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  1.  * Advantage of KisSharedPtr over boost pointer ?
  2.  * The difference with boost share pointer is that in boost::shared_ptr,
  3.  * the counter is kept inside the smart pointer, meaning that you should
  4.  * never never remove the pointer from its smart pointer object, because if
  5.  * you do that, and somewhere in the code, the pointer is put back in a smart
  6.  * pointer, then you have two counters, and when one reach zero, then the object
  7.  * gets deleted while some other code thinks the pointer is still valid.
  8.  *
  9.  * Inconvenient of KisSharedPtr over boost pointer ?
  10.  * KisSharedPtr requires the class to inherits KisShared.
  11.  *
  12.  * Difference with QSharedDataPointer
  13.  * QSharedDataPointer and KisSharedPtr are very similar, but QSharedDataPointer
  14.  * has an explicit constructor which makes it more painfull to use in some
  15.  * construct. And QSharedDataPointer doesn't offer a weak pointer.
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