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  1. [2020-02-18 08:52] *Jaqlin Ozark  [sub]"C'mon...c'mon.."[/sub] the large, caramel-skinned shemale huffs out, her orange-tinged optics constantly alternating between that throbbing mass aching between her thighs and the entrance to Sakura's room which is closed by the door. Jaqlin couldn't even believe she could go through with this, fingers holding tightly that flaring, 10.5 inch, girth-ridden prick; all swaddled over by a pair of her roommates' panties she finds rummaging through one of the dressers. She wasn't exactly sure when Sakura would return, knowing the red-headed girl was running an errand of sorts.
  2. [2020-02-18 08:55] *Sakura Asa  had been out at her regular job; teaching piano to kids. Freelance, but decent enough money. A shame she's always been such a light step. And so trusting! It's not like there's not an internal lock on her room's door, she just never uses it. This might not even be the first time Jaqlin has used her undies. In any case, the first warning the shemale is given is that knob twisting, and the redhead stepping through- then dropping her keys, eyes wide, and raising her slender-fingered hands to her mouth to cover a shocked scream at the debauchery!
  3. [2020-02-18 08:58] *Jaqlin Ozark  was still unsuspecting, even as the door-knob turned about, the simple whirring rendered inaudible over the constant clapping of Jaqlin's hand clapping against pubic hair addled pelvis. It's not until Sakura delivers a shrill of a scream that Jaqlin's eyes fix in direction of the voice, those orange hues growing completely wide, "U-uh...I..H-hey! You''re back." Jaqlin ushers out, her fingers still quickly fastened over the base of her throbbing length.
  4. [2020-02-18 09:02] *Sakura Asa  babbles out semi-incoherently. "Youhaveadickandyou'reinmyroomand are those MINE!?" come the last words with a stint of annoyance, and then, progress, motion- Asa walks over to the bed with a steely determination in her eyes, trying to snatch her thong back from Jaqlin, and inevitably at least stroking that turgid rod in the process, if not accidentally taking a hold of it herself! The redhead seems most bemused. Or would, if she wasn't blushing quite so much at the act.
  5. [2020-02-18 09:07] *Jaqlin Ozark 's towering stature is still, left suspended there gawking at the blushing roommate, even as Asa spews out her observation and ends it by gesturing about the article of clothing that is wrapped tightly around that mocha-tinged monolith of flesh. Perhaps Jaqlin was imaging her roommates tight throat or squeezing vaginal/anal walls? A soft mewl finally emits from Jaqlins as Asa grabs at the thong, consequentially grabbing a firm hold of that constantly throbbing prick.  
  6. [2020-02-18 09:11] *Sakura Asa  absolutely is imagining getting absolutely creamed by her roommate, having to squeeze her thighs together to try and contain her lust and the juices that are beginning to ruin the panties she has on today. With her underwear retrieved, she pulls her hand away- tightly squeezing that rod as it goes, totally by accident- and then looks about to yell, raising her hand up to do so- and catching a heady whiff of that virile she-cock. No yelling; instead, a question. " long have you liked me?"
  7. [2020-02-18 09:14] *Jaqlin Ozark  simply shuts her eyes completely, expecting some sort of physical retribution to go along with her roommates lambasting, her lids only slowly wrinkling back open as nothing of the sorts would happen, merely a question that leaves the shemale furrowing her brow and looking away, "Ppfft! You wish! I-it's just..been a minute so, you know -- you're a girl after all!" Jaqlin tries her best to avert the question, cheeks puffing some in blush, that fat pillar of caramel dick throbbing and dribbling with a sliver of pre.
  8. [2020-02-18 09:17] Sakura Asa: "...normally when it's been a minute you search up your favourite porn, not start stealing from your roommate and wanking on her bed!" [i]Asa folds her arms under her well-sized bust, pouting adorably and with warranted indignation at the twitchingly-hard shemale. She then speaks up again, though the fact she keeps glancing at that pre-seed is probably noticeable to Jaqlin, an obvious interest therein.[/i] "Well? Why are you still in here? Why haven't you put that thing away!?"
  9. [2020-02-18 09:23] *Jaqlin Ozark  "T-thanks for noticing," Jaqlin states with a huff, her eyes still lingering in another direction, occasionally returning to ogle Asa's perky bust just above folded arms, or motherly hips attached to an adorable pout; the shemale was more just a mess of perverse thoughts that had her red-headed roommate being impregnated or using her tight little pucker as target practice for thick, virile spunk. It wasn't until Asa starts to inquire why Jaqlin was still here that the shemale would gather her attention back to the girl, "B-but I mean, it's still so hard! A-and sticky with pre, I don't wanna mess up my shorts~" Jaqlin gives a lackluster explanation, eyeing the now desecrated thong in her roommates' hand.
  10. [2020-02-18 09:28] Sakura Asa: "But ruining MY undies, that was fine! You're such a creep! Fine, if it'll get you moving..." [i]What does that mean, 'fine'? No question had been asked or request made! But she tosses those panties aside, peels off her blazer, and settles down on her stomach, horizontal to Jaqlin's cock, gazing sidelong at her roommate as she starts lolling out her tongue, running it from the base to the sensitive head of that shemeat in drooling, thirsting lines, swallowing down every drooling droplet of pre she can. How 'kind' and 'selfless' of her to 'clean' Jaqlin like this.[/i]
  11. [2020-02-18 09:33] *Jaqlin Ozark  "W-what're you thinkin'?" the shemale can only get out before Asa went to action, knees clicking together at first when the red-head approaches her, only to open her legs thoroughly once that tongue starts to lather from the base of her throbbing spire to the pre-dribbling tip. Jaqlin shudders hard, soft hiccups of breath escaping her lips with each flicking of Asa's tongue, followed by a sensual swallowing down of her pre. The mocha-skinned shemale can't help but run her digits atop her roommates' head, pulling gently against them like make-shift reigns while those hefty pair of orbs rake across Asa's chin in tandem.
  12. [2020-02-18 09:36] *Sakura Asa  clearly sees that this is just making the situation worse, making MORE of that musky fluid drool out, so a more comprehensive approach is needed. With a light moan of what's definitely frustration, not arousal, she parts her lips and settles the schlong's head atop her tongue, suckling firmly on it. She moves her hair to the other side of her face to ensure that Jaqlin can watch her be a 'good roommate', and moves her hands around- one to cup those nuts and help support them, the other to slowly pump the rest of that dick, wiping away the spit and seed. How thoughtful of her. She definitely hadn't imagined this herself.
  13. [2020-02-18 09:41] *Jaqlin Ozark 's teeth can't help but begin dragging across her bottom lip, her body trying its' best not to quake and tremor so much from her roommates' considerate idea of sorts, not that it stopped Jaqlin from stirring her hips up some, allowing that turgid prick-tip to begin pushing deeper into Asa's mouth. The shemale doesn't stop until that flaring tip collides with the red-heads' tonsils, her slit spewing further of the sticky pre almost instantly as Jaqlin groans out, "I-I think I got some on my balls, too.." Jaqlin is able to word out between a sharp inhale
  14. [2020-02-18 09:46] Sakura Asa: "..." [i]Oh, she's pushing it, but the taste of cock is making Asa's thighs sticky, so she pulls off with a meaty 'pop!'- a short break after those bucks made her gag no doubt warranted, anyway- and burrows her nose and lips up against those orbs, slathering them in bubbling spit whilst letting Jaqlin's cock rest on her face. She keeps staring up, even as one of those cum-tanks is wholly popped between her lips to be sucked on with abandon and relish. The girl looks like she's giving up on any pretense, by this point...[/i]
  15. [2020-02-18 09:51] *Jaqlin Ozark 's second pair of digits can't help but swarm Asa's head, accompanying the other to continue plucking across red cascades atop her roommates head, hips still churning and rolling in place to keep the belly of that throbbing length raking across Asa's nostrils, cheeks and forehead, "N-nngh, just like that.." Jaqlin mewls out, feeling the symphony that is her roommates' tongue and lips kneading across one of her cum-tanks, becoming a bit more brazen with her roommate who was staring up, "Ah! I'm a-about to cum -- you should try swallowing it all..s-so I don't get it anywhere,"
  16. [2020-02-18 10:00] *Sakura Asa  lolls out her tongue at that, murmuring; "If you insist, sweetie..." and then, somewhat regretfully, parts her lips from that nut, leaving gooey strands of spit between it and they, and then -dives- down that cock, taking in as much of it as she can, spluttering and gagging as it hits her throat, flesh bucking and eyes watering, mascara running but eagerly impaling herself, hugging her arms around Jaqlin's waist and doing her best to bury her nose in her roommate's pubic mound- a rather clear declaration of acceptance of her hung partner's lusts.
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