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  1. This is a guide for those interested in buying sex toys, particularly fantasy/alternative toys. Below is a fairly comprehensive list of shops, as well as some information regarding picking out the right toy for you, finding lube, preparing to toy, and using the toy. This is written from a male perspective, and as someone who uses toys solo
  3.         --List of shops --
  5. To my knowledge, all of these shops offer only body-safe toys of a reasonably high quality and are generally pleasant to buy from unless otherwise specified
  6. I've done my best to approximate the sizes of toys offered from each shop, from small to medium to large to fuckhuge. These aren't strict by any means, and are based solely on girth, with small being < ~5.5" circumference and fuckhuge being > 12"
  7. Toys ship from USA unless otherwise stated
  9. Acronym | Name              Link
  11. AKN A Krow's Nest 
  12.     > Nautical themed silicone dicks and eggs, small - medium/large
  13. BD  Bad Dragon    
  14.     > Fantasy themed silicone dicks and penetrables, quasi-mainstream, Huge variety, small - fuckhuge
  15. CD  Crystal Delights
  16.     > Glass plugs and dildos, small - medium
  17. DA  DamnAverage   ,
  18.     > Metal themed silicone dicks and squishies, small - large
  19. DB  The Dirty Botanist
  20.     > Plant themed dildos and squishies, small
  21. DIT Dirty Internet Toys
  22.     > Dildos and Multi-channel penetrables
  23. EA  Elypse Art    
  24.     > Silicone canine toys with inflatable knots, unique glossy airbrushed look
  25. e-e Exotic Erotics
  26.     > Animal, fantasy, and robotic themed silicone dicks and eggs, offers lifecast toys molded from animals, corded(anal-safe) eggs, small-fuckhuge
  27. FC  Fantasticocks 
  28.     > Fantasy silicone dicks small - medium
  29. FkB Fck Buddies   
  30.     > Unique non-phallic silicone toys such as tentacles, a unicorn horn, and a giant caterpillar, notably pretty, small - medium/large
  31. FRT Foxy Rabbit Toys
  32.     > Fantasy silicone dicks and penetrables, medium - large
  33. FB  Frisky Beast  
  34.     > Monster themed silicone dicks and eggs, large variety, small - medium/large
  35.     > Acquired by Twin Tail Creations, models currently being updated and rereleased to that store
  36. GBW Glass by Woozy
  37.     > Hand-made glass plugs and dildos, extremely pretty, small-large
  38. HPC Hodgepodge Compendium
  39.     > Silicone dildos and penetrables, small-large
  40. KV  KuduVoodoo    
  41.     > Fantasy themed silicone dicks and squishies, small - medium/large
  42. MHT Mr. Hankey Toys
  43.     > Borderline-fantasy dildos, specializes in big toys, large - fuckhuge
  44. NF  New Folklore  
  45.     > Fantasy themed silicone dicks and squishies, small - medium
  46. OGT Organotoy     
  47.     > Abstract silicone dildos, eggs, and plugs, small - fuckhuge
  48.     > Ships from Germany
  49. PFF PhoenixflameForge
  50.     > Fantasy themed silicone dicks, penetrables, and squishies, small - medium
  51. PH  Primal Hardwere
  52.     > Sci-Fi and fantasy themed silicone dicks, tentacles, penetrables, and ovipositors, canine dicks with inflatable knots, small - fuckhuge
  53. QF  Qimera Forge  
  54.     > Fantasy themed dicks, squishies, and eggs squishies, small - medium
  55.     > Ships from the UK
  56. SD  SelfDelve     
  57.     > Abstract silicone dildos and fruits/vegetables, small - medium
  58.     > Ships from Germany
  59. SN  Silicone Nozzles
  60.     > Silicone enema nozzles, also has a huge variety of sounding toys, website is oddly clinical, try not to let it bug you
  61. SPT Squarepeg Toys
  62.     > non-fantasy silicone dildos and plugs, also notable for depth play toys, small - fuckhuge
  63. SST Starspawn Toys
  64.     > Recently opened, sci-fi themed silicone dicks, small - medium
  65. SBF StrangeBedfellas
  66.     > Fantasy themed silicone dicks, small - medium
  67.     Tantus        
  68.     > Abstract silicone dildos and plugs, small - medium
  69. SWC Sidewinder Creations
  70.     > Furry themed silicone dildos, eggs, and penetrables, medium - fuckhuge
  71. TTC Twin Tail Creations
  72.     > Fantasy themed dicks, also has gear shaped cock-rings, small - large
  73. VQT Vaquero Toys  
  74.     > Recently opened, silicone dicks, small - medium
  75.     > Ships from Australia
  76. XCA Xenocat Artifacts
  77.     > Sci-Fi themed silicone dicks and penetrables, small - medium
  79. There's also a slightly more comprehensive list available at
  81.         ———Choosing a toy———
  83. There are a ton of different types of toys to choose from, and a lot of variety for each one, so finding something that works for you can be hard
  85. —Dildos—
  86.     Dildos are pretty easy to understand, you stick them in and it feels good. A dildo can usually be defined by it's length, girth, texture, and shape. Despite what you may think, length is pretty much always the least important aspect. Vaginas have a hard limit, of course, but taking something past a certain depth anally can be prohibitive as well, since there's a bend in your colon. You also don't have many nerve endings farther in, and the flesh becomes a lot more fragile. For certain toys, particularly knotted ones, being able to take all of the length can be fairly important to fully enjoy it.
  88.     Girth matters a whole lot more, in my experience at least. This is also where past experience really comes in to play. When choosing a toy you should try to have a good idea of the girth that you can handle. If you're totally new to this, you should go for something around 4-5" circumference (for reference, the average dick circumference is ~4.8"). As you continue to toy, your butt will become more elastic and you can experiment with larger sizes, but I'd recommend sizing up no more than 1" at a time. Tapered toys can also help you to train yourself and to warm yourself up before taking girthier toys.
  90.     There are a couple different aspects to texture. On the smallest level, there's the finish which might be glossy or matte. Toys can have a matte texture either intentionally or as an artifact of the molds being 3d printed. The latter, called printer texture, tends to be more coarse and generally less desirable, though it's less common as 3d printers are less shit these days. Beyond that, toys will have scales and bumps and nubs and whatever else you can think of, which can be stimulating, or sometimes even too intense. Ultimately it comes down to taste and you'll need to experiment with what sort of texture you like.
  92.     Dicks come in all shapes and sizes, there's a lot of variety in how dildos can be shaped when you take away the restriction of looking like a real human dick. Unfortunately, finding what shape works for you can take some trial and error, but I can provide some tips. Some toys have curves and I find these rub against pleasure spots pretty well, but don't work for everyone. More gradually tapered tips make a toy easier to insert, but can also jab your insides in an uncomfortable way. Toys with flared heads can be uncomfortable for some but can feel good to insert and helf keep the toy from slipping out when you don't want it to. Toys that have their girth mainly near the bottom are good for gradually stretching out and warming up for other toys. Toys with a fairly consistant girth are generally good for thrusting. Top-heavy toys are harder to get in but more immediately satisfying and can sometimes even have a psuedo-knotting effect depending on how much it thins out at the bottom.
  94.     Speaking of knots, they come in many shapes and sizes. Once you get a knot past a certain point, it'll pop in the rest of the way, and a good one will feel satisfying and put a lot of pressure on pleasure spots. You'll probably want a knot to be around the maximum girth that you can take. Also take note of how thin the stem under it is, this tends to be a pretty good way to tell how well it will tie. I also recommend getting knotted toys with a suction cup–sticking one to a chair while tied and tugging against it can feel really intense. Some toys will have a gentle taper into the knot rather than a distinct point where the shaft ends and the knot begins, and this makes it easier to get it in. Beyond that, make sure you can comfortably handle the length of the toy. Nothing worse than trying to knot a toy only to hit your limit with depth before you can get it to pop in.
  96.     Shops offer different levels of firmnesses for silicone that affect the amount of squish and how bendy a toy is. Keep in mind that one shop's soft, medium, and firm may differ from another's. Most stores will say where their firmness fall on the Shore firmness scale, though. For instance BD's soft, medium, and firm are OO30, 5A, and 8A, while TTC's are 4A 6A and 8A, or Tantus, which has 5A, 20A, and 40A, making their toys considerably more solid. The firmness you want a toy in will depend on the toy, particularly the size, texture, and your intended use. Girth affects the apparent firmness of a toy, thicker toys will feel more solid. Because of this, it's generally better to get larger toys in softer firmnesses since the girth counteracts the softness to a degree and because softer silicone is more forgiving. Conversely, thinner toys might be more effective in a firmer silicone since they'll better stand up on their own and be easier to insert. Texture in all forms becomes more pronounced in firmer silicone, in firm certain textures such as BD's Flint's can be too much for most. Finally, for anal firmer toys will be easier to insert, however if you're interested in depth play you may want to start with soft toys.
  98.     Finally, many makers offer special features like suction cups and cumtubes. If you can get a suction cup on a toy, you should. There's practically no reason not to, they open up a bunch of options for how you can use your toy. It's a huge pain in the dick to have to hold down the base of a toy when your riding it, or to a wall when you're trying to thrust it. Cumtubes are a bit less necessary, though. It can be store, and whether you even use the tube or not, gunk /will/ find it's way into the opening and you'll have to spend time cleaning it out. It can be convenient for lube delivery, and if you're /really/ into creampies you might get off on it, but there isn't much sensation to be had, and the price is a little less forgiving than suction cups.
  100. —Penetrables—
  101.     A.K.A. masturbators, fleshlights, sleeves, onaholes, etc. The first question I hear about these is if they're worth it. Compared to fapping, penetrables definitely feel different. Your experience might vary, but I find it to be a better sensation, and the ability to warm them up is a huge plus. The biggest disadvantage of these, aside from the price, is that you can't really casually use it, so they won't flat out replace fapping. They can also be very loud. That said, I feel they are definitely worth having at least one. Just like dildos, there's a few things to consider here, the tightness, the texture, and the entrance.
  103.     You need to be very weary about tightness, some models like BD's Perry are so tight that some flat out can't get their dicks in it, or if they can it's painful. Make sure to account for this unless you want a useless squsihy paperweight. Unless you have a pencil dick though, you shouldn't have problems with a toy being too loose, though you might crave something tighter. Unfortunately, it's not really possible to measure the internals like you can measure the girth of a dildo, or at least companies don't tend to give those specs, so you have to play it on eye and ear.
  105.     Most sellers will have a crossection of penetrables that can give you an idea of what sort of texture it has. How how texture you want is largely going to depend on how sensitive you are. If you're cut and have fapped every day since you discovered it you'll probably need something more intense, but otherwise you might aim for something gentler, lest you be overstimulated.
  107.     Probably the thing that'll captivate you the most about a penetrable will be the entrance. There's a reason Hazel is so popular, people love their fortune cookies. and this is a totally valid reason to want a specific model. It's worth noting that some toys are especially prone to tearing around the entrance. Usually these tears are purely cosmetic and won't get bigger as long as you don't stress them more. If you want to minimize the possibility of tearing, refrain from sticking your XL dildos inside or wearing them as armbands or any other dumb shit.
  109.     One last thing, penetrables are best used warm. DO NOT MICROWAVE THEM! This is how you burn your dick. Heat up some water to near-boiling and let it sit in that for about 10 minutes. Make sure to test with a finger before you stick your dick in, if it feels hot to your finger, it's definitely too hot for your dick. Another trick is to cover the exit hole at the back of it to create suction. You can use your thumb or try to find something to plug it (apparently BD's sample disks work for this).
  111. —Plugs—
  112.     Plugs are nice for when you want something in your butt but don't want to go through the effort of using a dildo, or want to focus on something else. They can also help you train and get used to having something up there. They're also great for discreet use. Just having a plug in can make an orgasm far more intense, I'll often have a plug in when I use my penetrable. Some plugs have special shapes or texture, though I find these things far less important than in dildos, since plugging is usually sort of a secondary thing. The line can be a bit blurred between what's a plug and what's a dildo. TTC's Jake, for instance, is totally functional as a plug, and I personally use him exclusively for that, but he's also shaped like a dick.
  114.     With plugs, you mostly want to worry about firmness and size. Softer plugs can be more comfortable, but harder ones can sometimes be more stimulating. The size you want will depend a lot on what you're using it for, if you're looking for something for discrete or extended wear, you'll want something a lot smaller than the maximum girth you can take. Also consider how thick the neck on it is, thinner necks will stay in better and are better suited for extended use, well thicker necks can be better for training.
  116. —Eggs—
  117.     Eggs include anything meant to be inserted completely inside you. Keep in mind that you should only use these anally if they have some sort of retrieval cord. You might think you'll definitely just be able to poo them out afterwards, but do you really want to end up in the ER because of your fucking gay bird fantasies or whatever? It's totally possible, and all to easy to get stuff lodged in your butt. Eggs are pretty similar to plugs, you stick them in your butt. They can feel a little more satisfying though since they go all the way in.
  119.     I'll also briefly mention ovipositors here. They're essentially hollow dildos, and you squeeze eggs through the canal and inside of you. You'll have to make the eggs to use with these with gelatin. Primal Hardwere sells molds and you can get plain gelatin for cheap. It should go without saying but don't use fucking Jello. You won't need to worry about these eggs getting lodged in you because they'll melt with time.
  120. Sounds
  121.     Easily the scariest toy of all, done correctly though, sounding can be pretty much painless and feel really good. Unlike butts, urethras aren't quite so elastic. You /can/ size-train to some extent, but it's not like anal. urethra size depends on the person, but usually it's around 6-8mm. You might want to get a few different sizes to find out what you can handle. It's very important that you sanitize your sound before use and use sterile lube like surgilube, lest you get a UTI.
  123.     Sounding is always going to be a slow process. You won't ever be thrusting a sound into your dick like you would with a dildo anally. Texture can help, but it's not /nearly/ as important as with dildos. In terms of length, longer is pretty much always going to be better since there's no real con to not being able to use the whole thing. Just be very gentle and take your time, never try to force it in.
  125.         ——Using Dildos Anally——
  127. Anal can be a horrible experience if you fuck something up, so it's very important that your prepare yourself as much as possible and don't do anything stupid. The first thing to deal with is cleaning out. After all, you /do/ poop from there. It can block the toy if you just leave it, and if you end up injuring yourself at all, you don't want it to come in contact with any tears. Also, it's fucking shit, anon, what are you a scatfag? Get rid of that. You can find enemas at your local pharmacy or on Amazon or wherever, you don't need to be quite as picky with these as you do with toys. Bulbs are generally the best balance between ease of use and price, though pumps are also a good choice. Some people have success with plastic water bottles, and some use shower attachments, though make sure you keep the pressure low if you go that route. Any way that you can get water into your butt is fine.
  129. I find warm, almost hot water works best. There's not really much to it, just squirt water inside, and let it out. Don't try to force it out, wait until you feel the urge to expell it. Repeat this a bunch of times, until your sure there's nothing left, and then a couple more for good measure. It helps if you have a good diet, eat your fucking veggies anon.
  131. Next you'll want to prepare your space. Lay down a towel if you need to, maybe even have some water handy. Clean your toys off, you can also heat them up, and I'd recommend doing so. Like with penetrables, don't fucking microwave them, heat up an apporpriately size tub of water to near-boiling and throw your dongs in. While you're waiting for them to warm up, you can warm yourself up. Get some lube on your fingers and start applying it generously to your butt. Spend some time just massagin your hole and the area around and relax. I recommend doing this lying down. Get your finger in there a bit when you're ready, try to get some lube inside of you.
  133. Once you think you're ready, get plenty of lube on your toy and get to work. I tend to start by slowly working the toy in, pulling it out if it ever starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable, then trying again. It's imperative that you take it slow at first. Once you feel you're warmed up, you can finally start the main event. there's a number of different ways you can do things. Position wise, you can have it on the floor and ride it, Hold it by the base and thrust it into you, stick it to the wall and take it doggy-style, or whatever else you can think of. It also makes a big difference how you have it facing, especially for curved toys. I find that it feels best when the head faces in towards you, but I encourage you to try it facing in, out, and even to the sides, this has a significant affect on how it feels. How you angle the toy and yourself is also a thing to consider. For most, you'll want it to rub against your prostate (or g-spot if you're a >female). I find that riding and leaning back works best for this, but again, experiment.
  135.         ——Miscellaneous Shit——
  137. —Lubes—
  138.     There are three main kinds of lube. Water-based is the most common you'll find. They're generally pretty slick and harmless, but they dry out after some time, and get easily rinsed off in the shower, although that also means they're easy to clean off. There's too many of this type to even begin to list, but if you're looking for the cheap option, J-lube is your best bet. It comes in a powder form, so you have to mix it yourself, but it's not so hard to do and you can make it as thin or thick as you like.
  140.     The next type is silicone-based. DO NOT USE THESE WITH SILICONE TOYS! Silicone lubes are very slick and don't try out like water-based lubes do, but they cause irrepairable damage to silicone toys. For other materials, though, this is probably the best lube to use, and there's no real downsides.
  142.     Finally there's oils and oil-based lubes. These tend to give a different sensation from the other two types. I find that I feel the toy sliding in a lot more with oils. These are a bit harder to clean up, but they don't dry up like water based, and are hydrophobic so you can use them in the shower. There's some proper oil lubes like The Butters and Sliquid Naturals, but my heart belongs to just plain old unrefined coconut oil. It smells good, it's good for your skin, it has anti-bacterial properties, and you can get enough of it to last you 6-12 months for twenty bucks. There are some other stuff you can try like olive oil or vegetable shortening. Don't use anything with mineral oil, though, it can have adverse effects to silicone. As a final note, oil-based lubes /will/ damage latex and vinyl. Don't try to use this with a condom.
  144.     As a final warning, DO NOT IMPROVISE LUBE. Lot's of things you would think to use like this such as hand lotion contain silicone that will damage your toy the same as silicone-based lube. Obviously this doesn't apply to the afformentioned oils, but otherwise, if it's not a lube, go ahead and don't use it because you might end up hurting your toy or yourself.
  146. —Cleaning—
  147.     You should try to clean your toy before and after each use. For a regular cleaning, soap and water works just fine, or you can get you cleaner that will do the job just fine after you rinse it off. I recommend checking the ingredients on your soap, though, some hand soaps and such contain silicone (look for ingredients with -cone suffix). For more complete cleanings, you have the choice of boiling, letting it sit in 10% bleach, or putting it through the dishwasher. You don't need to do it every time you use your toy, but it doesn't hurt to do it monthly-bimonthly. You should also do this before letting another person use it.
  149. —Storage—
  150.     Make sure your toys are dry before storing them. Don't store them folded up or they'll develope creases. Don't store silicone with PVC/jelly toys. Store your PVC/Jelly toys in the trash bin. Storing silicone toys together is fine. You can test if a toy is silicone by putting a lighter to it and seeing if it burns. Line plastic storage bins with towels or wrap your toys in rags or old shirts if you want to be extra safe and clean.
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