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  1. Hello, I'm Chagas. I will explain about the situation right now, it's been a difficult time.
  2. Yesterday was a normal day until i did a joke about Erick but Erick took it to another level, he said that he is always serious. Nothing really happened until i questioned Erick "Erick do you know Ser Fish?" and then he said he doesn't know Fish. But Drax said "You don't even know Fish" and i said "I do know him" and here all the stuff happened, and on further explanation he claims that I don't know anything about Fish. He then interviewed Fish and posted screenshots on #bang-news and as i expected, Fish doesn't recognizes me and Drax said to Fish "Chagas claims to be your friend" and I said on #general that I've never said I'm a friend of Fish and then he ignores me although I know who Fish is and now things get really messed up. I was called "annoying" by Synz and Drax and "attention seeker (sometimes attention whore)" by Synz and then a huge conversation about me happened when I was asleep, I was able to find the archives and it turns out Drax is the ultimate hater of me and it also seems that he doesn't enjoy certain types of people (such as the type of me). Synz also dm'd me an obvious fake apology, nobody likes me. I'm way too scared to join convos, and for now I'm gone from here. P.S Drax is the worst person that i know on Discord
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