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  1. Dark E-Whoring
  4. Fetlife.com tumbex.com
  6. sites you could use to get free pics from that are unsaturated ^
  8. Here are some websites I know which you can get traffic at       Chat Rooms  adultchat.net  teenchat.com  omegle.com  chatroulette.com  javachatrooms.net  kidschat.net  chat-avenue.com  http://topbestsites.weebly.com/computer /best-free-chat-sites Top 30 best chat sites ^
  10. Now what you will be doing is offering the people pics or videos for $ but you won’t be scamming them. You will be sending them
  11. what they pay for unless you really don’t want to. Twitch.tv  Is an unsaturated traffic website ^
  13. Is home to thousands of gaming streamers worldwide Most of the people in the chats you can take advantage of by trying to e-whore Just come up with a super girly twitch name and then go onto random streams and message people from the chat through a direct message or message them through the chat.
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