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Milftoon Beach - The Game - Episode 1 - Walkthrough

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  1. Two important things first of all:
  3. 1. Do NOT use the Floss in the inventory or you will get stuck later when you need to use the Floss.
  5. 2. To combine items in your inventory use the HAND function, NOT the COGS.
  7. ~~~ Try to beat the game by yourself first and only use this walkthrough if you´re stuck ~~~
  9. ~~ I describe the fastest way to keep it short, so you´ll miss out on a lot of dialogue and pictures (use the eye!) by just rushing through ~~
  12. [beach]
  13. - Take Sharp Rock behind Changing Room & Toilet
  14. - go right to the next screen, use Shower Handle, Take Dustbin, you´ll get Floss (don´t use that in your inventory, or it will disappear and you´ll be stuck later on!!)
  15. - go left to your mom and sis, talk with mom, you´ll get Your Bedroom Key, take Water Wheel
  17. [in the hotel]
  18. - talk with Receptionist, go down to Nurse
  19. - Use Sharp Rock in your inventory, you´ll get Hand Wound, use Hand Wound on Nurse
  20. - take Flour, Investigate Keypad, you´ll get Empty Syringe
  21. - go upstairs, use Bedroom Key on Room 101, go to the Bathroom, take Champagne and Towel, use Empty Syringe on Strange Liquid
  23. [beach/souvenir shop/cafe]
  24. - go To Bar, then To Beach, use Syringe with Liquid on Champagne, you´ll get Champagne with Drugs, use Champagne with Drugs on Bar Woman, Talk to Hotel Manager and Shop Employee
  25. - go back, To Souvenir Shop, Take Sugar, go To Cafe, Take Vinegar, Talk to Dad and Aunt, Take Dad's Wallet
  26. - Use Dads Wallet in your inventory, you´ll get Lots of Money and Business Cards
  27. - Use Sugar Cubes with Vinegar in your inventory, you´ll get Mixture (be sure to do it with the HAND and not with the cogs), Use Mixture with Flour in your inventory, you´ll get Weird Mixture
  29. - go to your bathroom, use Weird Mixture with Bath, you´ll get Glue
  30. - Talk to Receptionist
  31. - go To Souvenir Shop, open Copier Room, you´ll get Mom's Photocopies, Take Broken Tiki,
  32. use Business Cards on Copier/Fax Machine, you´ll get Fax Document, use Glue on Broken Tiki in inventory, you´ll get Restored Tiki
  34. - go To Beach, give Restored Tiki to Shop Employee, Talk to Bar Woman, go to your bedroom
  36. - Talk to barwoman, you´ll get Bar Woman Key, go to the room next of yours, use Bar Woman Key
  37. - Take Side Table, you´ll get Cigarette, Use Painting on the left, Investigate Safe, you´ll get Barwomans ID Card and Weird Key
  40. [back of hotel]
  41. - go outside the main entrance of the hotel, go right, use Barwomans ID Card on Card Reader, Use PC, click the folder Hotel Recordings, you´ll get Recordings
  42. - use Recordings with Mom's Photocopies in your inventory, you´ll get Evidence
  43. - go to Maintenance right behind, use Weird Key on Door, use Cigarette on Stove, you´ll get Lighted Cigarette
  45. - go to your bedroom, use Lighted Cigarette on Barwoman
  46. - go To Souvenir Shop, Talk to Employee, use Evidence on Employee, you´ll get Padlock Key
  48. - go To Maintenance, use Carpet, use Padlock Key on Handle (no, not on the Trapdoor, there´s another spot!!), Use Trapdoor, go inside the Hole
  49. - Talk to Maintenance Guy, use Water Weel on Maintenance Guy, you´ll get Master Bedroom Key
  51. - go to the room opposite of yours, use Master Bedroom Key
  52. - Investigate Safe Deposit, you´ll get Pen, use Pen on Dad, you´ll get Fax Document Signed
  53. - go To Copier Room in the Souvenir Shop, use Fax Document Signed on Copier/Fax Machine
  55. - go to the Reception, use Fax Document Signed on Receptionist, you´ll get Managers ID card, investigate Managers ID Card in your inventory, you´ll get Access Code
  57. - go to the Back of Hotel, use Managers ID Card on Card Reader, go to Living Quarters, Investigate Pillow on the left side of the Bed, you´ll get Weird Device
  59. - go back to the beginning, to Left of Beach, go right, Talk to Changing Room & Toilet, use Towel and after that the Floss on Changing Room & Toilet, Take Dust bin, you´ll get Dirty Vibrator
  61. - go To Souvenir Shop, use Lots of Money on Employee, you´ll get Swiss Pocket Knife, use Swiss Pocket Knife on Dirty Vibrator, you´ll get Batteries, use Batteries on Weird Device, you´ll get Device with Batteries
  63. - go to Back of Hotel, into the manager´s house again, Use Switch to turn lights off, use Device with Batteries on the "eye" of the MILF on the painting, go To Office, use Access Code on Card Reader (the one on the door of the shower)
  64. go back to Living Room
  67. Congrats! You´ve beaten Milftoon Beach - The Game!
  68. Thanks to everyone involved at this point!
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