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  1. You: hiii (:
  2. You: asl?
  3. Stranger: hey
  4. Stranger: 18m
  5. Stranger: u
  6. You: 18 f
  7. You: where from?
  8. Stranger: cool
  9. Stranger: new york
  10. Stranger: u
  11. You: minnesota
  12. Stranger: u been up all night like me
  13. You: I woke up extremely horney, and when that happens I get on and hope for someone to talk me through it..
  14. Stranger: u found ur guy
  15. Stranger: i can definitely help
  16. Stranger: i have been up all night
  17. Stranger: horny all night
  18. Stranger: whats ur name
  19. You: Lauren
  20. Stranger: pretty
  21. You: u?
  22. Stranger: im michael
  23. You: I love that name, its one of the names I picked out for my unborn child (: !!
  24. Stranger: nice
  25. Stranger: so ur in bed lauren
  26. You: yeaaa
  27. Stranger: me too
  28. Stranger: what ru wearing right now
  29. You: i've just been rubbin myself for like 20 minutes... trying to find some1 to sex talk with
  30. Stranger: ok
  31. Stranger: here it goes
  32. Stranger: pretend this is happening
  33. Stranger: i knock on ur door
  34. You: I only have a bra and my nightgown on.
  35. Stranger: there is no answer
  36. Stranger: i slowly open ur bedroom door
  37. Stranger: its dark
  38. Stranger: ur in bed with ur back to me
  39. Stranger: i walk over to the bed
  40. Stranger: and slowly undress
  41. Stranger: i get under the covers with u
  42. Stranger: i wrap my arms around u
  43. Stranger: were both naked
  44. You: your making me horney'er.. !! <3
  45. Stranger: i kiss ur neck
  46. Stranger: little kisses
  47. Stranger: that give u the chills
  48. You: I have the chills !
  49. Stranger: i nibble on ur ear
  50. Stranger: i whisper in ur ear how beautiful and sexy u r
  51. Stranger: u turn ur head to me
  52. Stranger: we kiss
  53. Stranger: ur an amazing kisser lauren
  54. Stranger: i tease ur nipples with my fingers
  55. Stranger: u roll over towards me
  56. Stranger: i kiss ur neck again
  57. Stranger: ur hand travels down my hard belly
  58. Stranger: u grab my hard cock with ur hand
  59. Stranger: i kiss down ur chest
  60. Stranger: i tease ur nipples with my tongue
  61. Stranger: they get so hard
  62. Stranger: i bite down gently and u moan
  63. Stranger: [u ok lauren?]
  64. Stranger: i slide my hand down ur body
  65. Stranger: i place my middle finger at the bottom of ur slit
  66. Stranger: i slowly drag my finger up ur slit
  67. Stranger: u grab my cock harder and start to stroke me
  68. Stranger: ur so wet
  69. Stranger: i drag ur juices up to u clit
  70. Stranger: i lightly touch ur clit and get it all wet
  71. Stranger: u moan loader
  72. Stranger: ur clit gets sooo hard
  73. Stranger: i run my finger back down ur slit
  74. Stranger: and into ur wet dripping pussy
  75. Stranger: i kiss down ur belly
  76. Stranger: u get the chills again
  77. Stranger: i start to tease ur clit with my tongue
  78. Stranger: as i put another finger inside u
  79. Stranger: ur moaning so loadly
  80. You: mm your soo good at this michael<3
  81. Stranger: i put my mouth over ur pussy'
  82. Stranger: and suck ur clit into my mouth hard
  83. Stranger: i bite gently
  84. Stranger: ur ass lifts off the bed
  85. Stranger: i put another finger in u
  86. Stranger: ur out of control
  87. Stranger: cursing and telling me ur going to cum
  88. You: your making me so wet !
  89. Stranger: i suck on ur clit harder
  90. Stranger: u explode
  91. Stranger: ur juices fly into my mouth
  92. Stranger: ur body shakes uncontrolablly
  93. Stranger: u crawl up in a little ball
  94. Stranger: as the waves of orgasms keep coming
  95. Stranger: one after another
  96. Stranger: i get between ur legs
  97. Stranger: i take my hard cock in my han
  98. Stranger: hand
  99. Stranger: i run it up and down ur slit
  100. Stranger: evry time i hit ur clit
  101. Stranger: u jump
  102. Stranger: u beg me to fuck u
  103. Stranger: i slide my cock in ur pussy
  104. Stranger: ur dripping wet
  105. Stranger: u wrap ur legs around me
  106. Stranger: u pull me in deeper
  107. Stranger: i start to fuck u so hard
  108. You: how deep!
  109. Stranger: u have nvr had it deeper
  110. Stranger: i am in ur cervix
  111. You: ohh don't stop michael!
  112. Stranger: u dig ur nails into my back
  113. Stranger: u bite my shoulder
  114. Stranger: my dick is flying in and out of ur cunt
  115. Stranger: i almost come out and i shove it in deeper each time
  116. Stranger: ur pussy is leaking all over my cock
  117. Stranger: i am getting ready to explode
  118. Stranger: but i want it to last
  119. Stranger: i roll u over
  120. Stranger: u get on all fours
  121. Stranger: ur ass looks amazing
  122. Stranger: u put ur head into the pillow
  123. Stranger: i grab ur hips
  124. Stranger: and slam my cock into ur pussy
  125. Stranger: i can get even deeper in this position
  126. Stranger: i grab ur hips and push in and out of ur cunt
  127. Stranger: u scream into the pillow
  128. Stranger: u can hear me slam into ur ass
  129. Stranger: i can feel that ur about to cum again
  130. Stranger: ur pussy is tightening around my cock
  131. Stranger: ur screaming that ur going to cum
  132. Stranger: i fuck u even harder
  133. Stranger: u start to shake again and yell that ur cumming
  134. Stranger: i shove it in as fars as it can go and cum deep in ur pussy
  135. Stranger: u can feel my hot cum fill up ur pussy
  136. Stranger: i cam so much it is dripping out of ur pussy
  137. Stranger: u collapse onto the bed
  138. Stranger: i fall on top of u
  139. Stranger: i whisper in ur ear that i love u
  140. Stranger: the end
  141. Stranger: [i hope u cam lauren]
  142. Stranger: otherwise i need to tell u another story
  143. Stranger: did u pass out?
  144. You: mo
  145. You: no
  146. You: I'm recouperating for another story<3
  147. Stranger: lol
  148. Stranger: great
  149. Stranger: so u came
  150. You: so much!
  151. You: your amazing
  152. You: and your not even here!
  153. You: God I wish I was in New York
  154. Stranger: lauren tell me what types of things ur into and i will create a story around it
  155. Stranger: i wish u were hear
  156. Stranger: i need a hand with something
  157. You: whats that :>
  158. Stranger: if u want to chat again after were down here - here is my skype address: michael640833
  159. Stranger: i need help with my hard cock
  160. Stranger: i have been jerking off for hours waiting for u
  161. You: I never wanna be done. what we just had, well, what I just had was amazing
  162. Stranger: im so glad
  163. Stranger: can u describe it for me/
  164. Stranger: dont leave me lauren
  165. You: im still out of breathe
  166. You: not even lying
  167. Stranger: lol
  168. Stranger: wow
  169. Stranger: imagine what we could do if we were rly together
  170. Stranger: let me know when ur ready for round 2
  171. You: all of that story, would come true, and then some!
  172. Stranger: yea
  173. Stranger: u want me in bed with u - right?
  174. You: lets try and make round 2, not in a bed (:
  175. Stranger: ok
  176. Stranger: i think i have one
  177. You: My Fingers are ready when you are<3
  178. Stranger: ok
  179. Stranger: after our fun in bed
  180. Stranger: we decide to goout drinking
  181. Stranger: i tell u to put on ur sexiest outfit
  182. Stranger: u go get change
  183. Stranger: i see u walk out of the room
  184. Stranger: ur little ass shaking as u walk out
  185. Stranger: ur so fucking hot
  186. Stranger: i get washed off and changed
  187. Stranger: u come back in
  188. Stranger: my jaw drops
  189. Stranger: ur in the shortest miniskirt
  190. Stranger: and this low cut shit
  191. Stranger: that show off ur amazing tits
  192. Stranger: u look so fuckable
  193. Stranger:  we go to the bar
  194. Stranger: its crowded
  195. Stranger: we find a place at the bar
  196. Stranger: i noticed all of the guys looking at u when we walked in
  197. Stranger: we start drinking
  198. Stranger: starting to get a little
  199. Stranger: drunk
  200. Stranger: i start to kiss u
  201. Stranger: im getting so turned on
  202. Stranger: ur so hot
  203. Stranger: i kiss ur neck
  204. Stranger: u let out a soft moan
  205. Stranger: the bar is loud so no one could hear u
  206. Stranger: i whisper in ur ear that i want u so bad
  207. Stranger: that we need to get out of there so i can fuck ur brains out
  208. Stranger: i tell u have have to go to the bathroom and then we will leave
  209. Stranger: i go to the mens room
  210. Stranger: i pull out my cock to pee
  211. Stranger: its so fucking hard from u
  212. Stranger: i have precum leaking out of my cock
  213. Stranger: u got me so excited
  214. Stranger: no one is in the bathroom
  215. Stranger: so i rub it in a little
  216. Stranger: i get harder
  217. Stranger: meanwhile . . .
  218. Stranger: u r sitting at the bar on a stool
  219. Stranger: ur miniskirt is riding up on u
  220. Stranger: showing all of ur legs and more
  221. Stranger: i tall good looking guy comes up to the bar
  222. Stranger: right next to u
  223. Stranger: the bar is crowded
  224. Stranger: and he squeezes in
  225. Stranger: as he waits for the bar tender
  226. Stranger: he introduces himself
  227. Stranger: ur immediately turn on by him
  228. Stranger: u cant help but flirt
  229. Stranger: he rest one hand on ur leg as u talk
  230. Stranger: u hardly notice but he is rubbing his hand up ur bare leg
  231. Stranger: the bar is crowded so no one can see
  232. Stranger: his hand moves to ur inner thigh
  233. Stranger: u notice now
  234. Stranger: u get the chills
  235. Stranger: as his fingers tease ur inner
  236. Stranger: thigh
  237. Stranger: his touch is so soft
  238. Stranger: but his fingers are large and rough
  239. Stranger: ur nervous because ur not wearing panties
  240. Stranger: u wanted ur outfit to be rly hot
  241. Stranger: for me
  242. Stranger: ur not resisting so he runs his hand up under ur skirt
  243. Stranger: his rough hand reaches ur pussy
  244. Stranger: ur dripping wet
  245. Stranger: he slides a finger in u
  246. Stranger: u lift ur ass off the stool a little so he can get in deeper
  247. Stranger: he rubs his thumb on ur clit
  248. Stranger: u moan louder this time
  249. Stranger: u know somebody must have heard u now but u dont care now
  250. Stranger: he slides a second finger in
  251. Stranger: its too much
  252. Stranger: u look around and ur getting finger fucked so hard and no one notices
  253. Stranger: u feel like ur ready to cum
  254. Stranger: all of a sudden u notice that i am standing right behind u at the bar
  255. Stranger: i lean in an whisper in ur ear
  256. Stranger: "i see u meet my friend sam"
  257. Stranger: i kiss ur neck
  258. Stranger: as u lean back against me
  259. Stranger: sam has unbuckled his pants
  260. Stranger: he slides his cock in ur dripping wet pussy
  261. Stranger: as i run my hand down ur chest
  262. Stranger: and pinch ur nipples
  263. Stranger: u reach back and grab my cock
  264. Stranger: sam is sliding in and out of u
  265. Stranger: ur going to cum so hard
  266. Stranger: u know ur being watched by some people in the bar
  267. Stranger: but u dont care
  268. Stranger: all u care about is that large hard cock in ur pussy
  269. Stranger: u explode
  270. Stranger: i hug u from behind
  271. Stranger: u start to shake
  272. Stranger: sam explodes inside u
  273. Stranger: u cumming over and over
  274. Stranger: sam pulls out
  275. Stranger: buckles his pants
  276. Stranger: he gives u a kiss on the check and says it was nice meeting u lauren
  277. Stranger: u turn to me and say that was amazing
  278. Stranger: i say i knew u would like it
  279. Stranger: we leave the bar to go back home to relive that experience and fuck our brains out
  280. Stranger: the end
  281. Stranger: my fingers are starting to cramp
  282. Stranger: was that ok
  283. Stranger: omg where did u go
  284. You: trying to cum again
  285. You: I can feel it.
  286. Stranger: i will keep going
  287. Stranger: we get home
  288. Stranger: im so turned on
  289. Stranger: i get undressed and lay on the bed
  290. Stranger: u get undressed too
  291. Stranger: u get between my legs
  292. Stranger: u slowly kiss up and down my inner thighs
  293. Stranger: ur driving me crazy
  294. Stranger: u take my hard cock in ur hand
  295. Stranger: u have nvr seen me so big and hard
  296. Stranger: u slowly lick the tip of my cock'
  297. Stranger: u tease the head with ur tongue
  298. Stranger: u lick up the precum pouring out of my cock
  299. Stranger: u lick up and down my sharft
  300. Stranger: it feels so fucking good
  301. Stranger: u love making me squirm
  302. Stranger: u put the head in ur mouth
  303. Stranger: and swirl r tongue around it
  304. Stranger: i am lifting my ass off the bed
  305. Stranger: to try ti force u deeper onto my cock
  306. Stranger: u take me all of the way in
  307. Stranger: u gag slightly
  308. Stranger: it feels so good in ur mouth
  309. Stranger: u love the taste of my cock
  310. Stranger: u dont want me to cum
  311. Stranger: u position ur pussy over my cock
  312. Stranger: which is sticking up straight in the air
  313. Stranger: u slowly come down on my cock
  314. Stranger: holy shit
  315. Stranger: ur pussy feels so warm
  316. Stranger: and wet
  317. Stranger: u come up and down on my cock
  318. Stranger: u rest ur hands on my chest
  319. Stranger: as u bounce upp and down on my cock
  320. Stranger: one sec
  321. Stranger: ok
  322. Stranger: ur fucking me so hard
  323. Stranger: i roll u over on ur back
  324. Stranger: i pull ur legs all of the way back
  325. Stranger: i slide my cock deep in ur pussy
  326. Stranger: u hold ur legs back
  327. Stranger: as i slam in and out of ur pussy
  328. Stranger: i pinch ur nipples hard
  329. Stranger: ur screaming fuck me fuck me
  330. Stranger: harder deeper
  331. Stranger: ur so wet
  332. Stranger: dripping all over the bed
  333. Stranger: ur goign to have the biggest orgasm
  334. Stranger: u can tell
  335. Stranger: itis taking awhile to build
  336. Stranger: as i think ur going to cum
  337. Stranger: i slow down my strokes
  338. Stranger: to bring u back down
  339. Stranger: it is frustrating for u
  340. Stranger: but also feels amazing
  341. Stranger: as u build back up again
  342. Stranger: stronger than the time before
  343. Stranger: i pull out of u
  344. Stranger: i have to taste ur wet pussy
  345. Stranger: u taste so sweet
  346. Stranger: i could lick u all night long
  347. Stranger: i slowly lick up and down ur slit
  348. Stranger: ur so fucking wet
  349. Stranger: i reach ur clit
  350. Stranger: i devour it
  351. Stranger: licking
  352. Stranger: sucking
  353. Stranger: biting
  354. Stranger: ur out of control
  355. Stranger: ur body is flying all over the bed
  356. Stranger: ur screaming yes yes yes
  357. Stranger: i slide three fingers in u
  358. Stranger: i kiss and bite ur pussy lips
  359. Stranger: no one has done that to u before
  360. Stranger: feels so fucking good
  361. Stranger: as i suck ur pussy lips into my mouth
  362. Stranger: my face is covered in ur juices
  363. Stranger: ur so fucking turned on
  364. Stranger: u pull me up to u
  365. Stranger: so u can lick all of ur juices off of my face
  366. Stranger: i have nvr seem u like this before
  367. Stranger: it is like ur possessed
  368. Stranger: my cock slides back in ur pussy
  369. Stranger: which is wetter than ever
  370. Stranger: ur still licking my face
  371. Stranger: u lluv the taste of ur pussy
  372. Stranger: i sm slideing in and out
  373. Stranger: i wrap my hand around ur throat
  374. Stranger: and apply just a little pressure
  375. Stranger: it is a new sensation for u
  376. Stranger: ur losing some control and u like
  377. Stranger:  it
  378. Stranger: u want me to take u
  379. Stranger: and do what ever i want to u
  380. Stranger: [how u doing lauren/]
  381. Stranger: is this ok
  382. Stranger: i want u to cum again for me sweety
  383. Stranger: cum hard
  384. Stranger: rub that clit hard
  385. Stranger: i want to be there watching u stick ur fingers in and out of ur wet pussy
  386. Stranger: i got us so fucking turned on
  387. Stranger: when u woke up this morning
  388. Stranger: u nvr thought u would find someone that turned u on sooo much
  389. Stranger: u nvr thought u were going to cum so hard
  390. Stranger: and ruin ur sheets
  391. Stranger: make ur self cum hard
  392. Stranger: i want to be there with u
  393. Stranger: smell the sex in the room
  394. Stranger: ur sweet pussy
  395. Stranger: i want to see what it is like to rly watch u cum
  396. Stranger: what u scream when u cum
  397. Stranger: pls scream my name when u cum lauren
  398. Stranger: i want to know that i am the one that did this to u
  399. Stranger: i made u cum hard
  400. Stranger: i got ur pussy wet
  401. Stranger: im so hard right now lauren
  402. Stranger: im lying in bed
  403. Stranger: totally nude
  404. Stranger: im so hard thinking about fucking you
  405. Stranger: i am stroking my hard cock up and down
  406. You: I wish I was there with you.. I want you so deep in me
  407. Stranger: i have a ton of lube on my cock
  408. Stranger: pretending it is ur wet pussy juice all over my cock
  409. Stranger: if u were here
  410. Stranger: we would be having the best sex of our lives
  411. You: i wish you came in me, I wanna feel your warm jizz all over my face
  412. You: in all my pussy slit
  413. You: even in my asshole
  414. You: I just want to be with you
  415. Stranger: i wish i could see ur beautiful face covered in my cum
  416. Stranger: i would luv to fuck ur ass
  417. Stranger: and lick it
  418. Stranger: i love to lick ass
  419. You: i wish your dick was slamming against my face right now, I wanna suck it all night hard or not..
  420. Stranger: ru my cum slut lauren
  421. You: if I ever come to new york, can we make this dream a reality <33
  422. Stranger: nice
  423. Stranger: did u cum again?
  424. You: i think I have like 5 times
  425. Stranger: no fucking way
  426. Stranger: do u normally do that
  427. You: your stories are so real, its like your in me right now
  428. Stranger: i wish
  429. You: Michael I wanna show you something right now.
  430. Stranger: i want to get u off in the future
  431. Stranger: ok
  432. You: its a picture I took, about a week ago, I had just got out of the shower
  433. Stranger: ok
  434. You: http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8805/110312041940.png
  435. You: imagine me michael, imagine my wet body dripping on you
  436. You: while I ride you for as long as you can go for
  437. Stranger: om fucking god
  438. Stranger: ur tits are incredible
  439. Stranger: ur so fucking hot
  440. Stranger: u must have guys falling all over u
  441. Stranger: here s my e-mail: ridge199963@yahoo.com
  442. You: I normally do, but i dont like any of them as much as you right now
  443. Stranger: thxs
  444. You: .dont dont leave me !
  445. You: please
  446. You: im not ready yet
  447. Stranger: man ur horny
  448. Stranger: im jerking off to ur pic
  449. You: i wish i could see your cock.. i want to imagine myself sucking it, all the way down my throat
  450. Stranger: i would luv that
  451. Stranger: ur nipples are so huge
  452. Stranger: its so sexy
  453. Stranger: i cannot stop looking at u
  454. You: i'de like you to see another picture of me
  455. You: if thats okay with you?
  456. Stranger: ru kidding
  457. You: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/3717/110312060256.png
  458. Stranger: i cant stand it anymore
  459. You: i just took that. right now.
  460. Stranger: ur going to make me cum
  461. You: please cum for me
  462. Stranger: ur so fucking hot
  463. You: pretend its splattering all over my face
  464. You: i like some of it.
  465. You: then rubb it all over my tits
  466. Stranger: i luv ur asshole in the pic
  467. Stranger: thxs
  468. You: this isnt very fair :(
  469. You: your cumming and im not
  470. You: I want to cum again
  471. Stranger: omg im going to cum
  472. Stranger: i will make u cum all day if u want
  473. You: im ready for it michael, where do you want to cum on me?
  474. Stranger: ur face
  475. Stranger: here it comes
  476. You: blow it all over me
  477. You: i want to swallow some.
  478. Stranger: oh fuck
  479. Stranger: i cam so much
  480. You: rub some on my big tits
  481. Stranger: im covered in cum
  482. You: and some deep in my asshole
  483. Stranger: i luv ur tits
  484. Stranger: i actuallt shot over my head
  485. Stranger: nvr do that
  486. You: ive never came 5 times for a guy before
  487. You: I wanna make #6
  488. Stranger: my cock is so sensitive now
  489. You: michael my pussy is craving you
  490. Stranger: i am rub my cum all over my cock
  491. You: give me another story
  492. Stranger: ok sweety
  493. Stranger: tell me ur deepest darkest fantasy
  494. Stranger: something no one knows
  495. You: i've always wanted a man to shoot cum all inside me in my pussy
  496. You: let me suck all the remaining cum off
  497. You: and for you ot stick it back inside me
  498. Stranger: i need a situation
  499. You: and continue
  500. You: with out losing your boner
  501. Stranger: do u like girls
  502. Stranger: light bondage
  503. Stranger: food
  504. You: i love the taste of pussy
  505. Stranger: ok
  506. You: mines not the only ive tasted
  507. You: no body but that other person
  508. You: knows that
  509. Stranger: ur so hot lauren
  510. Stranger: and now me
  511. You: in the world, and now you do
  512. Stranger: thxs
  513. Stranger: we will talk about that later
  514. Stranger: ready/
  515. You: of course babe!
  516. Stranger: so i decide to surprise u with a weekend away
  517. Stranger: we fly to LA
  518. Stranger: we stay at a hotel on the beach in Santa Monica
  519. Stranger: our hotel looks out on to the beach
  520. Stranger: its so romantic
  521. Stranger: we make love all night long
  522. Stranger: the next morning i wake up early
  523. Stranger: ur sound asleep
  524. Stranger: i wore u out the night before
  525. You: give it to me, while im still asleep
  526. Stranger: wait
  527. Stranger: i decide to take a shower
  528. Stranger: the hot water is running down my body
  529. You: i love being all wet in the shower!
  530. Stranger: i start to think about last night
  531. Stranger: my hand runs down to my hard cock
  532. Stranger: i start thinking about last night
  533. Stranger: i get hard and stroke my cock
  534. Stranger: i cant make myself cum
  535. Stranger: for some reason i think i am going to need that hard on later
  536. Stranger: i get out of the shower and towel off
  537. Stranger: i get into the hotel robe
  538. Stranger: i go out to the bedroom
  539. Stranger: ur still sound asleep
  540. Stranger: im hungry so i order a ton of food from room service
  541. Stranger: i watch u laying there naked in the bed
  542. Stranger: u have the most incredible body that always turns me on
  543. Stranger: i getting a naughty idea
  544. Stranger: i get some of my ties from the closet
  545. Stranger: i tie each of ur hands to the bedposts
  546. Stranger: u dont wake up
  547. Stranger: i get the blinfold that i use on the plane
  548. Stranger: o slowly put it over ur eyes
  549. Stranger: there is a knock at tthe door
  550. Stranger: its the food
  551. Stranger: i open the door
  552. Stranger: the most beautiful young girl is there with our tray
  553. Stranger: she has long blond hair and piercing blue eyes
  554. You: More beautiful then me :(..
  555. Stranger: she is o hot
  556. Stranger: no one is more beautiful than u lauren
  557. Stranger: and i rly mean that
  558. Stranger: she asks where i want the tray
  559. Stranger: i say on the table
  560. Stranger: she walks in
  561. Stranger: she sees u on the bed naked and tied to the bed
  562. Stranger: she giggles
  563. Stranger: i apologize but she says she has seen everything
  564. Stranger: i give her a huge tip and ask her her name
  565. Stranger: she says Emily
  566. You: my daughters name<3
  567. You: unborn*
  568. Stranger: u start to wake up
  569. Stranger: kinda creepy
  570. Stranger: but ok
  571. Stranger: u can hear me talk to someone
  572. Stranger: ur disoriented
  573. Stranger: u realize ur tied up
  574. Stranger: who am i talking to
  575. Stranger: i come back in
  576. Stranger: u ask me what is h=going on
  577. Stranger: i tell u i have a surpise
  578. Stranger: i go over to the tray and grab the big bowl of fruit
  579. Stranger: i come over to the bed
  580. Stranger: i feed u some grapes
  581. Stranger: i then squeeze some grapes so the juices gets all over ur lips and chin
  582. Stranger: i lick it up and we kiss
  583. Stranger: i take a strawberry
  584. Stranger: and rub it all over ur nipples
  585. Stranger: they get so hard from the touch of the fruit
  586. Stranger: the juices from the strawberry get all over ur large nipples'
  587. Stranger: i lick it all off
  588. Stranger: and then suck on ur nipples
  589. Stranger: i take those large tits in my hands
  590. Stranger: i rub them as i devour ur nipples
  591. Stranger: i take out an orange
  592. Stranger: i squueze the juice doen ur belly
  593. Stranger: i lick doen ur belly
  594. Stranger: lick up all of the juice
  595. Stranger: in runs down ur pussy
  596. Stranger: i get between ur legs
  597. Stranger: and lick ur pussy up and down
  598. Stranger:  i taste ur seet juices and the orange mixed together
  599. Stranger: i suck on ur clit
  600. Stranger: u moan and squirm
  601. Stranger: u cannot move ur arms
  602. You: I'm moaning for real right now<333333333
  603. Stranger: i get between ur legs
  604. Stranger: ur dripping wet
  605. You: I love how hard you are
  606. Stranger: i slide my cock into u
  607. Stranger: i slide in deep
  608. Stranger: u wrap ur legs around ne
  609. You: DEEPER!! PLEASE
  610. Stranger: u have nvr been fucked while u were tied up
  611. Stranger: ur so turned on
  612. Stranger: i throw ur legs back
  613. Stranger: they are over my shoulders
  614. Stranger: i fuck u so deep
  615. Stranger: im slamming into ur pussy
  616. Stranger: in and out
  617. Stranger: ur about to cum
  618. Stranger: i slam in ur so hard
  619. Stranger: and explode inside u
  620. Stranger: ur breathing so heavy
  621. Stranger: i pull out
  622. Stranger: my cock is covered in cum, ur juices and orange juice
  623. Stranger: i move up to the top of the bed
  624. Stranger: u can not see anything
  625. Stranger: i turn ur head to my cock
  626. Stranger: u open ur mouth
  627. Stranger: i slide my cock in ur mouth
  628. Stranger: u can taste my cuc
  629. Stranger: cum
  630. Stranger: and ur pussy
  631. Stranger: u lick it clean
  632. You: i love the taste
  633. Stranger: my cock is so sensitive after i cum so it feels so good
  634. Stranger: i pull out
  635. Stranger: and leave u on the bed
  636. Stranger: u beg to be untied
  637. Stranger: but i have one more surprise
  638. Stranger: i call downstairs and ask for our tray to be picked up
  639. Stranger: i ask for emily
  640. Stranger: there is a know at the door
  641. Stranger: ur so nervous
  642. Stranger: i answer the door
  643. Stranger: she is tanding there
  644. Stranger: my robe is slightly open
  645. Stranger: she can see my half hard cock
  646. Stranger: covered in cum and juices
  647. Stranger: she comes in
  648. Stranger: she sees u pn the bed
  649. Stranger: covered in juices with cum leaking out of ur pussy
  650. Stranger: she is immediately turned on
  651. Stranger: she walks over to the bed
  652. Stranger: she runs her soft hands up and down ur legs
  653. Stranger: i slowly unzip the back of her uniform
  654. Stranger: i pull it off
  655. Stranger: she is wearing the sexisest pair of underwear
  656. Stranger: she crawls on the bed
  657. Stranger: between ur legs
  658. Stranger: u can feel her weight on the bed
  659. Stranger: but ur still not sure what is giing on
  660. Stranger: she kisses
  661. Stranger: up ur legs
  662. Stranger: ur so turned on
  663. Stranger: u knw it is her
  664. Stranger: the touch of a girl is so different
  665. Stranger: she kisses u lightly
  666. Stranger: usquirming so much
  667. Stranger: emily can see my cum dripping out of ur pussy
  668. Stranger: she knows she wants to taste u and eat my cum
  669. Stranger: she slowly licks up ur slit
  670. Stranger: some of my cum gets on her tongue
  671. Stranger: her tongue raches ur clit
  672. Stranger: and she spits my cim onto ur clit
  673. Stranger: and then sh e licks it up
  674. Stranger: and swirls her delicate tongue over ur clit
  675. Stranger: ur in heaven
  676. Stranger: i untie ur hands
  677. Stranger: ur arms are so sore
  678. Stranger: ur grab emily's head
  679. Stranger: and pull it hard into ur pussy
  680. Stranger: she know what us want as only a girl could
  681. Stranger: she runs her tongue all over ur pussy
  682. Stranger: she sticks her tongue in ur whole as u push my cum out of ur pussy
  683. Stranger: it ours into her mouth
  684. Stranger: u cum so hard
  685. Stranger: she licks up ur juices
  686. Stranger: ur screaming that ur cumming
  687. Stranger: u know what u want next
  688. Stranger: u have to taste her beautiful pussy
  689. Stranger: u take off the blindfold
  690. Stranger: ur immediately tuen on by this hot young girl in ur bed
  691. Stranger: she crawls up on the bed
  692. Stranger: and sits on ur face
  693. Stranger: her weight is on u
  694. Stranger: ur tongue runs up and down her pussy
  695. Stranger: she immediately starts to lick in ur mouth
  696. Stranger: u love the taste of her pussy
  697. Stranger: so sweet
  698. Stranger: she is grinding into ur mouth
  699. Stranger: im so hard watcing u guys go at it
  700. Stranger: i get between ur legs
  701. Stranger: this time i slide into ur ass
  702. Stranger: it hurts ut feels so good
  703. Stranger: emily is about to cum
  704. Stranger: u reach down and start to play with yr clit as i fuck ur ass
  705. Stranger: emily starts to moan louder
  706. Stranger: she cums all over ur face
  707. Stranger: as u get ur seld off from rubbing ur clit
  708. Stranger: both of u are monaing and yelling taht ur cumming
  709. Stranger: its too much for me as i explode in ur ass
  710. Stranger: we all collapse on the bed
  711. Stranger: man sex is exhausting
  712. Stranger: how much more time u need lauren?
  713. You: you getting tired?
  714. Stranger: nvr
  715. Stranger: just looking t ur pics
  716. Stranger: ur so beautiful
  717. Stranger: u want more sweety
  718. You: my stomache hurts
  719. Stranger: aww
  720. Stranger: sry
  721. Stranger: did u cum again
  722. Stranger: u dont no how many times i am going to jerk off to ur pics
  723. Stranger: imagining cumming all over that beautiful ass
  724. You: brb
  725. Stranger: ok
  726. Stranger: me too
  727. Stranger: ok back
  728. Stranger: lauren, where ru/
  729. Stranger: pls come back
  730. Stranger: i miss u
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