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  1. <style type="text/css">
  3. @import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montez);
  4. html body {
  5.     background: url(http://i.imgur.com/O2VSuc3.png);
  6.     -webkit-background-size: cover;
  7.     -moz-background-size: cover;
  8.     -o-background-size: cover;
  9.     background-size: cover;
  10.     font-size: 16px;
  11.     margin-top: 25px;
  12.     margin-bottom: 20px
  13. }
  14. ::-webkit-scrollbar {
  15.     width: 7px
  16. }
  17. ::-webkit-scrollbar-track {
  18.     border-radius: 200px
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  20. ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {
  21.     border-radius: 200px;
  22.     background-color: #4f0074;
  23.     o
  24. }
  25. a {
  26.     font-style: Underline;
  27.     text-decoration: none;
  28.     color: #000080
  29. }
  30. a:hover {
  31.     color: #33f
  32. }
  33. div.container {
  34.     background: url(https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/85/9c/58/859c585d6eff9a7028e802dcef9315ef.jpg);
  35.     margin-left: auto;
  36.     margin-right: auto;
  37.     padding: 8px;
  38.     width: 1245px
  39. }
  40. .boxed {
  41.     width: 240px;
  42.     padding: 1px;
  43.     border: 1px solid purple
  44. }
  45. div.inner {
  46.     margin-left: auto;
  47.     margin-right: auto;
  48.     padding: 5px;
  49.     height: 855px;
  50.     background-color: #fffff3
  51. }
  52. table.infobox {
  53.     margin-left: auto;
  54.     margin-right: auto
  55. }
  56. img {
  57.     -webkit-border-radius: 5px;
  58.     -moz-border-radius: 5px;
  59.     border-radius: 5px
  60. }
  61. span.infoheader {
  62.     display: block;
  63.     font-family: garamond;
  64.     font-size: 45px;
  65.     text-align: left;
  66.     margin-top: -50px;
  67.     text-transform: none
  68. }
  69. span.info {
  70.     display: block;
  71.     font-family: garamond;
  72.     font-size: 20px;
  73.     font-weight: bold;
  74.     border-style: none;
  75.     border-color: #000;
  76.     border-left-width: 0;
  77.     border-top-width: 0;
  78.     border-right-width: 0;
  79.     border-bottom-width: 1px;
  80.     margin-top: 1px
  81. }
  82. div.information {
  83.     margin-top: -50px;
  84.     font-size: 18px;
  85.     margin-left: 10px;
  86.     overflow: hidden;
  87. }
  88. #text2 {
  89.     width: 100%;
  90.     height: 100%;
  91.     overflow: auto;
  92. }
  94. </style>
  99. <DIV CLASS="container">
  100. <div class="inner">
  101. <table class="infobox">
  102. <tr> <td valign="top">
  104. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/1agWsqW.jpg" width="615" height="855">
  105. >
  106. <center> </b>
  107.  </center></font>
  108. </td><td valign="top">
  110. <bR>
  111. <span class="infoheader">
  113. <div class="information"><font color=""><center><br><br><br><font color="4F0074"><b><img src="http://i.imgur.com/QCqFPsz.jpg" width="540" height="72"></b><br><img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-HwaAVWljFtI/T6SD3DuQE0I/AAAAAAAABNY/POukAIsMTo8/s1600/purple+divider+I+maDE.png" width="490" height="3"></center></span></font><center>
  114. <font face="trebuchet ms" font size="3" font color="#4F0074"><b><br>
  115.  ► | <a href="#1"><font color="#4F0074"><u><i>Info</u></a> |
  116. <a href="#5"><font color="#4F0074"><u>Skills/Eqpt</u></a> |
  117. <a href="#2"><font color="#4F0074"><u>Background</u> </a>| </a>
  118. <a href="#3"><font color="#4F0074"><u>Friends & Foes</u></a> |
  119. <a href="#4"><font color="#4F0074"><u>OOC</u></a> </font></b> </i>| ◄
  120. </center>
  121. <span class="info"><br><font size="4"></font></span>
  122. <div style="height:685px;width:auto;overflow:hidden;background-color:fffff3;color:4F0074;scrollbar-base-color:4F0074;font-family:Trebuchet MS;font-size:15;px;adding:20px;">
  123. </center>
  124. <a name="1"></a><div id="text2">
  127. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tcRogym.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br></center>
  128.  <font size="3"><b>Name: </b></font> <font size="2">Vivien Everstone <br> </font>
  129.  <font size="3"><b>Monikers: </b></font> <font size="2">Viv, Vivi, Bibien (BBN), Boobie Mage/Boobien (ihu), Dark Elementalist, and Lady Everstone <br> </font>
  130.  <font size="3"><b>Age:</b></font> <font size="2">25 <br> </font>
  131.  <font size="3"><b>Height:</b></font><font size="2"> 5'5" <br></font>
  132.  <font size="3"><b>Sex:</b></font><font size="2"> Female <br></font>
  133.  <font size="3"><b>Orientation:</b></font> <font size="2">Demisexual ⟶ Male Lean <font size="1">(open to the right women)</font> <br></font>
  134. <font size="3"><b>Relationship Status:</b></font><font size="2"><a target="_blank" href="https://youtu.be/qP8rsXz2Z88"> <u>Elusive</u></a> <br>
  135.  <font size="3"><b>Birth Place:</b></font><font size="2"> Town of Aramore on Luenia <br></font>
  136.  <font size="3"><b>Race:</b></font><font size="2"> Enchanted Human ⎯ Luenian <br></font>
  137.  <font size="3"><b>Class:</b></font><font size="2"> Dark Elementalist ⎯ Mage/Sorceress <br></font>
  138.  <font size="3"><b>Professions:</b></font> <font size="2">Former Information Broker, Alchemist <font size="1">(Potion crafting focus),</font> Arcane Researcher, and Multiverse Adventurer. <br>
  139.  <font size="3"><b>Familiar: </b></font><font size="2"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/kmQ14Es.gif"> Zyten ⎯ <i>Cat form:</i> <a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/vgVOaMv.gif"><u>☆</u></a> | <a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/bgelhrS.png"><u>★</u></a> - <i>Human form:</i> <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/lM9QsIq.jpg"> <u>🌢</U></a><br></font>
  140.  <font size="3"><b>Mentality: </b></font><font size="2"><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/oh0iUiZ.gif"> <u>Fluid</u></a> ⎯ <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/HTFRaNz.gif"><u>Sporadically Malevolent</u> </a><br></font>
  141.  <font size="3"><b>Scent:</b></font><font size="2"> Whatever magic smells like.<br></font>
  142. <font size="3"><b>Additional Features:</b></font><font size="2"> Her heels make her three inches tall, almost always has a visible violet aura around her, and carries a heavy magical presence everywehere she goes. <br>
  143. <font size="3"><b>Likes:</b></font><font size="2"> Magic, other magic users, Gods, destruction, chaos, wine, tea, reading, thrills, BDSM, exploring, challenges, risks, and learning.<br></font>
  144. <font size="3"><b>Dislikes:</b></font><font size="2"> Voids, ghosts, hard liquor, instant noodles, most weapons, losing, people who try to teach her dark magic or think that she is weak, disrepect towards magic, fools, being referred to as a witch, and boredom.<br>
  145. <font size="3"><b>Random Quirk:</b></font><font size="2"> Cannot cook to save her life even though she is skilled at brewing.<br>
  146. </font>
  147. <center>
  148. <hr>
  149. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/72giEiL.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br><b><font size="2"></b></center><br></b></center>
  150. <b>Magic Obsessed:</b> She lives and breathes magic. Her entire world and existence are tied deeply to magic. Vivien is always thrilled to discuss and use magic, and she isn't shy about that fact. She is proud to be a caster, and she'll let anyone she crosses know that. <br><br>
  152. <b>Valiant:</b> This reckless mage does not hesitate to march forward even with odds stacked against her. Vivien is (usually) fearless. She'll down-talk beings greater than her if she feels likes it or charge straight first into a battle blindly that she cannot win. Often she is so courageous that it is absurd but admirable. <br><br>
  154. <b>Adamant:</b> To be blunt, Vivien is incredibly stubborn. Once her mind is set on something she rarely bends. She doesn't care if it risks her life if it means proving a point she feels strongly about. <br><br>
  156. <b>Curious:</b> They say curiosity killed the cat, but it hasn't killed Vivien! Regularly Vivien questions everyone and everything. Her curiosity inspires her to the point it may irritate others. However, without curiosity one does not truly learn.<br><br>
  158. <b>Kind-Hearted:</b> Deep down Vivien is a very compassionate woman for those who move her or she deems special. It may not appear that way on a usual day, but if someone needs her, she is there. <br><br>
  160. <b>Vain:</b> To simply put it, Vivien can be remarkably arrogant and prideful. She knows she is beautiful, influential, and an adept mage. Her posh attitude comes from growing up in a renown and powerful family of mages. She often believes she is better than everyone even if that isn't the case. <br><br>
  162. <b>Passionate:</b> If it is an opinion, a belief, a matter concerning magic, intimacy, a goal, or anything she feels profoundly about, Vivien is extremely passionate and expressive. She throws her heart, emotions, soul, and her entire being into her endeavors. <br><br>
  164. <b>Huffy:</b> Short-tempered and easily annoyed, it doesn't take much for Vivien's mood to turn sour or for her to get offended. A lot of it has to do with an opulent upbringing. <br><br>
  166. <b>Thrill-Seeker:</b> Vivien hates being bored and feeling dull. She always is looking for a rush of excitement whether it be something small or utterly dangerous. Life is too short to be tedious.<br><br>
  168. <b>Assertive:</b> Possessing a loud and confident personality, Vivien can be fierce, to say the least. She has no problem taking the lead due to her booming confidence and willingness to freely speak her mind.<br> <br>
  170. <b>Devoted:</b> To magic, her friends, her family's pride, promises, and anything that is significant to Vivien. She is committed and is a woman of her word.<br><br>
  172. <b>Erratic:</b> Often unpredictable, over-emotional, destructive, and impulsive while also possessing an unstable mentality, Vivien keeps those around her on their toes. Sometimes her sanity can even be questionable. <br><br>
  174. <b>Intuitive:</b> Vivien usually has good instincts for dealing with many situations and interacting with others. Well, that is if her mind is clear. She relies on her gut, observational skills, supernatural senses, and her firm beliefs regarding fate to lead her to unexpected truths. <br>
  178. <br></font>
  182. <hr><center>
  183. <b> <u>Other Pictures</u></b></a><br>
  185. <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/71lGmrp.png"><u>𝟷</u></a> • <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/yngRz81.jpg"><u>𝟸</u></a> • <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/oOTnTJS.png"><u>𝟥</u></a> • <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/6DRJG73.png"><u>𝟺</u></a> • <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/cjcl8YP.jpg"><u>𝟻</u></a> • <a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/4UL2k3L.png"><u>𝟼</u></a>
  191. </i><br>〜<br>
  192. <font size="2"><i>"She's got <br>
  193. a heavy heart,<br>
  194. a messy soul,<br>
  195. a reckless mind,<br>
  196. and I think <br>
  197. It's beautiful the way<br>
  198. she carries herself."<br></i>
  199. - <b>Sean Bates</i></b><br>
  200. <br></font>
  202. <font size="3"><a target="_blank" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTku5QDpbak"> ♪ </a></font><font size="5"><a target="_blank" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hldXd0_IuDk">⧼🎝⧽</a></font> <font size="3"><a target="_blank" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=do7KC5VmAQc">♪</a><br><br></font>
  203. <font size="1"><b>Don't make me regret this:</b><br><a target="_blank" href="http://www.thiscrush.com/~vivieneverstone"><u>Crush </u></a>
  204. </center><hr></b>
  206. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/tjLFIY5.png" width="360" height="350" ></center>
  208. </div>
  209. <a name="5"></a>
  210. <div id="text2">
  211. <font size="3"><center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/7zCg0hq.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br>
  212. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/QmJq35d.jpg" width="360" height="30"></center>
  213.  <br><div class="boxed">
  215. <font size="2"><center><b><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/z0LnzQu.gif">Current Mana Pool:</a></b> <br>220% of the average trained Luenian
  219. </center></center>
  221. <br><br><b>Description:</b> Born a Luenian, Vivien was granted with a strong affinity to an element while growing up in a society rich with magic. It is because of this that she is extremely skilled at dark elemental magic. Other than being aligned profoundly with an element, Vivien has extraordinary magical capacities and has a deep mana pool. Even if this is the case, as a Luenian, it is important that Vivien has an innate connection with a certain field of magic or she cannot learn it. Basic elements cannot cross. In other words, she cannot learn fire magic but can learn time magic. This is because physically she is unable to or if she found a work around, it would go against her morals as a Luenian. While this may make her seem somewhat limited, what Vivien can learn she will more than likely quickly master and has the ability to learn the field to its fullest potential. <br><br>
  223. <center>
  224. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/wKVTG1Q.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  225. <center>(Always learning)</center><br></font></center>
  226. <font size="2">
  228. <b>Dark Energy Manipulation: </b>Destructive, disorderly, explosive, but malleable is the best way to describe the nature of Vivien's dark elemental magic. The standard properties of the dark element are explosive, but its energy can be used for much more. If it is creating sturdy magical barriers, a liquid sea of energy, being able to shape energy to a size unseen to the naked eye to colossal in size. Her options are near endless on how she can use her dark energy magic. <br><br>
  230. <b>Aspect Alterations:</b> The ability to boost or dampen features of self, others, spells, and objects. Due to Vivien's heavy reliance on alternations throughout her life as a mage, it is a field she is rather proficient in. Alternating amplifications and debilitations by 60-90% (more if stacking or using a vast mana output), depending on the mana output, for short bursts of time. The spells, like chronomancy, are energy based until contact. While there are many options, Vivien does run on limited mana and time. <br><br>
  231. <i>Amplifications:</i> <br>
  232. ○ Bravery: Raises physical attack and strength. <br>
  233. ○ Haste: Raises physical and magical speed. <br>
  234. ○ Protect: Raises physical defense and endurance. <br>
  235. ○ Faith: Raises magical/energy attack and awareness.<br>
  236. ○ Shell: Raises magical/energy defense and endurance.<br>
  237. ○ Resilience: Prevents debilitations. <br>
  238. ○ Reflect: Reflects physical or magical attacks back to target at near equal force. Physical attacks are converted into arcane energy. <br><br>
  240. <i>Debilitations:</i> <br>
  241. ○ Slow: Lowers
  242. ○ Disillusion: Decreases magical/energy attack and awareness.<br>
  243. ○ Desecration: Decreases magical/energy defense and endurance. <br>
  244. ○ Impotence: Decreases physical attack and strength. <br>
  245. ○ Peril: Decreases physical defense and endurance.<br>
  246. ○ Dampen: Weakens the next opposing spell cast. <br>
  247. ○ Charm: Usually an aura based spell to influence the target's motives/behaviors to play in the caster's favor. May cause dizziness and confusion. <br>
  248. ○ Blind: Using a magical cloud of smog that blocks most if not all physical sight and magical sensing. Can be environmental or target based. <br>
  249. ○ Poison: A gaseous-like smoke that if inhaled can cause flu-like symptoms. Sweating, heaving, physical exhaustion, and overall temporary sickness. <br><br>
  251. <i>Combinations</i> (Higher mana cost): <br>
  252. ○ Seal of Decimation - Bravery + Faith <br>
  253. ○ Seal of Vallation - Protect + Shell <br>
  254. ○ Seal of Ineptitude - Impotence + Disillusion <br>
  255. ○ Seal of Impuissance - Peril + Desecration<br>
  256. ○ Veil of Salvation - Reflect + Resilience <br>
  257. ○ Blinding Pestilence - Blind + Poison <br>
  258. ○ <b>[Special]</b> Absolute Rapture - All Amplifications (Minus Reflect and Resilience) <br>
  259. ○ <b>[Special]</b> Diminutive Vexation - All Debilitations (Minus Blind, Charm, and Poison) <br><br>
  261. <b>Chronomancy: </b> Stop, Reverse, and Forward are the basic commands that Vivien can control. However, due to the complexity of time magic, Vivien only knows the basics of these spells. They are usually touch based or weaved into energy based casts and is applied based on contact. When it comes to the speed of time, on average Vivien can alter speeds by 70-80% for short periods of time. When it comes to stopping, forwarding, and reversing time, it is by around five or so seconds. <br><br>
  263. <b>Illusion Magic:</b> While not one of Vivien's strongest fields, Vivien can change the colors and patterns of objects. She also is able to use invisibility that can mask her physical and magical presence. <br><br>
  265. <b>Colormancy:</b> <i>Experimental/Novice Stage</i> - Currently, the mage can take popular associations and beliefs with colors to alter moods and make environmental changes. Usually, this is done with auras, saturating the color of spells, or mixing illusion magic. <br>
  268. <center><br><img src="http://i.imgur.com/KTcsrD9.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  269. <b>Magical Oneness:</b> A Luenian trait. While a vast amount of magic users are connected to magic in their own personalized ways, Vivien accepts mana just like the blood that runs through her veins. Her unity with it is soul deep. Since she is one with her magic and the magic around her, and Vivien can use this to her benefit:<br><br>
  270. <font size="2">
  271. ○ Natural Learner: If Vivien feels a profound connection to a certain field of magic, she can learn in that field relatively quickly. <br>
  272. ○ Cycle of Magic: Much like a conductor, Vivien's mana supply can ground, resist, and even recycle a fair amount of energy and magical assaults. Leaving her with innately high magic/energy defenses.<br>
  273. ○ Acute Sensing: From the smallest trace of magic, personal auras, shifts in environments, casting, to noticing a force miles away, Vivien's senses are extremely sensitive to magic. This also crosses into other types of energy, life forces, and spiritual forces with magical being the most developed. <br>
  274. ○ Mana Shift:</i> For a short period of time, Vivien can shift her existence into particles of mana. <br>
  275. ○ Self-Immunity: Vivien cannot be hurt by her own spells unless she deems it. <br>
  276. ○ Instinctive Casting: Being a being deeply tied to magic, this allows Vivien spontaneous casting for a majority of her spells. This also permits casting of some spells with her eyes alone.<br> <br></font>
  278. <b>Projectile Magic:</b> Yes, it is true, Vivien's preferred technique for casting is in the form of orbs. This was a method that caught on early in childhood and spread through adulthood. One could say she has a knack for it. Due to having trained in ranged magic, Vivien can form projectiles of just about <b>any</b> spell she has. Other than this benefit, Vivien has incredible aim and control of her projectiles. If she can spot the arcane, life, or spiritual energy of a target, she can will the orbs to home in on the source. Some may wonder, 'why always orbs, though?', the answer is simple; it feels the most natural!
  279. <br><br>
  280. <b>Spell Fusion:</b> Maybe it is due to Vivien's connection to magic, but she has the talent of combining her spells in the form of mixing and matching. The fields of magic do not matter, and this can leave Vivien with a vast amount of options while casting by interweaving spells to one another. <br><br>
  281. <b>Information Gathering:</b> For over seven years Vivien has had a side "business" where she bought and sold information. Due to her experiences, Vivien is exceptional at obtaining and trading information by any means possible. It isn't unheard of for Vivien to use unethical methods to get the information she desires. In some worlds, people fear what dirt she may have or gather on them because of her commendable prowess and determination for the truth. She learned to be very observant, and she is often good at reading others. She catches small details that people miss even if it seems like she isn't paying much attention.
  282. <br> <br>
  283. <b>Portal Creation: </b>Based on her memory, someone else's memory, sight, or having a significant item to a location, Vivien can create portals. She can freely portal around an area and the right connections allow her to portal throughout the multiverse.<br><br>
  284. <b>Telepathy: </b>The ability to communicate messages with others region-wide through one's mind to another.<br><br>
  285. <b>Arcane Knowledge:</b> Because of Vivien's obsession and expertise with magic and magical items as well as receiving formal training, Vivien is well-educated in many fields and aspects of magic. If she doesn't have the information she needs, she often knows how to find it. From her experience, she often can often apply her knowledge in the field.
  286. <br><br>
  287. <b>Potion Crafting:</b> Following in her mother's footsteps, Vivien is skilled at crafting potions. As long as she has the correct ingredients, Vivien can concoct just about any potion ever identified, benevolent or wicked, Vivien can usually find a way. Her potions often fetch high prices in many worlds. She almost always has some potions on her that can do everything from recover mana to grant her near impenetrable skin.
  288. <br> <br>
  290. <hr>
  291. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/hxtdnbd.jpg" width="360" height="55"><b><font size="2"></center></b></font><center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/6sv3QOY.jpg" width="360" height="30">
  292.  <br><a target="_blank" href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ghh-iSPw7sk">♫</a><br></center>
  293.  <center><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/XuCH7Pv.jpg"><u><b>Appearance</b></u></a><br></center><br>
  294. <b>Description: </b>Becoming one with her mother's debauched power and carrying her burden, and in return for acceptance, Vivien gained power. Having the essence of thousands of tortured souls, Vivien borrows and bends their pain and suffering to her will. As of now, Vivien avoids using this form unless she needs to due to the immoral nature of the magic and the risks attached to manipulating madness. While obtaining the ability to control the madness, the longer in the form and depending on how Vivien utilizes the souls, the more sanity is lost temporarily. For now, madness form can be forced out with direct mental assaults or distress. If that was to happen, Vivien will start with no control. It is up to her to measure the balance and not get pushed too far past her limit. If the madness form takes over completely, it may be hard to recognize the typical mage and not even the dearest of friends are safe from her wrath. The details of this form may change depending on development, but currently, Vivien is doing her best to learn and live with this new found power.
  295. <center><br><img src="http://i.imgur.com/wKVTG1Q.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  298. <b>Soul Lure:</b> A close ranged skill that is whispered and unsettles the soul of the listener. The soul is allured into Vivien's control for the length that is determined by one's soul strength and willingness to fight back. From there she can urge a target to sin with madness, have a soul go against itself with soul control, can lock a soul to cause paralysis, and so on. Only one soul command can be used at a time.<br><br>
  301. <b>Essence Yank:</b> A close ranged vacuum-like skill that can be used while in madness form. Vivien can use her already skilled senses to spot sources of energy and drain, absorb, corrupt, damage, or destroy the soul, magical/spiritual energy, lesser life forms, or physical strength depending on the circumstances. In extreme situations, Vivien has the capability of stealing one's soul using this ability. <br><br>
  304. <b>Lullaby of Lunacy</b>: Using the souls lack of morality, Vivien can hum a haunting song and while seeming like hardly anything at first, the longer she hums, and it is heard, the listener's body will start to slow physically and fall into a trance-like state while also inducing mental suffering. Hallucinations, tainted mentality, and hypnosis are possible. <br><br>
  307. <b>Ghastly Assailants:</b> Vivien can conjure the souls within her to take a physical form who are willing to defend and attack for their host. The are more or less mindless soldiers, but they can pack a punch in numbers or provide complex obstacles. If stricken down, the soldiers turn back into souls and must rest within the host before being summoned again.<br><br>
  310. <b>Piercing Hysteria:</b> A far ranged skill where madness energy is pooled out and takes the form of thin-lined extensions that can be shot out to leave a maze around the field or target. Having narrow spear-like tips while moving at high speeds, they can cause both physical and magical penetration damage. The spears also contain a toxin that can aid in inducing insanity.<br><br>
  313. <b>Delirium Scream:</b> A spell that summons a vortex and from it, a constant blast of deafening screams that produce sound, pressure, and mental damage. With wind speeds that challenge a violent cyclone and pressure that threatens to physically crush a target, anyone caught in the blast will have to deal with the enormous agony. From the screaming, it is possible that a victim could suffer short or long-term deafness depending on their range and amount of exposure. The screaming souls can also coax minds into bringing out their darker thoughts with the goal of making the victim a twisted soul just like the others who are shrieking for peace and sanity.<br>
  314. <br>
  317. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/KTcsrD9.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  319. <b>Insanity Surge:</b> Vivien is granted all around boosts while in madness form. Her strength, speed, magical attack, expansion of her mana pool, and defenses increase by nearly 60%. It is in this form that magical oneness is forcibly pushed to the limits that even the hue of her skin changes to a light lavender color from all the mana clinging to her flesh. <br><br>
  321. <b>Mental Derangement:</b> Due to the screaming within her, the souls protecting her, and needing to fight through insanity and conquering it. When in madness form, Vivien is immune to most, if not all, mental assaults. <br><br>
  323. <b>Soul Beholder:</b> While in contact with many souls, Vivien can spot others souls within the living as if they were open books. From there she can touch, read, see, sense, and target other souls as if it was physically there in front of her. <br><br>
  325. <b>Corrupted Mana:</b> The energy produced by the madness corrupts Vivien's mana pool. The traditional dark element can be dropped in Vivien's spells, and instead remain free from any typical element and take the form of pure madness energy. If one is overexposed to the polluted mana, negative side effects can occur. <br><br>
  327. <b>Host Protection:</b> The souls within Vivien will do anything in their power to protect their host. Without the host, they do not have any known existence. They keep an eye on Vivien's blind spots, communicate with her, and would give their essences in order to protect her. <br><br>
  329. <b>Maddening Oneness:</b> All madness skills are increased based on how much insanity the host and the target have succumbed to. This also prevents Vivien's own madness skills from causing her any harm. <br><br>
  332. <hr>
  333. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/2QTDkPU.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br>
  334. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/FcpyAkz.png" width="360" height="30">
  335. <br><BR><div class="boxed">
  336. <font size="2"><center><b>Current Mana Pool:</b> <br>170% of the average trained Luenian </center></center>
  338. <br><br><b>Description: </b>A fellow Luenian with a mysterious past who trained and ventured with Vivien's father. Zyten is both a skilled swordsman and water elementalist. Despite his youthful humanoid appearance, Zyten has been training with a sword and water magic for a few decades. Zyten also is in possession of <b><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/FeJPpBl.png"><u>Ocean's Tear</b></u></a>, a broadsword with an Aetherium Crystal that was gifted by Rylan Everstone. While usually Zyten enjoys taking the form of a cat for currently unknown reasons and often refuses to transform on command, he would give his very soul to protect Vivien based on the respect he has for her father and the Everstone name. He can only retain a humanoid form for so long, but he does his best to make good use of his time. <br><br>
  341. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/wKVTG1Q.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  343. <b>Water Manipulation:</b> The ability to create water (this includes ice) and control any water nearby and its properties. Once water is in Zyten's control, it takes a magical charged and often takes an acidic-like property. <br><br>
  345. <b>Nebulous Calamity:</b> A spell that forms a thick layer of clouds throughout the area that lets down a downpour of damaging rain. <br><br>
  347. <b>Glacial Stalactite:</b> An ice spell that requires a watery sheet of ice. A deadly brinicle (or multiple depending on the cast) expands in length, and upon contact with just about anything, it freezes it solid and quickly spreads. <br><br>
  349. <b>Whirlpool Dissolution:</b> The spell requires Zyten to summon or use a vast amount of water which he manipulates into a mesmerizing whirlpool. The spell is then sent to the foe(s) and traps them in the deadly swirling and pressurized vortex of spiked mana water. <br> <center><b>(WIP?)</b></center>
  350. <hr>
  352. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/4PZtUyq.jpg" width="360" height="55"></center>
  354. <b>A Large Magic Bag:</b> A bag used for adventuring that Vivien regularly treats it poorly because of a powerful protection seal. To everyone but Vivien, the bag is nearly impossible to navigate through, yet she seems to have no issues finding what she needs. <br><br>
  356. <b>Magus Dress (Once Upgraded):</b> After being forced to buy a new wardrobe, Vivien made sure her endless supply of purple dresses had some sort of benefit! Her dresses are now flameproof, contain resilient fabric that is more laborious to tear or cut through, and offers a modest boost to magical resistance. <br><br>
  358. <b>Magic Resistance Gloves (Once Upgraded):</b> Since Vivien uses her hands to cast, she owns a pair of enchanted black gloves made from her hometown. The gloves protect Vivien's hands when she casts many spells in short bursts of time. The gloves also boost her accuracy and allows Vivien to channel her magic into her palms better, which slightly ups her spells if cast by hand. The gloves can also be used for defense due to being enchanted with high defensive magic. <br><br>
  360. <b>Vial Garter:</b> A black garter that Vivien wears on her upper thigh that can contain six vials that are usually used for potions. <br><br>
  362. <b>A Lucent Ring:</b> A ring that reacts to moonlight. Nothing else is known about the magical ring at this time. <br><br>
  364. <b>Eversharp Knife:</b> An enchanted blade that will never dull. A simple but useful tool. <br><br>
  366. <b>Banshee's Wail:</b> A necklace that if activated, can enchant the owner's cries and screams, and all that hear it are left paralyzed for the duration of the wail and a few lingering seconds afterward.<br><br>
  368. <b>Fire Bead:</b> A small bead that can be used to cause an eruption of fire. If in contact with already active fire, it will greater the impact. <br><br>
  370. <b>Smart Phone and Camera:</b> Broken <br><br>
  371.  <hr></center>
  373. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/ltiJvcg.jpg" align="left"><br>
  374. </div>
  376. <a name="2"></a>
  377. <div id="text2">
  379. <center>
  381. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/TxPgsU2.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br>
  382.  <font size="2"><br></center></center>
  383. As soon as Vivien started to comprehend the world as a toddler, she was submerged in the studies of magic. She was trained to the fullest to learn how to control and manage the mana she was born with, while also digesting the rich Luenian culture. Being born an Everstone, nothing but perfection was expected. During this time, even though her magical training was tiresome, Vivien had a good life that many would envy. Her parents were strict, but loving for the most part. Vivien aimed to be as powerful as her father, <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/LwomxRP.png"><u><b>Rylan</u></b></a>, and as liberated as her mother, <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/Kju284T.jpg"><u><b>Evelyn</u></b></a>. She spent as much time with her parents as she could as she looked to them as role models, but they often left for long missions she knew little about. She would train and study while waiting for their return to show all she had learned and to hear about their new adventures. <br><br>
  385. Training had been going well, and Vivien was succeeding at a high rate. Constantly praised for her abilities thanks to having the blood of two great mages and the money to afford the best teachers Luenia could offer, it was at a young age her prideful ways were instilled on her. It was at age 12 that Vivien started to notice that her parents were becoming unusually engulfed by their studies. After tiresome research about some crystals, her parents decided to set out on some epic adventure in regards to them, and that was the last time Vivien ever saw her parents. She waited months at home waiting for them. However, her parents never returned, and no one knew where they went. The only thing she knew of was that their mission had something to do with crystals that no tomes spoke of. Heartbroken and influenced by the chaotic and reckless element she was fused with, Vivien decided to sneak away from her Aunt who cared for her and her studies to adventure to find and save her parents. As a child, she felt she could do anything and did not comprehend how vast the multiverse truly was. <br><br>
  387. Vivien was thrown into one world to another without any truthful leads. The multiverse was too large to know much about her world and specifically her parents. Fearful to return home after running away, Vivien did not stop and rarely returned to Luenia. It didn't matter if she didn't have any money, friends, or direction. As the mage ventured, she continued her studies in her travel while she searched for leads about her parents. In her later teens, she met <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/MZVLL3d.png"><u><b>Fydar</u></b></a>. Fydar would become Vivien's first friend and romantic partner. He spotted the otherworld beauty from afar and became completely enticed. Successfully charming Vivien, he introduced her to the dark world of information broking. Fydar taught Vivien new skills such as eavesdropping, manipulating, trading, and charming in order to weasel out valuable information. It was not only this, but Fydar helped her unlock sides of herself she never knew she had. As a couple and teammates all had seemed perfect between the pair, but reality was cruel to Vivien. Fydar had been using the very skills he had been teaching her on her. After a heartbreaking <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/PIZk9XV.gif"><u><b>betrayal</u></b></a>, Vivien could not contain herself after finding the truth that their relationship was just an illusion. Out of passionately fueled rage, Vivien would kill her first human, and it would be her beloved <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/TSIEOs7.gif"><u><b>lover</u></b></a>. The mage had done her best to repress her memories of Fydar, and while his love for her was merely a game, hers was not. Since that day Vivien developed distrust towards others and often avoids romantic commitment. From the pain, she grew cold and continued her shady life an information broker with little limits as she hunted for her parents and arcane knowledge.<br><br>
  389. Into adulthood, the mage would slow down on the level of information broking she would do. She knew the field was mostly sinister and she hurt herself and others plenty. It was also then Vivien started to realize despite being able to run into adventures and other mages; her life was empty. She refused to hold anyone close from her experience with Fydar, growing up in an elite family, and they could interrupt with her mission. It wasn't until recently that Vivien decided to slow down slightly. She returned to her roots and started to make friends as she got to know people. Vivien was able to see that not all were heartless or useless even though the mage is still often far from friendly. Instead of desperately throwing herself headfirst into new world searching for her parents, she decided to focus on filling their shoes primarily. <br><br><hr>
  390. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/InFUVuL.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br><br><font size="2"> <b>Short Term:</b> <br>
  391. ○ Meet others with magical or unique abilities.<br>
  392. ○ Locate more compatible comrades. (Always~) <br>
  393. ○ Learn Colormancy properly. <br>
  394. ○ Discover Aetherium Crystals. <br>
  395. ○ Uncover the mysteries behind Zyten.<br>
  396. ○ Learn more about madness and what to do with it. <br>
  397. ○ Prove herself to Luenian officials that she is worthy of her position. <br>
  398. ○ Blow shit up. <br><br>
  400. <b>Long Term:</b> <br>
  401. ○ Be the one to spread the Everstone name in great feats. <br>
  402. ○ Find out the secrets behind her parents. <br>
  403. ○ Protect and make Luenia a greater place. <br>
  404. ○ One day reproduce an heir to keep her family alive. <br>
  405. ○ To be as wise and as powerful as her father. <br>
  406. ○ <strike>To be as liberated intuitive as her mother. </strike><br>
  407. ○ Learn about the Luenian Guardians. <br>
  408. ○ Discover the source of her mana. <br>
  409. ○ Become even closer to the dark element. <br>
  410. ○ To attain as much knowledge as possible about magic in the multiverse. <br>
  411. ○ Blow more shit up. <br>
  413. </font>
  414. <br>
  415. <hr>
  417.  </font></center></center>
  418. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/MlnDReF.jpg" align="right">
  420. </div>
  422. <a name="3"></a>
  423. <div id="text2">
  424. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/9sKlWNx.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br><br>
  425. <b> Order more or less based on development.</b><br>
  426. <font size="1"><i>Hover for more details~</font></i>
  427.  <center><a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Sakura+Miko" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/oTy2QEF.png" width="150" height="150" title="Long Time Friend ━ Memeories of laughter and adventure that will never go forgotten"></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgbox.com/SXzvjg9j.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#ff99ff" font size="4"> ✿</a>  </font>
  429. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Jacob+crowell" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/c5VHi56.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Corruptor ━ A sinful, fearsome, and liberating passion. One of the only Gods she truly recognizes as a God."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/CE3lK4J.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#ff9733" font size="4"> ⚛</a>  </font>
  432. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=scarecrow" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/Y4JoipZ.png?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Esoteric Dark Mage ━ A fellow mage who is deeply alligned with dark magic. May their studies continue to be fruitful."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/uqayC4D.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#c542e0" font size="4"> ❖</a>  </font>
  434. <br>
  437. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Raziel+Nael" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/LMv99Z2.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="Forged by Mana ━ From one mage to another, she feels for his struggles and she genuinely wants to help the unfortunate soul find some peace with magic and life."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/pIjVUpG.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#02ccff" font size="4"> ☁</a>  </font>
  440. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Natsumi+Kai" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/kHgKRZR.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Queen ━ A friend who opened up Vivien's eyes to important aspects of madness. The one who influenced her to accept and live with insanity. Another soul who understands the depths of despair."></a><a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/nate6CC.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#b30000" font size="4"> ☣</a>  </font>
  446.  <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Vier" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/XZg8Pbw.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Mage Who Knows too Much ('Grandpa') ━ A role model of sorts. Can come bearing gifts or hell."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/M1ddbOJ.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#00e6e6" font size="3"> ⛰</a>  </font>
  447. <br>
  449. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Asellius" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/w7fvbyB.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="Maddened Cosmos ━ Supporter of chaos and protector. They won't be caught."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/jh9vHwK.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#a3a3c2" font size="4"> ☾</a>   </font>
  452. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Flame" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/p6d414A.png?1" width="150" height="150" title="Eccentric Pyromancer ━ A troublemaker mixed with fire who is fondly cared for. There is rarely a dull moment when he is around."></a><a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/RI6ve59.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#ffc34d" font size="4"> ☀ </a>  </font>
  454. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Flame" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/GRFEWOm.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="Viking & Guard ━ Heart of gold wielding an axe of might."></a><a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/dzKpYkP.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#ff0000" font size="4"> ⚘ </a>  </font>
  456. <br>
  458. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Nayanna" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/shYUUgz.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Cursed One ━ A mix of admiration, understanding, attraction, and distaste (gtfo Vier)."></a><a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/HWvKKkl.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#ff00ff" font size="4"> 🏶 </a>  </font>
  461. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=The+Scholar" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/H6pc5dH.jpg?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Librarian ━ A knowledgeable soon-to-be mage. Unsure if the scholar is a friend or a fun target to rain her chaos on. Probably both."></a><a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/8mD7NFj.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#cc6600" font size="3"> 🕮 </a>  </font>
  464. <a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=Dominic" target="_blank"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/wDe5XFN.png?1" width="150" height="150" title="The Asshole Saiyan ━ Agressive, full of energy, and powerful. Possible friend, possible foe."></a><a target="_blank" href="https://i.imgur.com/gooDBQn.gif" style="text-decoration:none"><font color="#5554FF" font size="4"> ⚠ </a>  </font>
  472.  <br>
  474. <hr>
  476. <img src="http://i.imgur.com/FHS7itX.gif" width="510" height="274"></center>
  479. </div>
  480. <a name="4"></a>
  481. <div id="text2">
  482. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/fWTeXlg.jpg" width="290" height="40"><br></center><font size="2">
  483. <br>○ No profile = No RP.
  484. <br>○ Vivien is spelt with an <b>E</b> not an <b>A</b>!
  485. <br>○ No RPs beyond shitposting with RL face claims.
  486. <br>○ I love and appreciate some humor IC and OOC when fitting.
  487. <br>○ I'm not my character. (∩◕ヮ◕)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚*:・゚✧ I'm a derp.
  488. <br>○ T1 fighter. No OP anti-magic turn one or I'll slap you OOC. :D No story reason, no fight.
  489. <br>○ I have Discord for my partners and friends who I get along with.
  490. <br>○ When it comes to OOC, I'm taken and <b>only</b> interested in friendship.
  491. <br>○ If your profile's main picture is a dude with his ding-dong out, I probably won't want to RP.
  492. <br>○ Room/group RP has priority over PM RP. The best way to interact and get to know Vivien is through room (Mod at MOE if needed).
  493. <br>○ <b>Story > Smut </b> → Please note, Vivien is <b>not</b> easy to bed. <b>Do not come to her expecting it.</b> Chances are you won't get the results you want. ⎯ <a target="_blank" href="https://www.f-list.net/c/vivien%20everstone"><u><b>F-List</u></b></a></u>
  494. <br>○ To clarify, I'm <b>not </b>interested in smutting with any futa, underage, animal, or anthro characters. Clean is fine.~
  495. <br>○ I RP para to novella. Usually and preferably multi; Novella if I'm <i>really</i> inspired. If you see me one-line/semi I'm probably being casual or trying to build my muse/<a target="_blank" href="https://roleplay.chat/profile.php?user=caeleb+harlock"><span title="inside joke!~">snowball</a></span>. I've been RPing for a <b>very</b> long time. I'm far from perfect, but don't send me trash.
  497. </font>
  498. <br><hr>
  499. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/aSAm8zG.jpg" width="360" height="55"><br></center><font size="2">
  500. <br>○ Please note that this is a <b>multiverse</b> character who is very <b>development</b> heavy.
  501. <br>○ I can be <b>really</b> slow at posting and hate rushing! Do know that I do my best. I understand that it can be annoying and this is why it is a warning. In return, I'll never rush you.
  502.  <br>○ If I don't answer casual PMs I'm probably busy, AFK, writing, or distracted. My multitasking skills are horrid, so try not to get offended!
  503. <br>○ I am picky with who I RP with since I put a lot of effort into my work. Characters that seem empty or writers who aren't interested in story are not a good match for me. Due to this, I'm <b>not</b> always the most PM friendly. I have the right to reject any RP that I want. If you have a problem with that, <a target="_blank" href="http://i.imgur.com/QSTPchl.gif"><u>I'm not putting up with it.</u></a><br>
  504. ○ I don't reply kindly or at all to strangers who start out conversations something similar to a generic: "nice breasts" comment. It makes you look desperate and inexperienced. FYI: I already KNOW this. <br>
  505. ○ Leaked OOC jealousy or aggression over RP is a big no-no. I will drop you as a partner with zero hesitation. <br>
  506. ○ Giving that Vivien is an overly prideful mage of chaos, madness, and destruction, she can be a difficult character to get along with. She can be anyone from an antagonist to a genuine friend. If characters do not get along and you are unhappy with it, I will not alter Vivien. If she turns out to be harsh, it isn't personal as Vivien is a character who often comes with conflict and risks. This is just a warning for typists who want everything to go smoothly without surprises. <br>
  508. <hr><br>
  509. <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/NYvz6HO.jpg"></center>
  513. </div>
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