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Nov 13th, 2018
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  1. ##################
  2. ####### Billar #####
  3. ## TELEGRAM.ME/mbmbms ##
  4. ## Indexator v9.2 ##
  5. #################
  10. Upgrade to v9 for ALL:
  11. - Read the NEW requirements in the column "Installation:" (below)
  12. - Replace the files with new ones
  13. - CHMOD 0777 / tmp / and all files inside
  14. - "Settings" -> Click "Regenerate" -> "Save"
  15. - "Shells" -> Click the "Insert Indexer Code" -> "Save" -> "Restore Includ"
  18. v9
  19. - Support for PHP7 + APCU: increased performance and a significant reduction in the consumption of RAM.
  20. - Updating of layout and description (including manual)
  21. - 23 bug fixes
  22. - updating the run algorithm to the current one for 2018
  25. v8
  26. - The kernel has been optimized. Up to 60%
  27. - Script auto-update script: u.php (Can be put on cron)
  28. - Improved base of cloaca
  29. - Increased the "range" and "the number of links to the page" to 5 (was 3).
  30. - Improved link output
  31. - Made 2 versions of the script: RU (Google + Yandex) and BURG (Google + Yahoo + Bing (MSN))
  32. - Fixed many minor bugs and bugs (logic + design)
  34. Welcome to the world of carefree SEO! And one of the doors to this wonderful world is called the indexer of the billy :)
  36. Indexer - a script for instant indexing of pages in search engines. For this, sites (donors) are used, where you place a special code for the script.
  37. This code uses a specific algorithm to place links on your donors database, thus:
  38. - For minutes, even novo-registers in the index (In Yandex attracts fast, in google - the index in an hour)
  39. - It raises positions (MF, LF kei - TOP-10 in most cases of the run by the indexer). Khrumer with an anchor run did not give a similar result.
  40. - Does not create spamming (effect of exploding links)
  43. What sets the script apart from competitors?
  44. - The best cloaca: uses its own IP bots database + autocomplete database (based on the script's experience) + filter by user-agent'y
  45. - AutoIncloud: the script will automatically place Includ
  46. - Flexible setting: the choice of a priority search engine, the distribution of links to certain categories of donors, setting the number of published links and their multiplication
  47. - Mode "SAPE": to increase the position of high-frequency caches (works on minimum HF queries, for example: steam stealer, download update windows 7 x64)
  48. - The most hidden work, allows you to keep donors without loss for a long time
  54. Installation:
  56. After receiving the script, immediately send me the IP server (if you are an old client, then together with the old IP), on which to draw the binding:
  57. 1) IP server
  58. 1.1) If you are an old client, then the old IP + new IP
  59. 2) ICQ / Skype / E-Mail which will be supported and updated
  61. Change IP license:
  62. Write to TELEGRAM.ME/mbmbms, send the old and the new IP. Setup only after changing the IP address
  65. Requirements: PHP> = 5.3 (re: PHP 7.0) + MySQL + PDO + (InnoDB - otherwise it will not install stupidly) + PHP-APC> = 3.1.4 + APCu_BC ( apcu_bc)
  67. Installation instructions for APCu ->
  69. I'm not asked to install, configure.
  70. I support the script, trust the hoster.
  72. 0) url_fopen = on; curl; PHP as Apache (Normally tuning in ISPManager. In PHP, like CGI - does not work (pages are not added))
  73. If pages are not considered - 100% problem either in PHP-APC or its inoperability.
  75. 1) Upload scripts to the root of the domain. Those.
  76. www_ru - RU version
  77. www_en - BURGEH version
  78. httpd.conf -> php_admin_value open_basedir none
  79. my.cnf -> max_allowed_packet = 16M
  81. 2) Open admin.php, enter the required data for installation
  82. 2.1) Set permissions on the root folder, the tmp folder (and files inside), and the folder 'pinger' - 0777 (recursively and the folder with the script), if the installation does not occur (config.ini is not created).
  83. If this also did not help, open admin.php and change error_reporting to 1. See the error - solve the problem.
  84. 3) Use the script
  85. 4) Add execution of the script (once a week) to Cron:
  88. FAQ:
  89. Before contacting the support for any problems, check:
  90. 1) Do you have 0777 rights to the root, the tmp folder and the files inside
  91. 2) Is the PHP operating mode set to Apache (CGI will not work)
  92. 3) The script will only work on second-level domains (anti-bargaining). on domains 3go - will work in "demo" mode
  93. 4) NECESSARILY: look at the server error logs (error.log), there necessarily will be an error if it is present.
  94. VERY common: PHP Warning: curl_setopt (): CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION can not be activated when an open_basedir is set in ...
  95. This error causes: a problem in the work of the auto-enloud, as well as the counting of pages does not work
  98. It produces an error fsockopen, with fsockopen turned on and running.
  99. In the / etc / hosts file, remove for the domain
  100. The IP server in PHP configurations must be real, and not equal to (this is the basic setting) (SERVER_ADDR must be equal to this IP)
  102. Recalculation of statistics does not work:
  103. max_allowed_packet larger image
  104. max_allowed_packet = 16M
  106. The DB is flashing:
  107. 1. Speed ​​up MySQL. Moving temporary tables from disk (tmpdir) to RAM
  108. 2. Running optimize.php
  110. With these parameters, everything is ok, it can fall due to a lack of memory, which often happens, you should look at the logs: /var/log/mysql/error.log, there it is always written what is wrong.
  112. If you add links, there are donors, but do not chase the task:
  113. So you, my friend, are one of those unique people who were too lazy to read the beginning of the manual and tell me the IP.
  114. You have exactly 24 hours from the time of installation, to give me an IP (and after the activation of the license - to reboot the server), otherwise all donors will fall into the bank of Yandex.
  117. Does not add a job, writes "no selected file":
  118. If a job with more than 5000 links is not added, then the problem in the database limit is the maximum query length, or in the PHP limit for the maximum file size uploaded / maximum query size.
  119. Verification: try adding 10 links.
  120. Change the limit.
  121. Maximum of 10 files can be added.
  123. Not installing (refresh page):
  124. Most likely there are no rights to the root where admin.php is located. Can not enroll config.ini
  125. If this also did not help, open admin.php and change error_reporting to 1.
  126. See the error - solve the problem. Errors are in the error logs (the placement is usually next to the root folder of the site (logs)).
  127. error_log ... txt
  128. Before you torment me with problems with the installation - look into the error logs!
  130. Inklud does not work (does not add donors, pages):
  131. Inklud not otstuchal: 99% guarantee that you have a problem with PHP-APC. or the IP server is not registered under license (write to me)
  132. Or includ is not installed correctly. First of all, just run the script separately from donor, check if it will be added in this case.
  133. Those. create a separate php file on the shell with the code includa and run. He must (MUST) tear in the admin panel.
  135. If donors have appeared, but pages are not considered, most likely there is no IP license. I recommend to unsubscribe me within 24 hours
  136. IP otherwise the donors are flying to the abends of Yandex (that's how we are fighting the barygs).
  138. What server is needed to work:
  139. RAM 1GB is enough for everyone. The processor is not that important.
  141. What donors are needed:
  142. As much as possible and better.
  143. I have enough: 50-60 donors with index 5000+, TCI 50-1000.
  146. There are problems with the script:
  147. First of all, look at the server logs (error_log), there is likely to be an answer to your question.
  148. If you can not solve the problem yourself, then write to me at ICQ 92619 with an excerpt from the server logs, where an error is visible due to which something does not work.
  149. Write in format:
  150. * Problem in operation (description) *
  151. * Excerpt from logs *
  152. * Link to admin, login, password *
  156. In case of finding bugs - write, we will correct in the near future.
  160. A brief FAQ-recommendation on the compilation of tasks:
  162. I recommend to use ONLY [STATIC] run (links are remembered on the pages where they were first shown)
  163. [DYN] run it makes sense to use ONLY if there is not enough space on the donors or a small number of them.
  165. "Range" (0-5): setting for "competitiveness":
  166. n - for no competitive queries (if there is no result in the issuance of the key) Each page contains only 1 link.
  167. -1 + n + 1 - the previous link is published, the current one and the next one. This is for low-demand queries. When there are 1-15 sites in the issuance of a direct entry of the key.
  168. -2 + n + 2 - for medium-competitive ones. When sites are 15-100.
  169. 3,4,5 - for highly competitive inquiries. When 100+
  170. 5 - maximum recommended parameter based on tests
  172. "PINGER" (0-100%): I recommend using at a value of ~ 5-10% in any task.
  174. "PRIORITY" (RU: Google, Yandex | EN: Google, Yahoo + Bing (MSN): I recommend always downloading 100% of the referenced links in the priority of Google + Yandex (if RU dory, and 50% if the burg, only for Google)
  176. "RANDomize" (gallochka): if checked, then during the run, each new link MUST be on the donor, different from the previous one. I recommend to put this item ONLY if the amount of space on donors - an overabundance, as well as with very competitive requests.
  178. "Pages / Link" (1-5): this setting depends only on the frequency of the referenced links. If kei LF - 1, MF - 2, HF - 3,4,5 (Do not forget to consider the competitiveness when setting the range).
  180. LifeKhaki:
  181. - You can simultaneously upload up to 10 link files
  182. - You can specify the text before and after the link (in 1 line).
  183. Напр: Where can I find <a href=""> crane </a>?
  184. - You can download files in a non-anchor form (pure link) and enter the anchor when adding
  185. - You can not specify the name of the job (the name will consist of the names of the downloaded files_
  186. - In the "job manager", the middle file reference is used as the reference under the job name.
  187. - If you click on the progress bar of the "Range / Status" column, you will see detailed statistics, where you can see which page is the link.
  188. Also on this page you can save links to pages of donors where links from tasks in TXT format are placed
  190. Recipes for the run - with 100% guaranteed result:
  193. EN
  194. Low-competitive low-frequency kei by Yandex + Google: Priority "Yandex + Google", range -2 + n + 2, Number of links to 1 URL: 1, Category: ru + com
  195. Highly competitive HF kei by Yandex + Google: Number of links: 3, range -3 + n + 3. Priority is separate from Yandex and separately Google (if you need Google, add the task separately a second time)
  197. En
  198. The most important thing is the number of links.
  199. If you need to advance 2-3 requests and very quickly, then use the "Output HTML / JS" block to create end-to-end references.
  200. The remaining settings correspond to the logic RU
  202. _________________________________________
  204. Manual
  206. [Home] On this page, you add jobs to the indexer:
  207. Links are posted on 2+ levels of donors (*/*)
  209. Dynamic or Static Run:
  210. With dynamic links are shown on 1 page - 1 time. At a static - are remembered.
  212. * Reference range:
  213. ** 0 - on each page of the donor one link is published (one by one from the job). Those. each link is published only once.
  214. - Probability of sanctions for Dora and Donor is minimal
  215. - Run more smooth and uniform
  216. - Increase of positions only on LF Keys
  217. - Absence of indexation to APA, or a small percentage of a fast index
  218. ** 1 - 3 links are published on each page. (n-1), n, (n + 1). Those. link to the current, the link is current and the link is next.
  219. I personally use this range by default. I think the most optimal option.
  220. - Speed ​​up to 30-50% of links
  221. - Missing overshoots
  222. - Positions are increased almost at all, medium-competitive low-end kei, as well as low-competitive SR kei (Actually kei for dory)
  223. ** 2 - (n-2), (n-1), n, (n + 1), (n + 2) = 5 links
  224. - Already there is a clash of overshoots. Therefore, I recommend that you drive 50-80% of all Dora links.
  225. - Fast forward up to 90% of links
  226. - If the donors are of high quality, then they will increase their positions even in highly competitive SK cashes.
  227. ** 3 - (n-3), (n-2), (n-1), n, (n + 1), (n + 2), (n + 3) = 7 links
  228. - We recommend this range only for very high quality donors
  229. - The maximum possible effect with a full flight through the speedboat
  230. - It's not strange, but the positions do not increase more than on the "2"
  232. * Ping: Sending links along with the anhores to PING services.
  233. Specify the% -number of the links in the file that will be randomly selected and pinged.
  234. (You need to configure the script for this function)
  236. * Priority: Select the priority search engine.
  237. ** Yandex or Google: the links will be placed on the donor, only after visiting the Yandex bot or Google respectively.
  238. ** Yandex + Google: Recommended if the runway is calculated for both PS. At the same time,% nt of references that fall through the fastboot is reduced by 2 times.
  240. * Category: selection of certain donors that are placed in a certain category
  242. Add links to a .txt file, format:
  243. <a href="http://url/"> Anchor </a>
  244. <a href="http://url/"> Anchor </a>
  245. <a href="http://url/"> Anchor </a>
  246. <a href="http://url/"> Anchor </a>
  247. Encoding UTF-8 (it is desirable).
  249. The full format is also supported:
  250. Text text <a href="http://url/" alt="123" title="123"> Anchor </a> text text
  251. Text text <a href="http://url/" alt="123" title="123"> Anchor </a> text text
  253. Task Manager:
  254. Tasks are placed page by page, 10 per page. (by the way, check the download speed of the manager for a large number of tasks / links).
  255. Brakes are possible due to unchecked output logic.
  256. ** Column "project" (clickable, sorts alphabetically): job name
  257. ** Column "priority": shows the current priority of the job.
  258. ** Column "G. \ Y. Impressions": the number of times when Google or Yandex respectively saw "references" from the job.
  259. Purely grows directly proportional to the circumambulation of donors.
  260. ** Column "Range / Status": shows the selected range of the job, as well as the "progress bar", which shows how much the job is completed.
  261. Completely gray line - the task was not chased.
  262. Completely green - the task was completely chased.
  263. You can see the exact amount by hovering the mouse over the progress bar.
  265. ** "Pencil" button: editing a job
  266. ** "Link" button: viewing pages and links to them placed
  267. ** "Pause" button: useful only if the task has not been run completely. The job stops publishing new links, the next
  268. active assignment
  269. ** "Delete" button: deletes the task, frees the occupied space on the donors.
  270. It is important to understand that if you delete a job, links disappear from donors. I do not recommend doing this until the moment of the "exit" of the doorway from the index, since by deleting
  271. links, you can trigger "flashing" links and thereby increase the likelihood of a ban. (both donors and the most runway site).
  273. Additional functions:
  274. * HTML / JS output: displays any code you need on the donor pages.
  275. It is important to understand that both references from the indexer and this code are output in the place where the Includ is located. (In case of automatic inclusion - at the very bottom of the page).
  276. * Editing job parameters: after adding a job, you can edit its name and settings using the button that is to the left of the job name.
  278. [Donnor] Here is the manager of donors:
  279. * General buttons:
  280. ** "UPLOAD: Shell": floods the shells to the donor with the "backdoor", which is built into the indexer's index. Fills in all donors, where the backdoor
  281. is accessible "from outside" (sometimes, on script the scripts overlap the backdoor, 10-15% of cases do not break through on average).
  282. The pouring occurs in the deepest found directory (At the root the random is selected and the deepest one is searched for in it).
  283. Fills obfuscirovanny shell WSO 2.5. Password on shell = "Client password" (Settings tab)
  284. Shells appear in the "shells" tab.
  286. ** "CHECK PHP-INCLUDE": checks the "from outside". Does not work, only if the inclusion is covered by the script of the donor (10-15% of the cases I have).
  287. Fix it does not work.
  288. If the "donor" was defined as not valid, then look at the "Last request" date, it immediately shows whether the donor is working or not.
  289. Alternatively, check "from the shell" (for details see [Shelly])
  291. ** "DEL: NOTACTIVE": removes donors, which lasted more than 2 days ago.
  292. Links that are placed on these donors will automatically start to be placed on available donors.
  294. ** "DEL: DERROR": deletes donors whose status after the check is "not active". I do not recommend this button because the check works not always right.
  295. Links that are placed on these donors will automatically start to be placed on available donors.
  297. ** "ADD CAT": adds a custom category
  299. * Table:
  300. ** Column "Donnor" (clickable, sorts alphabetically): displays the address on the donor with the transition without a pale link to the admin area. (
  301. ** Column "Sort by status" (clickable, sort by status): Displays the donors status after "Checking donors": "Green tick" - available, "?" - POSSIBLE can be deleted.
  302. ** Column "Pages":
  303. *** First digit: shows the number of free pages (where there are no links)
  304. *** Second digit: shows the number of occupied pages (with links placed on them)
  305. *** Third digit: shows the total number of registered donor pages.
  306. ** Column "Last request" (clickable, sort by date): the most correct option is to determine whether the includ is working or not. Shows the time of the last denial of this donor to our site.
  307. ** Column "Shell": shows whether there is a shell in the "Shell" tab for this donor.
  308. ** Button "Pour shell": tries to fill shell on donor through backdoor inkluda. The button is inactive if the donor is marked as "inactive" or the shell is already in the "Shells" tab
  309. ** "Delete" button: removes the donor (it is restored when pushed) and all the links that are placed on it are automatically placed on available donors
  310. ** "Freeze" button: the admin panel stops publishing new links on this donor, and new pages are not registered either.
  311. In this case, already published links are displayed.
  315. [Shelly] Here is the manager of donors with automatic inclusion:
  316. * The "Code to run on the shells" field: by default displays the obfuscated script for automatic inclusion.
  317. You can replace it with any script for you (without encoding it with <?>, <? Php?>) Or use the code for manual inclusion.
  318. Button "Insert Indexer Code" - inserts the indexed code of the indexer
  321. * "Add new shells" field: opens the field for adding new shells.
  322. Supports shells WSO 2.5, WSO 2.4, c99, r57 (On modified versions of shells, it may not work).
  323. If with a password, add in the format:
  328. If there is no password, then:
  333. I recommend adding 10 shells in batches. Immediately after the addition, there is a "check" of the shell, as well as an automatic includ script, which is written in "Code to run on the shells."
  334. If you add more than 10 shells, you may hang.
  335. Automatic inclusion is placed at the end of the root index.php with a tick (to determine when the check "from the shell" the presence of the inkluda)
  338. * Manager of shells:
  339. * General buttons:
  340. ** "Check All" button: check the shells for availability and availability of the Includa "from shell".
  341. ** "Restore all" button: Sets the clone on the available (minted) shells, where the status of the Includa is "not placed".
  343. Table:
  344. ** Column "Shell" (clickable, sort by alphabet): clickable links to shell.
  345. ** Column "Password": password for shell
  346. ** Column "Type": shows the name of the shell or "red exclamation mark" if the type of shell is not defined (in the case of the WSO - it is possible that the shell is just modified).
  347. ** Column "Status": shows the result of automatic inclusion.
  348. ** Check button: checks the shell for validity
  349. ** "Delete" button: removes the shell, without removing the inclusion.
  351. [SAPE]: The second variant of the donors run, in which the maximum possible weight is passed to the defective links. Those. effect known to all
  352. Links are placed at the 1st level of donors (*)
  353. * "Add links" fields:
  354. ** "Job name" field: job name for job manager
  355. ** "Links" field: links are added line by line in the format:
  356. http: // / ...
  357. http: // / ...
  358. ** "Anchor" field: the names of the links that will be assigned when placing.
  359. ** Textbox: creates an environment for links in the format (the macro {url} will be replaced by one of the links.):
  360. Text text {url} text.
  361. Text {url} text text!
  362. ** Priority and category have the same functions as in the main indexer
  363. ** The "Number of pages per link" field: the number that determines how many pages each link from the "Links" field will display.
  365. For example:
  366. References:
  370. Anchor:
  371. my site
  372. one of my sites
  374. Texts:
  375. Check out {url}!
  376. Here is {url}.
  378. Number of pages per link: 4
  381. Result:
  382. Check out <a href=""> my site </a>!
  383. That's <a href=""> one of my sites </a>.
  384. That's <a href=""> my site </a>.
  385. Check out <a href=""> one of my sites </a>!
  386. Check out <a href=""> my site </a>!
  387. That's <a href=""> one of my sites </a>.
  388. That's <a href=""> my site </a>.
  389. Check out <a href=""> one of my sites </a>!
  394. [Settings]: The settings of the entire indexer system.
  395. * "Cleaning" fields: delete the data corresponding to the buttons from the database.
  396. ** "Clear statistics" button: clears all statistics, including registered pages of donors and links placed on them.
  398. * Client Password: Sets the password for the backdoor, as well as for the flooded shell through the backdoor.
  399. * "Client side code" field: unvisored code for inclusion on donors
  402. Ping settings:
  403. Proxy list for ping (used if filled): the proxy through which the ping is generated (I recommend for less palevosti)
  404. Services for ping: services, through which ping
  406. CRON file URL: a link to be placed on cron for pinging (under it there are ready commands for cron php and cron php)
  409. _________________________________________
  412. Update 6:
  413. - Improved link publishing algorithm
  414. - Added IP cloak to determine bots Yandex and Google
  415. - Significant improvement of the code inclusion algorithm for donors
  416. - Minor improvements and fixes to the design
  418. Update 5:
  419. - Updated inklud and encryption method
  420. - Now on the shells there is a search for neighboring sites and they are also included
  421. - Updated algorithm for distribution of links
  422. - Fixed the problem of encoding Russian references
  423. - Added recursive search for files for the code of code
  424. - Reduce the load on the database ~ 45% by optimizing the code
  427. UPDATE 4.6:
  428. - Added dynamic run type (links are not remembered on pages)
  429. - Added "randomization" of donors. Each new link is published on a donor other than the donor of the previous link.
  430. - Minor fixes + bug fix on performance
  431. - Bugs fixed in the interface
  434. RELEASE:
  435. - Now you can add links with the text environment, as well as sign the links with the alt, title
  436. - Fixed problem with saving settings
  437. - Improved the work of the new PING link module
  438. - The job name is assigned either automatically (file name), or with your own (the field of adding)
  439. - Improved performance statistics (managers will not lag more)
  440. - Fixed issue with HTML / JS Output
  441. - Added UPDATER for updating from the old version of the indexer (with saving links and donors, but the links are placed on the new one). Old inklud also works fine on the new version
  442. script. Those. you just need to replace the scripts and run UPDATER for the database.
  443. - Fixed the problem of progress bar
  444. - Added output of errors in the case of not properly configured PHP
  445. - Improved compatibility with different hosters
  446. - OVER 9000 minor improvements and improvements. Thanks to all the testers for the work!
  447. - Fixed problem with adding donors on some servers
  448. - Improved compatibility with apache, ngnix.
  449. - Fixed a problem with working with php-apc
  450. - ADDED LINK PENGUID: new function, + 30% indexer efficiency
  451. - Added the ability to randomly publish links (in the settings of "Random Jobs"): if the function is enabled, the links will be given with each request from a random job.
  452. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the script in terms of fast indexing, but improves the "stability" of the doorway when indexing in the future.
  453. - Removed all the trash in scripts from older versions
  454. - ABSOLUTELY reworked logic. The fact that previously worked not as it should, now works perfectly.
  455. - The maximum possible optimization of work with the database. Now the script is faster, more reliable and takes much less resources
  456. - Added custom categories
  457. - Added the ability to view the pages where the links are placed. This took the most time, as the logic of previous versions was radically different
  458. from the implementation of this function. Apparently worth it to wait with this feature, because if it was not engaged, then all that in the plans for the near future (below is painted)
  459. already would have been done. This is my mistake, sorry. I did not expect that I would have to so sweat over the structure of the database.
  460. Now you can see the pages and links to them through the database. In the interface this function will be added at the next update (did not have time)
  461. - Much more rigid binding. This is due to the constant distribution of the script to the left, as well as the sale of it by third-party people
  462. - Many small edits on the work of the sections "donors" and "shells"
  463. - In the script for Includa, a new method of connecting to the admin panel has been added, via sockets. Now the client will not work only if url_fopen = off
  464. - Removed dorgen.panel, check the index and check the doorway (the scripts are left, did not have time to remove). Do not interfere
  465. - Some code is obfuscated
  466. - Grouped domains by subdomain.
  467. - Added the ability to "delete" donors one at a time
  468. - Added the ability to "freeze" the donor: Links that are already posted on the donor will be shown. However, new donor pages will not be registered
  469. (accordingly, nothing will be placed on them)
  470. - Links from the "main" indexer are placed only on pages of the 2nd level (*/*), and links from SAPE on the first level pages (*).
  471. Thus, the tasks of the first and second will be carried out as much as possible relevant.
  472. - Added "sorting" in the managers.
  473. - The manual on working with the script is written (yes yes, at last I did it)
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