My Session Kain't be This Short

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  1. [14:01:09] <Kaingaskhan> ALRIGHT
  2. [14:01:54] <Kaingaskhan> I, uh, also forgot to set up a shop list for Lesetira, but you guys were out of monies anyway. Was there anyone that wanted something specific?
  3. [14:02:41] <Natalie> We just like feeling ways about subtle references and other cute things we can't afford.
  4. [14:02:52] <@Lenore> What is money?
  5. [14:03:11] <@Amaryllis> do books of story/lore cost more than fluff money?
  6. [14:03:17] <Kaingaskhan> not really
  7. [14:05:30] <Kaingaskhan> Anyone else...?
  8. [14:05:42] <Kaingaskhan> potions, softs...?
  9. [14:05:44] <Celina> uh probably not
  10. [14:05:46] <Celina> since nomonies
  11. [14:06:54] <Natalie> Oh right, didn't we say we were taking like one extra soft or so maybe?
  12. [14:07:34] <Kaingaskhan> OKAY THEN
  13. [14:07:50] <Kaingaskhan> Cast, pm me with books you’re looking for, I’ll handle that on the side
  14. [14:08:51] <Kaingaskhan> Everyone else, you’re currently at the inn, still the same day. Ricard is just now finishing up teaching Celina the finer nuisances of cactuar language.
  15. [14:09:54] * Celina squeaks and sqibbles along determinedly.
  16. [14:10:24] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Yeah! That’s good. You’ve got the hang of it... not entirely as hard as it first seemed, huh?”
  17. [14:10:26] * @Amaryllis was there learning too! She hopes she isn't forgotten. ;-;
  18. [14:10:32] <Natalie> ^!
  20. [14:11:00] <Natalie> Well, Nat's infinitely less likely to have been actually paying attention to these lessons, but, still.
  21. [14:11:05] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “What about the rest of you?” he says to the other guys that didn’t just pop out of nowhere
  22. [14:11:27] <Celina> (I was like the only one who said I was learning it last week, all you guys were off doing other things :C)
  23. [14:11:34] <Celina> (but whatevs)
  24. [14:11:39] <Natalie> (actually no we totally sat in)
  25. [14:11:42] <Amaryllis> (I was explicitly there for it and I can pull up logs, but I'm not gonna argue this)
  26. [14:11:47] <Celina> (neither am I)
  27. [14:12:07] <@Lenore> (Well okay, it's more like WE ALL WANT TO TALK TO MR. PRICKLES)
  28. [14:12:21] <@Lenore> (And this is the only chance to do s- y'know)
  29. [14:12:24] * Amaryllis hesitantly tries a few cactuar greetings. squibble squib
  30. [14:12:38] <Theta> Theta is there as well but seems very confused at the naunces of it all.
  31. [14:12:41] * @Lenore will study Cactuar later, instead she's still trying to figure out that MODELING thing with Theta.
  32. [14:12:58] <@Lenore> (Or not.  BLARGH WARGH FARGH MARGH LARGH BLARGH)
  33. [14:13:16] * Natalie is content giggling at everybody else's efforts.
  34. [14:14:09] * Celina makes a note to get Mr. Prickles to teach her the really nasty cactuar insults later.
  35. [14:14:23] <Theta> "How can one tell one squibble from a squabble?" Headscratch.
  36. [14:16:00] <Kaingaskhan> Prickles is hanging around, sort of idly. “It certainly sounds as if you’ve made some progress.” comes the series of squibbles from the cactuar to those actually paying attention. The ones having trouble or being lazy still can’t understand him at all.
  37. [14:16:22] <Kaingaskhan> Prickles’ style of speech sounds more polite than Ricard initially made him out to be.
  38. [14:16:40] * @Lenore is intently squibbling and squabbling!
  39. [14:16:45] <Theta> (The modeling probably would have been painfully frustrating and awkward for anyone to have witnessed and needs not be mentioned but in passing <:3c)
  40. [14:17:11] * Natalie coughs and pretends to understand, though not really. "It's an entire syllable setting the two apart. I'd be more confused at how one would NOT be able to tell."
  41. [14:17:12] <Celina> "I hope so, in any case. You're one of us now, and it's good to be able to talk with you," Celina attempts, though she probably mangles it.
  42. [14:18:44] <Kaingaskhan> Prickles seems impressed anyway.
  43. [14:19:14] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “So where are you guys heading, anyway?”
  44. [14:19:48] <Theta> "Squibbly squab squi -" he shakes his head, clearly not getting it yet.
  45. [14:19:57] <Amaryllis> "We've yet to decide, have we?" Ammy pulls out the map from earlier.
  46. [14:20:09] * @Lenore tries to talk to Mr. Prickles, but her excitable talking is hard to translate to other forms of grammar. She tries to say "I'm glad to know you Mr. Prickles and I hope we can have lots of fun together and I know it'll be fun!"
  47. [14:20:28] <Celina> "Good question. We're looking for pieces of crystal and-" Celina shudders a bit, "the eidolon Carbuncle, apparently."
  48. [14:21:10] * Natalie quirks a brow and walks over to the map. "Well, let's reach a decision now, then."
  49. [14:21:54] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard frowns. “Don’t know anything about that, sorry.”
  50. [14:23:07] <Celina> "I suppose it's for the best."
  51. [14:23:11] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles: “Oh dear, erm... well, I do understand your language fair enough.” he responds to Lenore, actually unsure what she tried to say.
  52. [14:23:31] <Celina> "We're also looking for the place where magic dies and something something ancient castle, right?"
  53. [14:23:41] <Natalie> "Ahem.  We're grateful enough for your assistance while we were here, Sir Highwind."  Nat flashes a princess-y smile and squints at the map, kind of... loopily.  "So I'm certain we can figure out... where... to..."
  54. [14:23:56] <Theta> "If I recall, I believe the castle or the ruins would be favorable to the unkown local."
  55. [14:24:45] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Oeilvert’s nearby... the other place sounds like Ipsen’s Castle. You think you’ll find what you’re looking for in dangerous ruins like those? Well, just be careful, alright? Any way you’re going probably leads north through the canyon. The twists and turns of that place are labrynthian.”
  56. [14:26:14] <Celina> "Right, got it."
  57. [14:26:36] <@Lenore> "S-so where are we going first?"
  58. [14:26:52] <Celina> "North."
  59. [14:27:01] <Natalie> Handhips.  "One of those was an anti-magic zone, was it not?  Myself, I'd vote saving that one for last given the option, but we'll have to go there eventually anyway."
  60. [14:27:03] <Celina> "Is there anything we can do around here to earn some traveling money first, though?"
  61. [14:28:56] <Amaryllis> "Are these are only two choices on this continent?" Ammy studies the map. There was mentioned some place in between the castle and Oeilvert, right?
  62. [14:30:07] * Natalie shrugs, "We could wander about aimlessly and hope to stumble upon the remaining one by luck, yes?"
  63. [14:30:44] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Well...” he thinks. “If you’re looking for work, you might want to check the job board. They’re usually found in inns or taverns, where customers post things they need doing for sellswords or anyone that doesn’t mind hard work. You know, for things the city guard can’t help with.”
  64. [14:30:47] <Theta> "There were three, but we do not know much of the third local, as I recall."
  65. [14:30:55] <Theta> "Which naturally makes it...riskier."
  66. [14:31:03] <Celina> "That's more time than I'd prefer to spend with you, Miss Natalie."
  67. [14:31:26] <Natalie> "Oh, I'm glad you're putting so much effort into thinking about me."
  68. [14:31:33] <@Lenore> "Let's do jobs first!  Get money!  Get good protection!  Get...uh..."
  69. [14:31:38] <@Lenore> "..."
  70. [14:31:39] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles looks back and forth between Nat and Celina, sensing the bad blood, and stays quiet.
  71. [14:31:48] <@Lenore> "Some kind of failsafe for nomagic!"
  72. [14:32:13] * Celina reaches out to pat Mr. Prickles, mis-aims, and nearly impales her hand on his headspikes.
  73. [14:32:32] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Dragon knight techniques are usable in Oeilvert, luckily, but we still avoid the place.”
  74. [14:32:33] <Amaryllis> "This tale of ours will not permit us to go our separate ways for quite a time." Ammy looks between Nat and Celina.
  75. [14:33:01] * Natalie lets out a tiny little 'hmph' and entertains herself with Lenore instead. "'Weapons' is the term you're looking for, isn't it?"
  76. [14:33:18] <Natalie> "Unnecessary.  Monsters and any such hindrances will give way if kicked hard enough, I'm certain of it."
  77. [14:33:45] <Theta> "I'd agree that particular local is probably a poor choice for the current."
  78. [14:33:52] <Theta> "Which begs to ask, the castle or this one we know little of?"
  79. [14:34:22] * Natalie looks straight up at Ammy, just... staring.
  80. [14:34:46] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “They say Ipsen’s Castle is at the bottom of a basin that’s hard to scale down. Miss Mirach here should be fine, but the rest of you might need rock climbing gear.”
  81. [14:35:19] <Celina> "Hmm. With assistance, I may be able to help people down..."
  82. [14:35:26] <@Lenore> "Weapons?  Yes, Weapons would be good!"
  83. [14:35:41] * Natalie has her arms pre-folded.
  84. [14:35:42] <@Lenore> "C-can we get an entire arsenal?  That was I can dump"
  85. [14:35:44] <@Lenore> "..."
  86. [14:35:51] * Amaryllis thinks for a bit. "Can we not risk the anti-magic?"
  87. [14:36:04] <@Lenore> " hat won't work in nomagic!" ;_;
  88. [14:36:13] <Theta> "It...sadly might be the most accessable."
  89. [14:36:20] <Theta> "Given what we have to work with here."
  90. [14:36:40] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Sounds like you folks have a hard journey ahead no matter what you do...”
  91. [14:37:07] * Theta looks to Lenore apologetically. "I know you are more disadvantaged than any of us there, however."
  92. [14:37:13] <Kaingaskhan> The guard taps his fingers on the table, thinking.
  93. [14:37:17] <Natalie> "Considering we're looking for something specific, we COULD choose to avoid any fights should they come to us.  But that's..."  She muses for a bit, silently mouting the last word.  Of course it's "boring."
  94. [14:38:02] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles: “I owe you all my lives. Should you choose to journey into Oeilvert I would gladly protect you.”
  95. [14:38:13] <@Lenore> "I'll have to go without my hat!" ;_;
  96. [14:38:14] <Kaingaskhan> *life
  97. [14:38:19] <Kaingaskhan> (Lives? deeerp)
  98. [14:38:31] <Natalie> (catctuar)
  99. [14:38:35] <Natalie> (he has nine of them)
  100. [14:38:38] <@Lenore> "I-if we go to Oeilvert...M-mr. Ricard, can you hold my hat if we go to Oeilvert?"
  101. [14:38:43] <Kaingaskhan> The cactuar tries to look as brave and powerful as he sounds.
  102. [14:39:01] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Er...? You said it was magical, to some degree?”
  103. [14:39:34] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “But, of course. I couldn’t deny a request like that, could i?”
  104. [14:39:37] <Amaryllis> "And I without my magic myself." Ammy stares at the map as she quietly speaks. "It presents inconvenience to us all, but still the best choice."
  105. [14:39:39] <Natalie> Nat nods along with Prickles.  "I agree with the little one.  If the squib isn't squab, then we have no means of squabbidy.  He does have a point."  Yeah she has no clue.
  106. [14:40:21] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles: “I do believe the little noble fell asleep in class...”
  107. [14:40:27] <Theta> "I am curious if it would nullify my own capablities myself, but being confind to simply my blade is acceptable as well I suppose..."
  108. [14:40:38] <Natalie> "Exactly.  Squibbidabba to you as well."
  109. [14:40:38] <Kaingaskhan> Prickles pats Nat half apologetically on the arm.
  110. [14:40:52] <@Lenore> "'s not the dangerous sort of magical, Mr. Ricard, so long as you don't try to pull everything out at once."
  111. [14:40:55] * Natalie smuggrins the whole time along.
  112. [14:41:41] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard tips his own hat. “Then it is my solemn promise as a proud dragon knight that I will make sure no harm comes upon your hat.”
  113. [14:43:13] * Celina swoons a little.
  114. [14:43:38] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “You sure, though? Your group seems pretty magic-heavy?” he regards Theta with some suspicion, since he’s still in black mage wear.
  115. [14:44:11] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “I’ll mark Oeilvert and Ipsen’s Castle on your map for you.”
  116. [14:44:29] <Theta> Theta shrugs. "I am not exactly a mage."
  117. [14:44:40] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Fashion statement, huh?”
  118. [14:45:19] * @Lenore hands her hat to Ricard, then. "Don't let anyone stick their hand in it!"
  119. [14:45:23] <Celina> "Something like that, yes," Celina says, speaking up quickly.
  120. [14:45:26] <@Lenore> "S-so Oeilvert it is?"
  121. [14:45:34] <Natalie> "Simply because I can cast magic doesn't mean I rely on it.  Self-defense is much easier than most spellcasters tend to think it."
  122. [14:45:37] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard takes your map from whoever has it and marks down two X’s
  123. [14:46:06] <Theta> He looks confused, then thinks about that a bit. "Hm."
  124. [14:46:09] * Amaryllis hands over the map. "I am trained in magic as well, but I have my knife."
  125. [14:46:22] <Kaingaskhan> And then he takes the hat with a bit of a grin. “Remember, if you guys need anything else, the gates of Lesetira are open to you.”
  126. [14:46:22] <Kaingaskhan> And then he takes the hat with a bit of a grin. “Remember, if you guys need anything else, the gates of Lesetira are open to you.”
  127. [14:46:48] * Break ( has joined #kaingame
  128. [14:46:55] <Kaingaskhan> He frowns. “Uh, really? A knife? Might want a bigger sort of blade unless you’re one of those dagger-in-the-dark sort of types.”
  129. [14:47:16] * Natalie grins, getting sparklyeyed at the map before turning back to Ricard. "The hospitality is much appreciated."
  130. [14:48:30] * Amaryllis shrugs, expression unchanging. "I was a chef by trade. A knife has the proper feeling in my hand."
  131. [14:48:40] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Sure thing. Oh! One more thing. If you plan on hanging around the area for a while, you could apply for temporary citizenship permits so we don’t have to sit on your tails all the time, so to speak.” he shrugs.
  132. [14:49:04] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Personally you all seem trustworthy enough to me.”
  133. [14:49:50] <Celina> "That seems like a good idea; I imagine it may be wise to use this town as a base of operations until we're done with the castles and so forth."
  134. [14:50:06] <Theta> "Sensible enough."
  135. [14:50:12] <@Lenore> "Ah, I'm okay with being watched~.  Although I don't have a tail, only Celly"  She starts spacing out upon the thought of Theta's tail, staring into space, an ever-widening goofy grin forming.
  136. [14:50:15] <Natalie> Nat's head tilts a little.  "Resting outside in the wild won't do at all, so I DO expect we'll be back eventually..."
  137. [14:50:52] * Celina waves her hand in front of Lenore's face.
  138. [14:50:58] * Natalie sneaks up behind Lenore in the meanwhile.
  139. [14:51:03] <Celina> "Figure of speech."
  140. [14:51:06] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Just a figure of speech.”
  141. [14:51:11] <Kaingaskhan> He says at the same time as Celina.
  142. [14:51:21] <Kaingaskhan> He laughs a bit afterwards.
  143. [14:51:37] <Celina> "Oh, I was wondering."
  144. [14:51:40] * @Lenore doesn't respond to Celina's hand...
  145. [14:51:44] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Yeah?”
  146. [14:52:05] <Celina> "As you seem to know of the monsters in this area, have you ever seen anything like..." She tries to describe the Shoopuf.
  147. [14:52:07] <Natalie> One finger taps the mage's shoulder from behind after enough of this.  "Boo."
  148. [14:52:15] <Amaryllis> "We could purchase Mog Tents if our journeys bring us to sleep in the wilds."
  149. [14:52:39] * Natalie sighs. "Let's pray they don't."
  150. [14:52:44] * @Lenore jumps up with a little squeal in response to Nat.
  151. [14:52:52] <Natalie> Mission: success.
  152. [14:52:54] <@Lenore> "A-ah, what was I doing?  Ummmmmm...."
  153. [14:53:44] * Theta is completely oblvious to this all. "I don't know WHAT it was myself, that creature, but it could control water spirits."
  154. [14:53:47] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “...Oh! Yeah, those are called shoopuffs, I think...? They’re used as transport for a people that call themselves the Hypello. Alright sort, bit slow. Usually hang out in the ocean.”
  155. [14:53:59] <Theta> "Very deceptive given its apperance."
  156. [14:54:13] <Natalie> "That doesn't seem to explain why it was hostile."
  157. [14:54:14] <Celina> "Hmm. I see."
  158. [14:54:20] <@Lenore> "Shoopuff? Shooooooopuff~.  I like that name!"
  159. [14:54:26] <Amaryllis> "I have never heard of such a people." Ammy tilts her head. "Where do their kind make residence?"
  160. [14:55:00] <Celina> "The oceans, he said."
  161. [14:55:09] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “At the bottom of the sea, they really haven’t come on land except in the last few years from what I know. You don’t tend to see them at all inland, just near port towns and the like.”
  162. [14:55:41] <Celina> "Well, Daguerro would certainly count."
  163. [14:56:58] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Besides that, you know as much about them as I do. It’s not like anyone’s figured out how to go and visit them in their cities.”
  164. [14:56:59] <Amaryllis> "Sounds as if they do not make it easy for visitors then. Bottom of the ocean..."
  165. [14:57:09] <Natalie> "So it was simply an abandoned pet who attacked strangers out of overwhelming loneliness.  Poor creature."  Nat headshakes and gets up to go, "We've dawdled enough.  Where are we headed?"
  166. [14:57:33] <@Lenore> "Nomagic."
  167. [14:57:43] <Celina> "To find the job board, I assume."
  168. [14:57:56] <@Lenore> "Oh we're doing that first?"
  169. [14:57:59] <Celina> "But perhaps not."
  170. [14:58:00] * Natalie eyerolls and looks to Ammy for advice.
  171. [14:58:01] <Amaryllis> "Then to the ruins of Oeilvert."
  172. [14:58:03] * Celina shruuuug.
  173. [14:58:31] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles: “It depends on whether you wish to set out immediately, or acquire resources.” he says a bit awkwardly. The cactuar don’t really have a word for money.
  174. [14:58:31] <@Lenore> "I-I'd rather check out the job board first!"
  175. [14:59:20] <Natalie> "Doing work for others isn't befitting of a noble."  Nacchan walks a bit and pauses, "... but we could take a glance anyway.  If it's something that's easy for us to do despite being difficult for others, some travel expenses might not hurt.  Maybe."
  176. [14:59:24] <Amaryllis> "If no tasks on the board suit us, we can leave immediately, but it is not exactly out of our way to browse."
  177. [14:59:26] <@Lenore> "Yes, yes we need resources!  So that...we...don't die in nomagic."
  178. [15:00:03] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Check the wall next to the entrance as you leave the inn, that’s where the board is.”
  179. [15:00:08] <Celina> "Well, Miss Natalie, what would you say you're doing in this town, then?"
  180. [15:00:12] <Celina> "Or even on this continent?"
  181. [15:00:18] <Natalie> "'Create a thunderstorm to strike down my evil ex-lover!'"  She says in a dramatic tone, "'Heal my sick child,' 'help me slice these onions'..."
  182. [15:00:57] * Natalie doesn't even give the rat a response this time, content with making up troubles for townspeople that only this weirdass party can help with.
  183. [15:01:06] * Celina gets to her feet and nods to Ricard. "We'll also see about that temporary citizenship. Thank you, you've been very helpful."
  184. [15:02:07] <Theta> "Mmmm, I suppose it would not hurt, some gil in our pockets, yes."
  185. [15:02:16] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Sure! Still have to accompany you until you leave, but yeah. The thanks is appreciated. Some people don’t take to the guards’ presence as well.”
  186. [15:03:28] * Amaryllis rolls up the map and gets up to leave, motioning toward Nat. Halfway to the door, she stops to turn to Ricard and give a small nod. "You have our thanks for the hospitality." Then she continues on.
  187. [15:03:53] * Natalie skips out and twirls around to stare straight at where this board supposedly is.
  188. [15:04:23] * @Lenore walks eagerly to the board! Anything to make nomagic easier!
  189. [15:04:30] * Theta nods in agreement with Ammaryllis. "indeed."
  190. [15:05:00] * Celina follows everyone else at a much more relaxed pace.
  191. [15:05:04] <Kaingaskhan> Leeet’s see
  192. [15:12:19] <Kaingaskhan> Three jobs are posted at the moment. Wanted! Mind Flayer, Gourmet Assistants Needed, and Monster Trapping seem to be the headlines.
  193. [15:12:54] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard heads over with you and looks, leaning against a wall.
  194. [15:13:10] <Celina> "Monsters, food, and monsters."
  195. [15:13:13] <Celina> "Hmm."
  196. [15:13:35] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “Yeah, monsters are the biggest concern people have these days.”
  197. [15:13:50] <Natalie> "Hmm.  That sounds-" Nat cuts herself off and staaaaaares at the second entry on the board, then looks straight up to Ammy hungrily.
  198. [15:13:59] <@Lenore> "Hmmmmm..."
  199. [15:14:14] * @Lenore stares at the second too. "....I just realized I'm really hungry."
  200. [15:14:16] * Amaryllis reads the one about gourmet assistants!
  201. [15:14:27] * Theta looks over the first one, curious just what THAT could be about.
  202. [15:14:55] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “That last one is another posting by that Walt guy in Durandal. Dunno why he comes all the way out here to post his jobs. Guy’s kind of crazy if you ask me.”
  203. [15:15:37] <Kaingaskhan> The first one details a creature that’s been lurking in the caves nearby, a sort of sorcerous humanoid with a tentacled mouth that preys on the minds of its victims.
  204. [15:16:53] * Natalie reads a couple lines of the mindflayer quest and then headshakes, clinging to her servant while staring at the second some more instead.
  205. [15:17:08] <Kaingaskhan> The contract reads, “My daughter was put into a coma by this thing, kill it before it gets worse! 3000 gil for its head.”
  206. [15:17:08] <Amaryllis> "Even if we do not take this task," Ammy taps the notice for the second job, "I could cook us a meal of the crab we fought earlier. It would serve us all well to have dinner as a group now that we are traveling companions."
  207. [15:17:21] <@Lenore> "M-maybe we can do the first one later..."
  208. [15:17:41] <Kaingaskhan> The second reads “Me need help making gourmet meal for important guest. You come help! Pay well!”
  209. [15:17:49] <Celina> "You needn't worry so much about the mindflayer, Miss Natalie."
  210. [15:17:53] * Amaryllis reads the first more carefully and then turns to Nat with a frown. Moving on!
  211. [15:18:13] <Natalie> "I only feel it sounds incredibly boring."
  212. [15:18:13] <Kaingaskhan> Each one also lists the location you can find the posters in
  213. [15:18:19] <Theta> "Dreadful but it pays well, hrm."
  214. [15:18:48] <Celina> "Personally, I'd be interested in seeing who this important guest is."
  215. [15:18:52] * Natalie crosses her arms, conflicted. "Certainly if I were to come along, I could risk accidentally being more important than their guest. Hmmm."
  216. [15:19:11] <Kaingaskhan> The third is a bit too long, didn’t read, but is mostly rambling about Walt’s Beast Emporium, delivering monsters across the world to wealthy clientele for various reasons.
  217. [15:19:15] <@Lenore> "I'll go to the second~"
  218. [15:19:35] <Kaingaskhan> This request seems to be asking for ‘interesting specimens’, nothing specifically.
  219. [15:19:39] <Natalie> "W-Well, we might as well find out the specifics of it anyway."
  220. [15:19:40] <Amaryllis> "My talents would serve the gourmet request well."
  221. [15:20:15] <Amaryllis> "I may also note if we complete the first," Ammy gestures, "we could bring the creature alive to fulfill the third." She gestures again.
  222. [15:20:23] <Amaryllis> "...but we may risk bringing our tale to a premature end."
  223. [15:20:43] * Natalie nods along. "Failing that, Amaryllis is a top-notch chef regardless. Obviously that's a given, considering she's worthy of being MY servant."
  224. [15:21:18] <Natalie> "So all the rest of us need to do is pretend like we know what we're doing and the money will make itself.  Simple."
  225. [15:21:48] <@Lenore> "I like this plan~"
  226. [15:22:22] * Natalie grins a grin making all-too-evident that she fancies herself a genius.
  227. [15:23:33] * Celina mostly ignores Natalie. "Perhaps we should see what they need before we start making assumptions. Perhaps we shall only be washing dishes."
  228. [15:23:50] <Amaryllis> "There are always tasks for an assistant in the kitchen." Ammy taps her chin. "...Easy ones." She looks at Nat with a slight hint of teasing in her eyes.
  229. [15:24:03] * Natalie :<s
  230. [15:24:17] <Natalie> "Fine!  Let's go see them."
  231. [15:25:16] * Theta seems agreeable enough for this cooking plan, nods and follows.
  232. [15:25:19] <Celina> "Ah, but before that, shall we see about the residency? It would not be fair to drag Sir Ricard around on our personal errands."
  233. [15:25:37] <Natalie> The location is marked, isn't it?  Where is it?
  234. [15:26:17] <Kaingaskhan> Which location?
  235. [15:26:20] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard laughs. “Really, it’s no trouble.”
  236. [15:26:20] * Amaryllis nods to Celina.
  237. [15:26:37] <Natalie> Wherever the cooking quest client's hanging out.
  238. [15:27:11] <Celina> I guess that because it's quicker than arguing
  239. [15:27:42] <Kaingaskhan> There’s a listed address in a house not too far from the inn.
  240. [15:28:12] * Natalie twirls around and skips toward the place~
  241. [15:31:03] * Celina tries not to trip over Natalie's jumping around like a lunatic.
  242. [15:31:57] * Amaryllis shuffles along, following Nat. "How does one petition for residency?" She turns to Ricard if he's still stuck tagging along.
  243. [15:33:00] <Kaingaskhan> It only takes a minute, and soon you’re out front of... an odd sort of house. Weird tribal decorations hang on the outside walls, masks, huge forks and spoons... not a battle fork like the Qu at Daguerreo used but something similar. Absolutely delicious smells waft out of one of the windows, which is open.
  244. [15:33:45] * Natalie barely resists a nosegasm ENOUGH to slip behind Ammy and push her servant toward the door with a smile! ... That is, after her question gets answered probably.
  245. [15:34:22] <Theta> "Hmmm."
  246. [15:34:32] <Theta> "Do not believe it would be farfetched to assume this is a Qu's residence."
  247. [15:34:55] * @Lenore nodnods. "Well, so long as they're not eating US, I'm okay with this~"
  248. [15:35:30] <Celina> "I don't think we'd be worth it."
  249. [15:35:38] * Celina knocks on the door.
  250. [15:36:05] <Kaingaskhan> A high pitched voice calls out. “Who there?”
  251. [15:36:24] <@Lenore> "We came in response to the job board posting~"
  252. [15:36:42] <Celina> "The gourmet meal for the important guest?"
  253. [15:40:02] <Kaingaskhan> “Oh! You helpers. Coming!” The catwalk and the foundation seem to shake a bit, and you hear the door unlocking. It slides aside, into the wall. Standing there is a big, round Qu wearing a green sackhat and orange robes. A chef’s hat lays sloppily on top of the sackhat. The creature bounds out, right in front of you all and leans forward, sniffing with a nose you can’t quite see.
  254. [15:40:31] <Kaingaskhan> “Oh! You bring own ingredients?” s/he says, eyeing Mr. Prickles. “Cactuar juice smoothie, very good!”
  255. [15:40:35] * Natalie clings to Ammy in sorta-terror but tries really hard to put on a welcoming face. Really hard.
  256. [15:40:58] <@Lenore> "Ah, no, he's a helper too!"
  257. [15:40:58] <Amaryllis> "No." Ammy picks up Mr. Prickles and sets him behind her.
  258. [15:41:08] <Celina> "He's one of the assistants, si-ma'am."
  259. [15:41:18] <Natalie> Being behind Ammy, Nat takes Mr. Prickles and wordlessly assures him of his safety.
  260. [15:41:51] * Amaryllis nods at Lenore and Celina's statements.
  261. [15:42:44] <Kaingaskhan> “Oh. Too bad.” s/he says in a bit of disappointment. “You come in. I Quoda Qwot.” The qu turns around and heads back in, but turns back around in the doorway. “Make self at home, long as still work. I talk more inside, yes?”
  262. [15:42:56] <Celina> (qwot)
  263. [15:43:07] * Celina follows.
  264. [15:43:20] * @Lenore skips on in~
  265. [15:43:36] <Natalie> "W-Well, that's easy enough," Nat coughs and mutters softly to the others before haughtily marching in.
  266. [15:43:38] * Theta nods and enters.
  267. [15:43:41] * Amaryllis slowly strolls in, taking in everything.
  268. [15:44:42] <Kaingaskhan> The inside isn’t much more homely than the outside. Potted plants line the floor of the area, but instead of flowers or a nice fern, the qu seems to have planted... marsh grass in all of them. You have to push past the tall, thick grass to get anywhere in the house, and it’s almost hard to even follow the Qu.
  269. [15:45:01] <Kaingaskhan> You swear you hear a few ribbits off to the side where you can’t see.
  270. [15:45:27] <Natalie> There's a permanent ellipsis over Nat's head during all this.
  271. [15:45:51] <@Lenore> "Oooooh~"  Lenore seems to be enjoying the odd house.
  272. [15:46:09] <Natalie> That's the 'what' kind of ellipsis, by the way, and not the 'give me an echo screen' kind.
  273. [15:46:12] <Kaingaskhan> Thankfully, the kitchen, once you find it, isn’t cluttered. Quite the opposite, it’s incredibly well-stocked and hygenic.
  274. [15:46:25] * Celina gingerly pushes through the grass and ooh look at that kitchen.
  275. [15:46:39] <Amaryllis> "Fried oglop. Or frog." Ammy ponders as she advances.
  276. [15:46:52] <Kaingaskhan> Things already seem to be cooking on the stove, and more ingredients are set out, it looks like the Qu is preparing a feast of some sort.
  277. [15:46:59] * Natalie quickly looks to the side and begins examining the kitchen in detail.
  278. [15:47:16] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “I preparing big meal, yes? Maybe too big, I not able to fix all at once. I glad you came.”
  279. [15:47:35] <Celina> "What can we do to help?"
  280. [15:47:41] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Also, not have all ingredients.”
  281. [15:48:49] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Some of you, stay, help cook. Others, gather ingredients. Do well, paid well, do bad, you leave with frog squat.”
  282. [15:49:14] <Natalie> "Well!  That's simple enough of a task."  Hands-at-hips, Nat hides the sparkle in her eyes after sniffing enough to approach the client.  "What, pray tell, is missing?"
  283. [15:49:32] <@Lenore> "Ricard, can I have my hat back?  I might need it!"
  284. [15:49:41] * Amaryllis breathes a sigh of relief as she enters the kitchen and begins inspecting the various equipment as well as what's already cooking. There any way to tell what the Qu wants to cook and what could be added to make it better?
  285. [15:50:02] <Kaingaskhan> The dragoon hands over the hat without a problem, while the Qu explains. Quoda gestures at where s/he’s got some of the things set out./
  286. [15:50:17] * Theta stands by, nodding and listening
  287. [15:50:34] * Natalie starts to form a wicked smirk while listening.
  288. [15:51:41] <@Lenore> "What ingredients do you need?  I might have some."
  289. [15:52:06] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “I make frog pie over here, alexandrian bundt cake over there, run out of roc eggs though.”
  290. [15:52:26] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Need eggs for make dough and batter, first of all.”
  291. [15:52:49] <Amaryllis> "And Lindblum recipes?" Ammy has unpacked her own kitchen knife, showing an obvious preference for it. She taps the blunt side against her chin as she looks over everything.
  292. [15:52:52] * @Lenore starts rummaging through her hat... "Probably don't have those...but you never know if you don't look..."
  293. [15:53:58] <Natalie> "Eggs..."  Heaaaadtilt.  "Would we be able to find them anywhere nearby?"
  294. [15:53:59] * Celina stands there and tries to look useful.
  295. [15:54:08] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Roc eggs not sold in local stores, but found in nests all around canyon.”
  296. [15:54:23] <Theta> "Roc eggs? Alright."
  297. [15:54:33] <Celina> "Lenore, you and I could handle that, most likely."
  298. [15:54:35] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Hard for Quoda get, too heavy these days.” s/he chuckles.
  299. [15:54:39] <Theta> "I have a feeling I would be more suited for gathering than...helping here, as well."
  300. [15:54:42] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Lindblum recipes...”
  301. [15:54:42] <Celina> "With your hat."
  302. [15:54:46] * @Lenore pulls her hand out of her hat. "No eggs. I don't usually get food in here anyway."
  303. [15:54:46] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “What you know make?”
  304. [15:55:03] <Natalie> "I..."  Nat grumbles a little.
  305. [15:55:17] * @Lenore smiles. "You want to carry them without breaking, yes? My hat's made so that nothing stored in it takes any sort of damage~."
  306. [15:55:30] <@Lenore> "Not that great for keeping food from spoiling, though."
  307. [15:56:15] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Second, for gatherers. Need wild radishes. At least four.”
  308. [15:56:18] <Natalie> "T-That probably is a worthwhile plan."  :<.  I-It's not like she WANTED to help o-or anything.
  309. [15:56:32] <@Lenore> "Although it's better than keeping things out in the air~.  Anyway, shall we go, Celly?  and anyone else who wants to come along?"
  310. [15:56:38] <Celina> "Well, we should be able to get them and get back in time -"
  311. [15:56:40] <Celina> "...Celly?"
  312. [15:56:55] <Amaryllis> "Wellingtons, fried oglop, Lindblum puddings..." Ammy rattles off a list of dishes.
  313. [15:57:03] <@Lenore> "Celly~"
  314. [15:57:18] * Natalie looks to the side, facing away from everybody else.
  315. [15:57:24] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Fried oglop? People eat anything these days. Oglop best seasoned and baked.”
  316. [15:58:00] <Celina> "Natale, can you handle the radishes, or do you need Sir Ricard to go with you?"
  317. [15:58:05] <Celina> "Or Sir Theta, I suppose."
  318. [15:58:14] <Amaryllis> "Cromer crab." Ammy remembers the giant crabs they slaughtered earlier.
  319. [15:58:34] <Theta> "Where do these radishes grow in accordance to the town?"
  320. [15:58:37] <Natalie> "I'm confident that my servant CAN handle this by herself, though I'm worried she may be a bit lonesome."
  321. [15:58:49] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “You make wellington then! Gysahl pickle on side, will supply. Crab good too, but no have. You have?”
  322. [15:59:00] <Amaryllis> "I will be fine milady." Ammy stares over at the ingredients still.
  323. [15:59:08] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Plants all over, just look hard.”
  324. [15:59:33] <Celina> "She'll be better off with you not underfoot."
  325. [15:59:38] * Amaryllis looks to the rest of the party with a questioning look as she reaches in her bag for where she'd carefully wrapped the crab meat to preserve it.
  326. [15:59:56] <Natalie> "... Fine.  As much as I'd love to argue this arrangement we can't afford to waste time- I'll go with Sir Epsilon."
  327. [16:00:33] <Celina> "Theta."
  328. [16:00:37] <Theta> It takes him a second to realize you meant him. "oh!" he follows.
  329. [16:01:29] <Natalie> "But before that... ahem."  Even if it's cheating a little, Nat spends some time muttering words before patting her servant on the shoulder and nodding.
  330. [16:01:44] <Natalie> FAITH on Ammy!  If... that's okay.
  331. [16:03:05] <Kaingaskhan> Sure.
  332. [16:03:10] <Natalie> Kya.
  333. [16:03:14] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Third thing for gatherers,..”
  334. [16:03:22] <Theta> "Hm?"
  335. [16:03:34] * Natalie follows up the "Hm?" But... with less volume.
  336. [16:03:58] * Amaryllis briefly gives Nat a grateful smile before starting to unpack and unwrap the crab meat. "Everyone's okay if..." She gestures toward it.
  337. [16:04:14] <Celina> "Go ahead."
  338. [16:04:17] <Natalie> "Please do."
  339. [16:04:19] <Celina> "Didn't you get clams too?"
  340. [16:04:33] <@Lenore> "Go for it~"
  341. [16:04:49] <Amaryllis> "One oyster." (unless it was more than that? IT sounded like just one when I picked it up)
  342. [16:06:03] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Pick up mog cheese from store.” The qu throws a satchel of money over.
  343. [16:06:11] <Celina> "Mog...cheese?"
  344. [16:06:28] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “You never have mog cheese?”
  345. [16:06:43] * Natalie catches it and suddenly considers giving Mr. Prickles this task.
  346. [16:06:44] <Celina> "I haven't."
  347. [16:06:53] <Celina> (nnnngh nat)
  348. [16:06:58] <@Lenore> "neither have I~"
  349. [16:07:04] <Celina> (squib squib squib squeak squibble)
  350. [16:07:07] <Amaryllis> "Will you be okay without me?" Ammy turns to gaze at the rest of the party. "A good story never ends with the heroes simply taking eggs from an unguarded nest."
  351. [16:07:11] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Not big surprise. Maybe you get have some later.”
  352. [16:08:21] <Theta> "Radishes and cheese? Alright."
  353. [16:08:23] <Celina> "That'd be lovely."
  354. [16:08:26] <Natalie> "I have utmost confidence in your culinary skills.  Though, as for dividing tasks..."
  355. [16:08:36] <Celina> "Miss Amaryllis, I'm certain we'll be fine."
  356. [16:09:11] <Celina> "Better unguarded than guarded!"
  357. [16:09:12] <Kaingaskhan> Mr. Prickles looks around, a bit worried.
  358. [16:09:14] <Amaryllis> "I can begin preparations while you take care of more mundane tasks. Perhaps then I can join you to find the eggs?"
  359. [16:09:48] * Natalie bends down to the cactuar's level, throatclearing. "Would you accompany them to the nest? It would likely be easier if I came along, but I certainly can't be everywhere at once."
  360. [16:09:56] <Celina> "Don't worry. If you'd like, we can handle the cheese and the radishes, and then all of us can go together to the nest."
  361. [16:10:07] * Amaryllis nods.
  362. [16:10:14] <@Lenore> "That might work~"
  363. [16:10:22] <Natalie> "O-Of course we'll do that!  I was just thinking of it myself."
  364. [16:10:25] * Natalie nervously nods.
  365. [16:11:04] * Amaryllis looks around to see if there's a kitchen timer or anything she can set. "The wellington will take most of its time simply baking after all. A timer, a timer..."
  366. [16:11:29] <Kaingaskhan> (One moment)
  367. [16:13:54] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda reaches over and picks up a little chocobo figure standing next to the oven, and hands it over. On closer inspection, it has a dial on its back.
  368. [16:13:58] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda: “Timer.”
  369. [16:14:04] <Natalie> "I'm sure any shopkeepers will be shocked by my elegance.  So, I'll handle the shopping."
  370. [16:14:16] * Natalie flicks her hair in a really cliché way.
  371. [16:14:25] <Celina> "I'll gather radishes, then."
  372. [16:15:13] * Amaryllis looks it over carefully then smiles. "It's cute." Then back to her stoic expression. "Then I shall begin my preparations immediately, else I will not be able to leave everything to simply bake while I am away with you."
  373. [16:15:14] <Natalie> "Oh, but wouldn't you come with me?  You do have something in common with the townsfolk that I don't, after all."  The smirk comes back.
  374. [16:15:31] <Celina> "I prefer to watch accidents from a distance."
  375. [16:16:02] <Amaryllis> "There will be no accidents, and our esteemed guest will find him or herself most satisfied with our meal." Ammy quickly adds, with a reassuring look at Quoda.
  376. [16:16:03] <Natalie> "Stubborn, aren't you?"
  377. [16:16:18] * Natalie shrugs. "Then I'll go. Best of luck."
  378. [16:16:22] <Kaingaskhan> Ricard: “I’ll assist with the shopping, then. You’re probably fine here, but you understand the deal with regulations.”
  379. [16:16:39] <Celina> "Good idea, Sir Ricard."
  380. [16:16:40] <Natalie> "Mm-hmm.  I'll be in your care, Sir Highwind~"
  381. [16:17:02] <Theta> (Sorta confused OOC who is going where.)
  382. [16:17:21] <Natalie> (Nat and a rat - not the rat - are going shopping and everyone else is radishes I think)
  383. [16:17:39] * Amaryllis nods to Ricard and immediately sets to begin her work, stopping to give a small bow to Quoda as she approaches the counter. "A formal introduction - I am Amaryllis Middleton, servant and storykeeper of Lindblum's House Aitchison. Once chef as well, but..." She trails off.
  384. [16:18:02] <Kaingaskhan> Quoda nods. “Chef to famous noble house. Is good thing.”
  385. [16:18:25] <Celina> (Natalie and Ricard are going for mog cheese, Celina and ??? are getting radishes, and then we're all gathering for the roc eggs)
  386. [16:18:39] <Natalie> (>not taking M- oh god)
  387. [16:18:45] <Natalie> (oh god, Ammy take Mr. Prickles to help cook)
  388. [16:18:56] <Celina> (:3)
  389. [16:19:14] <@Lenore> (Hm.)
  390. [16:19:17] <@Lenore> (Okay.)
  391. [16:19:25] <Theta> (I was wanting to go gather too but yeah wasn't sure who was going for what.)
  392. [16:19:33] <Natalie> (So Lenny/Alpha/Rat would all my radishing I think?)
  393. [16:19:36] <@Lenore> (I'll get Radishes)
  394. [16:19:36] <Natalie> (-my +be)
  395. [16:21:14] <Theta> (Alright then.)
  396. [16:21:21] * Theta heads to look for wild radishes!
  397. [16:22:02] <Kaingaskhan> When you wind the chocobo, it stomps its feet and flaps its wings. You’re not sure what it’ll do when the timer reaches zero.
  398. [16:22:03] * Celina follows!
  399. [16:22:17] * @Lenore walks for the radishes, of course!
  400. [16:22:26] <Amaryllis> (KWEH?! perhaps? :D)
  401. [16:22:39] <Kaingaskhan> (That’s exactly what it does)
  402. [16:22:43] * Natalie proceeds to look adorable and go shopping with a ratman!
  403. [16:23:19] <Kaingaskhan> aaand I’m going to need to end it a bit early perhaps. Sorry for short session after an hour and a half delayed start, but due to events across the past couple of days I didn’t end up getting any planning done and you guys deserve better than something half-assed
  404. [16:23:25] <Celina> it's fine
  405. [16:23:28] <Celina> we love you kain
  406. [16:23:31] <Celina> go have fun with your friend
  407. [16:23:33] <@Lenore> ^^^^^^^^^^
  408. [16:23:35] * Amaryllis starts work on the wellington. Gotta season and sear the meat, gotta prepare the pastry, gotta sautee the mushrooms, it's a lot of stuff to do along with the crab, but Ammy seems to still be moving at her usual methodical pace.
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