Ascalon and the Burning of Dusk

Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [19:06] {NARRATION} It is the final hour. The sound of marching boots shakes the very land, all moving towards Dawn - nearly three thousand men and woman, and among them are some of the finest magi Agartha has to offer. They are led by the (recovering) Thera Elisheva, and overhead the black wings of Huangzhou's demi-angel can be seen.
  3. All of Dusk's remaining forces are gathered here. Beaten, broken, but ready to defend their home until the last breath.
  4. [19:07] Lupo Buckers says, "Glad to see you, fellow Oscuri."
  5. [19:07] Lupo Buckers says, "Ready to see Azrael with me?~"
  6. [19:08] Adonis Lowe whispers something.
  7. [19:09] Ahladia whispers something.
  8. [19:10] He knew nothing about war. He still didn't have a real teacher, and his magic was weak. In Dusk, he was perhaps its lowliest denizen; a penniless beggar- filthy, poorly clothed and sick with fledgling Occultism.
  10. But there was: Dusk's frontlines, a hooded bald-headed man with a grin of foul brown teeth and glassy, vapid eyes. "-that's them!" He shouts, before unshouldering a battered old mana-rifle. It was the only weapon he could afford...
  12. It's sights are steadied on some of the attackers: leylines of putrescent black smog flow-down through Sitra's dirty fingers, filling the weapon with corrupt mana. With the pull of a trigger, an oval-shaped bullet of tumbling Occult mana shoots towards the soldiers of Dawn!
  13. (Sitra Achra)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. [19:11] Today might be his last chance to find the challenge he seeks.
  18. But when he walks, he knows he will be among those piercing the line for the last time. After all, previous soldiers had already taken upon the first line of defense - it was his own responsibility and those that were still available to make the difference.
  20. For that, they might need all the strength they can gather.
  22. Beaten and broken, what would be viewed as evil has to be left no quarter. So long as they would still be able to grasp on any other straws, they would definitely recover, and that cannot happen, not again. When the Shenlong walks, the skies rupture- they darken to Dusk's already gloomy atmosphere, the thunder roaring above them.
  24. It would be a perfect opportunity to attune to the core he drew upon his circuitry.
  26. "So close, I can almost feel it.."
  28. The tiniest of mutters behind the mask, and he looked upon the skies. Should they regret the bloodshed that is about to happen? No... there was no other way. So long as Sors Ultovex and his empire persisted, there can be no peace. A crackle of thunder, a loud boom that echoes somewhere in the distance. The storms were nearing close with each step Keitaro took.
  30. The wind was howling,
  31. and the skies would burn.
  32. (Keitaro)
  33. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. [19:11] There's a shift, and sounds of his boots against the ground underneath amidst the march are matched by thousands around him. Though his features remain blank for most parts, and ocean hues glance about, taking in the sight of a battered Dawn in distance--
  37. --the final march, it was to be. Although his capture by the hands of Briar delayed participation-- he was more than prepared to give it all now. Among everything else; it was also a chance to finally break Saba out.
  39. A single hand remains plopped upon Requiem's hilt-- the cursed blade is calm, surprisingly so... or rather; it isn't urging for freedom this time around, but instead quite simply craving the blood-- something it hasn't tasted in a long while, now.
  41. Head dips the slightest bits as he'd close his eyes, allowing a deeper breath to escape outward. Then, his lips curl ever so slightly.
  43. He was ready.
  45. Colorless sparks crackle about his form.
  46. (Elyon Hirai)
  47. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  49. [19:12] The first taste of battle, the young Qilin's bright blues searched the horizon, looking for signs of danger. There was little to cherish on the battlefield, knowing that many innocents would be lost on this day.
  51. Every life was precious, certainly, but at times violence was a necessary evil.
  53. To fight for the Emperor, to fight for Huangzhou, to ensure that the Alliance would secure a victory on this day. Evil would no longer be able to fester and grow, a disease which had been unattended for far too long.
  55. "For his Majesty, I march."
  57. Setsuna kept in line with the Fourfold, the sound of armor clanking and boots hitting the paved roads of Dusk. Her strength was not enough to face their stronger mages, but she could certainly handle the common knights.
  59. Using deflective energies, her defenses were impenetrable against the attacks of non-magi. She focused on subduing, instead of maiming or killing. With Florance, Executioner of Dragonsouls unsheathed, she continued on.
  61. Following after her flying Shogun, as well as the rest of the Alliance's forces.
  62. (Setsuna Ukitake)
  63. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. [19:12] Injured, broken and bearing a prosthetic eye, Melody stands with the defend army.
  67. A shell of their former numbers, the war has taken too much of a toll on the city. It was an outcome she saw coming, but it didn't make the defeat any less bitter. "Any who are able, fight for your nation. Those who are too Injured..." She takes a breath in as the enemy marched.
  69. "Find cover and secure your escape, just in case."
  71. She would do her part, much as anyone would. This life did not matter to her, it never did since the day Sors liberated her. All she could do now was prove she had some worth, as fleeting as it was. "Men, MARCH AHEAD! LEAVE THEM BURRIED BENEATH THE RUBBLE OF DUSK."
  73. "ATTACK!"
  75. The final defence of Dusk has began.
  76. (Melody Ultovex)
  77. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  79. [19:13] Gehenna's forces would march on what was left of Dusk, and with the recent meeting that was held between the alliance, Sugarboy felt it was necessary that Ezmara's Chieftain be present- even if he was just substituting for Saba. However, that was just another reason for the father to be present- to rescue one of his sons, and pass judgement on if there was anyone else worth saving.
  81. "Alright Gehennans, ready your blades and steady your nerves. Today we finally put an end to Dawn and it's wretched ways with Necromancy and Riftmancy- spirits protect all of you, and remember- bring back sacrifices or slaves if you can, we'll need them for the future." Issues ordered as the drums of war thrummed, and he ignited in a lively light that bolstered the resolve of those around him.
  84. (Sugarboy)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [19:14] Marching alongside the army. Eshmun was frowning, merely grasping their staff and moving with Elyon. No words were spoken, at least at first, until off in the distance he could finally see the buildings of Dawn. A place he had once visited and learned some of the customs of.
  89. Only once they had actually got near and saw the final blockade...The last lines of defense, did a truly great sigh escape him. Already now, just by looking through the army, could he tell that there were no Sors. There was no Zethra, many had already fled, and there was only one person in the entire army that he truly found to be a person he had known.
  91. Ascalon. But there was was nothing he could say, instead winds just swam up from beneath his body, icy crystals forming in the air all around his being while a vigor swam up his being. It pulsated deep in his body, grasping at his skin, as if wanting to be let out.
  93. In the end, Eshmun wasn't here for blood, nor' was he here to truly crush Dusk...He was here for a challenge, to fight against powerful magi and grow more then he already had.
  94. (Eshmun Hirai)
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  97. [19:14] The marching was upon them, and Tobias rose. Against insurmountable odds, him standing in this place may have been considered suicide. Yet, he needed to be here to see it through to the end. It was his home, where he was born and raised. Where everyone he had met everyone he had ever known. His family, his friends.
  99. Perhaps it was due to his youth, but he was too na・e to realize the fault of his own nation. These were his people, and he wished to do anything in his power to prevent their suffering. As the droves of allied forces encroached on his hometown, that is truly when fear began to set in.
  101. If he makes this out of this alive, at least he'll know that he tried to defend his home, and didn't cower away in fear.
  103. A civilian, a child joined the front lines of Dusk, reaching for his staff and standing his ground. Holy and fire magic coalesced, encasing the youth in golden flames. His gaze found the approaching forces, fixating itself on one individual. Upon seeing a certain Qilin, his eyes widened.
  105. ".. You told me you wouldn't come." Tobias spoke towards Setsuna, his grip tightening around his staff. That hurt.
  106. (Tobias Ulrich)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [19:15] Standing there, apparently entirely unafraid in the face of the enemy is what appears to be a homeless man. An adamantine breastplate thrown on over his rags, Reika surging through his veins as he watches the armies of their foes charging forth, holding up the old green banner of Dawn, not having been able to find a new one, he picked up an old one out of the garbage.
  111. "Remember men! I said before, our front shall not fall, and what happened?" He would shout back to the soldiers nearby, some of whom may have been at the battle for the mountains. "We held! And now, after our glorious victory parade our enemies have snuck in while we were busy!" Shaking his head, the ragged Oscuri would raise his rifle high, hefting his flag, and the wrapped staff tied to it in his other hand.
  113. "Forward, to GLORY AND VICTORY!" Whether that was something that could happen in reality was irrelevant. The Oscuri's belief was enough to lend his words weight, be they delusion or reality.
  114. (Oskar Aime)
  115. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  117. [19:15] {NARRATION}
  118. Anyone missing from here that didn't sign up and wants to fight?
  119. [19:16] And thus the final hours of Dusk began, and Adrian wouldn't have it any other way. To see the city he may have once risen to claim, only backed into a corner and ready to crumble beneath his feet.
  121. But was this a place even worth its claim? No, it was an empty husk of its old glory. Pushing out anything redeeming from the past, now with only rodents and pest remaining. And while Reito and Isaac think some here could be saved, Adrian seems to not completely agree with that.
  123. Too many chances have been given, two rebellions and people still remain? Adrian simply slides his staff from his back, a trail of undead torn asunder at his wake. The piling bodies of soldiers that tried hard to prevent their march forward.
  125. This Dragon would have it no other way, then being on the front lines with his fellow magi. Icy wings spread out behind his back, causing the rays of light to glitter off the beautiful blue scales. And platinum slits scan over the city hungrily, preparing to rid this place of its final pests.
  127. ''To sit idle in my city for so long, this place is nothing but a mess now. A mess that someone else has to clean up, so prepare to be cleansed of filth. Dusk or Dawn, the change of name doesn't matter to me.''
  129. An icy breath leaves his maw before he simply smiles.
  131. ''What matters is my surnames legacy is left in ruins, and for a new one to take its place. With me, Adrian Rowan... At it's helm.''
  133. Dragon claws snatch at the neck of one of Dusks many soldiers, lifting them up as he focuses on the magi in the vicinity.
  135. ''If you want a chance of life, lower to your knees. Otherwise, prepare for death.''
  136. (Adrian Rowan)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [19:16] "Tsk..."
  141. The marching of the enemy forces resounds throughout the streets of the city. Loud and demanding attention from those of Dusk, the people respond quickly. Soldiers gathering their gear and heading to the frontline, citizens fleeing in terror, and others in between. A catastrophe is afoot.
  143. Dawn to Dusk...
  145. He moves alongside the others that stand to fight for the city, clad in masterfully crafted armor and with a beautiful weapon the same. Green energy rolls off his form in powerful, unrestrained waves. The man standing tall and striding to the frontline with a certain composure. Surprisingly.
  147. Those glowing green eyes stare to those ahead, betraying that mentioned composure in the next instance. A certain fury and spite in them, mixed with all else that dwells within him. It's voiced through his look and the raw wildness of the magic around him. As it does in most of his kind - oscuri.
  149. Standing before the force of Levengard, a few thoughts cross his mind. Thinking of everything that had lead up to this moment. Curious what he could've done better. Wondering if he would live up to expectations. And most of all...
  151. Will it be Dusk to nothing, soon?
  152. (Feth Grauhimmel)
  153. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155. [19:16] Ichida drew his Katana, holding it at his side as he gazed upon the forces of dawn. The final battle was upon them all, and the air around them became dense. Flames would spark around his Katana as the voice of his partner begin to flood his mind with all kinds of encouragement. Ichida smiled at the forces; the flames would begin to cover Ichida entire body this battle was going to be interesting.
  157. There weren't any words spoken he'd let his blade do most of the talking for him all of his training brought him here to the final battle. He'd go down in history as one of the warriors that brought Dusk to its knees.
  159. The heat could not felt behind him were enough to set the grass ablaze, his fiery gaze was upon their forces, and today, history would change for the better.
  161. Ichida was ready to lay his life down for what he believed.
  162. (Ichida Rikiya)
  163. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  165. [19:16] The final hour.
  167. Lost within the realm of spirits, the woman had an ample amount of time to recover from her defeat. Sors proved to be far more powerful that she could have imagined, even still; this woman is relentless. With her body in terrible condition, she floats along in the form of a specter, until locating the golem of war.
  169. Adrammelech.
  171. Resting on the golems shoulder, she raises her axe, pointed at the kingdom that invoked her wrath. This was the day she'd prepared for, the day Azrael's influence would be removed from Agartha. While she'd failed at eliminating Sors. She wouldn't fail here.
  173. She couldn't.
  175. Or all of blood on her hands meant nothing.
  177. "Destroy the statues. Burn the books. Turn the undead to dust. Capture the living, those that you can save. Kill the rest."
  178. (Thera Elisheva)
  179. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  181. [19:16] The Oscuri's honor bade they stand till the bitter end with their city. The place of their birth, the cage that'd held them, protected them for so long. Now on the verge of total desolation. It wasn't a destruction they'd allow without a battle, it was the end of things. It was akin to the last memories of the divine which'd blessed all Oscuri with his wisdom.
  183. It was the city of their ancestors the place where they had been born and nurtured. Taught the old ways and given hope of the future that could be. With a deep sigh they'd call upon their reika. Catching aflame to battle the foes of their home, flashes of what'd happened in this city fluttered through the Paladin's eyes. The great assault of the Nethradin when he was but a boy, the wars with Huangzhou that never ceased, the execution of his father as the war went cold, a life-time of struggle and suffering in a dying noble house surrounded by those indifferent to the youth, making friends who'd become corrupted by foreign ideas, die in battle, or be executed as traitors.
  185. Though really at this point he Paladin was just buying time for the civilians to evacuate and get away towards what came next. He knew that whaterver happened, no matter how many he fought or killed, the city was doomed. It'd be razed and the populace genocided as the alliance attempted to quash the last bastion of Azraelism from the continent.
  186. (Ascalon Zanders)
  187. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189. [19:17] As the Oscuri stood there, the overwhelming numbers of Levengard citizens, and literally none of them look weak... Lupo didn't anticipate this, but, he'll stand, because it's for his city, it's for Dusk.
  191. The Fallen had forced them to join his side, yet, he stood there, watching from the fountain, as they did their best to defend their beloved city, truly, this was an utter disappointment...
  193. Olive green hues flickered along the line of Levengard soldiers... we're fucked, this was just like last time, with the Dryad in Gehenna...
  195. No amount of power he can pray for will save him, this was it, his days were numbered, yet, he could feel the energy in his veins, not just his lines, but his entire body made him energetic.
  197. As he clenches his fist, unleashing his energy to the air, as green wings bursted from behind, he'd be ready, as he just looked to his teammates and smiled.
  199. Because that's all we can do... right? Smile when no one else can. Because no one else will. Show them our smiles and our beliefs, even if they kill us for it.
  201. We'll have the last laugh, as Lupo's plan with the Adjudicator would be implemented... or maybe that was just to boost morale... fuck... this came right back at him.
  203. Even though, the people are what makes Dusk, and just like bones, if you break it, it'll always come back, stronger, and better than ever!
  205. If only Lupo could have achieved his dreams, see more Oscuri in the world, hell, cleanse the stain of the true evil, and end the racism.
  207. This is for Dusk.
  209. This is for Azrael.
  211. "Guess I'll have to tell that one girl that I probably won't be coming after all..."
  212. (Lupo Buckers)
  213. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215. [19:17] No words come from the woman. She's assigned a task to storm the side of Dusk and arrive with the main cluster of forces there. She's got a smile on her face, though it betrays the looming feeling underneath. People were bound to get hurt here. Marching up with the massive ensemble - The pounding of feet is the drum of war, is it not?
  217. A hand calls down to her delicate blade, and once more - Its blue metal is drawn outwards as she took in a deep breath. "For Gehenna. And the end of this crooked place." At Thera's call, she frowns deeply now. She marched because of the cause, not because of the blood.
  219. Her thoughts on those words aren't displayed - And she sprung into action immediately after.
  221. Showtime.
  222. (Caira)
  223. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. [19:17] Tomi Fengari Ultovex whispers something.
  226. [19:18] Backing up the combined armies of Levengard and Huangzhou was none other than the great golem,
  228. Adrammelech!
  230. Carrying his recovering master on top of him, the wooden beast would march. Quakes accompanying him which would shake enemies and buildings alike! Perhaps even stopping to send a barrage of earthen spikes at Dawn's non-magi defenders along the way. While still making sure poor Thera wouldn't be jostled at all.
  233. This was his duty. The purpose of his contract. To defeat the legions of Dawn. To exterminate every last son of a bitch necromancer and depraved magi there was.
  237. (Adrammelech)
  238. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  240. [19:18] {NARRATION} Tobias & Oskar vs Elyon
  241. Keitaro vs Feth
  242. [19:20] Lupo Buckers says, "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA"
  243. [19:22] Fera Fengari says, "ADRIAN YOU A THOT"
  244. [19:22] Lupo Buckers exclaims, "The Shogun smells the previous regent's feet before he killed him! He also lewds lolis!"
  245. [19:29]
  246. {LOAD GAME}
  248. [19:31] Thera Elisheva whispers something.
  249. [19:32] Adrian Rowan whispers something.
  250. [19:32] Adrian Rowan whispers something.
  251. [19:32] Fera Fengari whispers something.
  252. [19:33] Lupo Buckers whispers something.
  253. [19:33] Lupo Buckers whispers something.
  254. [19:33] Melody Ultovex whispers something.
  255. [19:33] Melody looks back ahead towards the chaos...
  256. (Melody Ultovex)
  257. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  259. [19:33] Melody Ultovex whispers something.
  260. [19:34] The war has grudged on for too many years now. And every single battle has led up to this one, where they're in the heart of Dusk, surrounded by enemies. The demi-angel's wings are in full bloom, hovering just above the spiritmancer Thera - while she vanishes from sight and assails her foes with blasts of golden light, Isaac covers her. He is in the sky, guarding either flank and her back. They fight as one.
  262. It reminds him of a time, when he stood side by side with his brother, Sera. Outnumbered by five magi. Even if the smell of ash and blood lingers in the air, just like back then, this is far more manageable. The odds were in the favor; they had been winning from the start, despite numerous setbacks.
  264. "Thera...once we take this place, my soldiers have the order to slay every undead they can find. And set fire to their churches of death worship. We're on the same page, I take it?"
  266. Just as he asks that question, a fearless oscuri berserker takes to the sky on green wings - the man shouted out some garbled phrase. Never surrender. The demi-angel met him head on, narrowly avoiding the blood of his axe and spearing him through the stomach with a blade of crimson ethereal unlight, and as the man's rieka-forged wings fade, so do his eyes, life leaving his gaze.
  268. "What will you do after this?"
  269. (Isaac Shimasu)
  270. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  272. [19:34] Lupo Buckers whispers something.
  273. [19:34] Lupo Buckers whispers something.
  274. [19:35] In all his years on Agartha, Calael had made a point to never set foot in Dawn or Dusk. Not even with invisibility potions or a skirmish alongside the border. The distant capital of necromancy and corruption on the continent was a place he always saw only on the horizon, those dark clouds that loomed over it a constant reminder as to what awaited there.
  276. But today he finally crossed that line among the cliffs and mountains. Today he trailed high overhead above the Alliance's forces, a shining start in an otherwise dark and smoggy sky.
  278. With the gates breached, he stood watch over a small force of militarized Keepers that were at his command, and while raining artillery from above, he guided them deeper and deeper into the Azraelite's city.
  280. Just as he promised, the heavens rained down their wrath, and the Starkeeper who made it his life's work to undo the destruction of necromancy finally kept his word.
  281. (Calael E. Kang)
  282. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  284. [19:42] The instant Arlei gets back into the White Gold, the bright flames that covered her hair vanished, leaving it in its natural state; onyx black with large streaks of grey running through it.
  286. "Kids?" she calls up the stairs, taking a seat on the her favourite chair. The three Oscuri children who had been napping came downstairs slowly, rubbing at their eyes.
  288. "Mum? Whats wrong?" Lirien asked, walking towards her with her siblings in tow.
  290. The second they got close, Arlei bent down and wrapped them all up in a massive hug, pulling them close to her. It was probably painfully tight, but. .
  292. This was the hardest thing she'd ever had to do in her life, and she had that niggling thought that her husband wasn't going to return home. .
  294. "Kids, I love you, alright? All of you. Equally. With all of my heart, forever. I say it all the time, but its even more important this time. . " she sighed, tears flowing from her cheeks.
  296. "--We're leaving the house. Maybe for good. We're going to a safer place a--and your papa will be coming soon, alright? Now. . climb on my back. Lets go." she sighed, bending down to let them up.
  298. --And then, Ascalon walked in.
  299. (Arlei Zanders)
  300. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  302. [19:52] The young woman burst into the room suddenly, slamming the door shut with a resounding twist of their form. Their body was covered in scraps, bruises, minor wounds, blood trailing along their right arm from a rather deep gash across their bicep.
  304. Adrenaline was pumping through their blood as their reika flared. A emerald hue looked around the house quickly before like the wind they where her family stood huddled together. She'd quickly help put the kids up upon Arlei. Hushing them with a stern look as she did so.
  306. "Loves we're leaving. Now, Arlei I'm gathering what I can out of the back rooms and burning the White Gold down. Stay here I'll cut down anyone who gets in our way as we fall-back."
  308. There was no time for fear as the Oscuri started to methodically gather what they could from the storeroom before rushing back out to guide their family away to safety.
  309. (Ascalon Zanders)
  310. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  312. [19:52] {Item} You drop Sludge x2.
  313. [19:52] {Item} You drop Mythril x1.
  314. [19:52] {Item} You drop Beard.
  315. [19:53] {Item} You drop Beard.
  316. [19:53] {Item} You drop Watering Can.
  317. [19:53] {Item} You drop Message To Ascalon.
  318. [19:54] {Item} You drop Torch.
  319. [20:08] {NARRATION} The Allied Forces prevail.
  321. The final battle is decisive and clean, overpowering their foe in magi strength and numbers alike. They were fully prepared for a siege and saw it through to the end. All soldiers have their orders, secure key locations, capture any enemies, and defeat anyone that refuses to submit.
  323. Dusk has been conquered.
  325. Almost immediately, the military of Levengard, Huangzhou, and Gehenna begins securing the city. They have particular orders to burn the churches and any religious texts on Azraelism.
  327. (Dusk conquered. Will be removed as a spawnpoint & the overworld, fading to 'NPC' status).
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