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jbruchon's touchdroid announcement-as seen by oldtopman

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  1. <jbruchon> Good lord.
  2. <jbruchon> I'll try to be brief so I don't waste too much time.
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  4. <jbruchon> The main reason everyone is here is because they want to know what's going on with this whole "TouchDroid" project, as it is currently called.
  5. <SamCripp> someone do netsplit
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  7. <jbruchon> Unfortunately, the beginnings of said project consisted of an ad-hoc group of people, as many projects do. Obviously I wasn't the first person to come up with this idea, as I found my way here, to people that did.
  8. <jbruchon> As with any group of people that has no designated leadership, someone eventually grabs the reins and starts to steer the group.
  9. <jbruchon> I would say that that person ended up being the one known here as trsohmers.
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  11. <jbruchon> My mantra from the beginning has been pretty simple and straightforward:
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  14. <jbruchon> "I just want this thing to work."
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  17. <jbruchon> Based on the conversations I've had today, that's the sentiment of everyone who might be considered a "developer" on the project, if only in spirit due to nasty shipment delays etc.
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  21. <jbruchon> The problems started when consensus started to no longer be respected, development began to consist of unimportant banter, and the main drive for this project appeared to take a radical shift toward the publicity side of things.
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  24. <jbruchon> I want to make it clear that I have nothing personally aganist trsohmers; he did in fact take charge and for making that effort he is to be commended.
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  27. <jbruchon> Unfortunately, I think that his internal desires got the best of him, and that's how we ended up here now.
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  29. <jbruchon> I talked to ProTekk on the phone today.
  30. <jbruchon> That's right, that pesky thing we ignore because we're busy on IRC and don't have time for human beings' voices :P
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  33. <Framework> I hear my sister enough
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  35. <Framework> to want to call someone
  36. <jbruchon> ProTekk was one of the people that was viewed as being on the "dark side," likely due to his attachment to the website etc.
  37. <Framework> trololol
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  39. <jbruchon> Anyway, here's the bottom line.
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  41. <jbruchon> All the developers want this project to succeed, and they don't care about money or fame, they just want Android on their damned tablet.
  42. <jbruchon> It's a labor of love.
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  44. <rhcp> id like a tablet :)
  45. <jbruchon> If it's not, you quite simply need to get the hell out of this room and never come back. You aren't welcome.
  46. <rhcp> to put it on
  47. <rhcp> but sure :)
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  50. <jbruchon> I'm the kind of team leader that prefers to stand back and let amazing people do the amazing things they're capable of when they have the freedom to do it.
  51. <jbruchon> My intention is to take the role of "team leader" here that, quite honestly, everyone I've talked to doesn't want.
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  53. <roadkill> I'm just in it for the sex.
  54. <jbruchon> I love the community that exists here.
  55. <jbruchon> roadkill: aren't we all? :P
  56. <roadkill> heh
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  58. <jbruchon> But a PROJECT requires management, so that the units all act as a whole in pursuit of the goal.
  59. <rhcp> ill take a tracking number before sex
  60. <rhcp> :P
  61. <ProTekk> rhcp, http://www.fedex.com/Tracking?tracknumbers=946930869831718
  62. <ProTekk> :P
  63. <jbruchon> I'll be honest: I'm not experienced with the Android codebase; nor Linux kernel programming beyond some fairly basic poking around.
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  68. <jbruchon> trsohmers made it a point to try to blast my skills on his Twitter, and I'll be the first to tell you that I'm NOT going to be the programmer that makes this thing cross the finish line.
  69. <jbruchon> But I'll gladly be the one to make sure that efforts aren't duplicated, things are coordinated, and that the damned media gets the CORRECT STORY FROM THE BEGINNING
  70. <jbruchon> I'M LOOKING AT YOU
  71. <jbruchon> PC MAGAZINE
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  73. <jbruchon> From here on out, drama will be dealt with in a heavy-handed fashion. Stern but fair.
  74. <jbruchon> The goal is Android, stable, running on the HP TouchPad "topaz" tablet.
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  76. <jbruchon> All this off-topic stuff needs to go elsewhere.
  77. <jbruchon> No more discussion of changing ESNs. That's...I don't know where.
  78. <jbruchon> If it isn't specifically about Android on Touchpad stuff, take it out of here. That's why #touchpad exists, folks.
  79. <ProTekk> may i interject with something lighthearted?
  80. <jbruchon> Sure, why not.
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  82. <ProTekk> can nigga's still be trollin' or what?
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  84. <jbruchon> Sure, if it's very brief and in arbitrarily good taste
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  86. <jbruchon> that means if I LOL'd =3
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  88. <jbruchon> Some more random topics follow.
  89. <ProTekk> wurd, nigga be trollin' den son.
  90. <roadkill> And just my bit to add: No more discussions about doxing, getting back at other people, repeating rumours, slander, whatever people NOT A PART OF THE PROJECT ARE CLAIMING ABOUT THE PROJECT ITSELF... An as an op, I will be enforcing this from now on.
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  92. <jbruchon> roadkill: ALL OPs should be enforcing this.
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  94. <jbruchon> This next one is important.
  95. <jbruchon> Donations.
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  97. <jbruchon> None will be accepted.
  98. <jbruchon> Period.
  99. <jbruchon> Ever.
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  101. <arelas> Donate code!
  102. <jbruchon> The ones that have been accepted are being refunded, if we can find a way to do it.
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  104. <jbruchon> PayPal kind of fucked us over on that one though.
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  106. <roadkill> Welcome to #touchdroid | No drama. Violators will be kicked. | We don't want no stinkin' donations. | Official statement: http://touch-droid.com/statement.pdf
  107. <roadkill> whoops.
  108. <jbruchon> lol
  109. <ProTekk> arelas, i swear i saw you say "don cheadle"
  110. * roadkill has changed the topic to: Welcome to #touchdroid | No drama. Violators will be kicked. | We don't want no stinkin' donations. | Official statement: http://touch-droid.com/statement.pdf
  111. <jbruchon>  /topic much?
  112. <roadkill> had to edit it first ;)
  113. <jbruchon> PLEASE
  114. <jbruchon> tell anyone you know
  115. <jbruchon> to NOT donate ANYTHING to ANYONE for the purposes of Android on Touchpad in relation to this project.
  116. <jbruchon> If you do
  117. <jbruchon> it is a SCAM and you LOSE THAT MONEY FOR NO GAIN.
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  119. <jbruchon> Monetary donation breeds expectations, which may or may not be realistic
  120. <jbruchon> Next topic, the state of this project.
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  122. <jbruchon> We essentially have next to nothing in the way of progress.
  123. <jbruchon> We took a kernel, slapped a bunch of code from another kernel onto it
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  126. <jbruchon> patched the mishmash a little bit
  127. <jbruchon> pissed of some WebOS guys in the process
  128. <roadkill> (We're sorry. We are. Truly.)
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  130. <jbruchon> (which I personally apologized for, they're really great guys)
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  132. <jbruchon> and I DID successfully boot a kernel on my TouchPad that had the following attributes:
  133. <jbruchon> 1. With no initramfs, I managed to boot WebOS and run it with what appeared to be full functionality.
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  135. <jbruchon> 2. With an initramfs, I managed to speak to it via the instance of novacomd I ripped out of WebOS. Doesn't prove much, though.
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  137. <jbruchon> 3. This kernel DID have Android-specific kernel parts compiled in. That means stuff like wakelocks which are required for Android and aren't part of any stock Linux kernel.
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  139. <jbruchon> People have been reporting that "TouchDroid has a working kernel that can run Android." THIS is a FALSE statement.
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  142. <jbruchon> We lack functioning ADB support, which is crucial; talent joined up after I smoothed everything over last night that has extensive ADB knowledge, so this MAY be easily fixed by those people.
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  144. <jbruchon> OH, I forgot...4. The kernel booted an Android recovery image. Display was really messed up but we could see the recovery image's background logo clearly, albeit in really psychedelic colors.
  145. <roadkill> No need for LSD.
  146. <jbruchon> Android recovery image is not Android. At all.
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  149. <myn> isnmod LSD.so
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  151. <jbruchon> myn: we're compiling that one right now ;)
  152. <myn> hehe
  153. <jbruchon> Next subject: Github and Twitter takedowns.
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  155. <jbruchon> I gave the go-ahead to do those.
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  157. <jbruchon> When I noticed that the people who helped me get as far as I did were very unhappy that others who were not even trying to assist with code were basking in glory and ignoring our consensus about NO PUBLICITY
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  159. <jbruchon> I decided that the best way to force them to show their true faces would be to nuke what little existed.
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  162. <jbruchon> roadkill: hush.
  163. <jbruchon> Sure enough, when the code was gone, the devs and the "devs" that weren't actually devs at all had a split in attitude.
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  166. <jbruchon> The non-devs became dismayed and some even just plain left.
  167. <jbruchon> The devs went "meh, we'll just dig up the code and keep on going!"
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  171. <jbruchon> This is what separates someone who can contribute at this stage from someone who is just here to ride the lightning.
  172. <jbruchon> This project is stupid popular, but has NOTHING to show for it yet, other than some very poorly thought out publicity.
  173. <jbruchon> That will no longer happen.
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  177. <jbruchon> We'll put up a Github again soon enough.
  178. <jbruchon> But for this early phase, it shall be private.
  179. <jbruchon> Honestly, we're so early into this that any Github won't do much good. We have enough people at the moment to get this kernel crud hammered out; if not, we'll call for devs.
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  181. <jbruchon> Too many devs this soon will only serve to distract.
  182. <jbruchon> We are young and we will grow. Everyone really needs to just have a little patience.
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  184. <jbruchon> One of the reasons we're clamping down on everything is the AMAZINGLY STUPID PUBLICITY.
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  186. <jbruchon> From here on out, I expect people to ignore the media and the attentino
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  188. <jbruchon> it's the CODE, stupid.
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  191. <jbruchon> The focus is on the code, and that's where it stays.
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  193. <jbruchon> I volunteer to be the one the media talks to about the state of things. As I said, I'm going to mostly stand back, contributing when I see something my skills can help with. That's what all devs should be doing.
  194. * Framework applaudes.
  195. <jbruchon> In other words, I'm pretty much shutting up about the state of things until there's something to talk about.
  196. <jbruchon> Some miscellany...
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  198. <jbruchon> trsohmers' actions have consistently caused this project to be put in jeopardy. I admire his accomplishments, but for his extreme lack of courtesy, I do not feel that he should continue to be welcome here, particularly since he went to PC Magazine in what I would politely call a "dick move" because of this stupid power struggle nonsense not going his way.
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  200. <jbruchon> Ultimately it's up to the community to decide, but that's my personal opinion.
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  202. <jbruchon> Apologies if anyone doesn't like it.
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  204. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to hazymind
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  206. <jbruchon> I'm really tired of feeling like President Obama or something; this speech stuff doesn't suit me.
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  208. <jbruchon> Anyway, anyone who has voice/ops have anything to say?
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  210. <ProTekk> nope, you hit the nail on the head boss.
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  214. <jbruchon> LOL.
  215. <jbruchon> Boss.
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  217. <hazymind> *sigh
  218. <arelas> I couldn't agree more
  219. <ProTekk> ima call you that now
  220. <jbruchon> LIKE A BAWS.
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  222. <ProTekk> BAAAAAWS!
  223. <jbruchon> ;_;
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  225. <ProTekk> <3
  226. * roadkill gives voice to rwhitby
  227. <roadkill> Go ahead, rwhitby
  228. <jbruchon> My promise is that if you all accept me as the general project manager, I'll do everything I can to keep everyone involved focused, and the media reporting accurate as well.
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  231. <jbruchon> OK
  232. <jbruchon> I'm going to STFU.
  233. <jbruchon> As leader, it's my job to stop talking.
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  235. <roadkill> rwhitby has somethingn to say... so waiting on him.
  236. <jbruchon> Guys, take it away, I'm exhausted.
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  238. <jbruchon> plus, I'll pastebin this or something
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  240. <fnj00> raise of hands if you approve of this!
  241. * piiman (60e4c8e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #touchdroid
  242. <fnj00> \o
  243. <rwhitby> On behalf of WebOS Internals, there are no hard feelings about previous code attribution issues, and we encourage Android developers to make use of our code with correct attribution as always is the convention in open source projects.
  244. * Atst44 (62181ee9@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #touchdroid
  245. <roadkill> fnj00: I'm a double amputee, you insensitive clod!
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  247. <jbruchon> By the way, everyone, rwhitby has been very kind to me throughout everything, and he's apparently the MASTER of WebOS stuff.
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  249. <oldtopman> roadkill, jbruchon, Do you mind if I ask a question?
  250. * #touchdroid :Cannot send to channel
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  252. <jbruchon> So be nice to him or I'll eat your soul.
  253. >jbruchon< Can I ask a question?
  254. * CyaFish (~wircer@c-69-250-92-203.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #touchdroid
  255. <roadkill> As a general channel note for everyone else: Ops and voice are essentially limited to those in the project, close to the project or are just channel pets waiting to be smited when we're bored with them.
  256. <rwhitby> WebOS Internals is a global team (http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/WhoIsWho) of skilled developers, not just one person.
  257. <jbruchon> Feel free to PM any personal questions to me; I'll be slow to reply but I will reply.
  258. <oldtopman> test
  259. * #touchdroid :Cannot send to channel
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  262. * jbruchon gives voice to oldtopman
  263. <jbruchon> By request.
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  268. <oldtopman> Do you need an IRC bot?
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  270. * BMSMBBQ is now known as lol
  271. <oldtopman> But I suppose if nobody can speak, not really :P
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  274. * oldtopman silences
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  281. <roadkill> oldtopman: Generally, we'll be using the channel services for access, but if we need one, we'll let you know.
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  284. <oldtopman> And one other question. Who are we supposed to follow on twitter for news?
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  286. <oldtopman> When thsi started, we were supposed to follow all of the developers, not there is an @TouchDroid
  287. <oldtopman> this*
  288. <roadkill> http://twitter.com/#!/jbruchon  <--- this funny smelling guy.
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  290. <oldtopman> Thank you for your time.
  291. <Framework> http://twitter.com/#!/framework43 <- follow me too, because I'm cute
  292. <Framework> Thanks
  293. <rwhitby> I will also take this opportunity to acknowledge the good intention of the TouchDroid team to do all work in a way that does not infringe on the commercial HP webOS proprietary copyright, as many other AOSP projects do today with regard to Android Google and Phone/Tablet manufacturer proprietary copyright.
  294. * Framework runs
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  296. <jbruchon> rwhitby: agreed, wholeheartedly. Don't tell anyone about my novacomd attempts :P (I didn't distribute it)
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  298. <rwhitby> I just realised the last part of that statement could be read two ways.  I acknowledge Android AOSP projects that correctly respect copyright.
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  300. <jbruchon> ...I'm not un-muting the room because I don't know who else wants to speak.
  301. <jbruchon> Anyone at all?
  302. <jbruchon> OK.
  303. <jbruchon> As soon as I unmute this room, I'm going away.
  304. <rwhitby> While the devs are hard at it working on TouchDroid, feel free to look at http://bit.ly/phd-ac for information on homebrew on the device that you have (or soon will have).
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  308. <jbruchon> BEHOLD
  309. <jbruchon> FOR I DECLARE
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  312. <ProTekk> lmfao
  313. <ProTekk> <3
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