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  1. While both the text and televised versions of “The Chaser” have their pros and cons, T.V. has more to offer in this case. To start off with, the video version has one major advantage over printed work – not having to take time to explain the background and emotions of the scene. Along a similar vein, the medium of video more accurately depicts the mood of the situation. A third thing the text version lacks is many scenes found in the televised play.
  3. The advantage of not wasting time on the direct narration of emotions is shared through all televised adaptations of plays. However, “The Chaser” takes full advantage of this. Both the characters of Alan Austen and the professor are detailed and contain many nuanced behaviors only apparent when audio and visuals are put together. In fact, the first two paragraphs of the typed story were all description – things that are weaved into the visual portion of the video, rather than taking up valuable airspace.
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