compare and contrast p48

Jun 14th, 2016
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  1. • The left picture is in grayscales, while the other one is in color.
  2. • In the left picture the only thing that might be powered electrically is a lamp, while in the.
  3. • Other picture there are a lot of electronical devices.
  4. • In the left picture two kids are playing with a bridge.
  5. • In the right picture there are 4 teenagers.
  6. • Three of the persons you can see in the left picture are using their mobile phone.
  7. • The left picture seems to be more crowded than the right picture
  8. • The room in the right picture is furnished more modern than the room in the left picture.
  9. • In the left picture a whole family is in one room, while in the other one a few fiends might be meeting
  10. • The persons in the right picture have more modern clothing than the persons in the left picture.
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