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Simple Multipage Viewer AutoHotKey Download Script

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Aug 10th, 2019
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  1. ;Simple Multipage Viewer AutoHotKey Download Script
  2. ;
  3. ;This is for people who don't have a lot of programming experience (I don't either!), don't have any web API experience, and don't want to spend hours click to download their favorite doujins if SadPanda ever went down again. If you have a couple dozen doujins you want to download but not spend half a day right clicking and saving, this script will do it for you! You can use this to quickly and easily (and more importantly, less sufferingly) download your doujins.
  4. ;The catch is for this script you need multi-page viewer. If you don't have it, I recommend it. It's the most important extra feature in ExHentai, as it makes your viewing experience easier, faster, and better than page-by-page clicking.    
  5. ;For this to work, you need to make two simple variable adjustments and you can run this script.
  6. ;The first adjustment is the number of pages. It's the number next to "Loop." Easy.
  7. ;The second adjustment is your "Save Image As..." Coordinates. In this script the default is 140 (X), and 180 (Y) Respectively. This is where your mouse will move from the center. It will need to be adjusted based on where that icon is on the menu, and it's quite easy to adjust.
  8. ;After those are set and tested, create the folder you want to save in, download the first image to make sure it will default save to that folder. After that run the script no problem! You can now do this for any doujin on ExHentai!
  10. ;F2 Starts the Script
  11. ;F3 Force exits the script if there's a problem.
  13. #Persistent
  14. F2::
  16. Loop, 34 ; Adjust this for number of pages.
  17. {
  18. ;Mouse to center.
  19. CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
  20. MouseMove, (A_ScreenWidth // 2), (A_ScreenHeight // 2)
  22. ;Right Click
  23. Click, right
  25. ;Move Mouse to Save As
  26. MouseMove, 140, 180, 0, R ; The 140 and 180 are the X and Y coordinates your mouse needs to move to "Save Image As" and will probably need to be adjusted.
  27. Sleep, 20
  29. ;Left Click On Save Image As
  30. Click
  31. Sleep, 2000 ; If the script is running too fast for your computer to open the save image as dialog, you can increase this.
  33. ;Enter To Save the Image
  34. Send, {Enter}
  35. Sleep, 2000 ; If the script is running too fast for your computer to save image the image before paging down you can increase this.
  37. ;Page Down
  38. Send, {PgDn}
  40. }
  42. F3::exitapp
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