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  1. <LangVersion>8.0</LangVersion>
  2.     <PackageId>IAZI.Model.Common.NetCore</PackageId>
  3.     <Version>1.0.0</Version>
  4.     <Title>IAZI Model Common NetCore</Title>
  5.     <Authors>SSA</Authors>
  6.     <Company>IAZI AG</Company>
  7.     <Description/>
  8.     <Copyright>Copyright 2020 IAZI AG</Copyright>
  9.     <PackageTags>.NETCore Common Model</PackageTags>
  10.     <PackageReleaseNotes>.NET Core Model Common</PackageReleaseNotes>
  11.     <PackageRequireLicenseAcceptance>false</PackageRequireLicenseAcceptance>
  12.     <IsPackable>true</IsPackable>
  13.     <IncludeOpenAPIAnalyzers>true</IncludeOpenAPIAnalyzers>
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