucti?
  115. Sounds like a nothing burger
  116. Crikey - Today at 10:39 AM
  117. victimized by the person you are defending?
  118. Dan - Today at 10:39 AM
  119. keep dodging questions, it makes it look much better when people can see that you aren't even commited to the narrative you're pushing
  120. Crikey - Today at 10:40 AM
  121. let's be honest here, i don't care in the slightest if he feels victimized by rekon's actions. just saying you guys are throwing stones while defending the same behavior
  122. Chek - Today at 10:40 AM
  123. if it was up to me you'd all be banned for life
  124. Dan - Today at 10:40 AM
  125. the only reason this thing keeps going is because of certain people who won't let it go and are intentionally lying about the facts to try to blow it up further
  126. ζ͜͡†𝔞𝔩𝔪𝔬𝔬𝔫 - Today at 10:40 AM
  127. Bro, I self-banned and then un-banned myself, just so I could comment here about banning.
  128. Woodsprite - Today at 10:41 AM
  129. since apparently you didn't read from earlier  ( I know, so MANY big hard to understand) but Rekon didn't know that is was Telutci's info. Yes he made a character, that was never logged in to again, and he regrets that.  Yes, he admits that was wrong.  Ignorance just poors from your mouth.
  130. Crikey - Today at 10:41 AM
  131. yes, let's just let other people accuse people like nebby of being the problem while completely overlooking the rest of this
  132. so your clarification is that because he thought that was max's criminal record that makes it ok?
  133. DrBuyersClub - Today at 10:41 AM
  134. Are you saying Rekon made a character with Telutci Real Life name?
  135. NecroGnomeIcon - Today at 10:42 AM
  136. Pours
  137. Crikey - Today at 10:42 AM
  138. but now that he knows it's not and it's someone in this chat, let's back up now it's wrong!
  139. yes, that's what rekon did
  140. Shandos - Today at 10:43 AM
  141. Why does this conversation keep happening in this spot? Don't think she has more to say on this
  142. Dan - Today at 10:43 AM
  143. there is a very good reason this conversation keeps happening here, Shandos
  144. Chek - Today at 10:43 AM
  145. The hammer cometh.
  146. Crikey - Today at 10:44 AM
  147. "harassment is a problem, people quit over it" so let's let rekon out and send a real strong message
  148. Woodsprite - Today at 10:44 AM
  149. again with the ignorance... I said he admits what he did was wrong... not sure how much slower I can spell that so you can read it.  I'm saying you are twisting shit and dragging Telutci into it.   It's over, it's been decided, apologies have been made, and Nebby and your dumb *ss keep poking is the problem.
  150. Bhaalgorn - Today at 10:44 AM
  151. Luckily the issue nebby brought up about subwayrapist has nothing to do with reckon, yet he chose to associate the two
  152. Dan - Today at 10:44 AM
  153. it's an organized smear campaign against Rekon
  154. moonwizard - Today at 10:44 AM
  155. i heard rekon bought his char
  156. Crikey - Today at 10:44 AM
  157. don't really care about rekon to be honest
  158. moonwizard - Today at 10:44 AM
  159. true/false
  160. Chek - Today at 10:45 AM
  161. sup moonwiz
  162. Dan - Today at 10:45 AM
  163. they'll take whatever argument they can get, any way that they can reframe around him to get him to indict himself
  164. moonwizard - Today at 10:45 AM
  165. mr kongo
  166. we meet again
  167. Crikey - Today at 10:45 AM
  168. it's just funny that mid convos about harassment and how the pvp policy will fix it that the loosest hammer ever gets swung
  169. telutci - Today at 10:45 AM
  170. The first person to acknowledge I am the real Telutci was Crikey, alluding to the trash passed around this community about me.  The fact she is trying to 'defend' me now to further her own agenda is laughable
  171. Woodsprite - Today at 10:45 AM
  172. @Dan you are right
  173. NebbyZ - Today at 10:45 AM
  174. We need a custom butthurt emoji for @Bhaalgorn
  175. Crikey - Today at 10:45 AM
  176. i'm not defending you, i think you are despicable
  177. it's the bigger picture
  178. telutci - Today at 10:45 AM
  179. You think, because all you have is nonsense and no truth
  180. That's the bigger picture.
  181. Assumptions and people making judgements where they have no ground, no facts, no right.
  182. moonwizard - Today at 10:46 AM
  183. i can't follow teams here can someone break it down for me
  184. Crikey - Today at 10:46 AM
  185. every innocent person lands on probation
  186. moonwizard - Today at 10:46 AM
  187. dan & woodsprite & nebby vs crikey & tetluci?
  188. telutci - Today at 10:46 AM
  189. Every innocent person isn't exonerated in a circuit court, and now youre sharing details of my real life in a DR moderated chat?
  190. NebbyZ - Today at 10:46 AM
  191. I pointing out the absurd by being absurd
  192. DongFu - Today at 10:47 AM
  193. :joy:
  194. Crikey - Today at 10:47 AM
  195. am i?
  196. Woodsprite - Today at 10:47 AM
  197. @telutci amen to that, people should just shut up about what they no nothing about.   Go find your "safe space"
  198. Chek - Today at 10:47 AM
  199. I like you, Nebby. I jive with your method.
  200. DongFu - Today at 10:47 AM
  201. Is this what victim culture looks like?
  202. I’ve only seen it on facebook
  203. telutci - Today at 10:47 AM
  204. She points out Rekon's behavior, using real life names or information is despicable, but just talked about me being on probation in a public chat?
  205. DongFu - Today at 10:47 AM
  206. Never this close to real life
  207. Dan - Today at 10:47 AM
  208. they are running damage control trying to flip the narrative because the narrative was flipped on them
  209. Crikey - Today at 10:47 AM
  210. are you on probation?
  211. telutci - Today at 10:47 AM
  212. Nope
  213. 100% not
  214. Crikey - Today at 10:48 AM
  215. is that what you're saying?
  216. telutci - Today at 10:48 AM
  217. check about it
  218. Crikey - Today at 10:48 AM
  219. then it must not be about you
  220. DongFu - Today at 10:48 AM
  221. He’s on parole. It’s a little different?
  222. telutci - Today at 10:48 AM
  223. We all know, stop playing semantics
  224. Crikey - Today at 10:48 AM
  225. lol dong
  226. telutci - Today at 10:48 AM
  227. You're not as smart as you think you are
  228. Ok, so now this type of thing is allowed here?
  229. This is laughable
  230. Crikey - Today at 10:48 AM
  231. clearly, they let rekon out of the cell
  232. telutci - Today at 10:48 AM
  233. I'm also not on parole.
  234. moonwizard - Today at 10:48 AM
  235. anymore
  236. DongFu - Today at 10:49 AM
  237. Telutci - no offense, but it looks like you’re triggering yourself
  238. telutci - Today at 10:49 AM
  239. Ever
  240. Dong, you're right, I do need to step back and ignore the bait
  241. Thank you.
  242. DongFu - Today at 10:49 AM
  243. Yw
  244. moonwizard - Today at 10:49 AM
  245. why dont u guys figh tit out with your text?
  246. that was how we used to do it
  247. serakk - Today at 10:49 AM
  248. Hey what I miss
  249. NecroGnomeIcon - Today at 10:49 AM
  250. Rock Paper Scissors shoot!
  251. DongFu - Today at 10:49 AM
  252. Bobs on probation
  253. moonwizard - Today at 10:49 AM
  254. now it's all crying in chat & emails
  255. DongFu - Today at 10:50 AM
  256. Not allowed near playgrounds
  257. serakk - Today at 10:50 AM
  258. Prohibition
  259. DongFu - Today at 10:50 AM
  260. Till 2028
  261. serakk - Today at 10:50 AM
  262. Don’t doxx me
  263. NebbyZ - Today at 10:50 AM
  264. @moonwizard  McDonald's parking lots also work
  265. DongFu - Today at 10:50 AM
  266. Bad stuff happens at the mc don
  267. moonwizard - Today at 10:50 AM
  268. meet in the midwest and throw down
  269. Lyneya - Today at 10:50 AM
  270. I'm sorry that I can't offer clarity on this situation for you guys.  I cannot speak about actions taken against an account holder.  Period.
  271. Chek - Today at 10:50 AM
  272. You guys laugh about that parking lot shit but you have no idea how traumatic that was.
  273. DongFu - Today at 10:51 AM
  274. Diabetes - heart attacks - text based irl fighting
  275. 🤣1
  276. moonwizard - Today at 10:51 AM
  277. mega slap fight in here
  278. Woodsprite - Today at 10:52 AM
  279. you shouldn't have to Lyneya the haters just need to shut up and move on.  IQs plummet just from listening to some of them.
  280. serakk - Today at 10:52 AM
  281. Lyneya what’s for lunch
  282. NecroGnomeIcon - Today at 10:52 AM
  283. :snake::rat::monkey::pig2::dog2:
  284. Lyneya - Today at 10:52 AM
  285. The way people are behaving in this chat is atrocious.  I apologize to the people who use this room correctly.  I've enjoyed collaborating with you on things we're working on.
  286. Crikey - Today at 10:52 AM
  287. in the meantime the narrative by the community has been that 3 gms were fired over this and every action since the max meltdown has solidified it by simu, regardless of truth.  If you want to hold the community together that should probably be addressed
  288. Lyneya - Today at 10:53 AM
  289. This room is not here to provide a stage for people to twist facts to further their own agendas.
  290. moonwizard - Today at 10:53 AM
  291. also cirkey if you want to be taken seriously your pic shouldn't be a gnome's butt
  292. Crikey - Today at 10:53 AM
  293. and that's just solidifying it more
  294. fair point
  295. DongFu - Today at 10:54 AM
  296. That’s what it is?
  297. Lyneya - Today at 10:54 AM
  298. We'll have to continue these sorts of discussions on the forums, where the conversation can be moderated by DR staff.  Again, apologies and thanks to those who were using the room as intended.
  299. NebbyZ - Today at 10:54 AM
  300. @Woodsprite  Maybe, just maybe then there shouldn't have been so many dramatic posts. Here and on the forrums. If this would have all been handled in house. We wouldn't be here would we?
  301. DongFu - Today at 10:54 AM
  302. I thought it was a Disney dog with a red nose
  303. Actually green nose
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