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  1. I am having what appears to be router problems. I have group ISP service with app. complex and they recently did some kind of maintenance work, after which the connection on my router goes out every 15 or so minutes. The only thing that fixes this problem is renewing the lease on the router management portal, which then gives me another 15 minutes before it goes out and i have to renew the lease again.
  2. Alternatively I can just unplug/replug the ethernet from the wall and I will then have another 15 mins of working internet, which I'm assuming does the same thing as renewing the lease.
  4. Some troubleshooting I have done:
  5. 1. Called ISP, they said connection is good on their part after their maintenance and shouldn't cause any problems (no surprise)
  6. 2. Plugged computer straight into wall via ethernet bypassing router, it has not cut out at all (it has been approx 2 hrs) which leads me to think the problem is a router one
  7. 3. Factory reset the router and setup as a new one to hopefully clear any caches, still did not make a difference
  9. I appreciate any help!
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