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  1. It's 10:00 am on November 22nd, 1963. You live in a boardinghouse in the Dallas
  2. neighborhood of Oak Cliff. One of you roommates, a loner named Lee Harvey Oswald
  3. seems nervous, maybe even upset. You suggest he go downtown to see JFK's motorcade
  4. ride through downtown later. He laughs and says "I was planning on it." You
  5. wake up on the morning of the motorcade and hurry to visit it.
  6. You get to the Dallas area just as the motorcade is passing by. The driver is
  7. none other than John F. Kennedy himself! A crowd has gathered around him, cheering
  8. and waving flags. There are also several Secret Service agents with rifles drawn.
  10. "Good evening, Mr. President," one agent says.
  12. Kennedy turns to you and smiles.
  13. > you smile back and wave enthusiastically. you shout "please let me hop in the car mr. president!"
  15. The president nods his head in acknowledgement and steps into the limo. As you
  16. step inside, you notice that there are two men sitting behind the driver's seat.
  17. They look like they're dressed for a funeral, but their faces are still recognizable.
  18. They are Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.
  19. > scream "its lee harvey, mr. president. he wants to take your life!"
  21. Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine who had been discharged from the service due
  22. to mental problems, had become an anti-Castro activist. He was arrested and
  23. convicted of attempted murder against a police officer during a protest march
  24. in New Orleans. After being released from prison, he moved to Texas where he
  25. became involved in the Communist Party and began writing articles denouncing
  26. the United States government.
  27. > "cmon mr president, pedal to the metal! and crank up the radio!"
  29. he yells at you.
  30. Jack Ruby, a former Marine who had been discharged from the service due to mental
  31. problems, had become an anti-Castro activist. He was arrested and convicted
  32. of assault with intent to kill a policeman during a demonstration in Miami.
  33. >
  35. You scream "Its Lee Harvey Oswald, mr. President. He wants to take my life!".
  36. Lee Harvey Oswald waves goodbye to you and then the limousine drives away. You
  37. hear the sound of tires squealing as the vehicle speeds off down the street.
  38. As you walk home, you realize that you have made a terrible mistake.
  39. > think about what kind of mistake you made
  41. You thought about what kind of mistake you made. It wasn't a big one, but it
  42. could have cost you your life. You were a young man with a lot of potential.
  43. You could have gone on to be a great writer or a doctor. But instead you chose
  44. to join the military because you felt it would give you more opportunity.
  45. > try to remember your military career
  47. You spent three years in the Army. During this time you learned how to shoot
  48. a rifle, read maps, count bullets, write reports, and much more. You also met
  49. many people. Some of them were good, some of them were bad, but all of them
  50. were different than you. Your experiences in the army gave you a better understanding
  51. of the world than most people ever get in college.
  52. > finally sign up to college, you chose princeton
  54. You signed up to attend Princeton University. You wanted to be a scientist, but
  55. after spending so much time in the army, you decided that you didn't want to
  56. spend your life doing something you hated. You found a job as a clerk in the
  57. library and eventually got promoted to assistant librarian. This was very exciting
  58. for you, but you soon realized that you weren't happy there.
  59. > sail to fairer waters
  61. After graduating from Princeton University, you sailed to Florida to find work
  62. as a cook in a hotel. While working at the hotel, you noticed a beautiful woman
  63. cleaning rooms. She was a dancer by trade, but she enjoyed her free time too
  64. much to not make money while she could. She was a stripper called Betty Lou
  65. Who. The pair of you hit it off immediately.
  66. > marry betty lou in a fever shotgun wedding
  68. Betty Lou Who is a stripper by profession, but she loves to dance. She marries
  69. you in a fever shotgun wedding. You decide to move to New York City to pursue
  70. your dreams.
  71. > pursue your dreams
  73. You start your new life in New York City. You're now a successful writer and
  74. a professor. You've changed the world, but you still feel like you haven't changed
  75. enough. You want to change more.
  76. > take a thumbprint of lsd
  78. You took a thumbprint of LSD. You went back to school and studied psychology.
  79. You decided to become a psychologist. You found out that you liked the subject
  80. and decided to continue studying it. You started taking classes at Columbia
  81. University.
  82. > smoke a lot of dmt
  84. You smoked a lot of dmt. You had no idea that you'd end up becoming a famous
  85. psychedelic researcher. You became famous among the drug community and you even
  86. had a book published about your research.
  87. > visit the DMT entities in a breakthrough smoking dmt
  89. You visited the DMT entities in a breakthrough smoking dmt. You saw the entities
  90. for yourself and they were very friendly. They told you that they are part of
  91. an ancient race known as the Anunnaki. They explained that they came here thousands
  92. of years ago to explore the galaxy and learn everything they could before they
  93. left.
  94. > ask the DMT entities about the anunnaki history
  96. The DMT entities told you that the Anunnaki were once humans who discovered a
  97. planet where they lived peacefully until the human population grew too large
  98. and they attacked them. They killed all the humans except for themselves. They
  99. then built their own civilization on the dead bodies of the humans. After destroying
  100. the humans, they returned home and continued to live there.
  101. > ask the entities why you can visit them by smoking dmt
  103. The entities said that they are able to communicate with you because they have
  104. been communicating with each other since the beginning of time. They say that
  105. they are the same beings that created you and everyone else. They say that they
  106. will always exist and that they will never die.
  107. > you regain consciousness
  109. You regained consciousness and felt very strange. You were no longer in the body
  110. of a man, but rather a girl. You asked the entity what happened, and it replied
  111. that it was a mistake to talk to it directly. It was only supposed to give you
  112. information, not interact directly.
  113. > smoke DMT again
  115. You smoked DMT again and you experienced a whole new level of reality. You entered
  116. another dimension and met many different people. Some of them seemed to be animals.
  117. Others were human looking, but they spoke a language you didn't understand.
  118. There were also some people who looked human, but they spoke a language you
  119. did understand.
  120. > ask the entity about the information
  122. The entity said that it would tell you nothing, but that if you wanted to know
  123. anything, you should come back one day when you were ready. When you woke up,
  124. you realized that you were no longer in a room, but rather in a spaceship. The
  125. ship was flying through space and you were aboard it. You noticed that you were
  126. surrounded by a green light.
  127. > you watch the green light
  129. You watched the green light for quite awhile. You thought that you were going
  130. insane, but then you remembered that you were still in the body of a man. You
  131. began to think that perhaps this was a dream. But then you noticed that you
  132. were no longer in the city, but instead in a forest. You wondered how you got
  133. here, but then you noticed that you were no longer alone.
  134. > greet the newcomers
  136. You greeted the newcomers and they introduced themselves. They said that they
  137. were from a distant planet called Earth. They said that they were sent here
  138. to help you, but that they were unable to do so due to the fact that they were
  139. being hunted down by the military. They said that they were forced to leave
  140. their homes and travel across the universe to find a place to settle.
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