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  1. @AnonymousTrinity
  2. Here's what I've learned.
  4. If you have the persons email, great, this will help with seeing if the person has a PayPal account already, you will know what to expect.
  6. For number usage use Talkatone(It's what I use and receive calls from spooftel the number spoofing service) for mobile verification, linking it with Google voice.
  8. Get a vanilla card, choose to either follow up on the $30 load or not.
  10. Activate the Vanilla Card without using your personal information.
  12. Make an EntroPay Account with same information, and link it to your Vanilla card.
  14. Pass through EntroPay fund verification info through your Vanilla Card online accessable portal.
  16. Once account is make a VCC with the information provide, of course you can also make it anything else you desire, and one might question why you wouldn't skip Entropay, but EntroPay makes it easier with PayPal and their opinion on certain Bins connected to GiftCards and etc.. Since EntroPay is a non-domestic company
  17. in correlation to USA users, PayPal will not find it easy even TRYING to access information about the owner of the VCC by EntroPay.
  19. (I remember EntroPay from several years back)
  21. If you encounter any ID verification by EntroPay you can easily just take pictures of the card at hand, the Vanilla Card and upload it, and anything else can be Photoshopped.
  23. If ever asked for DL# Photoshop can easily aid in this. The number does not have to be the victims DL#, but as long as it is VALID and matches the location of the user by having similar DL# arrangement, similar to how SSN are chosen and arranged by area.
  26. Once that is complete visit one of the several VBA account creation sites that you, so generously provided. You prefer using Paxum, but further recommend using alternative services due to it's strict verification process & you only use it in terms of cashing out.
  28. Once this is complete move onto creating a PayPal account, but do not provide PayPal with any of the required information they ask for, such as Bank Link and Credit Card Link. But use the mobile number you will be using. I find that using Talktone allows you to access area codes that match the victims location. Not sure if instanumber does too.
  31. Before doing anything, visit the "How do I lift my limit" text-link and follow through with the following text-link, "Lift Limit". Copy the link address that leads to the third option which you can find by clicking REMAINDER. This is because of the opportunity you have on using the third option in the future once you commence the 2nd option. The three options being, SSN,CC,BA.
  33. Commence the 2nd option, and without logging out, provide the third by following the link that was saved, and complete the third option. This is an advantage in PayPal approval of credit.
  35. (I can see how this works, this is my minds need to understand what the person telling me based their findings off. So I assume that because PayPal counts approval, suspicious on activity, and how easily limited you can be, by what you do AFTER sign up. Activity after signing up is more reviewed automatically by their systems. So it counts up when you actually begin to do anything that is used to verify you and your account. From like, 0 - "I'm going to fucking catch this bitch at this stage" to like, 4 - "Ok well I'm not conscious to judge, but due to my programming, this person has given me substantial proof to allow him better access to these features, I'll be watching him, as long as I don't get hit with what's more important, HUGE TRANSACTION COMING MY WAY!!".)
  37. Proceed with signing up to the Credit Service, make sure to complete the information needed matching the account DOB, SSN. PayPal is vulnerable when it comes to fully knowing about the user when applying for credit due to their absence in connection to any financial bureau, unlike their other 2 of the 3 services they provide which is handled by a legit separate financial entity that only carry's the PayPal logo in collaboration with PayPal.
  39. Once you're approved, you now have your self good credit on Paypal, you have verified yourself fully by VCC from EntroPay and VBA from any service provider you've used.
  41. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  42. Some thoughts:
  44. I actually think, and this is me including TIME into the concept,checking the persons credit report to get an idea on what the person might be eligible for on PayPal is advisable. I know that any credit number below 5XX number will not grant you approval.
  47. I recently noticed that when you're asked to verify more information, that you don't need utility bill like most people say to use for address verification. You can use anything that passes. Example: Document paper confirming you brand new credit card (The one that comes with the credit cards in mail, that you must activate). I can probably make a scan of one, even better if it matches the BIN info.
  50. ------------------------------------------------------
  52. Questions:
  54. What do you think about the fact that once you finish signing up and provided your SSN#, in your profile there is a 2nd chance of verifying your SSN? Basically adding it.
  56. I'm guessing paypal uses SSN to verify name upon signing up, but then to link it to your account later on you have the option to do so. Maybe it's cause they can't add it to your account without you doing so? I mean you can give them your SSN but only when they ask for it. So if they need it to verify name, and then later ask if you want to add it to your account profile, they'd have to ask twice. This is 3 times PayPal asks for your SSN if you include their credit check.
  58. Do you think SMS transferring is recommended when you receive stolen PP money on your account? I think it's slightly helpful, since PayPal is about what you do when they have the ability and chance to scan you and monitor you. So if SMS allows you to send a text to transfer money, it all is done on their side. You never logged into the account giving them chance to present you with things upon next login. Lockout, limitation, review, etc.. Ok think about purchasing something on a website and calling them and making the order, which one bypasses the fruad security? I really think it's beneficial haha.
  61. -------------------------------------------------------
  63. Extra:
  65. Ok so since I finally found someone who can understand both side of dedication and inspiration, I want to share some information with you. I really don't have a long time, maybe 5 weeks at this, and I am so overwhelmed with so many methods, even methods I have brainstormed on but have self doubt when it comes to taking action. I have not met one person who will do what I would do if I were experienced in the field, ( I am very deep over thinking, psycho-analytical person so I understand.) and I'll tell you something you're the first. I appreciate the action you've taken by making threads such as this one. Your actions & choices are guided by your perception and emotions, so taking part of your time for doing this is props by me. I will admit that you will not receive as much recognition or appreciation as you think, and the more you give the less you'll receive in comparison, so balance it but remember it takes a lot of bad to compare to something good. Continue to do what you, I like helping to open more positive chances for my self and seeing a slightly happier world.
  67. Any who, through this entire time, I realized there is absolutely no yellow brick road to right way through this, it's all intuition and improvising, that is of course if you're just reading some freshly made unsaturated ebook that works for you.
  69. I want to share with you now something if you are interested in taking a part of it & benefit you, as long you have a good idea of managing it. (I'll keep it more private through PM).
  71. One is with PayPal, and guaranteed money, something I paid for, don't know how to approach it. <--Not a method
  73. Another thing is, I have a way of getting easy PP to BTC exchange, but again I my self alone can't do it yet, but the first thing I mentioned goes well with it too.
  75. I also, have a website I found similar to IngoPay, but you can do PayPal transfers too & you can probably successfully cash out via ATM as well and avoid using a Drop PayPal and prepaid. (Seems fairly new too now that I think of it?)
  77. And finally, I saved some information information that PayPal also presents similar to the closing window suggestion you mentioned & maybe it might be of use for you?
  79. Another Idea just came to mind about how you could potentially further the use of PP&EntroPay.
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