Chatlog with coolfire02

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  1. you're not getting unbanned
  2. there isn't any way you can prove yourself unguilty
  4. Darkrai__heute um 14:10 Uhr
  5. dude i am trying to proof my innocence but nobody is believing me
  7. coolfire02heute um 14:11 Uhr
  8. when you've clearly shown your interfearance and affiliation with the abuse
  9. because there isn't anything to believe
  10. the moment you were involved in placing lucky crates
  11. the moment you were involved with your alts and that plot
  12. that eda cleared
  13. you've not had any innocence
  14. so don't try ta outplay anyone
  15. I really thought you've changed.
  16. especially after you reported the bug with token boost
  17. that has clearly not happened
  18. pretty dissapointing
  19. and there you are
  20. currently
  21. still trying to lie your way true
  22. in denial
  23. couldn't expect for an ex-mod to have abused 2 times in 2 seasons
  24. lmao
  25. but you chose the path
  27. Darkrai__heute um 14:13 Uhr
  28. i am not lieing
  29. i was told that eda used alts to get to advance lvl 100 and then he put the items in a chest on the plot of my alt
  31. coolfire02heute um 14:13 Uhr
  32. this time there is no unban
  34. Darkrai__heute um 14:13 Uhr
  35. i swear please you must believe me
  37. coolfire02heute um 14:14 Uhr
  38. so enjoy your day and the rest of your life
  39. cause you're never getting unbanned from the server.
  41. there is also nothing for you to proof
  42. so don't bother
  43. have a good one
  45. Darkrai__heute um 14:18 Uhr
  46. I reported the token bug because I wanted to show you that I've improved.
  47. you can also ask edabua
  48. edabua has access to both accounts and he is playing on my accounts often because when im offline he is mining for me
  49. i have never seen that my alt has a plot because i use a console client to get on my alt because my laptop cant run 2 minecraft
  51. coolfire02heute um 14:19 Uhr
  52. well whatever the case is, I frankly cannot do much more.
  53. the account will never be unbanned for the simple fact that
  54. there would be no agenda for him to use your account to place down the couldrons
  55. there would be no agenda for him to create the plot under your alt, MoonPengui
  56. and also
  57. ps
  58. you don't realise the amount of utility we have against you
  59. you say eda has access to your accounts correct?
  61. Darkrai__heute um 14:20 Uhr
  62. yes
  64. coolfire02heute um 14:20 Uhr
  65. well then why did eda's name not appear on the same ip as you and your alt
  67. Darkrai__heute um 14:20 Uhr
  68. didnt you see what he wrote
  70. coolfire02heute um 14:20 Uhr
  71. I wouldn't give a shit
  73. Darkrai__heute um 14:20 Uhr
  74. he said he has tunnelbear on his pcs
  76. coolfire02heute um 14:20 Uhr
  77. because its proven it was staged
  79. Darkrai__heute um 14:21 Uhr
  80. he was using vpn
  82. coolfire02heute um 14:21 Uhr
  83. if he was using a vpn, he wouldn't need to use a different vpn to log into your account
  84. since it was already registered
  85. there is nothing further you can do to get your account unbanned
  86. so please stop trying.
  88. Darkrai__heute um 14:23 Uhr
  89. dude please believe meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  90. i love the serverrr i would never risk a ban again since last season i promised that you i think
  92. please show me the proof that you have
  93. I'll show you that it's not true
  95. coolfire02heute um 14:27 Uhr
  96. all logs are in favour that the account Darkrai__ is abusing.
  97. so even if eda went on your account
  98. and abused
  99. you could blame him for the ban.
  100. The point is,
  102. Darkrai__heute um 14:27 Uhr
  103. i did
  105. coolfire02heute um 14:27 Uhr
  106. darkrai__ the account no matter if its you or eda using it will never be unbanned.
  107. and plus
  108. if it really was eda's fault, you wouldn't have been this unaware about the whole situation from the ghet go
  109. and you would've changed your pass
  110. so i don't care
  111. if it was eda(99% sure it isn't him) or you that did it
  112. the point is,
  114. Darkrai__heute um 14:29 Uhr
  115. how will i change my pass if im banned
  117. coolfire02heute um 14:29 Uhr
  118. you both arebanned for exploiting
  119. and there will not be ANY
  120. unbans
  121. and that is finalcan you please talk with edabua
  123. coolfire02heute um 14:29 Uhr
  124. nope
  126. Darkrai__heute um 14:30 Uhr
  127. why he can tell you that it wasnt me
  128. i was at my girlfriends house the whole time and i was not able to play minecraft
  130. coolfire02heute um 14:30 Uhr
  131. cool
  132. Like i've said
  133. there have been couldrons placed by you at different time intervals.
  134. You would have realised if there are items with you that you never received
  136. Darkrai__heute um 14:31 Uhr
  137. i allowed edabua to play on my account so i wouldnt wonder if there changed something
  139. coolfire02heute um 14:31 Uhr
  140. so why would he use your account? and his to abuse?
  141. ah
  142. found it
  144. Darkrai__heute um 14:32 Uhr
  145. he said he used my account to get money to advance
  147. coolfire02heute um 14:32 Uhr
  148. clearly both of you guys were on in the timeframe
  150. Darkrai__heute um 14:32 Uhr
  151. and he had a friend that used his account
  153. coolfire02heute um 14:32 Uhr
  154. between 19-24hours ago
  155. ahhh
  156. so its the friends fault
  158. Darkrai__heute um 14:32 Uhr
  159. ?
  161. coolfire02heute um 14:32 Uhr
  162. how many more stories are you going to come up with?
  163. before you give up and accept the fact that
  164. you abused
  166. Darkrai__heute um 14:32 Uhr
  167. im just telling you what ian told me
  169. coolfire02heute um 14:32 Uhr
  170. and there's no unban?
  171. LOL
  172. okay
  173. enough is enough
  174. i've got things to do
  175. have fun
  176. bye!
  178. Darkrai__heute um 14:33 Uhr
  179. ian sent me a screenshot where edabua said that his neighbor helped him because there were 2 people abusing alts
  181. coolfire02heute um 14:33 Uhr
  182. ps: If i wasn't this certain
  183. you wouldn't have been banned
  184. sadly, that isn't the case
  185. or at least have been banned for under investigation
  187. Darkrai__heute um 14:35 Uhr
  188. you can investigate me
  189. you can reset my whole stuff cuz i dont care about the items
  190. i just want to have fun with my friends and the community
  191. to be in voicechat with wolvien and other players is making my day
  193. coolfire02heute um 14:35 Uhr
  194. exploitation bans will never be exploited
  195. reverted*
  196. so, even if you wanted to join back on the server, you'd have to get on a brand new account.
  197. this is the result of exploiting
  198. so why'd you do it the second time in the first place i dunno :person_shrugging:
  199. and the fact
  200. that you have the audacity
  201. to continue this conversation this long
  202. it's absurd
  203. how reluctant you are to accept the fact you abused
  205. Darkrai__heute um 14:37 Uhr
  206. but i didnt exploid it was edabua you must believe meee please
  207. why would i buy a 20$ item and then risk a ban ?
  208. that would make noo sense
  210. coolfire02heute um 14:37 Uhr
  211. exactly
  212. it dosen't
  213. so why'd you do it?
  215. Darkrai__heute um 14:37 Uhr
  216. but you still dont belive me
  217. ...
  219. coolfire02heute um 14:37 Uhr
  220. no shit sherlock
  221. its clear you were apart of it
  223. Darkrai__heute um 14:37 Uhr
  224. no its nooot
  226. coolfire02heute um 14:38 Uhr
  227. let that set in for a moment
  228. there will not be any unbans on the account whatsoever
  229. acting innocent dosen't get you anywhere
  231. Darkrai__heute um 14:39 Uhr
  232. i can understand you
  234. coolfire02heute um 14:39 Uhr
  235. I would tell you to learn from your mistakes
  236. but you've done it again
  237. so my words of advice are of no use to you either
  239. Darkrai__heute um 14:40 Uhr
  240. dude why cant you believe me ?
  241. i changed
  242. i prosmie
  243. do you not trust me because of the thing that happened last season or why
  245. coolfire02heute um 14:40 Uhr
  246. its not about trusting you really
  247. if I assumed you exploited just because of last season's ban
  248. I wouldn't have went through the entire plot searching for sufficient evidence to prove that you're guilty
  250. Darkrai__heute um 14:42 Uhr
  251. and why would i break rules
  252. i know that the staff team would watch me because of the thing that from last season
  253. thats why i tried to find out bugs and report them to you
  254. to show that i changed
  256. coolfire02heute um 14:42 Uhr
  257. you could ask anyone at all; If both accounts EdaBua2YT and Darkrai placed down the abused couldrons, it is apparent that there is no hidden agenda of eda to get the account darkrai banned from if the place was investigated
  258. Hence why it shows clearly, that you were the one that partaken in the exploitation.
  259. and you could ask anyone at all
  260. if it was eda's friends, they wouldn't have known to log onto your alt MoonPenguin
  262. Darkrai__heute um 14:44 Uhr
  263. wait
  264. wait
  265. edabua told me that he and his neighbor used vpn and abused alts for a long time.
  266. he also said that its not the first time that he did it i dont know if you know it yet
  267. after he abused alts he logged in my account and my alt account and his neihbor  logged in with edas accounts  edabua2yt and darkrai with 4_s' on the laptop from his friend
  268. and then they wanted to open the items and then he said alduin came and they got banned
  269. and i got messages from some people like A1K and zandrad on discord were they told me i got banned
  270. and then after i saw that im banned i messaged ian and asked him what happened
  272. coolfire02heute um 14:50 Uhr
  273. oh oh oh
  275. Darkrai__heute um 14:50 Uhr
  276. he explained what happened
  278. coolfire02heute um 14:50 Uhr
  279. so u knew ian was the one that got you banned
  281. Darkrai__heute um 14:50 Uhr
  282. no
  283. he was the only helper online
  285. coolfire02heute um 14:50 Uhr
  286. because eda paniced and talked to you about how the situation unfolded
  288. Darkrai__heute um 14:50 Uhr
  289. and A1K told me to message him
  290. cuz he was talking with him already
  291. edabua told me nothing about it
  292. only after i asked him what happened
  293. then i asked ian what to do
  294. and he said i should ask edabua what happened and then eda explained me the sitatuation
  295. then i got in a call with wolvien and ian and they checked something on my pc
  296. and after the call i messaged edabua on whatsapp because wolvien and ian needed him
  297. then i went sleeping and when i woke up i got a message from wolvien that i wont be unbanned
  298. and now i hate edabua because he ruined my life
  299. Maybe it's stupid and childish, but I actually cried when I saw
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