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Sequoia Session 18

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  1. [19:34:49] [castfromhp] Last time, our heroes finally met face to face with the fearsome Crobat that has been terrorizing the Hollyhock country, and after a fierce battle, they managed to slay the beast!
  2. [19:35:14] * Metaknight has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  3. [19:35:42] [castfromhp] We'll pick up at the morning of the following day, after you've all gotten some well-earned rest and arranged for the Crobat's corpse to be sent back to Benedict Labs.
  4. [19:36:45] * Lucian wakes up early in the morning, relatively uninjured from the Crobat's attacks as he is, and runs out to get everybody coffee and breakfast donuts.
  5. [19:38:08] * Adrienne is up early training her pokemon and getting Nero to behave himself.
  6. [19:38:26] * Dann- wakes up as early, for opts to stay in his room for a while. He lets Nathan out to have some time to talk with him about the fight, because he's worried about his mental state.
  7. [19:38:38] [Dann-] *up early
  8. [19:38:50] [Dann-] *but opts
  9. [19:38:52] [castfromhp] 1d3
  10. [19:38:52] [CritSenpai] 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  11. [19:41:03] [castfromhp] When you pop Nathan out of his ball, he seems a bit mellowed out but also tired. You'd guess he didn't sleep much or well last night.
  12. [19:41:09] [castfromhp] Meanwhile, Lucian, your phone rings!
  13. [19:41:35] * Meta is now known as Percival
  14. [19:41:46] * Lucian is on his way back when he answers, taking a moment to rebalance the things in his hands. "Hello, Lucian Lavarre speaking."
  15. [19:41:55] [castfromhp] Also, the Watchers cleaned up the situation last night pretty well. Like Daven, the Watcher eventually returned to his senses.
  16. [19:42:53] [Dann-] "Hey Nate, how are you feeling?"
  17. [19:43:09] * Percival gets up early to start training his lot and reinforcing morale in the team.
  18. [19:44:37] [castfromhp] "Hey." Blintz's tired voice comes from your phone. "So I hear we're getting more dead Pokemon bits soon. Good job, by the way, but you're gonna turn our labs into a morgue at this rate."
  19. [19:44:52] * Dann- pats next to himself on the bed in his room, offering for Nathan to come sit by him.
  20. [19:45:44] [Lucian] "Well, we sent you the Quagsire alive, didn't we?"
  21. [19:45:57] [castfromhp] Nathan lets out a slow yawn and takes a seat by you.
  22. [19:46:21] [castfromhp] "Well, about that..." Blintz says.
  23. [19:46:37] [Lucian] "Less a morgue and more of a slaughterhouse, in that case. But jokes aside, this has probably been the most involved case we've been in."
  24. [19:46:41] [Lucian] "What's wrong?"
  25. [19:47:11] [Lucian] "Did you finally have to put it down? Or did it go out the way it came?"
  26. [19:48:18] [castfromhp] "It passed late last night. The prof and I both stayed up doing everything we could for it, but whatever's up with it, it got it good."
  27. [19:49:01] * Lucian sighs, "Well, I can't say any of us really expected otherwise."
  28. [19:49:30] [Lucian] "Speaking of which, this was in the report I sent last night but did you get to the part about the woman?"
  29. [19:49:39] [Lucian] "The one with the motorcycle helmet, I mean."
  30. [19:50:58] [castfromhp] "Yeah, yeah, I actually didn't get around to starting on your reports 'til this morning." There's a sound of typing.
  31. [19:51:58] [Lucian] "Well, like I said, this is probably the biggest breakthrough since...well since this whole case has even been going on."
  32. [19:52:10] * Dann- pulls out a small bag of fresh vegetables and sets in Nathan's lap. He then opens a small container which fills the immediate vicinity with a spicy aroma. "Hungry?"
  33. [19:52:52] [Dann-] He holds the spicy dip towards the small Ralts with a smile.
  34. [19:53:23] [Lucian] "I plan on asking around the festival for this woman. After I round up the team I was thinking we would go visit the boy who got attacked. He's the only person thus far who's made any contact as far as we know."
  35. [19:55:03] [castfromhp] "There's not much to go off of for this chick." Blintz says between typing. "Though I've gotta wonder. Poke Balls didn't work on this either, right? So did she just keep a giant frenzied bat around the whole time she was in the area?"
  36. [19:56:12] [Lucian] "That's what I was wondering. Daven seemed to just let it loose to do its work, disabling it after it made its rounds.""
  37. [19:56:42] [Lucian] "I want to know the state in which he obtained the bar."
  38. [19:56:50] [castfromhp] Nathan slowly floats over bits of veggies, dipping them telekinetically as well before eating. It gives you a little thumbs up and a smile.
  39. [19:56:53] [Lucian] "Is there any way to check Pokemon storage movement?"
  40. [19:58:13] [Dann-] "I know you probably don't want to think about it anymore, but I wanted to tell you one more thing about that Crobat."
  41. [19:58:13] [Lucian] "There's no way these creatures are being shifted through legal trades. But if they're already bound to certain Trainer IDs, if that's /actually/ why we aren't able to stuff them into Pokeballs, I want to know how they're doing it."
  42. [19:58:16] [castfromhp] "Uh, not if someone's just carrying them around. Anyway, yeah check up on your leads. Did you figure out if the other family's doing any shady either? Or if the Metagross came from the same source?"
  43. [19:58:32] [castfromhp] *anything shady
  44. [19:59:32] [Dann-] "I said it hurt a lot of people, but it was probably in a lot of pain itself. We saw something like that before, and if it hadn't died there, it would have had a long and painful death later."
  45. [19:59:33] [Lucian] "Not yet. I personally don't think they're related to the case but we haven't really gotten into investigating them yet."
  46. [19:59:35] [castfromhp] "It's definitely the injury failsafe going off, but I guess that doesn't preclude them -also- being previously owned. The former would just go off first."
  47. [19:59:56] [Percival] "I don't think we know for absolute sure if the Metagross came from the same source. It might be worth checking I guess."
  48. [20:00:01] * Dann- sighs and tries to give Nathan a reassuring half-grin.
  49. [20:00:41] [Lucian] "And as for the Metagross, we have nothing conclusive. The only trainers who seem to have been in regular contact with it are the moonshiners."
  50. [20:00:59] [Lucian] "And well, getting into the thick of their operations is proving about difficult as can be expected."
  51. [20:01:05] [Dann-] "I guess what I'm trying to say is, well, I'm sure death is really scary to you, I can't much stomach it either. But what you did was a good thing. For many people and the Crobat. So don't beat yourself up about it."
  52. [20:01:07] [castfromhp] "Well, I also called to let you know - one of the other professors in the region had her aides run into some similar shit. We're holding a conference in Blackwillow in a week's time to discuss all this, and you should all be there since you've been doing all the field work for us on this front."
  53. [20:01:38] [Lucian] "I'll let the team know."
  54. [20:01:47] [Lucian] "We should make preparations to leave anyhow."
  55. [20:02:19] [Lucian] "If that's all, I'd like to get back to them. There's still work we need to do in town before we can leave in good faith."
  56. [20:03:31] [Lucian] If she gives the okay, Lucian shoots off a group text, [Quagsire died last night. Blintz confirmed my suspicions. Meet me at my room at the Pokemon Center. I brought breakfast.]
  57. [20:05:06] [castfromhp] Nathan turns towards you, Dann, and takes a deep breath. Images start to flash through your mind, from the fight the night before. The perspective is low to the ground, presumably Nathan's, and you get a good look at the Crobat's last pained expression as Nathan crushed its last spark of life.
  58. [20:05:32] [castfromhp] You can feel all of the Ralts's fear and desperation in that moment, and then Nathan shivers next to you and continues eating.
  59. [20:06:30] [castfromhp] Blintz responds, "Yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh and let Dann know the bugs you sent in are doing fine now. If he wants one of them, I can bring it along to Blackwillow when we make the trip up."
  60. [20:07:24] [Lucian] [Oh, and Dann: The bugs we sent in are stable. If you want to train one of them, let Blintz know.]
  61. [20:08:20] * Adrienne replies to Lucian. [Sucks about the Quagsire, but I kinda saw it coming. On my way over.]
  62. [20:08:32] * Dann- shakes his head once after the jarring flash of memories. He looks at Nathan for a sec, and then puts an arm around him and pulls him in for a hug.
  63. [20:08:57] * Adrienne finishes up the morning training and breakfast (and in Nero's case, discipline), and heads over to the Center to meet up with Lucian.
  64. [20:09:23] [Dann-] "Even with what I said, I'm sorry I asked you to do it. If you never want to talk about it again, that's fine. But if you're ever stuck thinking about it, you can share that with me as much as you need."
  65. [20:09:53] * Percival heads down to the center after he's packed up his balls and breakfast.
  66. [20:10:39] * Dann- checks his phone as it buzzes and then throws it across the room, where it fortunately lands in a pile of dirty clothes.
  67. [20:11:17] [castfromhp] Nathan returns the hug, then sends a stream of emotions into your mind. It's a mixture of reassurance and reluctant confidence. You also feel a bit of gentle probing, like a knock on the door to your head.
  68. [20:11:58] [Adrienne] 2d6+1 AP Command
  69. [20:11:58] [CritSenpai] AP Command: 11 [2d6=5,5]
  70. [20:12:48] [@Doxy] You manage to get the Igglybuff to listen to you quite a few times throughout the morning! Like, it was GOING to smoosh a bowl of oatmeal in your face but you said NO
  71. [20:12:55] [@Doxy] so it just dumped it in your lap instead
  72. [20:13:00] [@Doxy] PROGRESS
  73. [20:13:03] * Lucian is sitting on his bed flipping through documents when the three come in, a donut half dangling from his mouth. "The Quagsire died last night. Internal bleeding and the state its mind and body were in finally caught up to it. Blintz and I think these Pokemon we're encountered are, in fact, owned mons. And we need to get to Blackwillow in a week's time to present our findings at a conference."
  74. [20:13:22] [Lucian] "That about sums it up."
  75. [20:14:30] [Percival] "That's a shame it died, probably in a good bit of pain too."
  76. [20:14:36] [Lucian] "Any questions or should we discuss our agenda for today?"
  77. [20:14:39] * Dann- sighs and lets Nathan glimpse into his head to see the source of his frustration.
  78. [20:15:08] * Adrienne got mad at that and just shoved it back into its ball in retaliation. She may have yelled a little. But now in the present, she listens to Lucian.
  79. [20:15:08] [Adrienne] "Blackwillow's not that far, a week should be good enough. Also, what DO we have planned for today? Besides questioning the Lunas about the blonde chick, I mean."
  80. [20:15:20] [Lucian] "Well, from the medical reports I've read, I'd say it dying was for the best. Hell, leaving it alive for as long as we did was probably a bit cruel."
  81. [20:15:54] [Lucian] "But we needed information and there was always the possibility of it recovering from its madness."
  82. [20:16:02] [castfromhp] Nathan pokes around, and you in particular feel a tug in your head on the statement you said about the Crobat hurting a lot of other people.
  83. [20:17:21] [castfromhp] After a bit of poking around whatever thoughts you let surface about what's been going on in the town lately, Nathan nods and sends you a burst of soothing emotion.
  84. [20:17:25] [Percival] "Hm, I'm not sure what else we had planned outside questioning people today. Maybe we should plan out something on our way there?"
  85. [20:17:37] [Lucian] "Anyway, I think we need to see Daven about this woman. Besides that, we'll need to poke around at the Luna estate and see if they're involved or not."
  86. [20:17:44] * Dann- was grinding his teeth when he entered, but has stopped and replies to the group, "Thanks for the update, Lucian. Even if the outcome was inevitable, it still stung a bit to hear it. I'm glad to hear the two bug pokemon are ok."
  87. [20:18:29] [Lucian] "The Metagross is still a huge loose end but not one we're equipped to deal with at the moment. The moonshiners aren't going to be cooperative besides, so we'll just have to leave that be for the time being."
  88. [20:18:36] [Dann-] "For what it's worth, I have a nagging suspicion that someone game one of the Luna's a feral Arcanine. It would certainly explain the gulf between the grooming quality of their pokemon and the tuft we found in the woods."
  89. [20:18:44] [Dann-] *Lunas
  90. [20:18:56] [Dann-] *gave
  91. [20:19:19] [Lucian] "I don't think that's it."
  92. [20:20:07] [Dann-] "Well where do you think that Arcanine is then? It's clearly not one of the Luna's usual well-bred dogs."
  93. [20:20:42] [Dann-] "All I'm saying is that it's another loose end that I don't like leaving unaddressed."
  94. [20:21:37] [Lucian] "It's not that I don't think it's a possibility. I just think it's entirely too neat. Just a bit too obvious playing the two families against each other."
  95. [20:22:07] [Adrienne] "Well, there's always the idea that another of the Leeches could be in on it without Daven knowing about it," she says in between eating donuts. "But that's baseless guessing and ridiculous bullshit."
  96. [20:22:16] [Lucian] "It might not be related to Lunas but, since you're volunteering, you can go see Irene about it."
  97. [20:22:31] [Lucian] "Regardless of the family's possible connections to this, she's our best bet."
  98. [20:22:42] [Percival] "Obvious wouldn't make it a terrible idea, it'd just make it easier. Still we don't exactly know any other whereabouts of that Arcanine."
  99. [20:22:44] [Dann-] "I was under the impression that the rivalry between the families was so well-known that the obvious play could be the correct one."
  100. [20:23:11] [Dann-] "I would at least like to talk to Irene, if I can go with you, Adrienne."
  101. [20:23:49] [Lucian] "After last night, I don't think any of us should be out alone. Let's decide now if we're breaking off to investigate."
  102. [20:24:09] [Lucian] "We can split into pairs or we can tackle these one by one."
  103. [20:24:16] [Dann-] "Either way, sure."
  104. [20:24:46] [Adrienne] "I'll go with someone to talk to Irene, then."
  105. [20:25:23] [Lucian] "I guess we're splitting up then. Percy, you're with me."
  106. [20:26:09] [Adrienne] "It'll be faster this way. We probably won't get attacked, too."
  107. [20:26:19] [Dann-] "Probably."
  108. [20:26:29] * Adrienne takes a sip of the coffee here. And judges it against the one she had back in Oceanspray.
  109. [20:26:36] * Lucian texts Caitlyn, [Is your brother still at the hospital? Or has been moved back to the estate?]
  110. [20:26:55] [Lucian] [We need to ask questions. It would help if you were there to mediate.]
  111. [20:27:15] [Percival] "Sounds good to me."
  112. [20:28:03] [castfromhp] [Daven is being kept at the hospital for monitoring for now, along with the Watcher you fought. I am there now if you wish to visit.]
  113. [20:28:50] [castfromhp] The coffee here has a less refined but richer taste to it than what you had in Oceanspray.
  114. [20:29:21] [Lucian] [Good to know. We'll meet you there Cate.]
  115. [20:29:26] * Adrienne texts Irene once she's done judging the coffee. [Hey, wanna meet up and chat abt serious stuff? Work's done. Mind if I bring along a friend?]
  116. [20:30:09] [Adrienne] "The coffee's good here," Adrienne tells Lucian. "Nice choice."
  117. [20:30:11] [Percival] "Might be a good thing to check up on the frenzied man too."
  118. [20:31:18] [castfromhp] Irene texts back. [Go for it. Gimme your room # at the Pokemon Center.]
  119. [20:31:21] [Lucian] "After we talk to Daven. I'm a bit worried about him, actually."
  120. [20:31:43] [Lucian] "He got pulled into something a lot bigger than he really knew at the time."
  121. [20:32:15] * Dann- looks to Adrienne. "Good to go?"
  122. [20:32:39] * Adrienne sends the room # to Irene. [Was gonna go over to you, but this works too.] "She's comin' over."
  123. [20:33:14] [Dann-] He also realizes how hungry he is, and stuffs two donuts in his mouth. "Yeah, thanks for the breakfast, Lucian." His words are barely decipherable.
  124. [20:33:59] [Percival] "Yeah, it was probably the worst kind of experience he could've gotten from this whole ordeal."
  125. [20:34:44] [castfromhp] Before long, half of you make your way to the hospital where Caitlyn meets you and leads you to Daven's room, and the other half of you are greeted with a knock at the door!
  126. [20:35:45] * Adrienne opens the door. "'Sup," she greets the knocker.
  127. [20:35:48] * Lucian enters quietly, nodding in thanks to Caitlyn for showing them the way, and pulls up a stool to set by Daven's bedside.
  128. [20:37:25] [castfromhp] Irene enters and takes a seat, clad in a hoodie and beanie as always. "So, I heard about the Crobat. My family's furious, so I thought it might be a better idea if I met you out in town instead of inviting you up."
  129. [20:38:01] [castfromhp] At the hospital, you enter the room to find Daven in a hospital bed, hooked up to various monitors. He's looking much more flush with life than before but wears a tired expression.
  130. [20:39:00] * Lucian smiles at the weary looking boy, "Heya Daven, we heard you were doing better today but the look on your face says anything but."
  131. [20:39:07] [Adrienne] "Right, about that. First off, we're super damn sure that the Crobat's not Leech-bred."
  132. [20:39:16] [Lucian] "What's wrong? The food here isn't /that/ bad, is it?"
  133. [20:39:44] [Adrienne] "Though the idiot kid's still Leech."
  134. [20:40:01] * Dann- nods in agreement.
  135. [20:40:05] [Percival] "Everything been pretty much taken care of here? You seem far more flush with life."
  136. [20:40:24] [Lucian] 4d6+1 Charm: Bedside Manner
  137. [20:40:24] [CritSenpai] Charm: Bedside Manner: 16 [4d6=3,4,2,6]
  138. [20:40:38] [castfromhp] Daven looks up and sighs. Caitlyn shoots him a look as she sits down in a corner of the room with a book, and Daven gives a resigned nod. "Just tired. Um...thanks for helping me out back there, by the way."
  139. [20:41:32] [Lucian] "No problem. It's kinda in the job description, I think...but even then, I probably would have done it anyway."
  140. [20:41:37] [castfromhp] Irene finds herself a disposable cup and pours herself some tap water, taking big gulps as she listens. "Where'd it come from then?"
  141. [20:42:37] [castfromhp] "And..." She continues after a moment. "...you killed it. And you don't even look that roughed up. What's the secret?"
  142. [20:43:45] [Lucian] "Before we ask any questions though, I want to know. Are you doing alright?"
  143. [20:44:55] [Lucian] "The whole situation is kind of fuc-I mean, really messed up. It's not something anybody should really have to be involved in, much less a thirteen year old like you."
  144. [20:45:41] [castfromhp] Daven smiles weakly. "I feel like mom and dad are going to be super mad when I'm all better, but...guess I'm alive."
  145. [20:45:53] [castfromhp] "I'm fifteen." He pouts.
  146. [20:46:11] [Adrienne] "Crobat first. You see this guy?" Adrienne points a thumb at Dann. "He got the worst of it. I kinda hung back and shot at it. Helps that Lucian is a pretty good medic."
  147. [20:46:37] [Adrienne] "Fight was kinda hectic, I mostly got lucky."
  148. [20:47:59] * Lucian laughs and holds his hands up apologetically, "Sorry, sorry. It's not every day you get attacked by a high schooler. The last time I got bitten by somebody was in middle school, you know."
  149. [20:48:19] * Lucian grins, "But then, I guess you weren't completely in control at that moment. So I'll cut you some slack."
  150. [20:48:25] [castfromhp] Irene looks over Dann. "Well, speaking from experience, I'd still say you didn't get too roughed up." She tries to laugh a bit.
  151. [20:48:36] [castfromhp] "So there's no silver bullet then?"
  152. [20:49:06] [castfromhp] "Just...luck." Irene frowns.
  153. [20:49:39] [Adrienne] "Not really. Thing is, yesterday the Crobat was basically falling apart. Don't have the corpses or teeth marks to show it, but I was there and examined it."
  154. [20:50:04] [Dann-] "Teamwork helps a lot too."
  155. [20:50:06] [Adrienne] "The Quagsire I talked about last time? Died during the night. It was already falling apart too. Shitty way to go, pretty much."
  156. [20:50:36] [Dann-] "I also have a pretty hard head, which helps."
  157. [20:50:50] [castfromhp] Daven nods. "That was scary as hell. Was that how vampires would feel when they get hungry?" He ponders aloud. "Oh, uh, you came to ask me some questions, sis said."
  158. [20:51:54] [Adrienne] "The Metagross I'm pretty sure was falling apart too, but you know, no updates on the pieces we sent to the labs. Anyways, that's pretty much it. They're big, mean, and go down fighting. If you wait long enough, they'll just die."
  159. [20:52:00] [castfromhp] Irene nods along, as if she half-expected your answers.
  160. [20:52:22] * Lucian brushes that off, "Don't worry, seeing you well enough to think about stuff like this is actually good to see. Makes me know I'm doing something right with my life."
  161. [20:52:51] [Lucian] Then he sobers up and nods at Percival, "But, you're sister is right. We need to get down to the bottom of this."
  162. [20:53:15] [Lucian] "How about you start by telling us where you met this lady. Is there anything you can remember now that you couldn't last night?"
  163. [20:53:20] [Adrienne] "So, the other thing. You might want to brace yourself or something, I dunno."
  164. [20:53:49] [castfromhp] "I sat down for a reason." Irene says, taking another drink of water.
  165. [20:54:05] [Percival] "Mhm, it shouldn't take too long."
  166. [20:54:23] [Adrienne] "The kid met some lady with long blonde hair and wearing a motorcycle helmet. He said she had a voice recording of the Luna head talking to someone about how he's going to sabotage the Leech exhibit at the convention. Then she gave him the Crobat and he's been using it to do you know, his thing."
  167. [20:55:07] * Dann- nods solemnly.
  168. [20:55:48] [castfromhp] "Lemme think." Daven says. "Well, I was on the way home from school, going my usual route. I always pass by Oran Fresh, and mom wanted me to pick up some supplies for Raltselfest, so I stopped in."
  169. [20:55:57] [castfromhp] (you all know Oran Fresh as a large supermarket chain in the region, btw)
  170. [20:57:02] [castfromhp] "On the way out, one of the cans of Pokemon food I was carrying rolled out of my bag and into the alley. And...that's when I saw her, like she was expecting me. I mean, I bet she was, with how she had the recording ready and everything."
  171. [20:58:06] * Lucian blinks, "You said the can rolled out of your bag. Do you usually drop things like that? That seems oddly convenient."
  172. [20:58:56] [castfromhp] Irene scowls. "My family would never do that."
  173. [20:59:08] [Percival] "You just talked to a stranger standing in the alley?"
  174. [20:59:50] [castfromhp] Daven thinks for a moment. "I dunno, I didn' think much of it. I barely had a moment to react before she was playing that tape for me, and I had been hearing rumors at school that the Lunas were going to sabotage us already..."
  175. [21:02:39] [castfromhp] Irene finishes her water and crushes the cup. "I see now though. This makes...a hell of a lot more sense." A look of fury crosses her face, and she takes a moment to compose herself with deep, slow breaths.
  176. [21:03:47] [Adrienne] "Look, clearly someone's been bullshitting someone, and I doubt it's the kid that lost blood and was cornered in a basement. I'm not saying I believe him one hundred percent, but something's fishy here."
  177. [21:03:59] * Lucian writes it down in his notebook. A magnetic Pokemon, perhaps? Or maybe a telekinetic?
  178. [21:04:32] [Lucian] "Do you remember the specifics of the recording? Could you recognize the boice?""
  179. [21:04:54] [Lucian] 2d6+2 Tech Edu
  180. [21:04:55] [CritSenpai] Tech Edu: 8 [2d6=1,5]
  181. [21:05:12] [Percival] "Do you think you were followed to the store by that lady?"
  182. [21:05:24] [castfromhp] "No, see, I met the same woman. Or, I bet I did." Irene furrows her brow and concentrates. "Black motorcycle helmet with a Mew-shaped design, right? Blonde hair down to her mid-back."
  183. [21:06:01] [Lucian] voice*
  184. [21:06:18] * Dann- raises an eyebrow.
  185. [21:06:19] [Adrienne] "Long blonde hair, helmet... Let me check real fast, Luce said he was going to the hospital."
  186. [21:06:19] * Adrienne texts Lucian. [Ask the kid if the helmet had a Mew design. This is pretty important.]
  187. [21:06:36] [castfromhp] Daven responds, "The recording? I'd recognize Christoph Luna's voice. It was definitely him."
  188. [21:06:37] [Lucian] "Daven, did the woman have a Mew design on her helmet?"
  189. [21:06:53] [castfromhp] "A Mew? Uhhh...oh I guess? It had little ears on top."
  190. [21:07:19] [Lucian] [He isn't sure. The helmet had ears on the top, though.]
  191. [21:07:35] [Lucian] [He says the voice on the recording was Cristoph Luna's.]
  192. [21:08:39] [Adrienne] "Kid said he wasn't sure, but it definitely had ears on the top. Hey, did the lady offer you any Pokemon?"
  193. [21:10:33] [castfromhp] Irene nods. "Yeah, let me explain. I was on the way home from school, and she stopped me on the road to ask for directions. I thought she looked suspicious, but I didn't have much time to think cause a giant Crobat swooped out of the sky at us. We both sent out Pokemon to defend ourselves, but it ripped through them so quickly we decided just to book it."
  194. [21:11:44] [castfromhp] "We couldn't lose the thing. It was like it was homing in right on us, and my Pokemon were all freaking out when I let them out anyway, like they smelled something weird, so it was no good trying to fight back."
  195. [21:12:13] * Lucian hums as he jots down a few more notes, "Describe to me how she transferred the Crobat to you. Do you remember any Pokeballs on her person?"
  196. [21:12:51] [castfromhp] "Mind you, this wasn't too long after one of our Houndooms on the ranch got...all of its blood sucked out." Irene continues.
  197. [21:15:10] [castfromhp] "So we get cornered, and this woman lets this Arcanine out of a Poke Ball. It was one of those fancy Premier Balls, definitely had some custom engraving on it too. She injected it with something, and it...went crazy fighting the Crobat. It could actually take that thing on."
  198. [21:15:39] * Adrienne relays this information to Lucian by text. Not word for word, but enough to get the full picture. She puts a lower priority on this than listening, though. The thing about the injection really catches her attention, though.
  199. [21:17:41] [castfromhp] "After that, she asked me what the hell was going on in this town, and well, I told her it was the Leeches' fault, they had a Pokemon attacking our ranches, all of that. She told me to hold onto the Arcanine, and I did cause, well, I don't think I would have made it home that night if it weren't for it. Its Poke Ball stopped working though, so I had to keep it somewhere else. I found a spot in the woods for that."
  200. [21:17:51] * Dann- grits his teeth.
  201. [21:18:35] [castfromhp] "So now that you've told me all this...she must have set both of us up." Irene clenches her fists. "I'm so stupid for not noticing everything wrong with this situation."
  202. [21:19:52] [Adrienne] "Oh good, that's probably where the uh... Hey Dann, still got that hair?"
  203. [21:20:20] [castfromhp] BACK IN THE HOSPITAL, Daven thinks. "She told me she coud help me protect my family, and that she had a Pokemon too strong to be kept in a Poke Ball so I had to find a good place to hide it first."
  204. [21:21:55] [Dann-] "This clearly runs a lot deeper than any of us know yet, you don't have to beat yourself up about it." He reaches into his bag as he says this.
  205. [21:22:07] [Adrienne] "Oh yeah, while Dann does that, where's the Arcanine now?"
  206. [21:22:07] [castfromhp] "I didn't see any on her at the time. She told me to meet her in the woods near our house, and when I did she had this huge Crobat with her. I could tell just looking at it that it was the real deal."
  207. [21:22:49] * Lucian is splitting his attention between Daven and Adrienne's reports, and lays a comforting hand on the boy's shoulder, "Hey, don't beat yourself up about this."
  208. [21:22:56] [Dann-] "You said you were keeping the Arcanine somewhere...is there any chance it could have gotten out at some point?"
  209. [21:23:14] * Dann- sets the small plastic bag with fur on the table.
  210. [21:23:36] [Dann-] "Because if so, it may have done quite a number on a Leech family Golbat."
  211. [21:23:40] [Percival] "It's alright bud, you had good intentions, it's not your fault all this happened."
  212. [21:23:56] [castfromhp] "I've got it chained up in a pit in the forest." Irene says. "At first, I thought it was great having this protector, this guardian. Of course, father wouldn't approve. It wasn't from our pristine breeding stock, so I had to keep it a secret. But it kept getting more and more feral, and I started to get scared I'd lose control of it. It actually escaped a couple times, but it wandered back, like it was going through moods."
  213. [21:24:06] [Lucian] "And it was just chained up already?"
  214. [21:24:53] [Dann-] "Would you be able to tell if this fur came from it?"
  215. [21:25:17] [castfromhp] Daven nods. "She gave me a bunch of chains to keep it secured. She said it'd take a skilled trainer to control it and only I could do that out of my family."
  216. [21:25:33] [castfromhp] Irene takes one look at the fur and instantly says, "Yes."
  217. [21:26:09] * Adrienne also texts this information to Blintz because it sounded pretty important. Just the important parts, unless she wanted details. She covers the fact that there was an Arcanine involved that was called out of a fancy Premier Ball with a custom engraving, attacking the then still-living and very feral Crobat and matching it in combat alone, then emphasizing the mysterious
  218. [21:26:09] * Adrienne injection and the fact the ball stopped working after that. Also that the Arcanine got progressively more feral after it was injected and that it had moods.
  219. [21:26:54] * Lucian shoots a glance at Caitlyn sitting in the corner of the room and then nods back at Daven, "I think that about wraps up the questions I have. But before we go, is there anything else you can tell us?"
  220. [21:27:30] [castfromhp] "A few days ago, I decided I had to just chain up the Arcanine permanently. I didn't want to let it starve, but I couldn't let it out. There was no way I could control it, so it's still there..." Irene says, then stands up to grab a new cup and pour herself more water.
  221. [21:28:23] * Dann- 's expression is dark. "I don't think we have to tell you that starving is probably least of its worries now."
  222. [21:29:04] [castfromhp] Irene nods. "Yeah, you said the Crobat was falling apart? I've noticed the same with the Arcanine. It's lost half its fur by now, so...maybe putting it down would have been more merciful."
  223. [21:29:50] [castfromhp] Daven thinks. "Umm....I don't know. Do you have more questions? I don't know what else might help you."
  224. [21:29:56] [Adrienne] "Yeah, considering how the Crobat was before it died, uh... yeah."
  225. [21:30:18] [Dann-] "Irene," Dann pauses, "do you want your family to be able to make amends with the Leech family? Someday?"
  226. [21:30:33] [Adrienne] "... I guess the lab in St. Carcosa's gonna get another specimen on the way," she mutters.
  227. [21:30:48] * Dann- grimaces at Adrienne's (accurate) comment.
  228. [21:31:38] [castfromhp] "That's...never crossed my mind, honestly." Irene says with a shrug.
  229. [21:32:07] * Lucian smiles grimly, "No, but you've been very helpful Daven. You've done a lot more for us than you know, and I'm only sorry innocents had to get involved for us to get this lead."
  230. [21:32:08] [Adrienne] "The two families could probably use this as a launching point to stopping the feud," she suggests.
  231. [21:32:15] [Dann-] "The only reason I ask is, if you want that to be possible, I think this whole situation needs to be explained in full to both families."
  232. [21:32:47] [Dann-] "The Leech part inevitably will be discovered by both, but your side is still relatively secret."
  233. [21:33:11] [Dann-] "But Adrienne is right. This could be a start."
  234. [21:33:50] [Adrienne] "Honestly, I'd be surprised if anyone around here hasn't heard of the whole Crobat thing."
  235. [21:33:56] [Adrienne] "That wasn't exactly subtle."
  236. [21:34:41] [castfromhp] Irene grimaces. "I know how father would take it. He'd blame the Leeches for taking the Crobat in the first place and claiming I never would have taken such a stupid deal if my life weren't threatened. Which...is true, you know." She shakes her head. "It really was a perfect storm for whoever that woman was, preying on someone who was attacked by a frenzied Pokemon just the year before."
  237. [21:36:10] [castfromhp] "I can talk to my family, but no promises. I'm my father's little princess who can do no wrong."
  238. [21:36:32] [Dann-] "I'm not convinced that frenzied Bellosom isn't also part of this."
  239. [21:37:21] [castfromhp] Daven nods glumly. "I'm glad I could help, I guess."
  240. [21:37:52] * Lucian stands up, offering a handshake to the hospitalized young man and catches Caitlyn's eyes on the way out of the room. "Do you mind, Caitlyn? I'd like to have a few words outside."
  241. [21:38:07] [castfromhp] Caitlyn closes her book. "Certainly."
  242. [21:38:53] * Adrienne shrugs. "Well, no promises is as good as anything in this situation, I guess."
  243. [21:39:51] [Dann-] "Also, it's Daven's word against your father's, but he at least claims to have heard a recording of your father planning a sabotage."
  244. [21:39:55] * Lucian opens the door for her as they exit and he leads her somewhere empty before he begins speaking, "Alright, this might be a little hard to accept but I'm sure you've reached your own conclusions given what you've heard."
  245. [21:40:25] [Dann-] "I'm sure none of us believe that was actually a recording of your father."
  246. [21:40:40] [castfromhp] Irene shrugs back. "Before you go, give me a moment. I have a pretty good memory, and I was with that woman for a while that night."
  247. [21:41:17] [Dann-] "But it's certainly going to add fire to the blaze if your family tries to blame the Leeches for the whole thing. Someone has to concede something to be able to figure this out. For both family's sakes."
  248. [21:41:23] [Adrienne] "What're you gonna do? We don't have a recording of the woman."
  249. [21:42:31] [Lucian] "The woman who's behind this is still at large and, as it turns out, there's a similarly crazed Arcanine out there that may or may not still be chained up."
  250. [21:42:59] [castfromhp] The girl takes her beanie off, revealing a large patch of scarred, bald scalp on the side of her head. She shushes you and scrunches it up in her hands, thinking. "No, but I notice things." She says quietly.
  251. [21:44:12] * Adrienne stares at the bald scalp a little. It's not hard to, given how weird it looks on her and actually seeing it for the first time.
  252. [21:44:13] [castfromhp] "This is certainly shocking," Caitlyn says, "but I do not find it particularly difficult to accept. I am mainly concerned for my brother's well-being."
  253. [21:45:14] [Lucian] "It's associated with the Lunas. Though, not in the same way that your brother was pulled into this mess. There's been a lot of manipulation going on and it needs to stop. I don't know how you stand with your family but they need to come together before this divide can be preyed on again.""
  254. [21:45:44] [Percival] "It might be a good idea to have somebody stay with him for the time being. If that woman found him once she could do it again."
  255. [21:46:01] [Lucian] "And, speaking of your brother, keep a /very/ close eye on him. This woman, I don't know what she's like but if she tries to clear up any 'loose ends' you need to be sure somebody is minding your brother."
  256. [21:46:46] [castfromhp] "Come to think of it," Irene starts to say, "the rest of her Premier Balls were engraved too, the ones for her own Pokemon." She digs in her pocket and pulls out a small moleskine pad, and starts to scribble in it.  
  257. [21:47:25] [castfromhp] "And I saw a pin on the inside of her bag when she pulled them out. It was...MIT."
  258. [21:47:45] [Lucian] "I think the danger has passed by now but you still need to be careful. It's clear enough that this woman is traveling through Sequoia unmolested if she's free enough to incite sedition like this."
  259. [21:49:05] [Adrienne] "Oh. Uh, that the whole pin or just part of it?"
  260. [21:49:35] [Lucian] "Can you speak to your father about this? I would have asked Daven himself but he's young. It's too much to ask for a kid, especially after all he's gone through."
  261. [21:50:20] [castfromhp] Caitlyn nods. "My relationship with the rest of the family is tense, shall we say, but Daven and I are the only ones among the family who are skilled battlers. They would trust me to keep a closer watch over him."
  262. [21:50:46] [castfromhp] "Oh, sorry. It was the Madrona Institute of Technology logo." Irene continues.
  263. [21:52:02] [castfromhp] "She hid it well, but her voice had a foreign inflection to it, but not one I could place, sorry. It wasn't Kantonese though, I know that much."
  264. [21:52:45] [Adrienne] "Gotcha." Adrienne updates Lucian and Blintz with these three new facts about the woman. She also tells Blintz there is most likely going to be an Arcanine coming along. Likely a dead body.
  265. [21:52:59] * Lucian puts an arm on her shoulder and nods, "Sorry to put this all on you. Your circumstances probably aren't much better than Daven's all things considered, but you're the best shot we have right now."
  266. [21:53:23] [Dann-] "Once the Arcanine has been...handled, do you think we could have that poke ball that stopped working?"
  267. [21:53:52] [Adrienne] "The ball's probably not going to help," Adrienne comments.
  268. [21:54:09] [Lucian] "Keep me posted on Daven's health. The team isn't going to be in town for too much longer but I'm willing to throw in my support if it comes down to it."
  269. [21:54:28] [Dann-] "If nothing else, we should copy down the custom engravings, is all."
  270. [21:54:30] [castfromhp] "Yeah, I can get that for you. It's back in my room at the ranch, but just hit me up sometime." Irene replies.
  271. [21:55:17] [Adrienne] "Oh, shit that's right. I was just thinking of the inside," Adrienne facepalms, careful to not dirty her glasses.
  272. [21:56:55] [castfromhp] "I shall do so." Caitlyn says with a sigh. "I think he shall be fine, but I am worried for his future. Like me, he has always been under the eye of Pokemon League scouts for his talent at battling, but unlike me he never showed an interest in anything beyond our family. I took a position at the Gym in town here rather than at the Ghost Gym thinking I might convince him, but now I worry these incidents will ruin his prospec
  273. [21:56:55] [castfromhp] ts for the League entirely."
  274. [21:57:59] [castfromhp] "But your concern is with this mystery woman and the frenzied Pokemon she is seeding in our region. You need not worry about us."
  275. [21:58:26] [Lucian] "Hey, don't be so sure about that. To both of those thing."
  276. [21:58:58] [Lucian] "My priority is my work but that doesn't mean I can't stop to help the people I like, if I can help it."
  277. [21:59:01] [castfromhp] "Anything else?" Irene says. "I can lead you to the Arcanine, or give directions to whoever you're gonna have pick it up. As bad off as it was, I doubt it is quite dead yet."
  278. [21:59:23] [Lucian] "We're heading to Blackwillow in about a week. Maybe I can work something out with the leaders there."
  279. [22:00:08] [Lucian] "And even then, I might be able to ask Grit for a favor."
  280. [22:00:31] [castfromhp] "That is kind of you, Lucian. But you mustn't forget where your priorities should lie. This is much bigger than my family and its drama."
  281. [22:01:08] [Adrienne] "Directions would probably be better. Dann and I are gonna meet up with the others anyways."
  282. [22:01:24] [Adrienne] "Thanks a lot, by the way. You were a huge help."
  283. [22:01:53] [castfromhp] Irene scribbles down directions on her notepad, handing them to you as well as some rough sketches of the engravings she remembered this woman having on her Premier Balls.
  284. [22:02:01] * Lucian laughs, "This isn't about your family drama. Daven's a smart kid with a promising future ahead of him. I could tell as much from my talks with him. Believe me when I say I just want to help him."
  285. [22:02:26] [Dann-] "Yeah, thank you for taking the time to tell us this. I'm sure it was hard, but hopefully it's almost over now. And don't blame yourself."
  286. [22:02:56] [Lucian] "That he was able to get that Crobat under control for as long as he did is impressive in its own right...the ultimate consequences notwithstanding. It would be a shame if that kind of talent was squandered."
  287. [22:02:57] [castfromhp] "It's hard not to." Irene says, putting her beanie back on. "But thanks."
  288. [22:03:09] [Dann-] "We'll do our best to make sure the Arcanine doesn't suffer."
  289. [22:03:32] [Lucian] Unless she has more to day, Lucian heads back to the room to see Daven before they leave.
  290. [22:04:01] [castfromhp] Caitlyn thanks you again and leaves you to see Daven, sitting back in her spot and pulling out a book again.
  291. [22:04:47] * Adrienne takes the directions and rough sketch, pocketing them.
  292. [22:04:55] [Lucian] "Yo, just thought I'd pop in before I take off again."
  293. [22:05:18] [castfromhp] "Yeah?" Daven says, looking up.
  294. [22:05:59] [Adrienne] "So uh, yeah. That's that, I guess. I got nothin' else."
  295. [22:07:00] [castfromhp] Irene nods. "Good luck dealing with all this. As much of a mess our town's in now, I feel like you're getting yourselves into something much bigger."
  296. [22:07:23] [castfromhp] "And...thanks for hearing me out. That was somewhat cathartic." Unless there's more, she waves and takes her leave out the door.
  297. [22:07:44] [Lucian] "Yeah. I probably won't be able to check up on you again for a while so I figured now was as good a time as any to talk a bit."
  298. [22:08:13] * Lucian grins goofily, "You're kinda like my first official patient so I guess I'm just getting a little sentimental. Dumb, huh?"
  299. [22:08:21] [Adrienne] "Yeah, no problem. Seeya."
  300. [22:08:37] [Dann-] "If you need our help in the future, don't hesitate to contact us." Dann calls after her.
  301. [22:09:04] * Adrienne turns to Dann once Irene is gone. "She's got it on the nose, this is one hell of a shitshow."
  302. [22:09:07] [castfromhp] "I dunno, makes sense? It's like how breeders get attached to the first Pokemon they help hatch, right?"
  303. [22:09:29] [Dann-] "Looks like I was right about that Arcanine." Dann frowns. "Unfortunately."
  304. [22:09:56] [Adrienne] "Yeah, sucks."
  305. [22:10:48] [Dann-] "Well, as much as I hate to say this, it seems like the best thing we can do for it is hit it hard, and do it quick."
  306. [22:11:04] [Lucian] He snickers at the statement, "Yeah, I guess you /would/ use a breeding analogy, huh?"
  307. [22:11:31] [castfromhp] "That's the family biz."
  308. [22:11:34] [Dann-] "Even if we managed to knock it out, it would probably go like the Quagsire." Dann clenches a fist. "You may have to take my shovel away from me if we ever find this woman."
  309. [22:12:28] [Lucian] "But I wanted to say, don't feel like that has to be your life. I'll be honest, the way you were able to manage that Crobat for as long as you did? That's seriously impressive stuff. And you did it all on your own for the longest time."
  310. [22:12:51] [Lucian] "...what I'm trying to say is, you've got a lot of promise as a competition Pokemon battler."
  311. [22:13:09] [Lucian] competitive*
  312. [22:13:34] [castfromhp] Daven groans and shoots Caitlyn a look. "You're sounding like sis now."
  313. [22:13:40] [Lucian] "I only dabble myself but even I can tell you've got a real knack for it that I probably won't ever have."
  314. [22:14:12] * Adrienne holds up her hands. "Look, I'm not gonna begrudge your revenge fantasy, what this lady is doing is pretty fucked up. I dunno, maybe you'll feel better when we're actually at the end. But I'm not really good with this feelings stuff."
  315. [22:14:22] [Percival] "Really despite the injury you did pretty well, far better than who it picked up."
  316. [22:15:00] * Lucian laughs, "Woah woah woah, if you're accusing your sister of telling me to give you this spiel you could not be more wrong."
  317. [22:15:16] [Lucian] "The whole bit where I asked her outside? I was just trying to ask her on a date."
  318. [22:15:22] [Lucian] "Your sister, smart as she is, declined."
  319. [22:15:35] [castfromhp] "I'd have to be pretty bad to mess up training a bat. Bats are easy, even freaky giant angry ones. Usually."
  320. [22:15:44] [Lucian] "But this isn't about her."
  321. [22:16:05] [Lucian] "See? You say that but I could find your a dozen of trainers who would tell you otherwise."
  322. [22:16:14] [castfromhp] "They're probably bad."
  323. [22:16:39] [castfromhp] He does shoot Caitlyn an odd look at the date comment, and she shakes her head and rolls her eyes.
  324. [22:16:39] [Lucian] "Pft, yeah, okay. How about you get out in the world a bit before saying stuff like that."
  325. [22:16:47] [Lucian] "Not /everyone/ is a baddie."
  326. [22:17:33] [Lucian] "That's real talent. If you went out into the world I promise you, you'd see for yourself."
  327. [22:17:39] [castfromhp] "They are if they can't handle a bat. But anyway, look, I don't care about the League. I don't care about competing."
  328. [22:19:09] [Lucian] "There's more to competitive battling than just...well, battling Pokemon, you know."
  329. [22:19:35] * Dann- sighs. "Maybe I can just get a psychic pokemon to give her a nice vision of the pain she's forcing on these pokemon."
  330. [22:19:47] [Lucian] "Alright, I know you've probably heard this all before and I /actually/ need to go meet up with my team but...can you promise me you'll look into it?"
  331. [22:19:58] [castfromhp] "If both me and sis leave, there's no one left in my family who can handle themselves in a battle. And I'm the only reason she's still here instead of at Professor Bing's gym where she really belongs."
  332. [22:20:30] [Lucian] "...and what's wrong with that?"
  333. [22:20:59] [Adrienne] "That sounds uh... better than beating her with a shovel," she comments.
  334. [22:21:28] [castfromhp] "S'bad for business. Trainers want to know the Pokemon they get from us are going to grow into strong battlers, and I'm usually the one to show that off when they press us on it."
  335. [22:23:32] [castfromhp] "And before you say it, cause I still don't believe sis didn't put you up to this, showing off my Pokemon at the League won't help."
  336. [22:24:45] [castfromhp] "Then it's -my- Pokemon, not the -family's- Pokemon that are good. Most customers we get, I can take anything from our stock and give them just a bit of coaching to beat them in a battle. That impresses them a lot."
  337. [22:25:49] [Lucian] "I keep hearing that. Business. Family. But let's slow down for a second and I want you to answer me honestly: Is that all you ever want to do with your life? Is staying in Hollyhock, working on ranch all you ever want? If you can tell me that honestly, I'll leave it alone. Hell, I can't gripe you for having different beliefs from me. But I think there's just so much out there for you to...
  338. [22:25:51] [Lucian] ...learn and see, things you can take back with to the family estate when you're done with it all."
  339. [22:26:32] [Lucian] "You're talented, believe me. You'll flourish just about anywhere, I imagine."
  340. [22:27:08] [Lucian] "But learning here, and learning about the rest of the world is a different thing entirely. And I've only been Professor Benedict's Aide for about a month now."
  341. [22:27:19] * Lucian sighs and gets up, "I'll see myself out though."
  342. [22:27:20] [castfromhp] "Yeah, and I flourish just fine here." Daven shoots Caitlyn another exasperated look. She closes her book and glances over. "Lucian, I think that's enough." She says quietly.
  343. [22:27:30] [Lucian] "I've probably overstayed my welcome."
  344. [22:27:32] [Lucian] "Sorry."
  345. [22:27:47] [Adrienne] "Say, Dann. Not that I want to stop the conversation about committing violence against someone, but you know, the gem you gave Layla was really helpful back at the gym. So is that why you run around at night with those sticks?"
  346. [22:28:32] [Lucian] When they're out he grimaces at Percy, "Sorry you had to see that. Kind of desperate, huh?"
  347. [22:28:58] [Lucian] "I don't know...the words he said, all of it. They just brought back some bad memories for me I guess."
  348. [22:28:59] [castfromhp] As you leave though Lucian, Daven does have a thoughtful look on his face.
  349. [22:29:11] [castfromhp] Caitlyn gets back to her book.
  350. [22:29:52] [Percival] "Nah, it's alright I'm sure in some way he does appreciate it."
  351. [22:30:07] [Percival] "It's better he hears it thank just thinking it."
  352. [22:30:28] * Lucian rolls his eyes and scratches his head, "I certainly hope so. I was really fuckin' pushy back there."
  353. [22:30:30] [Lucian] "Whew."
  354. [22:30:52] [Lucian] "Guess it struck a little too close to home."
  355. [22:31:01] [Lucian] "Anyway, let's meet up with Dann and Adrienne."
  356. [22:31:44] [castfromhp] We can fast forward to you guys meeting up, wherever you'd like!
  357. [22:32:18] [Dann-] "Oh! Yeah, I just use this dowsing rod to try and find interesting things to collect. Sometimes I dig, sometimes stuff is just lying around, but pretty much. Why do you ask?"
  358. [22:32:31] * Dann- pulls out the sorcerous device known as a dowsing rod.
  359. [22:33:23] [Lucian] Meet at the Arcanine?
  360. [22:33:28] [@Doxy] roll charm, that's a p brazen move Dann
  361. [22:34:21] [Dann-] 2d6 This dowsing rod is a lot bigger than I remember
  362. [22:34:21] [CritSenpai] This dowsing rod is a lot bigger than I remember: 7 [2d6=2,5]
  363. [22:36:24] [@Doxy] It seems a serviceable rod
  364. [22:37:12] * Adrienne shrugs. "I was thinking of giving it a shot once or twice. Anyways, let's meet up with the other two at the Arcanine."
  365. [22:37:20] [Dann-] "It's a pretty odd thing, really. Want to see?" He offers it to Adrienne.
  366. [22:38:21] [Adrienne] "Sure."
  367. [22:39:45] [castfromhp] When you all convene at the Arcanine, you find that Irene has been keeping it in a pit dug in the mountainous part of the forest. The large dog is wearing a heavy collar and bound by chains tied around tall, sturdy rocks in the area, securing it.
  368. [22:40:42] [castfromhp] Almost all of its fur is gone, and you can see a few fallen teeth scattered in front of it. It's looking feeble but still greets your approach with vicious growls and a vain attempt at pouncing on you from its spot.
  369. [22:41:25] [castfromhp] If there's nothing you want to do in particular here, Blintz has texted a recommendation that you contact Grits's aides and arrange for the dog to be taken back down south via Grit's boat.
  370. [22:42:39] * Lucian does just that, putting it to Sleep with his Bronzong's hypnosis to ensure an easy transfer.
  371. [22:44:11] [castfromhp] Dog is on boat now, and you're free to make any last preparations and leave town. Irene gets you the Premier Ball at some point before you go too.
  372. [22:47:12] * Adrienne shops for supplies and cap cannon ammo. But her inner monologue/shopping list repeats itself.
  373. [22:47:59] [Lucian] Lucian texts Caitlyn an apology about getting so heated with her brother. And jokingly includes an open invitation to go out on a date with him the next time they meet.
  374. [22:49:26] [castfromhp] She replies back accepting your apology but says that you were right about her being too smart to accept your date invitation.
  375. [22:50:29] * Dann- attempts to purchase a cart for the giant rock.
  376. [22:51:23] [castfromhp] You can get a dolly, sure.
  377. [22:52:19] [Percival] "I can't even see how you find a single date if that's how you go about it."
  378. [22:52:50] [Adrienne] "I can't believe Dann is still carrying around that rock."
  379. [22:53:42] [Lucian] "Well, the only way to get dates is to look around for them."
  380. [22:53:51] [Lucian] "Can't expect good things to fall into your lap all the time."
  381. [22:54:21] [Lucian] "Besides, she knows it was a joke."
  382. [22:54:41] [Lucian] "I'd feel kind of weird dating someone that much older than me to be perfectly honest."
  383. [22:55:08] [Percival] "I'm not sure if you can choose to be picky with such a low array of women willing to date you."
  384. [22:55:31] [Adrienne] "You know, now that the topic's come up, I wonder how Percy gets dates. Does he hit it off with girls who drop off Pokemon?"
  385. [22:56:13] * Lucian laughs, "Woah, getting a bit aggressive there Percy."
  386. [22:56:47] [Percival] "Nah, just trying to help."
  387. [22:57:17] [Lucian] "Let's look at this logically: I'm handsome, come from a well off upper-middle class family, have a foot in the door for medical school, and I have a prestigious job with a famous professor."
  388. [22:57:38] [Lucian] "If I leveraged it, there is literally no shortage of shallow woman I could not attract."
  389. [22:57:50] [Lucian] "Don't blame me for wanting a bit more out of a romance."
  390. [22:57:59] [Lucian] "Even if you might think of me as a horn dog."
  391. [22:59:52] [Percival] "It does take time to even get a date. It's alright, I'm just seeing that you don't wind up selling yourself short."
  392. [23:01:14] [@Doxy] Anyway!
  393. [23:02:44] [@Doxy] You take your time getting your provisions together and appropriate boulder-wheeling transporation equipment. Taking the road, if you keep a fast pace, Blackwillow is just under a week away.
  394. [23:05:32] [@Doxy] The first few days of walking are quite pleasant, the ocean is nearly always in sight to your right, and thickly wooded hills to your left. It's sunny but not too hot, and breezy too. You do notice you don't see many Pokemon so close to the road - a few spearrow or pidgey here and there, and you occasionally hear the calls of zigzagoon and other small critters.
  395. [23:07:59] * Dann- lets Atlas ride on top of the boulder as he trundles along with it on the dolly.
  396. [23:08:44] [@Doxy] Late on the second day of your journey though, the road finally begins to lead you away from the coast for a bit, heading further inland and cutting through the dense forest. Trees tower over you on both sides, and you need lights by which to see even though the sun is only beginning to set. Up until now the path had been quite clear and even, but now the path twists and turns
  397. [23:08:44] [@Doxy] through the forest, and there's roots and saplings which make it uneven and treacherous - not paying attention can result in a trip to the ground or two.
  398. [23:09:14] [Lucian] "I wonder if we'll have time to relax a bit once we're there. It's been such a flurry of activity lately. I get that this is all important work but well, this is Blackwillow. It's the heart of the League. It might be nice to see what the city has to offer."
  399. [23:09:53] [Adrienne] "I've always wanted to see the Greypine Reserve in person," she agrees.
  400. [23:10:19] [@Doxy] Just as you're in what you think is probably the deepest part of the forest and the road generally begins to turn south again, you see... uh, an unusual sight.
  401. [23:10:29] [@Doxy] There's quite a lot of strange, thorny brambles all over the place
  402. [23:11:05] [@Doxy] and in the middle of the road is a toppled cart. A girl is standing on it, holding something up towards the sky. Is she trying to get cellphone reception? Hmm.
  403. [23:11:55] * Lucian speaks up from afar, "Do you...need help, ma'am?"
  404. [23:12:47] [Percival] "Are you any bit lost here?"
  405. [23:14:11] [@Doxy] She turns around to see your group approaching. "Oh! Hi!" She waves at you excitedly from atop her cart. "I'm in a bit of a bind you could say, yes. I wish it were as simple as being lost, I've done THAT lots of times!"
  406. [23:15:40] [Lucian] "Well, if /you're/ not lost is it something else that's lost? Which is to say, are you looking for something?"
  407. [23:15:50] [@Doxy] She climbs down with the aid of a broom she's holding. The largest torkoal you've ever seen shuffles out from in front of the cart, and she pets it lightly on the head. As you get closer, you get a slightly better look at her.
  408. [23:17:07] * Lucian offers her a hand if she needs it, though he's still somewhat stunned by the weirdness of the situation and the girl.
  409. [23:17:09] [@Doxy] She has red hair past her shoulders, and is wearing a black jacket and skirt. But more intriguingly, a rather large and unusual hat - like a witch's hat.
  410. [23:17:12] [@Doxy] http://i.imgur.com/B8lEI74.png
  411. [23:17:51] [Percival] "Wow, that's a mighty impressive shelled friend you have there miss!"
  412. [23:18:23] [Adrienne] "What's with the hat?"
  413. [23:18:29] * Dann- stops pushing his dolly and wipes his brow. "Yeah, I've never seen a Torkoal that big before."
  414. [23:18:46] [@Doxy] "I'm a WITCH, obviously. I couldn't be a WITCH without the outfit."
  415. [23:18:57] [Lucian] "Oh...yes, of course."
  416. [23:18:59] [@Doxy] She nods assuredly, completely confidence in the truth of what she just said
  417. [23:19:03] [@Doxy] roll Intuition
  418. [23:19:14] [Dann-] 2d6 Intuition
  419. [23:19:14] [CritSenpai] Intuition: 9 [2d6=6,3]
  420. [23:19:19] [Lucian] 2d6 Is she a weabooooo?
  421. [23:19:20] [CritSenpai] Is she a weabooooo?: 8 [2d6=2,6]
  422. [23:19:38] [Adrienne] 2d6 what is happening
  423. [23:19:38] [CritSenpai] what is happening: 5 [2d6=2,3]
  424. [23:20:37] [Percival] 2d6 Intuition
  425. [23:20:38] [CritSenpai] Intuition: 11 [2d6=5,6]
  426. [23:22:00] [@Doxy] "Anyway, you're quite right!" they say, looking at Lucian. "T'is not I that is lost, but something else. My BOOK."
  427. [23:22:44] [@Doxy] She walks over and nudges one of the strange thorny brambles poking out from the ground. "I uhm, kinda dropped it. And then a tree took it."
  428. [23:23:10] [Lucian] 4d6+2 AP, Perception: It's not something stupid like it being on her forgetting she left it on the wagon somewhere is it
  429. [23:23:10] [CritSenpai] AP, Perception: It's not something stupid like it being on her forgetting she left it on the wagon somewhere is it: 10 [4d6=1,1,4,2]
  430. [23:23:22] [Percival] "I see, you've lost a... book? What kind of book?"
  431. [23:23:36] [@Doxy] "My Book of Spells."
  432. [23:23:43] [Dann-] "But of course."
  433. [23:24:02] [@Doxy] "I think the tree is rather... having too much fun with it."
  434. [23:24:06] [@Doxy] "Far too much fun."
  435. [23:24:34] * Lucian whispers to Adrienne, "Uh, book of spells isn't code for 'book of erotic fanfiction' is it?"
  436. [23:24:39] [@Doxy] "Mighty irresponsible. Only proper witches should have fun with magic," they say glumly, nudging the strange thorny book again.
  437. [23:25:13] [Lucian] "Alright, why don't I help you out with this so you can get on your way."
  438. [23:25:24] * Adrienne whispers back. "I'm not up on the lingo of people who unironically think they're a witch."
  439. [23:25:30] [@Doxy] "You don't need to do that! It might be dangerous."
  440. [23:25:30] * Lucian lets Roy out of his ball, "You want to get rid of the brambles, right?"
  441. [23:26:04] [Lucian] "Uh...allow this gallant...knight the honor of proving...himself?"
  442. [23:26:09] [@Doxy] "Tsk, the brambles aren't a problem!"
  443. [23:26:11] * Lucian looks at the other three for help.
  444. [23:26:14] [Adrienne] "Hey Dann, don't bring out Kai," Adrienne advises.
  445. [23:26:17] [@Doxy] She irritable snaps her fingers
  446. [23:26:24] [@Doxy] and the bramble bursts into flames
  447. [23:26:36] [Percival] "Not the bra- ok you are most certainly a witch."
  448. [23:26:39] [@Doxy] "It's where the bramble CAME from! I can't let that tree have my BOOK."
  449. [23:26:54] * Lucian blinks at the display, and then glances at the Torkoal. Did it do that?
  450. [23:26:57] [Adrienne] "Okay, did the Torkoal do that?"
  451. [23:27:05] [Percival] "Which tree, there's well a good lot of them."
  452. [23:27:09] [Adrienne] "Because that's one stealthy Torkoal."
  453. [23:27:33] [@Doxy] "The Tree I'm looking for moves around!"
  454. [23:27:57] [Lucian] 3d6+1 PokeEd
  455. [23:27:58] [CritSenpai] PokeEd: 10 [3d6=3,1,5]
  456. [23:28:00] [@Doxy] "It also has a dumb smug face. 2/10 cute tops."
  457. [23:28:06] [Dann-] 5d6 That's a kind of pokemon right?
  458. [23:28:07] [CritSenpai] That's a kind of pokemon right?: 19 [5d6=5,2,6,4,2]
  459. [23:28:36] [Dann-] "I think Kai would rather like this girl."
  460. [23:28:38] [@Doxy] You all suspect it's a Trevenant, yes.
  461. [23:29:44] [Lucian] "Then all the more reason not to introduce the two of them."
  462. [23:29:55] [Adrienne] "Yeah, seriously."
  463. [23:29:58] [Lucian] "Roy, can you sense any trees hiding around here?"
  464. [23:30:09] [Lucian] "Living ones that just look like they're standing still."
  465. [23:30:47] [Percival] "Maybe we shouldnt set the entire forest on fire looking for it."
  466. [23:31:45] [Adrienne] "You know, if witch-woman over here has something that smells like her book like, I don't know, a bookmark, Arthur can try sniffing it out."
  467. [23:31:50] [@Doxy] Roy begins snooping around~
  468. [23:32:14] [@Doxy] Lucian roll 1d20
  469. [23:32:22] [Lucian] 1d20 Maximal
  470. [23:32:22] [CritSenpai] Maximal: 10 [1d20=10]
  471. [23:32:30] [Lucian] No, just averagal
  472. [23:32:44] * Dann- calls out Sinon to perform damage control on the already blazing brambles.
  473. [23:33:19] [@Doxy] Roy comes back holding an Apicot Berry. This is what you meant right?
  474. [23:33:48] [@Doxy] The brambles aren't actually blazing much, it's more like she just incinerated a small portion and the fire didn't really grow
  475. [23:33:54] * Lucian pick it up and shrugs. It's not wrong.
  476. [23:34:12] [@Doxy] Roy scampers back off to investigate the perimeter
  477. [23:34:16] * Adrienne calls out to the witch. "Hey, you have anything that smells like your book?"
  478. [23:34:31] * Adrienne grumbles something under her breath that sounds like "I cannot believe I'm offering to help."
  479. [23:34:37] * Lucian pat-pats Roy's dusty head and ears. "Uh, we probably shouldn't stick around here too long, we've got somewhere to be but...do you guys want to help her?"
  480. [23:34:45] [Lucian] "We could, theoretically, just leave."
  481. [23:35:20] [@Doxy] "It's my problem and I'll deal with it - as I said, it might be dangerous, and I don't want innocent travelers to get hurt."
  482. [23:35:23] [@Doxy] "Buuuuuuut."
  483. [23:35:36] [@Doxy] "Could you help me just flip my cart back up?"
  484. [23:36:19] [Adrienne] "Judging by the pace we've set, we're on track to getting to Blackwillow. If this doesn't take long we're not gonna miss anything."
  485. [23:36:24] * Lucian scratches his head and shrugs, "Uh, sure."
  486. [23:36:29] [Adrienne] "Cart-flipping's not a problem, though."
  487. [23:36:52] [Lucian] "I'll let Roy poke around some more but I can help get the cart back up right."
  488. [23:38:01] * Adrienne helps with the cart, it's no big deal.
  489. [23:38:05] [@Doxy] "Thanks!"
  490. [23:38:07] * Percival rolls out Fumu from her ball and applies a stone to her nose. "I'll see about poking around the area for the tree in a bit."
  491. [23:40:10] * Dann- uses his shovel to help lift the cart.
  492. [23:41:33] [@Doxy] Her cart is actually deceptively heavy! But between Dann, Lucian, Adrienne, and her you all manage to right it without breaking anything - on the cart or yourselves.
  493. [23:41:56] [castfromhp] Fumu squeals in surprise at the sudden stone, but then both her and the shiny stone begin to glow brightly! Her wings elongate as her form grows bigger and bigger. Finally, with a brilliant flash, she sails into the air and dives back down, stopping just above the ground and sending a gust of wind over everyone nearby. The shiny stone clatters to the ground nearby, now inert and dull.
  494. [23:42:07] * Lucian wipes his brow at the job and whistles for Roy to come back in case the shrew is still off in the wilderness.
  495. [23:43:46] [@Doxy] Roy... does not return at your whistle. Hmm.
  496. [23:44:31] * Lucian groans and excuses himself, "Hey, hold up a bit. Roy's probably off causing trouble."
  497. [23:44:33] * Adrienne looks up at the new Fumu. "... I gotta say, she looks kinda funny now."
  498. [23:44:44] [Lucian] "I'm gonna go look for him. You guys stay here with uh...."
  499. [23:44:53] [Lucian] "The cute witch girl."
  500. [23:45:23] [@Doxy] "Cute Witch GIRL? Well actu-"
  501. [23:45:31] [Percival] "Alright, she's rather fluffy now. You sure you wouldn't like any sort of watch above?"
  502. [23:45:38] [@Doxy] You hear a sudden, loud THUNK and a CRACK - the sounds of breaking wood
  503. [23:45:41] [castfromhp] Fumu perches on your head in response, Adrienne, with all the weight of fairyblimp on you. This is not comfortable.
  504. [23:45:42] [Percival] "Uh... not quite Lucian but, sure."
  505. [23:45:50] [@Doxy] and a squeal from Roy somewhere in the forest
  506. [23:46:13] * Lucian takes off like a bullet at the sound.
  507. [23:46:14] [Adrienne] "... Please get off me, Fumu."
  508. [23:46:28] * Adrienne sounds kind of strained. Like she had eighty pounds of Pokemon on her head.
  509. [23:46:32] [@Doxy] Roy comes dashing out a moment later, and hot on his heels are a pair of phantumb!
  510. [23:46:44] [castfromhp] She flies back up with a huff.
  511. [23:47:40] [@Doxy] SPEEDS!!!
  512. [23:47:44] [@Doxy] quick~
  513. [23:47:53] [Lucian] Lucian 16, Roy 7
  514. [23:47:59] [@Doxy] The Witch sends out a Charmander~
  515. [23:48:30] [Dann-] Dann 10, Kai 17
  516. [23:48:59] * Adrienne (16) tosses out Arthur (15).
  517. [23:49:20] [Adrienne] (Adrienne is 17 actually)
  518. [23:49:26] [@Doxy] http://safebooru.org//images/1313/1599e4d7c09522774bf1674b92a8cca8c933637c.jpg?1366985
  519. [23:49:28] [Percival] Percival 10, Fumu 16
  520. [23:49:29] [@Doxy] ^ Charmander
  521. [23:52:21] * Doxy has changed the topic to: Adrienne 17 > Kai 17 > Forest 17 > Lucian 16 > Fumu 16 > Arthur 15 > Charmander 13> Forest 12 > Percival 10 > Dann 10 > Roy 7 > Phantumbs 5 > Witch 5
  522. [23:53:21] [@Doxy] Adrienne - you see a strange glow surrounding the two phantumb! Phantumb like all ghost types are of course and not very well understood, but even then they're not supposed to have glowing shields of energy around them right?
  523. [23:53:28] [@Doxy] Also you're up
  524. [23:54:44] * Adrienne gives a Focused Order to Arthur! Is there a skill I can rol (like say PokeEdu) to figure out what the shields are?
  525. [23:55:52] [@Doxy] Occult Edu
  526. [23:55:54] [Lucian] "If you really are a witch, now's the time to prove you've earned that hat on your head..."
  527. [23:56:06] [Adrienne] 1d6 I am so bad at Occult Edu
  528. [23:56:06] [CritSenpai] I am so bad at Occult Edu: 1 [1d6=1]
  529. [23:56:08] [Lucian] "What's going on here?"
  530. [23:56:17] [@Doxy] It's Swamp Gas
  531. [23:56:21] [@Doxy] KAI
  532. [23:56:23] [Adrienne] "... Swamp gas?"
  533. [23:56:52] [Dann-] OccultEdu 4d6
  534. [23:56:57] [Dann-] 4d6 Occult
  535. [23:56:58] [CritSenpai] Occult: 14 [4d6=1,6,2,5]
  536. [23:57:31] [Dann-] Kai fires a confuse ray at one of the Phantumps!
  537. [23:57:38] [Dann-] 1d20 Confusing!
  538. [23:57:38] [CritSenpai] Confusing!: 17 [1d20=17]
  539. [23:57:39] [@Doxy] It's obviously fucking magic
  540. [23:57:49] [@Doxy] to the Mulders of the world
  541. [23:58:35] [@Doxy] 1d20 BRANCH
  542. [23:58:35] [CritSenpai] BRANCH: 8 [1d20=8]
  543. [23:58:50] * Adrienne has never watched X-Files so the reference is lost on her what a Mulder is.
  544. [23:58:54] [@Doxy] A branch falls on Lucian and Arthur's heads! Ow!
  545. [23:59:11] [@Doxy] 2d8+10+15 Phys Grass Damage
  546. [23:59:11] [CritSenpai] Phys Grass Damage: 37 [2d8=4,8]
  547. [23:59:13] [Lucian] "Augh!"
  548. [23:59:21] [@Doxy] Lucian and Fumu~
  549. [23:59:39] [Lucian] "Roy, we're taking the fight back to them. Hold your ground and throw something at them to throw off their formation!" (Brutal/Inspired Orders, After You)
  550. [00:00:47] [Lucian] Hold your ground and throw yourself* at them*
  551. [00:01:00] [Lucian] 1d20 Night Slash
  552. [00:01:01] [CritSenpai] Night Slash: 20 [1d20=20]
  553. [00:01:16] [Lucian] Can I get both of them with a Pass?
  554. [00:01:20] [@Doxy] yes
  555. [00:01:33] [Lucian] 4d6+20+27 Dark/Physical
  556. [00:01:34] [CritSenpai] Dark/Physical: 56 [4d6=1,1,1,6]
  557. [00:01:57] [@Doxy] Roy throws himself forward, glowing as he does!
  558. [00:02:16] [@Doxy] He begins to grow, and his back suddenly grows large, sharp plates!
  559. [00:02:21] [@Doxy] +2 damage from evo :B
  560. [00:02:23] [Percival] Fumu flies over to the pair of Phantrumps and lets loose a cutting wind!
  561. [00:02:44] [Percival] 1d20+1 ac 2 Air Cutter
  562. [00:02:44] [CritSenpai] ac 2 Air Cutter: 17 [1d20=16]
  563. [00:02:49] * Lucian blinks, "That's...definitely new. But I approve. Keep it up, Roy!"
  564. [00:02:51] [@Doxy] Roy strikes the shields, shattering them!
  565. [00:03:27] [Percival] 2d8+10+19 Flying/Special
  566. [00:03:27] [CritSenpai] Flying/Special: 37 [2d8=2,6]
  567. [00:04:19] [Adrienne] Can Arthur get them both with a Pass? :D
  568. [00:04:23] [@Doxy] yes
  569. [00:06:05] [Adrienne] "Roy has the right idea, Arthur! Hit 'em both!" Arthur takes advantage of the positioning to cut through both Phantump with a Night Slash!
  570. [00:06:05] [Adrienne] 1d20+2 vs AC 2
  571. [00:06:05] [CritSenpai] vs AC 2: 21 [1d20=19]
  572. [00:06:29] [Adrienne] 4d6+20+21
  573. [00:06:30] [CritSenpai] 4d6+20+21: 54 [4d6=1,5,4,3]
  574. [00:08:22] [@Doxy] Arthur crashes into both of the little stump ghosts, knocking them back fiercely! Both of the ghosts begin to whimper, and disappear into the ground after they're struck
  575. [00:09:40] [Adrienne] "Awesome double combo."
  576. [00:09:48] [@Doxy] "Well, that was quick! You guys certainly are capable trainers."
  577. [00:11:06] [Lucian] "Sweet."
  578. [00:11:13] [@Doxy] You hear some dragging, scratching sounds behind you though to see all your belongings that you had put down when you were flipping up the cart being picked up by phantumbs though, carrying them off into the woods!
  579. [00:11:23] [Lucian] "Fuck!"
  580. [00:11:27] [Dann-] "Dammit!"
  581. [00:11:27] [Adrienne] "... Dammit, not again."
  582. [00:11:36] [@Doxy] One of them and a large root is even trying to drag the cart with Atlas' rock on it
  583. [00:11:36] [Dann-] Did they take the rock?
  584. [00:11:46] [Percival] "Man that's even worse, they can fly off."
  585. [00:11:57] [@Doxy] They only manage to crash the cart into a thicket though
  586. [00:11:57] * Lucian lets Loptyr out of his ball, "Double-Satan."
  587. [00:12:11] [@Doxy] 2heavy4ghosts
  588. [00:12:15] [@Doxy] goasts*
  589. [00:12:16] [Lucian] "It's time to bring Double Hell onto these ghosts."
  590. [00:12:30] [Adrienne] "This is gonna take forever," she complains. "Arthur, let's go ghost hunting."
  591. [00:13:22] [@Doxy] also roll command, Lucian
  592. [00:13:32] [Lucian] 5d6+1 AP Command
  593. [00:13:33] [CritSenpai] AP Command: 15 [5d6=4,4,1,3,2]
  594. [00:14:02] [@Doxy] Loptyr is excited to go HUNT DOWN HIS FOES, but resists running off into the woods alone.
  595. [00:14:20] [@Doxy] So he kinda just jumps back and forth waiting for everyone to catch up or get better instructions
  596. [00:14:56] [Dann-] "Kai, you know what our stuff smells like by now. Let's track 'em down."
  597. [00:15:17] [Adrienne] Meanwhile, Adrienne just charges after her precious stuff, Arthur in tow.
  598. [00:18:01] [@Doxy] And thus our heroes charge into the thick dark forest~
  599. [00:18:05] [Percival] "Fumu, see if an elevated view might help us spot those."
  600. [00:18:16] [@Doxy] </fin>
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