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  1. Name: Leocthl
  2. Age: 13
  3. TimeZone: HKT
  4. Working Mic: Yes
  6. **Question 1**
  7. First of all I'm a experienced sales rep in different service team. I've been a sales rep for more than a year, I've been a sales rep in Celestial Service, Arland creations. I've created a server called TalentHub which can allow users to share their freelancer career, their dreams, their artworks, their passion and even teach others in the server. I'm different than the others because I'm not just an average YouTuber but I do have experience in managing and being sales rep.
  8. Another thing is I live in Hong Kong which makes me got a different timezones than the others so that I can manage tickets in the different timezones.
  10. **Question 2**
  11. Answered in part 1
  13. **Question 3**
  14. I've notice that the clients in Turbo has been rapidly decreasing actively, especially for Youtuber commissions. I would recommend Turbo to advertise their service with their own youtuber in the team. And I would recommend the previous clients to leave down a reputation in a MCM Turbo page. We can also advertise Turbo in MCM since it's the #1 Minecraft Marketing site and I found it very useful. Another thing is I recommend the sales rep in Turbo can send the clients a brief description about Freelancers in the team. Like if a client said he wants a youtuber with 1k subs than sales rep should send him information about that youtuber which was typed by the youtuber himself.
  16. E.g.
  18. Here's a youtuber that you might be interested
  20. Alex, a minecraft youtuber who put effort in all his videos and archived great success after making quality content
  23. Thanks for reading my application
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