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  1. dredge  TILTED  4 hours ago -- to play after all.
  2. dredge  TILTED  4 hours ago Somewhere in between her constant whining Troy managed to get in a word or two, but not much more than that. "It wasn't a cop-out, damnit! I carry a gun around and almost domed you on instinct-" His words were cut off by a weakened groan as soon as he felt hips roll against him. Boxers alone really betrayed him, whatever hardness he might have lacked began pooling immediately, especially if she had chosen to wear one of those damn skirts that always drove him crazy. By the time her face made the journey downward it would be met with quite the hard patch, as his manhood had already began thickening out down the left leg of his boxers. Troy's face twisted in visible concern as he propped himself up on both of his elbows and looked down at her. That concern had quite a bit of need in the mix, though - visibly so. His lips pursed before he parted them to command her as she pleased. "You'd better get those boxers off and make it sloppy for me, then. For all this nonsense." He had a role --
  3. TILTED  dredge  4 hours ago her point, she rolled her hips slow, grinding against his crotch. "You wouldn't have put a collar on me if you didn't want me, would you?" she mewled down at him. "You're careful, nobody will ever know - and I can be a good girl, I promise," she moved back until she could push her face against his crotch, nuzzling the bulge already forming there through his boxers. Her lips suckled against his shaft through the material of his boxers, leaving dark wet spots. She looked back up to him with those dark, warm eyes all full of affection and need to serve, "Please?" she was just playing dirty, begging him in a sweet tone, "Please let me show you how good I can be - just tell me what to do, daddy," she purred at him.
  4. TILTED  dredge  4 hours ago With her wrists trapped, she tried to defiantly pull them away but already knew he was too strong. She didn't care if she hurt those fastenings - or her hands. "Then why didn't you-" her words trailed off, confused until he explained. Her lips pursed first before she pulled her arms back, crossing them over her chest. "So?" the word was spoken combatively, tone of the bratty side, "I don't care." She looked away for a moment, trying and failing to keep herself from pouting like a child. "It sounds like a cop out anyway. Coward," she murmured, "You could have just told me you didn't like me like a man instead of come up with some lame excuse. Besides-" she punched his shoulder then gave a little hiss and shook her hand. "You should have called - I thought you might've got picked up for metal scrap by a junker." She couldn't just confess to being worried. "You don't get to just dip out on me like that," she informed him, "And I don't think you really want to either..." To punctuate--
  5. dredge  TILTED  13 minutes ago  Tossed the weapon to the side, if only to raise his hands to keep her from beating on her chest. He wasn't quite worried about his chest getting bruised, more her beating her hands against the hard metal fastenings that lined different parts of his chest. Each hand reached up to clasp a wrist, holding them both at bay as he moved to sit up. "Hey. Hey! HEY. Listen, I know why you're here. You just shouldn't be.. I know you sent messages, I saw them." He tried to calm her down the best he could, but.. He knew he was in the wrong. He held her wrists there for a time, looking up at her with cybernetic hues that would lightly glint in the dark lighting every so often. "You know what I do. How I live. I can't involve you in that. I refuse." He moved his grip on her wrists to gently clasp at her hands, as well as he could manage would his prosthetic means.
  6. TILTED  dredge  2 hours ago She swallowed thick, cowering back some and hiding her face with her forearms, as if that would shield her from a bullet wound. She was lucky he hadn't pulled that trigger, probably should have thought twice before barging in on him but her emotions piloted her through all the bad decisions she'd made this evening. His words hit harder than that fear of having a gun in her face though. "Asshole!" she yelled down at him, her hands beating down now on his chest - they weren't the hardest hits but they were by no means soft blows. "Why do you think I am here?!" She'd sent a text almost everyday, sometimes even nudes when she was feeling really desperate. His annoyance was not a tone she wanted to be met with.
  7. dredge  TILTED  2 hours ago /me The stirring cyborg would stir a fair bit more, before his eyes would snap open to see a form straddling ontop of him. His reaction was near instant, throwing an arm back behind the arm-rest he used for a headrest. Seconds later a hand came back gripping a firearm and aiming it straight for her face. The dead silence of the room was further cut into by the shrill sound of the weapon spooling to life in his hands, ready to unleash hell upon trigger-squeeze. The male held the weapon out for a bit longer, as he groggily came to out of what seemed like a truly deep sleep. "K-.. Kae?" He immediately felt the shame wash over him, knowing that he had probably scared her half to death by shoving a gun in her face. He recoiled his arm back, brushing the other over his face to wake himself up more.. He should have known from that Korean she was cursing at him in. "What're you doing here, damnit?" He was quick to turn his surprise into some form of annoyance, a tone she was familiar with.
  8. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago Those wide eyes of hers gave away more than her tone did though, she missed him, hated his silence and she was hurting.
  9. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago The familiar rise and fall of his chest made it obvious that he was asleep. There wasn't any girl clinging to him and that almost made her feel even angrier. Dropping her bag by his aquarium, none too gently. She struggled for a moment, pulling her hair back with one hand and away from her face, tangling her fingers, trying to clear her thoughts. And then the next she was on him, she had every intention of laying hands on him, choking him out, giving him a black eye, kneeing him in the dick. His warmth just radiated and it reminded her of the times he'd laid in her bed and pulled her close against him, how she'd wake up and find him still there the next morning. Fuck. She just sat there, straddling him, fingers curled in the collar of his shirt. He was stirring still, she sniffed and squared her shoulders a little and her words came loud and firm and angry and of course, when she was truly emotional, her words came out in Korean and they demanded answer, "Where were you?!"
  10. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago And she wanted to wrap her hands around his throat and choke the sense out of him! A few frustrating attempts at flirting and just in general being bored or annoyed, she at some point remembered that Troy's little broom closet was just neatly hidden away in another room of the club. She abandoned the guy she was chatting with while he was in mid-sentenced and wandered off in search of that room. She could trash it or... Something. He probably changed the lock code though, it'd be pointless, surely. But when she smashed the buttons in and the door effortlessly slid open, she paused, frozen at the door - she wasn't really expecting it to open. She quickly regained her focus, however and pushed inside. Less than she'd expected that she'd just be able to get in like that... She saw a form, his form, sprawled out on the couch. All her thoughts seemed to rise up at once and she couldn't think straight for a full minute. Just stared at him.
  11. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago She was quiet sneaking out of her bathroom window so those pesky cameras wouldn't catch her leaving. So what she'd been in the bathroom all night? She'd been terribly sick, some other excuse, she was too angry to think about the logistics of it. Finding her way to that familiar club that she'd first met Troy at, she thought that maybe in the off chance, she might find him there - so she could rub it in when she hung all over some other guy - one with real arms and that wouldn't be able to figure out how to unlock her phone and see all her- She was pissing herself off just thinking about his stupid, asshole antics. Stepping into the club she flirted with the first guy she saw. He was... well, yeah, a stupid tool. And kind of nice in the way that he said the things he probably thought she wanted to hear. Troy always had some kind of quip, some way of stirring her up, making her feel like fire lapped at her from the inside out. She missed him.
  12. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago She'd not really had the time or stability to develop feelings for anyone until she'd found herself plucked from working round the clock to do her part to keep her family's livelihood afloat. Now her family was looked after and while it felt good that she didn't have to worry about them, she'd also felt incredibly lonely. Troy had become a familiar face and a comfortable presence. Why hadn't he messaged her back? Was he messing with her? Did he think it was funny?? Lifting her pillow to her face she screamed her frustrations into it. Had he just... forgotten her? Maybe he'd found someone cuter! It was always another girl, wasn't it? Huffing, she quickly tore her blanket off and stomped all the way to her bathroom. Well if he could find some dumb thot to just dump her thoughtlessly to the side for then - then she could find some stupid tool to stick it inside her! Dolling herself up, she was intent on looking cuter than whoever it was she imagined Troy had seemingly forgotten her for.
  13. TILTED  dredge  3 hours ago Tossing her phone aside on her bed, she curled onto her side, facing away from it - as if it were her phone she was angry at. She glared at nothing in particular, a pout shaping her lips. At the sound of her phone vibrating, she immediately sat up and snatched her phone back up, eyes eagerly reading over the text - her face immediately fell flat. It wasn't who she was hoping it'd be but she checked their exchanges... just in case. Maybe she'd missed a notification or... No, nothing. Just the sad chain of texts she'd sent him over the past couple of weeks without reply. There was a mixture of worry that something had happened - something bad, but Troy was self-reliant and street smart. She doubt anyone had gotten to him. Which lent to fueling the pit of self-doubt. After all, he didn't need her. There wasn't anything she could offer him that a hundred others couldn't. But he'd been interested in her, or she thought he had been.
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