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  2. Sea Chef Boi
  4. ===Equipment===
  5. -Bolt Staff
  6. Shoots Lightning that Zaps, hurts lots but isn't anywhere as strong as actual lightning.
  7. -Mind Fist
  8. Dude can punch things with his mind from anywhere he can see, but do nothing with the power.
  9. -Golden Spices
  10. You can imbue a spell into allies when they eat your cooking, and can activate it through them if within a week. Only one spell at a time.
  11. -[ULTIMATE, ONE USE PER COMBAT]Rocket Jet Sneaks
  12. His old sandals might not look like much, but they're fire propelling shoes, which can activate passively to let him hover/fly.
  13. They can also have ONE USE to every few hours blast forward and leave a trail of devastating fire that can burn steel, but then are off for a few hours.
  14. -[CONSUMABLE, 1 USE] Arcano Paintbomb
  15. Throw a magical paintbomb, all projectiles both ally and foe redirect to the place/person hit untill the start of the throwers next post.
  16. -[CONSUMABLE, 1 USE] Mark of Missiles Spell Scroll (Spell)
  17. Fire off a barrage of 20 magical missiles of varying color attacking foes randomly selected by a roll or by the active event runners choice.
  19. Cornerstone, Foreign
  20. Transferred to Ishikawa after living most of his life with magical creatures, brought a 'friend'.
  22. Attributye, Quick
  23. As big as he is, this man is swift. The Jet Sneaks actually slow him down in exchange for the manuverability in the air.
  25. ===Powers===
  26. -Mind Fist
  27. Dude can punch things with his mind from anywhere he can see, but can do nothing else with the power.
  28. -Fireburp (Spell)
  29. This man burps deathly hot fireballs and similar cones, magical in nature despite a result of his cooking over the years.
  30. -Bladeturn (Spell)
  31. By pulling from a hidden layer of  magic sweat formed by his cooking, he can create a water-like shield to block or weaken most non-massive attacks.
  33. Provide an excellent dish that takes a post to scarf down, or two if distracted/fighting while eating. The next ability they use is twice as strong.
  35. By actiaving the ambient spices and magic in the bellies of those who have eatten his food in the past week, he can cast either Fireburp, Bladeturn, or any other 'Spell' he knows through EVERY ALLY in the area at once, as if they had cast it with his capacity alongside him.
  37. ===Companion===
  38. Potty the Mimic
  39. Potty is a Mimic that takes the appearance of a Cooking Pot that hangs on the back of this man, physically appearing as just a pot.
  40. -Hidden in Plain Sight
  41. Even during tense situations if Potty has not been discovered, he can slowly encroach on others without them noticing.
  42. -Rapid Hop
  43. By producing a magical blue flame from the pot(its gullet) it can be applied to a surface which will stick, and then become bouncey.
  44. -Engulf
  45. Potty can if successfully snuck up on a target expand and devour someone whole, surrounding them in scalding water and sharp crushing force.
  46. This cannot kill important NPC's or PC's, but can for lesser NPC's. Potty can also turn them into a medicore meal, previously using this tactic as bait.
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