That OP Class Is Why She Kain't Be a PC

May 11th, 2013
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  1. [00:07:32] <Adenine> It's getting around evening time the same day that you fought Ultros. Your wounds have been treated, but it seems like the girls are still out for the most part.
  2. [00:09:20] <Adenine> Adenine has returned to the inn as well, and you find yourself with a bit of free time.
  3. [00:09:29] * Theta sighs and clears some space in the hotel room to do a bit of tinkering. She digs around her stuff and brings out the rocket launcher from the Enterprise to poke around at some. Had it for a while, but never really was in a mood to look over it.
  4. [00:12:21] <Adenine> She comes over and watches you with mess with it. The device is a large, rounded cylinder that has a small bay to store projectiles. The projectiles, you remember, seemed to have their own propulsion, unlike cannonballs. Those torpedos on the submarine seemed to also be self-propelled but that's admittedly much easier to do in the water than through the air.
  5. [00:14:03] <Adenine> The end opposite of the launcher is sliced cleanly, where you can see where it was mounted on the warmech's arm. You can see the supports and the wiring that went into this thing. Curious thing, wiring. They seem to be metal cables insulated by rubber that carry electricity. It's not altogether different from the new fangled electric systems in Lindblum, though it goes without saying that
  6. [00:14:03] <Adenine> it's more advanced.
  7. [00:15:14] <Adenine> "Seems complicated." she remarks.
  8. [00:16:38] <Adenine> As best you can tell, the launcher has no method of propulsion at all and simply acts to stabilize the aim of the payload.
  9. [00:16:56] * Theta leans back in her chair and thinks a bit. "It's basically just a very improved cannon. I think. Where's the fuse get ignited...hrm."
  10. [00:18:22] <Adenine> There's a residue on the inside of the launch tube as well that you can't identify.
  11. [00:21:27] <Theta> "Wish I'd thought to bring one of the things it fires with us. The submarine had something similar though..." she looks over to Adenine. "How'd the thing with those brothers go in the end?"
  12. [00:22:04] <Theta> She tries to rub some of the residue off with a cloth. Seems hesitant to touch or sniff it.
  13. [00:25:14] <Adenine> "Well, we own the property. The houses too. Nice places, actually. It's -really- suspect that whoever originally owned it just gave the place away. This town must be full of idiots."
  14. [00:25:25] <Adenine> The stuff stains the cloth black.
  15. [00:25:50] <Adenine> "They're already moved out of their office, I think. No telling where they're going now."
  16. [00:27:27] <Theta> "I was wondering that too. Why just abandon the property instead of trying to find someone to deal with the...infestation. Well, no matter now I guess."
  17. [00:27:53] * Theta sniffs whatever this junk is on the rag.
  18. [00:29:04] <Adenine> Sniff, sniff.
  19. [00:31:00] <Adenine> It has a distinct sort of odor, of 'fuel'. Kerosene has a similar odor, but it's not quite the same.
  20. [00:32:40] <Theta> "Gotta be something about this whole thing salvagable...hrm. Dunno what this stuff is though. Will have to ask someone who works with airships or machines or the sort on it."
  21. [00:33:19] <Adenine> "Not confident in your own ability?" she asks, curious.
  22. [00:34:47] <Theta> "Well, if I don't know what it is I gotta figure it out somehow...and not like slaving away on one thing forever has done me many favors thus far."
  23. [00:35:45] <Adenine> She concentrates, reaching over to the loading bay for the missles. There seems to be a sort of... bubble that forms around her hand, and where it touches the metal becomes shinier, newer, and missles materialize from nowhere as long as she keeps her hand nearby. This seems to take a lot of concentration from her. You notice lights that blink as she passes her hand, too.
  24. [00:36:13] <Adenine> The changes revert when she moves her hand away.
  25. [00:37:30] <Theta> "What the - how... Time Magic?"
  26. [00:37:47] <Adenine> She nods, after a moment, the bubble wavering.
  27. [00:39:22] <Adenine> She pulls her hand back, and the time field collapses. "A chrono pocket. It's a dilation in time. Not a perfect science, but..."
  28. [00:39:46] <Theta> "Is it possible to like...yank something out of it? Or do you have to hold it like that?"
  29. [00:39:58] <Theta> "Granted that's probably a -bad- idea given those things are explosive, but..."
  30. [00:40:11] <Adenine> "You could probably examine something if I hold the field open wide enough..."
  31. [00:40:58] <Theta> "Would you please? Wouldn't take long..."
  32. [00:41:22] <Adenine> She nods and uses both hands, concentrating rather hard on pulling open a pocket of time where the missle launcher was brand new.
  33. [00:41:46] <Adenine> It comes alive with beeps and boops, seemingly operational, with an open loading bay stocked with missles.
  34. [00:42:41] * Theta reaches in and tries to get a good look at the projectiles, mainly at whatever 'ignites' them or causes them to propell.
  35. [00:44:48] <Adenine> Seems like the propulsion comes out of the back end of the projectile. If you try and take one apart, roll me Systems.
  36. [00:44:57] <Adenine> You don't see a fuse or anything though
  37. [00:46:06] <Theta> 2d6+6
  38. [00:46:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=5,4]
  39. [00:46:31] <Adenine> Opening it up seems like child's play, really.
  40. [00:47:39] * Theta is still rather careful about it, knowing these things explode after all
  41. [00:49:20] <Adenine> You separate it into a few parts. Seems like the main things are... the warhead, first of all, at the front. That seems to be where the actual explosive is contained. There's also a gyroscope, and the rest seems dedicated to holding an amount of liquid that feeds into engine-like machinery in the back of the missle.
  42. [00:50:19] <Theta> "Oooooh..." She withdraws her hands and nods. "You can let go. Thanks. You just saved me...I'm not sure how much time."
  43. [00:50:33] <Adenine> She nods and pulls back her hands.
  44. [00:50:45] <Theta> "Clever but not very practical with today's tools."
  45. [00:51:46] <Adenine> "What do you plan on doing with it?"
  46. [00:53:13] <Theta> "With this in particular? Not really sure. The knowledge? Eeeeh...I'll have to think on that a bit I think but I bet it could be least somewhat replicated."
  47. [00:53:44] <Adenine> She tilts her head, frowning. "...I feel a bit inadequate, I don't understand this machinery at all."
  48. [00:55:42] * Theta laughs. "That's how I feel most the time. Granted you didn't have to know about it to help a ton."
  49. [00:59:11] <Adenine> "Well, I'm glad I could assist."
  50. [01:00:09] <Adenine> She sits down nearby. "I don't like doing 'nothing' with my time. I'm happiest when my hands are busy. It's not even necessarily my own work that I need to be getting done."
  51. [01:02:48] <Theta> "Mhm. I actually -like- being busy. It keeps me engaged with things. But...well I guess that's harder to maintain than I thought initially."
  52. [01:03:42] * Theta reaches for a sketchbook and traces out the missle's interior real quick with a note to 'ASK RICHARD'
  53. [01:04:08] <Adenine> "How are you holding up, anyway?"
  54. [01:05:30] <Theta> "Eh."
  55. [01:05:55] <Theta> "Only so much I can do about it . Lot of it was my fault, lot of it I couldn't help..."
  56. [01:07:58] <Adenine> She fidgets, and takes out a pair of reading glasses, putting them on before taking out some sort of small, personal book and writing in it.
  57. [01:09:20] <Adenine> It doesn't seem like she's going to be the one initiating that conversation, will Theta try to?
  58. [01:11:10] <Theta> "...I think I misunderstood what you said earlier, but given I'm probably gonna be getting a lot of that shouldn't surprise me too much if it was what you meant."
  59. [01:11:56] <Adenine> "Hm, which bit? Where I expressed an interest in you?"
  60. [01:12:04] <Adenine> She puts her quill down a moment.
  61. [01:14:12] <Theta> "Well...yeah. That whole thing about 'everything going on'."
  62. [01:15:31] <Adenine> "What I meant was that you seem to be in an emotionally turbulent moment. As I understand it, when someone begins dating someone new immediately after ending a relationship with someone, it's called a 'rebound'. I'm told they don't end well, and the last thing I would want would be to take advantage of your situation, anyway. Why, do you have a different view?" she flips the book shut.
  63. [01:15:57] <Adenine> "If I'm mistaken, then tell me. I hate being misinformed."
  64. [01:17:27] <Theta> "Oh."
  65. [01:18:59] <Theta> "Yeah but it's the same in the end I guess. Thought it was more the same spiel about being way too busy." she sighs and flips through the sketchbook aimlessly.
  66. [01:19:40] * Adenine rolls her eyes. "Why would I call someone too busy?"
  67. [01:20:18] <Adenine> "By all means though, don't leave me in the dark if you have a different idea of your situation. What do you want?"
  68. [01:21:00] <Theta> "That's why I didn't get it. It's all that was coming to mind though."
  69. [01:23:47] <Adenine> She seems to be waiting on your answer.
  70. [01:23:57] <Theta> "I...dunno really. Sorta used to ending up on my own a bit, even when things were a thing. I just figured she wanted to spend time with the others. I wasn't gonna object."
  71. [01:25:05] <Adenine> "So you still care about Lenore. She's the one you want, for sure." she says, in an asking sort of tone.
  72. [01:29:00] <Theta> " I don't really think that's gonna work. I couldn't meet her expectations. And holding out that'll somehow change seems like a lost cause. It was dead in the water before we even left Lindblum I think."
  73. [01:30:25] <Adenine> "So, I'll ask again. What do you want? Are you going to try and move on? Put your love life on hold for now, search after you're done? People are different. Some thrive in a busy lifestyle."
  74. [01:33:31] * Theta slumps. "It's not like I can just drop everything. Hunting for it at the expense of all else doesn't really make sense anyway. "
  75. [01:34:05] <Adenine> "Elaborate."
  76. [01:36:41] <Theta> "I don't really see the point in waiting till this all boils over or tossing this all aside. Probably best just to keep moving on and see what happens. Doesn't make the current suck any less but that's just life I guess."
  77. [01:38:13] <Theta> "She coulda least waited till I was my normal gender again," she tries to joke.
  78. [01:38:55] * Adenine gets up and walks over to you, putting a hand to your face. You feel your body ripple a moment as it rewinds in time, and for a moment, you're sitting in your duster again as a male.
  79. [01:40:02] <Theta> "...This feels alarmingly weird."
  80. [01:41:03] <Adenine> "So, you -are- willing to look for someone else? You probably need someone who doesn't mind you being busy and doesn't get jealous easily. You don't seem to have any hard feelings against her, which is your decision I suppose.... Let me put it this way, then. Are you interested in me? If so, do you feel confident in handling that relationship despite recent events?"
  81. [01:46:42] * Theta thinks for a moment and frowns. "...I think I see what you're getting at. Maybe. I...probably could use at least a little time to clear all this off my mind at the very least. Not saying no, just -now- probably wouldn't be fair to either of us."
  82. [01:46:58] <Theta> "Why would I resent her though?"
  83. [01:50:04] <Adenine> "Frankly, after what she said she seems like a whore to me." she backs up, letting you revert into your present self. "...but I do know a few good-hearted whores, come to think of it. Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh on her. In any case, don't feel as if you have to decide immediately. My feelings won't be hurt if you decide 'no' in the end, or even if you decide someone else is more your thing."
  84. [01:53:12] <Theta> "I think it's sorta -weird- that she seemed to expect me to be okay with just being tossed on the back burner just in case or something, but...I mean I sorta -did- deserve it so," he shrugs.
  85. [01:53:42] <Adenine> "I get the feeling she is nearly as sheltered as any of us once were."
  86. [01:53:57] <Adenine> "She would have to be, to say things like that and mean only the best."
  87. [01:55:19] <Theta> "I'm not gonna lie I wasn't really looking forward to tolerating her family either." she shudders. Would say she dodged a bullet or something, but those don't exist. yet.
  88. [01:58:49] <Theta> "And...well...I'll let you know when I figure this whole mess out a bit. Appreciate you being forward about it too..."
  89. [01:59:16] <Adenine> "If I've learned anything, it's that your life is what you make of it. You've grown as much as a person as the rest of us have during all of this, haven't you? Now, you get a chance to start again, with a new awareness guiding your decisions. Make good use of it, Theta."
  90. [02:02:31] * Theta nods, sinking into the chair more as she thinks on this.
  91. [02:04:35] <Adenine> "Now then, what's the next project?"
  92. [02:05:56] <Theta> "In the mean time feel free to...jump into help with this whole quest of sorts as you got time to. Though a lot of the times there's a lot of slowness, like today sorta was."
  93. [02:07:07] <Theta> "Project? Uh...there's some stuff to look into but wouldn't make more sense to start on that now. Hmmm..."
  94. [02:09:16] <Adenine> "Time isn't much of a problem."
  95. [02:10:49] <Adenine> She has a seat and begins to write in her book again. "What are your outstanding goals at the moment?"
  96. [02:14:27] <Theta> "I have to make a sword for a guy named Gristle Steelclaw but it's a pretty loose deadline long as I'm working on it. Also gotta find something we sorta left hanging a long, long while ago. Before I met you guys. In Olivert, least I think it's there. Outside of that...probably gotta find Richard again to ask him some questions, wait on the college thing to get some point should probably find Bahamut and figure out what
  97. [02:14:27] <Theta> the heck the deal is with Ambrosia from him."
  98. [02:15:17] <Adenine> She scribbles all these things down furiously.
  99. [02:15:28] <Adenine> "Anything else? Even non-essential goals."
  100. [02:16:15] <Theta> "Other than that? Exploring I guess. Lot of Terran stuff sorta popped up on Gaia, and still is I think. Who knows what's there." She pulls out the hard drive and looks over it. "I think you'd find this thing interesting if we could start it up again."
  101. [02:16:36] <Theta> "Did that fairy ever leave the house? The one who fell through time or something?"
  102. [02:18:09] <Adenine> "Fimble. No, last I checked he was still in residence with us."
  103. [02:18:34] <Adenine> "Unfortunately my powers aren't developed enough to even attempt to correct his situation."
  104. [02:18:50] <Adenine> She looks over at the hard drive.
  105. [02:19:33] <Theta> "Hm. Honestly other than that it's sorta small stuff. Could use a better get up than this one if I'm gonna be T0 any other time messing with Ayane comes into the picture."
  106. [02:21:44] <Theta> She flicks it up and down in her hand, the hard drive that is. "This thing is like an Encyclopedia of everything from Terra. Way too much to get the big picture of it from the limited time I had to mess with it."
  107. [02:21:52] <Theta> "Imagine it has some interesting economic theories on it."
  108. [02:22:38] <Adenine> "It comes down to image. Vivian is softspoken. Reserved. If you want to make a new persona for yourself you should probably invent it entirely on your own. But I can help you choose the clothes to fit it."
  109. [02:22:45] <Adenine> "Hm..."
  110. [02:22:58] <Adenine> "That sounds worth looking into, yes."
  111. [02:25:00] <Theta> "Renegade's got an artifact that can activate it, but that can probably wait a bit considering we're probably gonna be back there eventually with this Kraken business. As for the clothes....yeah I could use some help with that at some point."
  112. [02:27:05] <Adenine> She nods.
  113. [02:27:24] <Adenine> (Anything else?)
  114. [02:27:51] <Theta> (no that's about it I think)
  115. [02:28:45] <Adenine> Alright then~
  116. [02:28:50] <Adenine> </mini>
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