eWhore Annihilation

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  1.                 DARK E-WHORING
  5. Hello and Thanks For Purchasing My Guide.
  7. Please remember that your Name/Address/City/State/country/zip code/ other traceable info is shown through paypal when you purchase this guide.
  9. In this guide I will be showing you many ways on How to Make the most money E-WHORING While spending far less time than most do. Now lets get started.
  10. The payments methods I prefer are
  11. -Paypal
  12. -Amazon Gift Card
  13. -Bitcoin/Litecoin/Any type of Crypto
  14. -Skrill
  15. - Any other type of gift card/Payment method that can’t be charged back
  16. METHOD #1
  17. Basically What you will be doing is selling pictures to people. Yes people will actually pay for this stuff! People will also pay for videos. You could easily get videos made as there is tons of editing software out there on the net. You could also buy gigs on fiverr which will save youu a ton of time and which is fairly cheap.
  18. Here are the prices that I use for videos and pictures
  19. 1 Picture = $10
  20. 1 Video= $15
  22. Now what you can do is try to sell them multiple videos and pictures. It is honestly easier and way more efficient to actually provide your customer what they’re paying for. You could even make deals such as 5 videos for $60 ($15 discount) or 10 pictures for $80 ($20 discount)
  24. Now there are many sites that you can find pictures or videos from
  26. this is one site that you could use
  27. There are millions and millions of pictures out there that you could use. As long as you don’t use a picture or a video of a popular girl you should be fine.
  30. This is Another site you could use ^
  32. After you download the images this is how to use Photoshop to write any name on your body if the customer asks ( Note I found this example online)
  35. You open the file and add a layer
  39. Write Any name you want on it
  43. You edit the text and go to warp and bam you’re done! ( This is not my example) ( I found this online)
  44. Also You could buy videos and Pictures Off H.F if you’d like to make it easier for you but if you want to go on the no investment side and not spend much $ then you can go ahead and find the images on the websites.
  45. Now you will need to find the traffic
  47. Here are some websites I know which you can get traffic at
  48.       Chat Rooms
  49. ⦁
  50. ⦁
  51. ⦁
  52. ⦁
  53. ⦁
  54. ⦁
  55. ⦁
  56. ⦁
  57. Top 30 best chat sites ^
  58. Skype
  60. www.addme⦁    contacts⦁ .com
  61. ⦁
  65.⦁ adult
  66. The Bottom one’s are the one’s which are not as commonly used so you could get the best type of traffic from there ^
  67. SnapChat
  68. ⦁
  69. ⦁
  70. ⦁
  71. ⦁
  72. ⦁
  73. ⦁
  74. ⦁
  75. ⦁
  76. ⦁
  77. ⦁
  78. ⦁
  79. ⦁
  80. ⦁
  81. ⦁
  82. www.⦁ add⦁
  83. ⦁ 
  84.          Kik
  85. ⦁
  86. ⦁
  87. ⦁
  88. ⦁
  89. ⦁
  90. ⦁
  91. ⦁
  92. ⦁
  93. ⦁
  94. ⦁
  95. ⦁
  97. ⦁
  98. ⦁
  99. ⦁
  100. ⦁
  101. ⦁
  102. ⦁
  103.  There’s more sites as well if you google them.
  105. You could use other sites as well. You could even use facebook or Instagram or other smaller types of sites similar to those as smaller types of sites would be less saturated to use and you could make the best out of it.
  106. Now Once you get people to contact you this is how you should talk to them
  107. Once they add you then you should message them right away or they’ll end up messaging you.
  108. Guy: Hey I saw your username on that site
  109. You: Are you interested in buying pictures from me hun?
  111. Now what you could do is offer to give them a sample or a preview. A lot of people are time wasters and no offense but most of the people from far off countries are very very broke. If they’re from like Africa the chances are they’re broke and got no money.
  113. Like I stated earlier you could offer them a bulk discount as well.
  114. You have to let your customer know that you’re more or so interested in selling them pics before you guys talk. You could also throw in something in along the lines as “ I don’t want a broke man” “So I want to see if you actually got $ or not”
  115. It’s better to try to sell them pics or videos first instead of talking to them for hours and getting nothing out of it.
  116. If the people are teens then most likely they’re not going to buy anything off of you.
  117. Now there are many different ways to get payments. I would suggest getting agc from them and then selling the agc off somewhere such as H.f ( where most people will buy for 70%) and other places such as ebay or somewhere else where you can just message the buyer the code. You could also get payments via paypal. If they charge back just tell them that they paid for a virtual item and 99.9% of the time you’ll win the case either way.
  119. Method #2
  121. E-Whoring On Craiglist
  123. I would suggest using a Vpn For this for your own safety.
  124. Cyberghost Vpn Is Free
  126. Sign up for a craigslist account and use your real phone number. You are going to place an ad in the adult no strings attatched section and say something along the lines like
  127. ”Hey I’m broke and I’m looking to sell some of my videos and nudes to some sugar daddies for some $” “My number is xxx if you’re interested ;)”
  129. Do this in popular locations such as new York or Los Angelos Or anywhere where there is a super large population of people. You can google places in the U.S for the cities with the largest population.
  133. Here is also a link to 14 alternative websites Similar To Craigslist That you could use as well. Remember that the the sites with less amount of members are the one’s that are less saturated.
  135. Method #3
  136. I will be using as an Example but you could pretty much use any website similar to this.
  141. All you’re going to do is just choose a girl profile and upload a pic of a girl. Do not upload e-whoring pics such as half nude girls otherwise you will get banned. Upload Semi appropriate pictures. You will get tons of messages. I made a girl account on there and would wake up to hundreds of messages per day. Make sure to put your location somewhere popular such as new York so you could drive in a lot of traffic. Once they message you all you gotta do is give them your skype or snapchat or kik/Any type of way you want to communicate with them.
  142. You’ll talk to them the same way as you would in the first method. If they seem like they’re time wasters just cut them off. There are many many ways to get traffic.
  143. The most important part is on how you utilize your traffic. You just have to try to get them interested in buying. I can’t really teach you every situation and how to react to it. The only thing I could mainly teach you is how to get traffic and what to say to them at first. Other than that you’d have to mainly use your head. I’d say getting unsaturated traffic is mainly the hardest part.
  145.                   Method #4
  146. Instagram Method
  147. This is one of my most favorite methods to use. This method will get you such good traffic.
  149. So what you’ll do is make a brand new account for Instagram. You’ll be making it a girl page so it would be a good idea to get tons of diff pics of the same girl. You could also switch it up and post diff pics of diff girls but it would be more efficient to just use diff pics of the same girl.
  152. Here is an example of an account.
  153. What you will look for is girl niche accounts and then just follow people form the girl niche accs. Or follow the people who like the pics. You would most likely have more conversions if you followed people who liked the pics on those accounts as those are the most active people.
  155. The when you post pics on your account you could post your skype or snapchat or kik in the caption and people will message you. This is one good way to get unsaturated traffic.
  157. You could also purchase a bot to run on your account which will auto follow people but this would have to be a paid bot as Instagram bots aren’t free.
  158. This is something you could say as well
  159. “I'm a model and I really need money to pay for my modeling career and I would be willing to sell you pictures or videos for $”
  161. Amazon gift card is the safest option to get payment through. As people can chargeback on paypal. But also do remember that you should give people what they pay for so you could milk them out of more $.
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