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  1. \**Insidious\**
  3. Insidious is one of the largest PokeOne guilds and is one of the few guilds that has stayed active non-stop from open beta release to the present.
  5.  Our members have  played the Pokémon franchise for years on platforms like Nintendo, Showdown, and PRO. Currently we have an active playerbase of 66/100 members.
  7. Insidious is focused on end game content like ranking the PvP ladder, farming, shiny hunts, and regular guild tournaments. We're also more than happy to help new players learn the game and get a grasp on IVs, EVs, team building, and the competitive side of Pokémon.
  9. To apply, Direct Message me on Discord or Message our staff in-game (IGN: Caesar/Edbert):
  11. \```asciidoc
  12. = What we look for =
  13. - Long-term members that plan to play PokeOne well into the endgame content
  14. - High English fluency
  15. - Aged 16+
  16. - Must be active in Discord
  17. - Completed both E4s
  18. \```
  19. \```asciidoc
  20. = We would like to know =
  21. - Your IGN
  22. - Where are you from? (country and timezone)
  23. - How much experience do you have in Pokémon games?
  24. - How often can we expect you to be playing?
  25. - Finally, what is your favourite Non-Legendary Pokemon and your favourite Legendary?
  26. ```
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