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  1. Trix_ <>
  3. Dear Community Team,
  5. First of all, I’d like to apologize for my actions that I have displayed throughout the prior months – What I did was simply childish and immature of me, and I regret every single wrongdoing. My misconduct should have not been tolerated and both bans, the SSRP one and the Forum one that were issued, were valid and quite justified. This apology goes out to the ZARP community, but mostly and especially to Clarky and Jamie, me doxing them was simply unacceptable and I’m not asking for forgiveness, but rather a chance to redeem myself as well as show my change, first on the Forums, and then maybe even on SSRP if I proceed to conduct myself properly, politely and in a civilized manner.
  7. Yes, I am aware that I’ve caused numerous issues before and after my bans were issued, and I can understand if you are reluctant to let me back on ZARP, as previously implied, I am aware of my mistakes, misconduct and all the horrible things I did. Hopefully I’m not asking for much, but I’d like to be back on ZARP, spending my quality time with some of my friends. If I proceed to behave in a inappropriate manner, then don’t hesitate to ban me again, I’m just here to show that I am deserving of being back on the server.
  9. Thank you for reading my E-Mail and hopefully you’ll handle and consider this with great care and seriousness.
  11. With appreciation,
  13. Trix.
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