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  3. NINE
  4. 2009
  6.         « Only Cotillard, as Guido's long-suffering wife Luisa, is in command of her character whether she's singing, speaking or just staring darts at her philandering mate. Pain rarely seemed so proud, or hurt so regal, as in Cotillard's rendition of the melancholic rhapsody "My Husband Makes Movies." There, a lovely scene when the ex-actress Luisa, while watching screen tests Guido has made for his new project, sees him lavishing exactly the same attention on a new girl that he did on her when she was just starting in pictures; the kind words and gestures she thought were meant for her alone are revealed as a trick directors use to flattter an actress into giving a stronger performance. It's a moment of emotional truth at the heart of this expertly made but hollow enterprise. The rest is vaudeville. »
  7. Richard Corliss, THE TIMES
  9.         « And as Guido's wife, Marion Cotillard brings a world of feeling to "Take It All," the only genuinely good song in the musical. Cotillard, in fact, is so good throughout "Nine" - so warm, so clearly suffering with this awful husband - that she's almost a problem. She makes you hate Guido, or rather, hate him even more. »
  10. Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
  12.         « As the weary wife of unfaithful Guido, Cotillard gets two songs, appropriate since her character is the heart of the story and the actress herself is the best thing about the film.
  13. Cotillard lip-synced through the songs in her Oscar-winning performance as Edith Piaf in "La Vie En Rose," and she may have the weakest singing voice among the "Nine" stars. Still, her performance, whether speaking or singing, is a marvelous mix of patience, virtue, melancholy and simmering fury »
  14. Avid Germain AP
  17.         « There's a moment of perfect movie-musical magic in Rob Marshall's "Nine" that reminds us of what miracles can be wrought with just an actor, a tune and a camera. And then there's the rest of it, but we'll get to that.
  18. That magical bit, which to my mind is almost worth the ticket price, is Marion Cotillard ("La Vie en Rose") singing "My Husband Makes Movies." She's the wife of an Italian film director (Daniel Day-Lewis) who neglects her for his mistress (Penélope Cruz) and his work.
  19. In the song, she ponders how her husband is different from other men, and how their marriage has changed. It's a quiet passage in a mostly frenetic film, and Marshall slows things down and lets Cotillard create something delicate and devastating in the moment, keeping it very simple and very small, revealing a character's heart to us through song. "Long ago ... ," she sings of the past, "someone else ago,... " and her voice breaks, just a tiny bit, remembering. You think she's alone there, and we're alone with her, and the rest of the movie and the world slips away.
  20. And "Nine" could almost float on that moment for the rest of the movie, but it too soon evaporates in favor of the "Chicago" remake that Marshall seems otherwise hellbent on creating....
  22. A few vivid performances emerge from the clamor: Hudson's irresistibly sunny fashionista; Dench's crisp former showgirl; Cruz's wounded lover; Day-Lewis' self-absorbed yet magnetic auteur. But it's Cotillard who remains when all the "Nine" noise and lights have faded, reminding us that simplicity is sometimes the main ingredient for magic. »
  23. Moira Mcdonald Seatlle Times
  25. « the single poignant performance – his wife, played by Marion Cotillard »
  26. The Independent
  28. « Though slightly marred by a clunky structure and a lack of truly catchy tunes, Nine's wall-to-wall first-rate performances from its stellar cast, especially Cotillard »
  29. Alastair Plumb, Empire
  31. « Cotillard soulful »
  32. NY dailyNews
  38.         « Finally, Marion Cotillard steals the film with two emotionally resonant numbers – "My Husband Makes Movies" and "Take It All," both of which make clear what being a disposable muse has done to the women in Guido's life »
 « Why does Guido's wife -- played by Cotillard in the film's only excellent performance -- put up with him? »
  41. Eric D. Snider, SeatllePI
  43. With the exception of Cotillard (who has not one but two musical numbers) and the always game Dame Dench (she must've demanded that she have scenes in which she resembles a relatable human), the aforementioned ladies dart in and out of the movie so much, they lack any semblance of being.
  44. Craig D. Lindsey, The News and Observer
  47.         « The best performance of the movie, though, belongs to Cotillard, who plays his disillusioned, wounded wife and has two songs, including the plaintive "My Husband Makes Movies." In her Oscar-winning performance as Edith Piaf in "La Vie en Rose," she had to lip-sync the songs. Here she does her own singing and proves she is a fine actress, not a singer. Still, it is enough to steal the film. »
  52.         «Marion Cotillard, heartbreaking »
  55. « Cotillard plays Luisa with a great deal of sympathy and sadness, making her the only truly compelling character in Nine  »
  60. « Marion Cotillard brings a misty-eyed intensity to that role while batting one of the composer Maury Yeston’s most shimmering numbers, “My Husband Makes Movies,” out of the ballpark »
  61. Matt Wolf TELEGRAPH
  63. « Ms. Cotillard attains a measure of wounded dignity as Louisa, Guido’s former leading lady and much-betrayed wife »
  64. A. O. SCOTT the NY TIMES
  67. « Marion Cotillard provides the film's most emotional moments as Guido's long-suffering wife, who used to be his on-screen leading lady and is all too wise to his foibles »
  68. victoriaadvocate
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