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  1. #!/bin/bash
  2. ### Recent files window- by PPC, 13/1/2020, for use with antiX and MX-fluxbox
  3. #GPL licence- do what you want with this, but please keep lines about the author, date and licence
  4. # works on any system with yad and xdg-open installed, optionally: exo-open (see exceptions to the general rule, when launching files, near the end.
  5. #
  6. #Parse the file that stores the recent used files, send output to recent0.txt
  7. awk -F"file://|\" " '/file:\/\// {print $2}' ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel > ~/.recent0.txt
  8. #reverse contents order, so last file comes first, and so on...
  9. tac ~/.recent0.txt > ~/.recent.txt
  10. #function to decode file name (from %20 instead of spaces, etc, from
  11. urldecode() {
  12.     local url_encoded="${1//+/ }"
  13.     printf '%b' "${url_encoded//%/\\x}"
  14. }
  15. # Use a undecorated Yad window to select file to be executed
  16. EXEC=$(yad --title="Recent files" --undecorated --width=450 --height=400 --center --separator=" " --list  --column=Files < ~/.recent.txt)
  17. #do decoding on the file name, just in case it has spaces or special characters that come up as %xx
  18. decoded=$(urldecode $EXEC)
  19. # general rule: open selected file with the aplication used for its file type
  20. openwith=xdg-open
  21. ###Exceptions to the general rule: LibreOffice Writer ".odt" files - check extension and  force it to open with lowriter; also more exceptions: like open ".sh" files for edition and run ".desktop" files instead of editing them
  22. check=$(echo -n $EXEC | tail -c 3)
  23.     if [ "$check" == "odt" ]; then openwith=lowriter ; fi  #this solves bug opening odt files with spaces
  24.     if [ "$check" == ".sh" ]; then openwith=exo-open ; fi
  25.     if [ "$check" == "top" ]; then openwith=exo-open ; fi
  26. #add quotes to the file name, just in case it has spaces
  27. EXEC2="'"$decoded"'"
  28. #launch the selected file
  29. run=$(echo $openwith $EXEC2)
  30. eval $run
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