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  1. SkavThon is a weekend long marathon to try to raise some funds to help with a nasty IRL situation im dealing with.  I lost my job a while back, and havent had any luck in trying to find something new in my area.  While looking for a new job, my car died and bills kept piling up.  Then, due to some unfortunate circumstances i wont disclose (some things need to be kept private, im sorry), i was awarded full custody of my daughter by the state recently.  So im stuck with utilities in disconnect levels of being behind, trying to take care of my kid, and was trying to do everything with no car.  
  3. Luckily, an amazing friend got a new car and very generously gave me his previous car, so my car situation is resolved.  Also, since i started organizing this marathon, i have received some various donations, which have taken a large chunk out of the utilities situation.  I still have a little bit i have to come up with, and i also have to come up with a rather large amount of what i owe in property taxes or i could potentially lose my house (and if my utilities get cut off or i lose my house, ill more than likely lose custody of my kid as well and she will go into foster care, which would absolutely devastate both of us.).  In terms of actual amounts, i still need to come up with around 230 towards the last utility i owe on, and have to come up with just under 800 dollars towards my property taxes by the end of june to not be at risk of my house being taken.  Anything raised above and beyond that will go towards stuff my daughter could use (shes at the age where shes outgrowing clothes constantly, shes outgrowing them faster than i can buy them, especially with no current income), and beyond that, will be used to keep me and her afloat while i continue my job hunt.
  5. I sincerely thank everyone in this amazing community, everyone who submitted to the marathon, everyone who will be running in it, and anyone who takes the time to stop by and hang out and watch some runs.  I can honestly say that i have never been part of something so amazing as this community in my life, and even with the current fallout with my main friends group i still love and am appreciative  of you all.
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