Stage 1-2 Bosses Ruining People's Lives & Loving It

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  1. [20:21:24] <@LonoxDMont> gensokyo, the magical land of the youkai. even hidden away from the world for centuries, the seasons still pass here, and it is summer. the bright morning sun shines down upon a certain forest clearing south of the human village, where a motley crew of youkai just might run into each other...
  2. [20:23:25] <@LonoxDMont> the breeze brings with it the fresh scent of summer flowers, and swilrs bewteen and around the trees
  3. [20:23:44] <Astrelle> Flitflit!
  4. [20:24:42] * ~Heizu floats in from any miscellaneous direction, not much faster than the current breeze. "Ohhhh? Heyyy. What was that all about back at the human village?"
  5. [20:25:04] <Astrelle> Flitflitflit!
  6. [20:25:11] * Audrey is walking to her...well hunting grounds for a lack of a better word, most of the vines on her head are flowering in all sorts of colors. Al she needs to do is find a nice cozy spot and perhaps a hman or some other animal will fall into her trap.
  7. [20:26:27] <@LonoxDMont> the youkai are able to see each other across the clearing.
  8. [20:27:36] <Astrelle> FlitflitSCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH.... WHAM!  A bird tries to stop and midair and skids to a painful, screeching halt, spiraling to the ground and landing painfully!
  9. [20:27:55] <Astrelle> "Oooohhh, who put a fairy there, again?"
  10. [20:28:42] <@LonoxDMont> the impact bruised nothing more than pride, thankfully.
  11. [20:28:51] * Audrey keeps on walking. Unlike the vast majority of Gensokyo's population, she can't fly. She walks towards the bird that crashed with the fairy, maybe some poultry would taste good.
  12. [20:29:16] <@LonoxDMont> the fairy brings with her the smell of smoke...
  13. [20:29:42] <Astrelle> SHFFSHFF.
  14. [20:30:22] * Astrelle flitflitflits and gets to her feet, assuming a wary combat-ready stance! ... Before toppling over backwards.
  15. [20:31:49] <@LonoxDMont> what a strange group this is, but today, they are the players in our fair play.
  16. [20:32:07] <Astrelle> "Sky," the bird youkai mournfully asks with nigh-tearful eyes looking straight up, "why am I so much clumsier than usual today?"
  17. [20:32:22] <Astrelle> "... And wasn't that somebody I knew?"
  18. [20:32:26] * Audrey dislikes the smell of smoke, and fire in general. "What sort of stupid fairy destroys nature."
  19. [20:32:45] <@LonoxDMont> the breeze shifts, almost as in answer, and brings with it the smell of more smoke...
  20. [20:32:50] * ~Heizu hovers in closer to Astrelle. "Hey.. ... Are you okay, little bird?" Slow to the concerns.
  21. [20:33:22] * Astrelle staaaaares wide-eyed straight up. "Wait... you're not the sky, aren't you?"
  22. [20:34:45] <~Heizu> "Hahahaha~! I'm not the sky! I'm Heizu!" She floats a little higher upwards. "Though.. I am in the sky a lot.. But i'm not Sky."
  23. [20:35:36] * Audrey looks at the cloud suspiciously, "Hey you, can you make it rain?"
  24. [20:35:58] <Astrelle> The pinkbird rotates along the ground... counterclockwise, then clockwise.  Then counterclockwise again.  "Heizu?  So if you're not sky... oh, you weren't expecting a delivery, were you?"
  25. [20:36:34] * ~Heizu ponders for a moment. "I can make it thunder maybe!... Wait... Were you delivering rain? I'm confused.."
  26. [20:37:27] <Astrelle> "Why would anybody ask for a delivery of rain?"  She BURSTS upward with a happy cheer!  "But I'm only the best delivery service in Gensokyo, don't you know?  So if we met wouldn't it be because you're a client?"
  27. [20:37:34] <@LonoxDMont> ah man
  28. [20:37:36] <@LonoxDMont> thats great
  29. [20:37:43] <@LonoxDMont> ffff wrong window
  30. [20:37:55] <Astrelle> (thou art bad)
  31. [20:38:36] <@LonoxDMont> (yeah ff minimized and then wondoze decided this was the best window to make active even though i had used the other one last :B)
  32. [20:39:08] <Honoo> Summer is THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Winter sucks, Spring looks nice but is kind of eh, and Fall could stand to be warmer but leaves all kinds of flammable goods. The summer is nice though. In any case, Honoo comes from the general direction of the human village, for one reason or another! She hears the last bit, and speaks after coming out of nowhere, thankfully watching where she's going
  33. [20:39:08] <Honoo> this time and not running headlong into a stand. "Oh, oh, can you deliver fire?"
  34. [20:40:34] <Astrelle> "Ah!  Well, if I tried... maybe?"  With a flitflitflit 'Strellie takes to the... slightly-above-ground and ponders by staring into the ACTUAL sky.  "Since I'm the only delivery service that means I have to be the best, so it wouldn't be hard... would it?"
  35. [20:41:51] * ~Heizu points at the very red fairy approaching while drifting into blocking radius of Astrelle's sky viewing. "Hey... What happened to that town everybody was making a fuss about? You just came from there right?"
  36. [20:42:16] * Audrey looks at the rest of them. "I don't even know why we're just standing here in the middle of a field talking. I don't even know any of you guys." She looks inmensely bored, "and I still got to get to my hunting grounds."
  37. [20:42:17] * Oxford ( has joined #strongest
  38. [20:42:27] <@LonoxDMont> theres a low cloud on the horizon in the general direction of the human village, but its a bit low for a cloud...
  39. [20:42:50] <@LonoxDMont> and a bit dark to be a cloud...
  40. [20:43:01] <@LonoxDMont> the wind brings with it the smell of smoke!
  41. [20:43:21] <Honoo> Orange. She's actually very orange. "What happened to what--oh, that."
  42. [20:43:25] <Honoo> "That."
  43. [20:43:37] * Astrelle does a loop-de-loop and then happily circles the others. "Oh, then why don't we all be friends? It's a chance meeting, right~?"
  44. [20:43:55] <Honoo> "Well...I...yes, let's be friends~" She's on board with that idea!
  45. [20:43:57] * Audrey frowns at the smell of smoke even more, "That better not be a forest fire." She practically glares at the fairy
  46. [20:44:01] <Astrelle> Flitflit... flit... flit.  The bird's hipster glasses adjust to look at the fire, until her head tilts.  "?"
  47. [20:44:49] <@LonoxDMont> the cloud is growing upwards... its quite dark...
  48. [20:45:09] <Honoo> "It's...not a forest fire, it's...a...village fire. And I didn't do it. And it was an accident. That I didn't do." She struggles to explain something, though the meaning of 'struggle' can be interpreted in whatever way you want, really.
  49. [20:45:57] * ~Heizu starts to drift towards the town. "Thats not good clouds for sure.. I know my clouds."
  50. [20:46:04] * Murphy ( has joined #strongest
  51. [20:46:40] * Astrelle is legitimately concerned, gasping! "Then who would do something so awful?"
  52. [20:46:42] <Astrelle> Flitflit!
  53. [20:47:26] * Audrey narrows her eyes, "If it spreads I'm going to choke you. You're pretty suspicious." She sighs, "Now I can't hunt with all the smoke in the air, scares away the animals."
  54. [20:48:12] <@LonoxDMont> what is now unmistakeably a pillar of black smoke rises from the horizon in the direction of the human villiage...
  55. [20:48:24] <Honoo> "Someone that really likes fires and had a terrible accident, likely involving very flammable objects. Accidentally. That wasn't me." Nod nod. She's sticking to whatever terrible explanation that's being offered.
  56. [20:48:48] * Astrelle flitflits upside-down. "But that's wrong, friends don't call each other suspicious- ... do they?"
  57. [20:49:03] <@LonoxDMont> the sound of a commotion can be faintly heard on the breeze/
  58. [20:49:06] <@LonoxDMont> .
  59. [20:49:18] <Astrelle> And some circles in the sky.  "Oh, but we didn't introduce ourselves, did we?  We have to do that to be friends, right?"
  60. [20:49:26] <Audrey> She turns to the bird, "I barely know this fairy, and you for the matter."
  61. [20:49:55] * ~Heizu floats higher up and off towards the town. "It was nice meeting you, new friends!~ Have a safe trip~"
  62. [20:49:57] <@LonoxDMont> the cloud girl floats gently towards the village, as she gets closer, the smoke smell gets stronger.
  63. [20:50:09] <Astrelle> "Oh, well my name's..."
  64. [20:50:12] <Astrelle> "..."
  65. [20:50:20] * Astrelle smiles a big :D but quickly cracks upon a realization.
  66. [20:50:50] <Honoo> "E-exactly! We're friends, so we'll have to--not get beat up when angry people start chasing us or something! I-I'm Honoo! Pleased to meet you!" She extends her hand for a shake. Two of them, for multiple people! All the handshakes! In a hurry. She suddenly seems like she's in a hurry.
  67. [20:51:20] <Astrelle> "What WAS the name I used?  Was it Astrelle...?  Or was it Valiant?  Or Cel├ęs... Rosalina...?  Titania Spyra?  Or maybe it wasn't any of those?"
  68. [20:51:31] <Audrey> "Audrey Botany." She carefully shakes the fire fairy's hand, not wanting to spontaneously combust.
  69. [20:51:52] <@LonoxDMont> Heizu can hear the crackle and roar of the fire from her vantage point overlooking the trail to the village.
  70. [20:52:19] <@LonoxDMont> the flames are barely visible from this distance though, just a sort of glow on the horizon
  71. [20:52:25] <Astrelle> "But you don't need to worry if you didn't do it, right?"
  72. [20:52:38] * ~Heizu coughs a bit, trying to avoid getting directly in the smoke, "Oh... huh... Thats a lot of fire..."
  73. [20:52:40] * Astrelle grins a grin and flitflits a few feet above the ground happily, willing to defend her... didn't they meet before?
  74. [20:54:00] <Audrey> "I don't like arsonists so I'm keeping my eye on you."
  75. [20:54:12] <Honoo> The hand is notably warm to the touch. "That's...definitely not my fire! I wouldn't do something like that on purpose at all! Because it was an accident. That I didn't do and had no part of." Nod nod. My my my.
  76. [20:55:00] <Astrelle> "Then that makes it an INCIDENT-" the bird strikes a pose in the air!  "that we need to solve before it causes problems, right?"
  77. [20:55:51] * Audrey looks at the most likely culprit, ignoring the cheerful bird.
  78. [20:56:25] * ~Heizu starts to drift back towards the group, "Uhh.. hey, you three.. Did you know theres a lot of fire going on in the town?"
  79. [20:57:00] * Astrelle flitflits upward. "Is it... really that much?"
  80. [20:57:07] <Audrey> "Yeah, I guess we should help before the red-white gets involved ataks whoever she thinks is suspicious." Her gaze wanders around as she says this before landing again on Honoo
  81. [20:57:34] <Honoo> "And your I remember you......A....Birdy. I'm gonna call you Birdy! Or a birdy! And yes! It' incident! We have to find the...real culprit! Which isn't me!" She shudders a bit on hearing red-white.
  82. [20:58:58] <Astrelle> "If I had so many names that I forgot most of them adding a new one can't hurt much, so 'Birdie' would be just fine, wouldn't it?"  She voices it like a declarative statement, but it's not.  It's a question.
  83. [20:59:24] * Astrelle shouts a 'yaaaay' that doesn't count because it's an interjection and starts flying toward the village like an idiot!
  84. [20:59:45] <Honoo> Mission: Find a scapegoat before aaaaaaa. Optionally, avoid retribution. Former is easier, though! ...Even though there's no likely scapegoats that fit her description. Terrible person? No. Terrible fairy. "It would! A-anyway, shouldn't we be...somewhere else? That...isn't here--or there, definitely not there!" PANIC!
  85. [21:00:28] * ~Heizu tilts her head. "Um... Hey, theres a lot of fire in the town up there..."
  86. [21:00:37] * Astrelle spins around and voices another "?" out loud.
  87. [21:00:41] <Astrelle> How does that even work?
  88. [21:01:05] <Astrelle> "Well we're supposed to do something about it... aren't we?"
  89. [21:01:48] <Honoo> Question mark 1,1exclamation point. "T-there is! And I have no part in it, and I enjoy fire a lot, but it's dangerous and I don't wanna die." Nod nod.
  90. [21:02:00] <@LonoxDMont> the flames crackle and roar is starting to be audible even at this distance... the tops of the flames are visible over the trees!
  91. [21:02:01] <Audrey> "I don't owe anything to those humans except my gratitude for having them be an occasional snack.  They'll be fine."
  92. [21:03:00] <~Heizu> "You eat burnt people?... Gross..."
  93. [21:03:40] <Honoo> "Y-yeah! They'll be fine, so this really isn't too bad but it's still kinda bad and can we just go in the opposite direction of the noises that aren't fire please" Panic, panic! "Well, I guess things taste better if they're cooked but--c-can we go now please"
  94. [21:03:42] <Astrelle> "Well, if we're not putting the fire out, what're we gonna do?"  The bird flies in circles some more.
  95. [21:04:43] <Audrey> She puts her hand on the fairy's shoulder.  "You know, you're pretty bad at lying."
  96. [21:04:54] <Honoo> "Run away from the people trying to put the fire out forever." Nod nod. ...Tremble.
  97. [21:07:19] <Honoo> The fairy is noticably hot to the touch. That's pretty obvious, but it's true! "It'd be nice if I was better at it--b-but can we not talk about this for a moment and get away" She's finally starting to edge away from the ever expanding fire, pretty much on cue with the hand on her shoulder.
  98. [21:08:25] <@LonoxDMont> you can hear the sounds of animals runningthrough the forest around you away from the fire, looks like the edge of the forest may have caught...
  99. [21:08:41] <@LonoxDMont> ash starts to blow by on the breeze
  100. [21:08:58] <Astrelle> "Maybe that actually isn't a bad idea, is it?"  Flitflit.
  101. [21:09:45] <Honoo> Oh god this might actually be an incident if this keeps up. "It's not a bad idea at all! Let's go!" She bolts.
  102. [21:09:45] <Audrey> "Maybe I should throw you into the lake, have you cool down.  Maybe hand you over- oh goddamnit." She lets go of the fairy and .... actually theres nothing she can do to stop the fire. "...maybe the librarian would help." she thinks out loud.
  103. [21:10:20] <Astrelle> "Librarian?  Well it's better than not doing anything, right?"
  104. [21:10:33] * Astrelle cheerfully flies toward the... oh dear, she has no idea where she's going.
  105. [21:12:00] <~Heizu> "But.. the town.. We don't have time for books.."
  106. [21:12:00] <Honoo> If it's not 'in Honoo's general direction', she's perfectly OK with flying back quickly and dragging her along! SHE'S GONNA DIE IF SHE'S ALL ALONE! Or not, but it'd be painful either way. Aaa.
  107. [21:12:37] <Astrelle> "Theeeen..."  Flitflit.  "... what other way is there to make it less dangerous?"
  108. [21:12:41] <Honoo> Though to be honest, she has no idea where she's going, either. Just some direction opposite of the human village!
  109. [21:13:33] <Audrey> "Its the big red house by the lake, you can't miss it."
  110. [21:15:05] <Honoo> "I've never really thought about how to make a fire all better because they're usually great as long as they don't make people mad so it's best we just stay away" We can always make the planets align and have that random direction be to that very house!
  111. [21:16:26] <Astrelle> "It sounds like people ARE mad though... aren't... they?"  For reference the bird is flitting right next to the fairy.
  112. [21:17:55] * Audrey sighs and starts heading back to the mansion, screw that bird, she'll do it herself.
  113. [21:18:00] <@LonoxDMont> to the east lies the great lake...
  114. [21:18:10] <@LonoxDMont> to the west is the bamboo forest
  115. [21:18:33] * Astrelle is totally going to the mansion though.
  116. [21:18:44] <@LonoxDMont> to the south lies the great hakurei shrine, but its a ways out
  117. [21:18:54] <Astrelle> Well, to what looks like a lake anyway.
  118. [21:19:17] <Honoo> "And when they do they aren't my fault! They're definitely mad though!" This doesn't stop her from talking loudly. She's already went in a direction, but the direction can be decided retroactively! Because keeping the party together is a good idea, she's totally going towards the lake, because that would follow basic EoSD pathfinding patterns and end up leading to the mansion anyway.
  119. [21:19:18] <@LonoxDMont> and to the north lies the human village, currently on fire
  120. [21:19:46] <Honoo> Of course, she'll probably regret it the instant she reaches the lake, but let's wait till she does!
  121. [21:20:22] <Astrelle> To the lake!
  122. [21:20:54] <~Heizu> "Laaake? We can get water at the lake! Good idea!"
  123. [21:20:58] <@LonoxDMont> our heroines wlak the path to the lake, soon it is visible as a sparkling blue expanse.
  124. [21:22:32] <~Heizu> "...How are we gonna get the water back to the town.."
  125. [21:22:56] <Astrelle> "..."
  126. [21:23:13] <Astrelle> "I could deliver it...?"
  127. [21:23:14] <@LonoxDMont> someone is walking along the path towards you, bit hard to make them out yet though
  128. [21:23:27] * Audrey keeps going along the shore of the lake to the big red house that not even
  129. [21:23:36] <Audrey> Astrelle could miss
  130. [21:23:39] * Astrelle seriously considers this, and is now totally puzzled.
  131. [21:23:55] <@LonoxDMont> its a bear! well, a bear youkai
  132. [21:24:28] <@LonoxDMont> "yo, the show is the other direction you guys! cant you see all that smoke?~"
  133. [21:24:56] <~Heizu> "That's what I keep saying! Wait who are you"
  134. [21:25:16] <Astrelle> "Why would we GO there?"  The bird swoops straight down and flitflits in circles!  "Shouldn't we try to do something ABOUT it instead?  ... And haven't we met before?"
  135. [21:25:26] <Audrey> "We're going to get help from the librarian, she can use very strong magic." she says as a matter of fact
  136. [21:25:31] <Honoo> The lake is familiar to Honoo, in that she is aware that it is very cold. She doesn't want to get too close! "...Oh. You...could deliver it, maybe! But--I see the smoke and fire and none of it is my fault." She is quick to her own defense.
  137. [21:26:28] <Astrelle> "Oh, so... we deliver the water, find the librarian, and then find out whose fault it really is in that order... right?"
  138. [21:26:35] <@LonoxDMont> "oh, im kemui. saw the smoke, and want to go get me soem fresh roasted human..."
  139. [21:26:57] <Astrelle> "Isn't roasted human REALLY unhealthy?"
  140. [21:27:00] * Astrelle flits upside-down again.
  141. [21:27:33] <@LonoxDMont> "eh, its fine as a snack, but too fattening for an everyday thing... also red-white gets pretty mad if i eat people." :<
  142. [21:27:46] <@LonoxDMont> "but if they are already roasted..."
  143. [21:27:47] <Audrey> "Humans taste better raw anyways, juicier."
  144. [21:28:24] * ~Heizu shudders in disgust, "You guys are gross!"
  145. [21:29:06] <Honoo> "Only if it's undercooked. If you cook something enough it gets rid of all the stuff that makes you sick. Nothing can withstand those high temperatures for too long! ...They probably taste better cooked." Nod nod. "...But I don't eat people! Everything just tastes better after being put under a fire." Nod.
  146. [21:29:10] <@LonoxDMont> "well, i'd better get moving if i want anything fresh..."
  147. [21:29:16] <@LonoxDMont> "see you guys later!"
  148. [21:29:32] <@LonoxDMont> the bear waves as she walks along the path to the human village
  149. [21:29:37] <Honoo> "...I-in any case, please do! And if you see people coming in this general direction, tell them I went in a completely different direction!"
  150. [21:29:46] <Honoo> "Because they think I did it and it was an accident but I didn't do it."
  151. [21:29:54] * Astrelle flits in confusion after she leaves. "Why fresh...? Didn't she want roasted?"
  152. [21:30:01] <Astrelle> "..."
  153. [21:30:06] <Astrelle> "?"
  154. [21:30:08] <Honoo> "Freshly roasted!"
  155. [21:30:22] <Honoo> "It gets cold after a while, you see."
  156. [21:30:30] <Astrelle> !
  157. [21:30:31] <Saikorogami> Astrelle, Sorry, I don't have that alias stored for your name.
  158. [21:30:37] <Astrelle> "Why didn't I think of that?"
  159. [21:31:35] <Audrey> "Whatever, lets go."
  160. [21:31:46] <@LonoxDMont> anyhow, our merry band of youkai wander off towards the SDM.
  161. [21:32:28] <Honoo> "A-anyway, help with the fire that it's a huge shame to put out and people are gonna chase me either way but neccessary evils and all that? I'll sign up!" If she has to fly across the lake, she'll fly really high. REALLY HIGH. Doesn't like the cold.
  162. [21:32:33] <@LonoxDMont> the lake laps gently against the shore, serene as usual.
  163. [21:33:51] * Audrey can't fly so she walks wondering where the fire fairy is going seein as they are on the coast.
  164. [21:34:12] * Audrey picks up the pace, she doesn't want a good chunk of the forest to burn up
  165. [21:34:17] <Honoo> The key word is 'if'. Someone didn't open the map and check and all that.
  166. [21:34:33] * Astrelle stares at the lake. Staaaaaaaaaaaaare.
  167. [21:34:50] <Astrelle> "OH, that's right, how am I going to pick it up to deliver it?"
  168. [21:34:54] <Astrelle> "... ?"
  169. [21:35:01] <@LonoxDMont> our little group is currently at the path on the bluffs near the edge of the lake, not in the sand, but int the litle grassy bits
  170. [21:35:21] <@LonoxDMont> the sdm is probably closer to walk to, but flight is a straight line...
  171. [21:36:19] * ~Heizu continues hovering overhead, thankful that someone is stuck on the ground so everybody doesn't outrun her.
  172. [21:36:40] <Honoo> Honoo is very OK with the walking route. Just go AROUND the cold. That works!
  173. [21:37:06] * Astrelle flies UNDER the cloudghost but not far above the ground, staring questioningly at the lake as she heads to the manor.
  174. [21:37:28] <@LonoxDMont> theres little waves in the lake, as usual.
  175. [21:37:41] <@LonoxDMont> someitmes you see a fish jump and get a bug.
  176. [21:38:52] <Honoo> "...Oh, I've got it! Maybe in we're going, they might have means to deliver the water! Or something!"
  177. [21:39:52] <Astrelle> !
  178. [21:39:53] <@LonoxDMont> the manor lies before you. the gates are open, as is usual in the daytime. meiling "stands" at attention against the wall. sleeping on the job, how disgraceful...
  179. [21:39:53] <Saikorogami> Astrelle, Sorry, I don't have that alias stored for your name.
  180. [21:39:57] <Astrelle> "Why didn't I think of that?"
  181. [21:41:19] <Audrey> "You stay out here." She says as she opens the front gates as if it was the most natural thing in the world.  Even sleeping Meiling could beat her up.
  182. [21:41:55] <Honoo> She nearly blasts towards the gate, too. "O-oh. OK!" This doesn't stop her voice from being kind of loud.
  183. [21:42:31] * Astrelle wears a giant ? over her head but flits in place as ordered.
  184. [21:43:00] * Honoo pokes the ?.
  185. [21:43:08] <Astrelle> IT BLOWS UP.
  186. [21:43:27] <~Heizu> "Wait out what?" she replies long after Audrey is probably out of hearing distance and proceeds to ghost through the gate.
  187. [21:44:15] * Astrelle nods along to nobody in particular and flits after the ghost... into the gate.
  188. [21:44:16] <Astrelle> Bonk.
  189. [21:46:05] * Audrey opens the main door and walks in.
  190. [21:46:54] <Honoo> "I...huh." Glance. Glance. One person gone, two person gone, three person gone. CAN'T BE ALONE, PEOPLE WILL GET HER. "Wait for me!" She continues to speak loudly and go in the general direction of the gate
  191. [21:48:13] * ~Heizu keeps floating through walls after Audrey, hopefully not losing sight of her if she's going any faster than a brisk walk.
  192. [21:48:28] <@LonoxDMont> meiling: *mumble mumble*"heeey, you guys arent... meat buns..." *mumble*
  193. [21:48:39] <@LonoxDMont> she resumes snoring.
  194. [21:49:32] <Honoo> She flies on without a care in the world. Her compulsion to set things on fire goes with, and...well, at least she's not going alone!
  195. [21:50:14] <@LonoxDMont> the smoke and glow from the fire is visible, even from here.
  196. [21:50:23] * Astrelle idly flies OVER the mansion, hoping to find some kind of... something while the others instead go in.
  197. [21:51:45] <Honoo> D-definitely not going alone. ...She'll stick with going inside though. Safety in numbers! Any fairy knows that safety in numbers works! ...Sometimes!
  198. [21:54:03] <@LonoxDMont> the fairy maids are lined up against the windows watching the smoke and glow of the fire. some are even trying to bet on how long it will take to get put out! but they cant really count well, so its not very effective...
  199. [21:55:58] <@LonoxDMont> fairy1: "i bet it takes till teatime to get put out!" fairy2: "no way, itl take at least two teatimes to get put out!" fairy3: "but isnt teatime just whenever we want tea?" fairy1: "oh yeah..."
  200. [21:56:38] <Honoo> It should be noted that Honoo is fairy loved. Or at least, fairy known.
  201. [21:56:51] * Audrey grabs a random fairy from the window "Hey, we need some help getting the librarian."
  202. [21:56:56] <@LonoxDMont> let me look that up real quick
  203. [21:58:11] <@LonoxDMont> ok
  204. [21:58:43] <Honoo> "It's to put out a fire that I didn't have any part in creating, since it was an accident that I had no part in!" She's completely forgotten that she was supposed to wait here.
  205. [21:59:19] <@LonoxDMont> a couple of fairies notice the newcomers. fairy1: "oh, new people! shouldnt we tell someone?" fairy3: "well if meiling let them in they must be allowed in or something..."
  206. [21:59:31] <@LonoxDMont> *china
  207. [22:00:38] <Honoo> Or THERE, even. "Y-yeah, we were allowed in." Nod nod. (lie)
  208. [22:00:40] * Astrelle totally followed the fairy, and just nods.
  209. [22:01:39] * Audrey rolls her eyes at another of the fire fairy's lies, "Anyhow we need a guide, last time it took me hours to get out of that maze."
  210. [22:01:55] <@LonoxDMont> fairy1: "oh hey! its red!" fairy2: "hi red! are you here to play?"
  211. [22:02:13] <~Heizu> "Oh, a way out? You just need to go this way." As she disappears through the wall.
  212. [22:03:10] <@LonoxDMont> fairy3: "oh neat! let me try!"
  213. [22:03:24] <@LonoxDMont> the fairy tries to fly through the wall, with predictable results.
  214. [22:03:36] * Astrelle giggles slightly, knowing all-too-well how that feels.
  215. [22:03:41] <@LonoxDMont> fairy3: "auwawawa..."
  216. [22:04:28] * Audrey sighs, "Fine you scatterbrains." She leaves the fairies alone before going to the library and slamming the doors open.
  217. [22:05:08] <@LonoxDMont> from very far away... patchy: "please dont slam the door."
  218. [22:05:28] <Honoo> This might very well become a compulsion. "Play?" She mulls this over, before...getting distracted by noticing the trick only now. "How does she make it look that easy? And...there's no hole! I can do that but it involves making a hole."
  219. [22:05:54] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: "ah, please dont do that! lady sakuya will have our heads!"
  220. [22:07:13] <@LonoxDMont> the library is vast and confusing as usual, the stacks of books seeming to stretch farther than they should...
  221. [22:07:26] * ~Heizu slowly phases into the room from the wall near the fairies.. "Heeeeaaaaadds?"
  222. [22:07:47] <@LonoxDMont> fairy1&2: "AAAHHH!"
  223. [22:07:59] * Astrelle flits around making the noise that birdwings make.
  224. [22:08:01] <@LonoxDMont> fairy3: "what?"
  225. [22:08:13] <@LonoxDMont> the 3rd fairy looks at the head
  226. [22:08:33] <Honoo> "A-ah, right." ... "Play...with all those people probably chasing me for starting that fire that I didn't start--h-hey, how do you DO that?" She's curious! And somehow not terrified at the ghosty poking her head in! SHE'S BRAVE, if little else.
  227. [22:08:40] <@LonoxDMont> fairy3: "eep!" she cowers on the ground with her head under her arms
  228. [22:08:58] <~Heizu> "Hee hee.. That never gets old. Well, time to find out where the other one went..." And she goes poking into random walls.
  229. [22:09:24] <Audrey> Well, it seems like she can be heard, but she'd rather talk personally.  She begins to head towards the where the librarian's study is.  Hurrying up as she does
  230. [22:09:43] <@LonoxDMont> the flying conditions over the SDM are pretty average, not that much to deal with. theres a few birds and things flying over the lake away from the human villiage.
  231. [22:10:41] <@LonoxDMont> heizu finds herself ina  scullery, a broom closet, a plumbing access shaft and finally part of the library.
  232. [22:11:05] <~Heizu> "Bleh.. nasty rooms.. Hey books! I found it~"
  233. [22:11:38] <Honoo> "Hmmmmmmmmm." Ignored. A typical feeling. "I guess I'll have to figure it out myself! Trial and error!" She starts walking into a wall, then bouncing off of it. She continues to do this. "Maybe if I think like this and walk like this--ow. No, what if I...." ... "Ow." ... "Ow."
  234. [22:12:17] <@LonoxDMont> unfortunately all honoo accomplishes is welts on her head and dents in the wall.
  235. [22:12:32] * Astrelle has no idea where she's even flying anymore what the fuck
  236. [22:12:54] <@LonoxDMont> astrele is over part of the lake.
  237. [22:13:11] <@LonoxDMont> along the shore, near the edge of part of the...
  238. [22:13:22] * Astrelle briefly wonders why the mansion looks like a lake but shrugs it off and keeps going!
  239. [22:13:30] <@LonoxDMont> forest of magic
  240. [22:14:07] <@LonoxDMont> well i assumed she flew in a straight line
  241. [22:14:13] <@LonoxDMont> or was she hovering?
  242. [22:14:15] <Honoo> Damned if she isn't trying, though. After several more attempts, she makes a realization. "This isn't working. There's probably magic involved. ...Maybe if I...cover myself in fire..." She coats herself in fire and tries again. In case of failure, there's probably at least five more repeats.
  243. [22:14:18] <Astrelle> Well, she's actually just THAT lost.
  244. [22:14:59] <Honoo> Is fire the answer to everything? Possibly, but in a bad way.
  245. [22:15:07] <@LonoxDMont> fairy4: "hey guys, its teatime~"
  246. [22:15:24] <@LonoxDMont> the fairy trips over fairy3 on the floor, and flings the tea Honooward!
  247. [22:15:39] <@LonoxDMont> "oh no!"
  248. [22:17:23] <Honoo> Is that a liquid going in her general direction? Because if it is, and Honoo notices, she'll increase her walking speed to full on flight while on fire against that wall, determined to figure it out in a panic or maybe bust through the wall. There is a loud "AAAAAAA" involved.
  249. [22:17:52] <Honoo> Also, she unleashes danmaku forward in a panic. That's probably a thing.
  250. [22:25:36] <@LonoxDMont> there is now an on-fire honoo-shaped hole in the wall, with the fairy screeching out over the lake.
  251. [22:26:45] * Astrelle finds nothing on the lake and turns around, hearing this. Flitflit.
  252. [22:26:57] <@LonoxDMont> the fairys dowse the flames with the rest of the tea, but the hole is still troublesome...
  253. [22:27:44] <Honoo> "..."
  254. [22:27:56] <@LonoxDMont> the outline of our favorite fire fairy quickly cumbles into a larger opening, the wall weakened by the heat. its not a huge hole though.
  255. [22:27:57] <Astrelle> Flitflit.
  256. [22:28:11] <Honoo> "I did it!" She's proud of herself, and completely unaware she made a hole and probably set the wall on fire or something.
  257. [22:28:17] <@LonoxDMont> large enough for a certain bird to pass through easily~
  258. [22:28:28] * Astrelle adjusts her glasses and flits over the location a few times. "... Why can't we just use tea to put the fire out?"
  259. [22:29:16] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: "ah! good idea! ill go make some!"
  260. [22:29:51] <@LonoxDMont> the fairy flits off over to some part of the mansion
  261. [22:30:01] <Honoo> "...That might be a good idea! That's a good idea! As expected of a birdy!"
  262. [22:30:21] <Astrelle> "~"
  263. [22:30:40] <Astrelle> "... So where were the others?  Shouldn't we go tell them about this?"
  264. [22:31:05] * ~Heizu starts passing through bookshelf after bookshelf trying to find anybody in the library, this not being a familiar place for her. "Helloooo. Plant lady?... Book lady?"
  265. [22:31:06] <@LonoxDMont> fairy1: "that ghost lady and the plant went into the library."
  266. [22:31:33] <Astrelle> "So it's this way, right~?"  Flitflitflit~
  267. [22:31:45] <@LonoxDMont> patchy: "please be quiet in the library."
  268. [22:32:06] <@LonoxDMont> fairy1: "yeah!"
  269. [22:32:32] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: "heres the tea!"
  270. [22:32:46] <@LonoxDMont> she trips over fairy3 again, who has fallen asleep on the floor
  271. [22:32:47] * ~Heizu quieter "Oh okay." floating directly towards the voice.
  272. [22:32:58] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: "wuagh!"
  273. [22:33:16] <@LonoxDMont> the tea makes a neat arc and splashes on the smoldering wall, putting it out
  274. [22:33:36] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: "auuu, i was gonna drink that..."
  275. [22:33:45] <@LonoxDMont> fairy2: ;-;
  276. [22:33:59] <Honoo> "Ah, they're back th--" She turns around. Large, gaping hole. "Oh. I didn't do it. Well I did that but I didn't do it." Pout.
  277. [22:34:24] <Astrelle> "Oooohhh, how're we gonna get this all the way back to the village?"
  278. [22:34:37] <@LonoxDMont> a small chunk of wall falls down.
  279. [22:35:32] <@LonoxDMont> assuming astrelle followed the fairy correctly, she now finds herself in the library.
  280. [22:36:03] * Astrelle does so, while teasing the fairies wordlessly. Cute fairies.
  281. [22:36:37] <Honoo> She totally went there! "And now...magical wall traveling, huge accidental fire I didn't did we end up here again?"
  282. [22:40:05] * ~Heizu hovers really close to Patchouli, while whispering, because you have to be quiet in libraries. "Hey.. Ms. Librarian. The village is on fire and maybe the mansioncanyouhelp."
  283. [22:40:47] <@LonoxDMont> Patchouli Knowledge, the owner of Voile, sits atop a pile of books, several suspended in midair around her.
  284. [22:42:14] * Astrelle flitflits along the library to this scene, getting lost in bookshelves along the way. Maybe literally? Who knows!
  285. [22:42:21] <Honoo> "It wasn't my fault, because it was an accident that I had no part in!" She nods enthusiastically.
  286. [22:43:06] <@LonoxDMont> she looks up from her book. "hmm? who are you. go away, im busy."
  287. [22:43:18] <@LonoxDMont> pageturn.
  288. [22:44:55] * ~Heizu looks kinda troubled. "Uhm.. But the fire.. And I think the source of it might be somewhere in your library."
  289. [22:46:15] <@LonoxDMont> "mmm? thats troublesome."
  290. [22:46:27] <@LonoxDMont> patchy: *sigh*
  291. [22:46:34] <Honoo> "The source is definitely not in your library." Nod nod.
  292. [22:46:46] <~Heizu> "Oh hey, there it is. Hi~"
  293. [22:47:00] <@LonoxDMont> "you are troublesome. what can i do to make you go away."
  294. [22:47:06] <Astrelle> "We were looking for the source, weren't we?"  FLITFLI!  "Where is it, where is it?"
  295. [22:48:42] <~Heizu> "But I thought we just wanted to put the fire out... right? I can't carry a lake."
  296. [22:48:54] <@LonoxDMont> "why would you try and carry a lake?"
  297. [22:49:11] <~Heizu> "Because the village is on fire.."
  298. [22:49:52] <Astrelle> "If we can't carry the lake, how CAN we put it out?"
  299. [22:49:56] * Astrelle PONDERS.
  300. [22:50:33] <@LonoxDMont> "hmm..."
  301. [22:50:40] * @LonoxDMont bookclose
  302. [22:50:51] <Honoo> Honoo flutters around the bookshelves. The realization that everything in here is really flammable hits her. "If...I were to...nnnng..."
  303. [22:50:59] <@LonoxDMont> "well, you might not be able to carry the whole lake but you can take part of it, if you are careful."
  304. [22:51:07] <Astrelle> "Really?"
  305. [22:51:17] <@LonoxDMont> patchy looks at honoo. "dont even think about it."
  306. [22:51:46] <@LonoxDMont> "its also no use, the books are protected with antifire magic."
  307. [22:52:26] <Honoo> "I'm trying--oh, they are?" She tries setting a book on fire immediately.
  308. [22:52:40] <Astrelle> Flitflit.  "But that would only matter if the culprit were here, right?"
  309. [22:53:00] <@LonoxDMont> patchy flings a danmaku at honoo
  310. [22:53:13] * ~Heizu floats out of the firing line~
  311. [22:53:26] <@LonoxDMont> honoo is smacked into a bookshelf, bringing a small pile of books atop her!
  312. [22:53:59] <@LonoxDMont> "see?"
  313. [22:54:08] * ~Heizu laughs nervously, "So uh.. Yeah the fastest way to get rid of us is to help us put out the village!"
  314. [22:54:15] * Astrelle does the same as Heizu, but that's only because she got lost trying to fly around.
  315. [22:54:32] <@LonoxDMont> *sigh*
  316. [22:54:44] <@LonoxDMont> she holds up her hand
  317. [22:54:55] <Honoo> Honoo is covered in books! "Owwwwwwww..." She pouts. "All this paper and none of it even and I can't..." Mutter mutter mutter.
  318. [22:55:32] <@LonoxDMont> [index locate 6582286285, 25563.]
  319. [22:55:43] <@LonoxDMont> (obv thats magispeak)
  320. [22:56:00] <@LonoxDMont> two books fly from the depths of the library into her waiting hand!
  321. [22:56:24] <@LonoxDMont> she holds one up
  322. [22:56:59] <@LonoxDMont> "this book is special, with it i can make temporary copies of any book in here. the other one has a few water handling spells in it. hopefully you see where im going with this."
  323. [22:57:24] * ~Heizu stares blankly for a little while, before nodding.
  324. [22:58:16] <@LonoxDMont> she puts the "blank" book atop the other one.
  325. [22:58:42] <@LonoxDMont> [XEROX SIGN! COPY MACHINE OF THE GODS!]
  326. [22:59:22] <@LonoxDMont> the two books glow brightly, then return to normal. they both look identical now...
  327. [22:59:37] <@LonoxDMont> she hands you the top book.
  328. [22:59:54] * Astrelle flitflits behind the goast. "Sooooooo how do we USE it?"
  329. [23:00:03] <@LonoxDMont> "this book will vanish and return here in 12 hours. id rather you got it back before then."
  330. [23:00:25] * ~Heizu nods, "Okay!"
  331. [23:00:40] <@LonoxDMont> "open it over the lake, preferably as close to the human villiage as you can. dont open it anywhere else."
  332. [23:01:07] <@LonoxDMont> "ah, forgot to ask. are any of you magic users?"
  333. [23:01:13] <Astrelle> "We can definitely do that... can't we?"
  334. [23:01:17] * ~Heizu has already started floating out the nearest window.
  335. [23:01:29] * Astrelle flits in circles trying and failing to remember magic spells. "... Maybe?"
  336. [23:01:39] <@LonoxDMont> *sigh*
  337. [23:01:54] <Honoo> "Kinda sorta--ow these are all heavy"
  338. [23:02:47] <@LonoxDMont> "open it over the lake, then fly to the human village. dont dawdle, it will be unstable. if it gets away from you its your own fault."
  339. [23:03:09] <Astrelle> "We can do it~  ... can't we?"
  340. [23:03:18] <@LonoxDMont> she makes a flinging motion with a hand in honoos general direction
  341. [23:03:24] * Astrelle confidently attempts to leave through... maybe a window or something.
  342. [23:03:39] <@LonoxDMont> the books and possible honoo go flying into the air, the books to the shelf and honoo to ???
  343. [23:04:11] <@LonoxDMont> by which i mean honoo either slams into another bookshelf or not
  344. [23:04:25] <@LonoxDMont> regardless, shes not buried anymore
  345. [23:05:22] <Honoo> Likely slammed into a bookshelf. "Oww...C-can we get out of here now? This place is weird. All this...non flammable paper in one place. It's just wrong." She shivers.
  346. [23:05:41] * Astrelle circles around and grabs the fairy by the hand! D'awww.
  347. [23:06:03] * ~Heizu floats off through the wall closest to the lake, leaving the book stuck to the wall. Comes back a moment later and attempts to find an open window instead.
  348. [23:06:28] <@LonoxDMont> "good luck..."
  349. [23:06:50] <@LonoxDMont> patchy climbs back atop the book pile. "now where was i..."
  350. [23:07:03] <@LonoxDMont> the books resume their former floating state.
  351. [23:07:27] * Astrelle leads Honoo out said open window!
  352. [23:07:31] <Astrelle> By FORCE.
  353. [23:10:05] <@LonoxDMont> the open window gives no resistance to your passage, and you find yourself over the lake again.
  354. [23:10:23] <Honoo> She flies, still muttering about how that place is WEIRD and it's next to that cold lake and aaaaaaaa.
  355. [23:10:33] <Astrelle> "It's over the lake... so how close do we need to get to the village?"
  356. [23:10:39] <Astrelle> Flitflitflit.
  357. [23:10:57] <~Heizu> "Iunno~ Just really close because it'll.. something."
  358. [23:13:05] <Astrelle> "Is this close enough?"
  359. [23:13:11] * Astrelle repeats this question every ~10 seconds.
  360. [23:13:44] <@LonoxDMont> you find yourself close to the edge of the lake. still over the deep water, though.
  361. [23:14:01] * ~Heizu keeps answering "no" untill about right where we are. "Yes"
  362. [23:14:01] <@LonoxDMont> the book faintly glows.
  363. [23:14:16] * Astrelle :Ds and tries to pry the book open!
  364. [23:14:39] <~Heizu> "Hey! No grabby! Bad bird!"
  365. [23:15:12] * Astrelle wears a :< instead. "But what if we take too long?"
  366. [23:15:22] <Astrelle> "That's bad, isn't it?"
  367. [23:15:35] <~Heizu> "You're supposed to ask politely!"
  368. [23:15:37] <@LonoxDMont> the book opens easily. "on wind and water: a treatise." this reads the title page.
  369. [23:16:07] * ~Heizu isn't sure of what to make of the book, so she just points the pages at the water.
  370. [23:16:46] <Astrelle> "Oh~  May I please... ... it's activating itself, isn't it?"
  371. [23:16:51] * Astrelle observes.
  372. [23:17:31] * ~Heizu shrugs, keeps pointing at the water.
  373. [23:17:50] <Honoo> Honoo waits, definitely not above the lake! It's cold and aaaaa.
  374. [23:20:35] <@LonoxDMont> the book flips back and forth through the pages on its own, the glows brightly!
  375. [23:20:39] <@LonoxDMont> *then
  376. [23:21:05] <@LonoxDMont> a magic circle floats in front of the book.
  377. [23:21:45] <@LonoxDMont> suddenly kanji appear around it! [7 PILLAR SIGN! DANCE OF THE WATER DRAGON GOD!]
  378. [23:22:01] <@LonoxDMont> the wind stirs itself into a sudden frenzy!
  379. [23:22:18] <@LonoxDMont> waterspouts shoot up from the lake!
  380. [23:22:33] <@LonoxDMont> they combine into one large one and several smaller ones!
  381. [23:22:37] * ~Heizu cringes and looks a bit nervous but keeps a firm grip on the book.
  382. [23:22:50] <@LonoxDMont> theres plenty of water around now... but they dont appear to be attacking?
  383. [23:23:16] <@LonoxDMont> the book keeps flipping back between two pages...
  384. [23:23:42] <@LonoxDMont> its starts trying to wrestle itself from your hands!
  385. [23:23:44] <Astrelle> "Aaaaaaaaare we.... supposed to do something?"
  386. [23:23:57] <~Heizu> "Aaaah, no! My book! Water spouts, go to the village over there?" She turns the book to face towards the town which is probably just a pile of ash by now.
  387. [23:24:15] <@LonoxDMont> they obediantly head off in that direction.
  388. [23:24:40] * ~Heizu floats off after them. "Oh geez, I hope they aren't too rough. Just get all the fire!"
  389. [23:25:32] <Astrelle> "By now everybody's probably left, right?"  The bird smiles while observing flittily.  "So don't you think it's okay?"
  390. [23:25:33] <@LonoxDMont> unfortunately waterspouts are waterspouts... they seem to have picked up some debris from the forest. maybe this is what patchy meant about make haste?
  391. [23:27:07] * ~Heizu shoves the book into Astrelle's hand. "You're faster, go to the village and tell them what to do!"
  392. [23:27:24] <@LonoxDMont> the party follows the waterspouts. or do the waterspouts follow the party? either way, you make your way towards the human village
  393. [23:27:28] * Astrelle nodnods and gives... is that a salute? Before ZOOOOOOOOOM.
  394. [23:27:57] <Honoo> Honoo follows! Gotta follow Astrelle! Never mind that they're going BACK TO THE VILLAGE and all.
  395. [23:28:31] * ~Heizu drifts her pitifully slow speed after them, she'll probably end up missing everything.
  396. [23:28:55] <@LonoxDMont> one of the waterspouts runs into Heizu!
  397. [23:29:01] <@LonoxDMont> but, shes not flung about?
  398. [23:29:06] <@LonoxDMont> almost looks like...
  399. [23:29:08] <@LonoxDMont> shes riding it?
  400. [23:29:09] * Astrelle flitflits like a MAX-SPEED SUPERBIRD toward the village, taking hardly any care where the book aims because GOTTA GO FAST
  401. [23:29:28] <~Heizu> "Aaaaaaaa! ... ... Wheeeee!"
  402. [23:30:12] <@LonoxDMont> the waterspouts wind their way towards the human villiage, you can see the fire now its not as strong as it was...
  403. [23:30:18] <@LonoxDMont> *now!
  404. [23:31:04] <@LonoxDMont> the human villiage, or whats left of it, is aflame before you.
  405. [23:31:11] <Astrelle> "Don't worry, it'll be okay?"  ... HEY, THAT'S NOT A QUESTION.
  406. [23:32:44] <@LonoxDMont> what wouldst thou do?
  407. [23:32:55] * Astrelle flitflits over the village to look for survivors!
  408. [23:34:03] <Honoo> Just keep on flying forward until things look like they're not terrible, completely forgetting why she's over here and aren't there people that want her head on a pike. Yay!
  409. [23:34:09] <@LonoxDMont> the humans are desparately battling the blaze with whatever they can, theres a bucket brigade between the well and the largest blaze, and some peoplea re using wet blankets and dirt to try and fight the fire, but the fact that the whole village is wooden shacks nailed together isnt helping...
  410. [23:34:26] * ~Heizu surfs her waterspout up to the rest of them. "What are you waiting for? Put out the town! Just the fire parts, not the people.. Unless they're on fire.."
  411. [23:34:56] <@LonoxDMont> the watersputs racetowards the fire!
  412. [23:35:03] <@LonoxDMont> they suck it up!
  413. [23:35:03] * Astrelle nods and starts AIMING THE BOOK at the fire! Which... may not go so well considering being the tiny bird she is, 'Strelly has the physical strength of, like, nothing.
  414. [23:35:08] <Astrelle> And if there's any recoil WHOA.
  415. [23:35:24] <@LonoxDMont> now they are on fire as well!
  416. [23:35:28] <@LonoxDMont> just kidding~
  417. [23:35:37] <Astrelle> how would that even make any sense
  418. [23:36:00] <Honoo> It wouldn't. But neither is Touhou. Touhou isn't sense.
  419. [23:36:04] <@LonoxDMont> the watersputs start qenching the blaze! unfortunately, they pull a lot of ash and dirt with them as they do so...
  420. [23:36:32] <@LonoxDMont> whats left of the burning buildings is quickly torn apart by the whirlwinds.
  421. [23:37:08] <@LonoxDMont> soon, most of the fires are out, but the effort kinda took the buildings with it...
  422. [23:37:19] * Astrelle is none the wiser! "So it worked, right?"
  423. [23:37:20] <Honoo> "And everything is better now!" Incredible bad.
  424. [23:37:25] <Honoo> "Yep!"
  425. [23:37:29] * ~Heizu just kinda hovers there.. "Um.. uh oh."
  426. [23:37:29] <@LonoxDMont> therses a few left, but now you have a pile of garbage filled whirlwinds to deal with...
  427. [23:37:44] <~Heizu> "Quick go put them back in the water!"
  428. [23:38:03] * Astrelle gives another salute and ZIPs off.
  429. [23:38:06] <@LonoxDMont> is the book... ticking?
  431. [23:38:22] <@LonoxDMont> tick tick tick tick tick
  432. [23:38:28] <@LonoxDMont> ding!
  434. [23:38:33] <@LonoxDMont> why is a book go ding!
  435. [23:38:38] <@LonoxDMont> ?
  436. [23:38:43] * Astrelle pauses to look at it.
  437. [23:38:54] <@LonoxDMont> [TIME UP]
  438. [23:39:09] <@LonoxDMont> the whirlwinds start to lose strenght
  439. [23:39:14] <Astrelle> "... Well we were done anyway, weren't we?"
  440. [23:39:28] * Astrelle gives the book odd looks.
  441. [23:39:30] <@LonoxDMont> the whirlwinds collapse, spraying mud and debris everywhere!
  442. [23:39:40] <Astrelle> ... While pointing it back at the lake.
  443. [23:39:55] <Honoo> Toast is done! I mean...Honoo follows Astrelle, unaware of the ticking and likely being left behind. Oh well! She watches the whirlwind and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mud dampens fire SHE BETTER BE FAR AWAY FROM THIS STUFF
  444. [23:40:08] <@LonoxDMont> pretty much the whole path from the lake to the villiage is now mud, smoldering debris, and ash :B
  445. [23:40:15] <Astrelle> MISSION SUCCESS!
  446. [23:40:18] <@LonoxDMont> however!
  447. [23:40:22] <@LonoxDMont> none of it messed up the lake!
  448. [23:40:26] <@LonoxDMont> :D
  449. [23:40:45] <@LonoxDMont> everyone not in the air kinda got mudded pretty hard though
  450. [23:40:53] <Honoo> Honoo has mixed feelings about this. Most are negative. Mutter mutter.
  451. [23:40:57] <~Heizu> "Welp..."
  452. [23:41:04] <Astrelle> "Well we did it, huh?"
  453. [23:41:10] * Astrelle is SO proud of herself.
  454. [23:41:13] * ~Heizu hovers down towards the village to see if anybody/thing is still on fire.
  455. [23:41:28] <@LonoxDMont> the vilagers finish putting out the few spots that remain after all that.
  456. [23:42:06] <Astrelle> "Soooo now what?"  Completely ignorant to how bad the villagers have it, the bird headtilts while still in the sky with Honoo.  "We're supposed to take it back, right?"
  457. [23:42:28] <@LonoxDMont> the village headman waves at you
  458. [23:42:38] <@LonoxDMont> looks like he wants to have a bit of a talk with you
  459. [23:42:51] * ~Heizu waves back enthusiastically. "Hi! I tried to help with the water situation!"
  460. [23:42:53] <Astrelle> Okay THEEEEEN it's time to flitflitflit down to the village.
  461. [23:42:56] <Honoo> "...But we did it! We fixed the fire that I had no intention of creating so I didn't do it because it was an accident that I had no part in!" Woo! "And the book...we...I think we take it back!" Does he look kind of angry?
  462. [23:43:07] * Astrelle GRABS HONOO AGAIN and flies down!
  463. [23:43:16] <Astrelle> CLEARLY THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAN GO WRONG
  464. [23:43:16] <@LonoxDMont> hes a bit perturbed, but his village kinda got swept away...
  465. [23:43:49] <Honoo> Well if she's grabbed then she's totally being swept towards potential doom anyawy. WHOOP.
  466. [23:44:12] <@LonoxDMont> he motions a young child forward.
  467. [23:44:32] * Astrelle flits to the chiefguy. "We did a good job, right?"
  468. [23:44:33] <@LonoxDMont> "there, is that the fairy you saw?"
  469. [23:44:39] <@LonoxDMont> "yeah!"
  470. [23:44:51] <Astrelle> ... "?"
  471. [23:44:54] <@LonoxDMont> "well then, now we know."
  472. [23:45:00] * Astrelle forms a giant pink ? above her head again.
  473. [23:45:11] * ~Heizu turns to look at Honoo, "Oh yeah that one, it followed us to get the water too to put out the village."
  474. [23:45:32] <@LonoxDMont> "oh, yeah you missed it. we figured out how the fire started."
  475. [23:45:41] * Astrelle nods proudly. "We're all the ones who helped, can't you tell?"
  476. [23:45:56] <@LonoxDMont> "tell them what you saw, kid."
  477. [23:46:29] <@LonoxDMont> "i saw that fairy in the barn with the cows and there was a lantern left over from the milking and then the fairy left and then the cow spooked and kicked the lamp."
  478. [23:46:47] <@LonoxDMont> "fairy, please stay out of the barn."
  479. [23:46:54] <@LonoxDMont> "and help us clean up this mess!"
  480. [23:47:06] <@LonoxDMont> "if you do, then we wont be too angry with you."
  481. [23:47:09] <Astrelle> "Ohhh, so was that all the culprit was?"
  482. [23:47:21] <@LonoxDMont> "also, thank you for saving us from the fire. thats why we arent mad."
  483. [23:48:03] * ~Heizu lets out a bit of a grin, "Hehe! I told the water dragons things to be gentle but they made kind of a mess."
  484. [23:48:07] <@LonoxDMont> "well, not as mad i guess."
  485. [23:48:24] * Astrelle flits happily! "Then I, the best delivery youkai in gensokyo, should help too, shouldn't I?"
  486. [23:48:25] <@LonoxDMont> "hey, as long as you give us a hand everything should work out fine."
  487. [23:48:39] <Astrelle> "Or... what COULD be delivered?"
  488. [23:48:47] * Astrelle flies upside-down, DEEP IN THOUGHT.
  489. [23:48:47] <@LonoxDMont> "yes, we will need people to bring materials around to rebuild. i think you should do just fine."
  490. [23:48:53] <Astrelle> ~
  491. [23:49:30] <@LonoxDMont> theres a small commotion at the back of the croud.
  492. [23:50:05] <@LonoxDMont> kemui: "come oooooon, just a little bite? even if you arent cooked well you will still be tasty! pleeeeease?"
  493. [23:50:18] <Honoo> "See! I told you so! It was an accident and it wasn't me!" Nod nod. "...I guess I'll help out then." If she's not gonna get destroyed, then maybe this was for the best! "Cows shouldn't get all spooked like that." Mutter mutter.
  494. [23:50:51] * ~Heizu floats off to find the bear. "Heyyyy, no! Bad bear! We just saved people you don't get to eat them!"
  495. [23:51:14] <@LonoxDMont> kemui: "oh fine..." hmph! i-its not like i wanted to eat you anyways! you probably taste horrible!"
  496. [23:51:24] <@LonoxDMont> she pouts and then wanders away
  497. [23:51:52] * Astrelle flies over there too and comically looks toward Heizu while the bear leaves. "... Is human REALLY that tasty?"
  498. [23:52:30] <~Heizu> "I don't know, i'm not a cannibal. Humans aren't for eating~"
  499. [23:53:35] <Honoo> "I guess if you cook something and flavor it right, anything can be tasty. Mostly the cook right." Hum, hum.
  500. [23:53:58] <Astrelle> The bird nods along.  "But speaking of eating, after we clean up and deliver the book back, how about we celebrate~?  Since we resolved the incident, right?"
  501. [23:54:06] <Astrelle> "And didn't those fairies say they'd give us their tea?"
  502. [23:54:51] <~Heizu> "They were throwing it at you..."
  503. [23:55:03] <Astrelle> "... Were they really?"
  504. [23:55:10] <@LonoxDMont> "hmm, yeah, a celebration should be in order, once we have this squared away. how does that sound, everyone?"
  505. [23:55:21] <@LonoxDMont> a ragged cher is heard from the villagers!
  506. [23:55:25] <@LonoxDMont> *cheer
  507. [23:55:32] <Astrelle> ~!
  508. [23:55:41] * ~Heizu leans in to Astrelle, "Lets not invite the plant lady, she didn't help clean up at all!"
  509. [23:55:57] <Honoo> "...Oh! They did say that! We worked really hard to stop the thing that I totally didn't start on purpose and..." ... "...Huh. Why doesn't tea sound as good, anymore? Oh well, a celebration sounds nice!"
  510. [23:55:59] <Astrelle> "Right- who was she, anyway?"
  511. [23:56:14] <Astrelle> "... But she helped us find the librarian, shouldn't we at least thank her?"
  512. [23:56:50] <@LonoxDMont> AND ONCE AGAIN
  513. [23:56:52] <@LonoxDMont> THE DAY
  514. [23:56:53] <@LonoxDMont> IS SAVED
  515. [23:56:55] <@LonoxDMont> THANKS TO:
  516. [23:56:58] <~Heizu> "I guess we need to take the librarian her book back.. but.. uh.. where did that go?"
  517. [23:57:00] <@LonoxDMont> well, uh, these guys i guess
  518. [23:57:10] <@LonoxDMont> ANYHOW
  519. [23:57:16] <Astrelle> "Don't worry, I'm the fastest- leave delivering up to me, okay?"
  520. [23:57:16] <@LonoxDMont> credit montage!
  521. [23:57:29] <~Heizu> (It had a timer on it, I think it might be gone gone)
  522. [23:57:31] <Astrelle> The credit montage is an image of us all drinking tea together, right?
  523. [23:57:48] * @LonoxDMont the village was restored to its former ramshackle glory. the extra room even let them add a few hings!
  524. [23:57:59] * @LonoxDMont the path got cleaned up
  525. [23:58:23] * @LonoxDMont the hole in the wall at the sdm got patched, with sakuya yelling at the faries for making another mess
  526. [23:58:29] * @LonoxDMont patchy got her book back
  527. [23:58:43] * @LonoxDMont and the village had a celebration with the heros of the day!
  528. [23:58:50] <Astrelle> WAS
  529. [23:58:50] <Astrelle> THERE
  530. [23:58:51] <Astrelle> TEA?
  531. [23:58:53] <@LonoxDMont> and then the girls drank tea.
  532. [23:58:56] <Astrelle> YESSSSSSSSSSS
  533. [23:59:01] <Honoo> It should be noted...
  534. [23:59:19] <Honoo> That Honoo was the one that lit that lantern in the first place. Oops!
  535. [23:59:33] <@LonoxDMont> :D
  536. [23:59:35] <Honoo> BUT TEA IS NICE!
  537. [00:00:18] <@LonoxDMont> ~ the end ~
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