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  1. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      word traveled quickly throughout the Avengers compound. The Guardians were making preparations to depart, and Scott Lang would be going with them. Either as a parting gift or to leap headfirst into a new fountain of trouble without Hope or the Avengers to provide backup. And honestly? Wanda couldn't fault him for taking the opportunity. But the idea of his departure, felt abrupt and made her feel.. nauseated. Just an additional weigh of worry to shoulder, more factors she was incapable of changing. Was it so surprising that she opted to hideout in her room as a result? To avoid additional confrontation with Nebula, or the other aliens? To lash out for something that wasn't their fault? And to further alienate Wanda from her family for being an emotional time-bomb? Lithe frame was curled in a large, cushioned chair near the window that overlooked the grounds. Drinking in the dying light of the sun as late afternoon faded into dusk. Fingers curled around the anchor of a hot cup of tea.
  3. 🇦​🇳​🇹​-🇲​🇦​🇳​     had finished most of his packing, Scott didn't even think to go over with the rest of the guardians just how long he might've been in space. The prospect of spacial travel was intoxicating enough to the mind of one such as he. He whistled down a long stretch of a hallway, boxes of clothes stacked up against one another in hand. Each of those that he packed meant something to him. Some of which had alien references to, and would ask extra terrestrials to sign, in the even that he would be a huge fan of any. Steps were taken until he passed by Wanda's room, causing his venturing to come to a complete halt. For a short while, Scott stood still, pondering the previous conversations he had with the witch. Their problems never got smoothed out, which meant at some level, he and Wanda still had a discord between them. And now he was leaving for space. For how long? He wouldn't know. And perhaps allowing it to go by without hashing out the details with her would be nothing short of a terrible idea. So in turn? He lowered the boxes, placing them just to the side of her room door. Knuckles rapped slowly against the wooden frame. "Hey. Wanda. It's-- it's me. Scott."
  5. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      she wondered idly how much tea she consumed on a regular basis, and if there was a health risk associated with it. Opting to believe that there wasn't, as the Chinese drank it like water, and lived to be relatively ancient. Odd thought, but certainly better than the others that kept her from sleeping. Concerns about Bucky's mental state, now that he was on the mend. Worried about Clint, who in turn worried about everyone as much as she did, and was struggling with the actions taken as a result of the snap. The notable distance with Pietro, despite his claims he wouldn't leave her again. But where had he been? Where did he go? Never knowing when he'd come whizzing back. The knock at door, coupled with awkward tenor was enough to rouse Wanda from her thoughts. "..Come in," speaking loud enough to be heard, as tea was set aside and she would shift weight to bring rump up onto armrest so she balance one arm on the back of chair to look at him when he did. It was kind of him to come say good-bye, she hadn't expected it.
  7. 🇦​🇳​🇹​-🇲​🇦​🇳​     stood there for a long while, head pressed firmly against the door. His arms were just a little sore from all the carrying of boxes, and his head turned as to not put too much pressure on one part of his head. And in doing so, he spotted the soldier. For a while he was just there. Speechless. But it wouldn't last. While the two of them didn't share words, there was still a million things Scott wanted to say. Perhaps now was not the time, but he sought to one day maybe carry some of the weight Bucky had on his shoulders, and take it all away. He wasn't willing to bet that it was going to be easy though. It almost felt as if he'd spent a good portion of his life hiding things away from others. And in Scott's eyes? It was not looking good for Bucky. It didn't take long for the other to leave, and it was just as soon as lips were parted to speak. But he was gone. And from what he could hear,and it was the softest of voices, but perhaps he had run into Nat. Wanda's words jerked his head back to the door, hand reaching for the doorknob. "I'm... I'm coming in." One last glance was offered to the corner in which Bucky had disappeared into, only to find nothing. "Hey, Wanda." The smallest of smile were made, an immediate attempt to diffuse any and all tension that might arise from his sudden appearance in her privacy. Scott wore a long robe, and within it was a plain black shirt, and bright blue shorts that matched well with the furry slippers he wore. "I just-- I wanted to see you before I went to space." Chuckled slightly. Space. So friggin' cool. "Maybe even talk?"
  9. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      at least she was in a more modest state of dress than the last time Scott had decided to knock on her door. Dark red and black flannel pajama bottoms that felt a bit warm, toasty even, given the chilling temperature of her room, hung low on hips. A gift some weeks ago from Tony when noting, that Wanda kept to 'arctic temperatures' whenever possible. It was easier than battling with her over the thermostat for her room. A thin, black long sleeve shirt, a few sizes too big, would cause neckline to dip low exposing nude shoulders, even as it swallowed willowy form beneath. Thumbs long since having worked two identical holes into the cuffs to hook themselves through. One could wager by the cut that it had once belong to either Pietro or Clint. Either way it was solely hers now. Green eyes softened at his shambling entrance, not at all surprised by his penchant for being so dad like in his chosen style of comfort. A soft smile forming on naked lips in return to his small smile, missing the days when it seemed to be as bright as the sun when shot in her direction. But things change, people grow apart or up from needing the things they did before. And Scott Lang didn't need Wanda Maximoff. A nod was given in acknowledgement to his words and inquiry, "Come on over." The closeness of sharing a chair, no matter how big it was, wouldn't be as terrible as the last time when he was wearing a back brace and insistent on showing her a magic trick as she sat on a table in front of him. Shifting position slightly, so that side could lean more comfortably into the supportive back of chair, as toes slipped beneath cushion to let his butt be free to park as he so desired. Or he could sit elsewhere. It didn't matter. "Is something on your mind?" tone neutral to save face.
  11. 🇦​🇳​🇹​-🇲​🇦​🇳​     Couldn't remember the last time he was in her room. It was somewhere around the time he still wore that backbrace, and the leg cast. It was a dark time for Scott, but he didn't think to let that kind of thing ruin him completely. He still wore that smile, and it wasn't something she had to worry about. Nowadays it's mostly due to the fact that he held some form of excitement over the idea of space travel. Nebula and the others had promised him that, and he wasn't about to just ignore it. One last look was given across the hall, perhaps in the hopes that Bucky would, at the very least, let him know that he was alright. Too much weight on the soldier's shoulders caused him to worry. At the same time, however, he found comfort in the fact that maybe Natasha could take some off it away. If it wasn't going to be Scott, of course. He didn't expect to easily make a difference. Head swiveled in to enter Wanda's room, lips pursing slightly. Their last conversation didn't end so well, especially with her mentioning Hope and his daughter. If it was Hope or Cassie in Bucky's stead what would have Scott done? Would he have tried to diffuse the tension between Guardian and Avenger, or would he have settled with war? There was a slight spark of hope in his heart that he would have done the same thing. "Yeah! No!--" Looked away from her to stare at the wall, processing words that had just been spoken. A deep breath taken. "--actually, Wanda. I was just going to--" Thumb was jabbed at the empty hall behind him, leaving the boxes of clothes he prepared outside. For the mean time. "--Well I'm leaving. For a bit. Not too long. Just... just space things." The word space was said in a way that only one who possessed the glee of an eight year old could do. "And, I--" Scott lost the smile. If not temporarily. "--I was wondering if we're okay. Kinda sucks to just--" Made an 'airplane taking off from the ground' action with an open palm, lowering it after the mimicry. It was also couple with a whoosh sound from mouth. "--without making sure we're okay. You know?"
  13. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н      it had been several weeks since Scott had come to her room. He had been in search of Wilson, and perhaps lamented internally that it was not his door that opened but Wanda's. But he had at least been rewarded with the Pepto-Bismol sought, while feeling the fleeting sting of insignificance that his room was so much smaller in size. Perhaps Tony thought Scott would merely shrink himself to fit? Or knew that Scott had other obligations that would keep him off the compound grounds, rather than on. When he seemed loathed to enter, an inaudible sigh was mustered even as she sat up a little straighter. Evidently their conversation would be a short one, which was probably the best for all parties involved. Arm abandoning it's lofty position so that fingers could twist restlessly in the shallow pool of lap. The back of chair mercifully blocking any of her fidgeting from his or a passer-by's view. An acknowledging nod was given to his explanation for the visit, assuming that she was somewhere on the tail-end of the mental check-off. At least she had placement, which meant they were always going to be a family. Just a soon to be a distant one. "I heard. I know that you will have many adventures," forcing the showing of teeth in an encouraging grin, "Just be careful. Okay? We would miss you if.." The volume of thought trail was dropped, doubting he needed to be reminded of the dangers. "You'll be fine," assuring Scott, as much as she was herself. It would be good for him to see the beauty and wonder of space. Maybe dimming his prior experience with Yondu, and building up his friendship with the Guardians. At the inquiry of whether or not they were okay, eyebrow lifted in response. "We are okay, Scott," giving him the answer that he desired, and perhaps meaning it. Or wanting it to be true. But there was some cuts dealt, that would need to be handled with care to avoid infection. Wanda liked to think that time apart may mend them. And by association, cause other feelings that were not of a negative nature.. to fade.
  15. 🇦​🇳​🇹​-🇲​🇦​🇳​     couldn't help but chuckle. One that he himself tried so desperately to stifle. Hand came to clutch at the robe he had wore, steps taken closer towards her. The thumb jabbed behind him was lowered in favor of making sure that he didn't look the slightest bit indecent in front of her. Especially if it was going to be the last time she was going to see him in a long while. Eyes narrowed slightly, if not to have a better look of the witch. "Yeah? I don't know if they'll let me do whatever I want." Because Scott going full Scott could spell disaster if he was left unchecked for far too long. "Well, I could say that for Gamora. She'd probably do something about me." Personally, he thought of the green space assassin as someone he could trust. They didn't share more moments like he did with Nebula, but Scott knew that whatever she put as a facade, was more than --beyond even-- the kind of person she truly was. And Wanda? He could say the same about Wanda. A single hand was waved in front of him, as if to dismiss the thought of him not being careful. "Oh come on, Wanda. When am I never careful?--" Accidentally stepped on the bottom of his robe, feet becoming snagged on fabric, throwing Scott forward, tumbling over to the nearest coffee table. Luckily, he would be able to catch himself, and save half of what was left of his dignity. Acting composed, he stood up straight, readjusting the fallen flower vase, which the water keeping it's flowers nourished was now trickling down the side of the table. Scott cleared his throat, offering half a goofy smile. "--careful's my middle name." Adjusted the vase again, because it was tilting on one side. "I'll be fine." Words were used to assure her, more than himself. He didn't need to know what would happen to him out there, mostly because he didn't want to spoil whatever surprises were in store for him. But what was important, were the words she spoke to him. They were okay. Lips thinned, and finally he took his seat upon the chair. A great big sigh escaped his lips, before legs were pulled in to cross themselves beneath him. "I'm glad to hear that." He really was. Hand reached at the back of her ear, and after a quick flourish, pulled his hand away to reveal a credit card. Tongue ran past lips slightly. "It was supposed to be the queen of hearts again--" shook the card. "--but I lost it." He shrugged once, a small unnoticeable frown feigning his feelings of grief over the loss of a playing card. In fact, he lost it somewhere in her room. Right after showing her the magic trick months prior. Lowering his hand, and effectively, the card, he would look her in the eyes. "But, in all honesty? I'm glad we're okay, Wanda." The car was tapped a few times against an open palm of his. His gaze unwavered over her eyes, the corner of one lip propping into a smile. She didn't need to voice her concerns, because he knew that she felt trapped inside. As if she'd been struggling to speak up, and no amount of words would ever manage to make anyone listen. And if those thoughts would ever be properly translated to Scott, he just might tell her how important she was. Not just to the Avengers, but to him. "And, I'm not just saying that because you can totally crush me if you wanted to, but because-- well-- we're friends." That thought would sink in, allowing them to bask in silence, for a while, save for the soft slaps of the plastic card against hand. It got faster with each second that passed. "We are friends, right? Because if we aren't this is going to be so awkward. And I'm already sorry."
  17. ѕ¢αяℓєт ωιт¢н  it was humorous to witness Scott become self-conscious regarding his appearance when he always seemed to be caught in some state of questionable dress or the target of bad karma. As if remembering, belatedly, that Wanda wasn't one of the guys. A second-thought may have been terrible, it was complete ignorance or obliviousness that caused the ache to build inside. Head tilted upon axis, weighed down by his scrutiny and returning it thrice fold as Scott finally chose to approach. Doubting that he would have many restrictions to deal with, while traveling with the Guardians. From observation alone, they seemed to live by their own rules, that they had no issue of breaking. Wanda chose to trust in Steve and Tony vouching for Nebula and Rocket's reliability when it came to Scott's safety. And hoping that he wouldn't take too many risks, when there was no guarantee that the Guardians would toss aside their own lives to protect him. To see him home to Cassie. To Hope. And whoever else waited for him. Even as he began to protest his case about being careful, the universe decided to prove him wrong. At the very least, his reaction time had improved considerably. A shake of head was given to communicate her utter disbelief at his clumsiness. To be fair the coffee table was placed in the center of a prime area of walkway, for no other reason than to cause Pietro to slow down when entering her room. There was the faintest of snorts in amusement, but any additional notes were wisely muted to preserve his need not to be a subject of laughter every two minutes. The vase was a gift from T'Challa, from some mineral mined in Wakanda that was incredibly durable -- a lovely blend of black and ruby red that seemed to glitter in the moonlight. Scott could have chucked it at the wall and not a single chip would have fallen off. The flowers and water within to keep them nourished? Highly suspect. At least he managed to save them, mostly. Not that Wanda was terribly concerned. Such things were easily replaced. Nose scrunched as grin faded to a more genuine closed lip smile at his insistence that his middle name was 'careful'. "I thought it was Edward Harris?" calling his bluff, even as he continued to close the distance between them. And after what felt like ages from the moment knuckles rapt on door, plopped his weight on the over-sized chair's cushion. The positioning of his legs as tucked beneath him, indicated in more ways than words ever could that Scott intended to settle in for a spell. A realization that was surprising, considering his prior hesitant body language. It would be easier if Wanda just read his thoughts, but there were things she didn't want to know. Things she couldn't bare to see in his mind or anyone else, she felt so strongly to be family. All too soon, deft fingers fluttered close to ear and retrieved a credit card. Conjuring a throaty chuckle over his ridiculousness, as velveteen cheeks took on a rosy tint. Unbidden. Line of pearl snagging on lower lip at what could be mistaken for a sad tone in his voice at losing the Queen of Hearts card, unable to tell him the truth. That it had never been lost. Nor would he ever find it. Elegant digits rose to tuck strand of dark harvest reddish brown behind ear, perhaps to chase away the lingering warmth of his fingertips and the goosebumps. Distracted by the subject of the card, would likely be the cause for mishearing his claims that Wanda was capable of crushing him. Instead her brain heard Scott stating she had a crush on him. Eyebrows pursing in confusion and panic, as lips parted in protest. "No, no I don't have a crush on you!," hand dropping from ear to wave dismissively. A little too loud, the desperation to be believed a little too raw and transparent. Only for brain to catch up with what he had actually been saying. "Of course we're friends Scott. We'll always be friends," almost wishing an alarm would go off to signal an emergency to spare her. Instead index jabbed to the table off the side, where he had performed the initial magic trick so long ago. "Mmm, I got you a going away care package," distracting him with trinkets should be easy. It's worked before.
  19. 🇦​🇳​🇹​-🇲​🇦​🇳​     Of course he was worried about how he would look. Granted he's been in positions before where he was simply in his boxers, running away from the FBI who took their jobs just a little too seriously. Jimmy Woo to be exact. However, that wasn't to say that the male was not a good person, no. Heck, Scott thought that Woo just did his job, and he was doing it more than spectacularly. It was hard to hate the guy, and even harder to admit that Scott was at fault for most things. Including the fact that he went out of his house constantly during his days in house arrest. In the matter of trusting the guardians, however, Wanda had nothing to fear. She didn't know them the way Scott did, and Scott knew them --some of them-- enough to put his life on the line for them. Nebula and Gamora were both his friends. Rocket too. If Rocket acted that way around Cassie, it was enough of a judge of character for Scott. Anyone who could put a smile on that child's face was a godsend for Scott. Peter, Drax, Groot, and Mantis however, were ones that he had not grown a bond with yet. He did know that even though they had a knack for trouble, they wouldn't actively try and put his life in danger. Right? His eyes ventured towards the vase that had been once tipped over, admiring the beauty and craftsmanship of it. Should they ever have a conversation about it, it was more likely that Scott think she got it from Pottery Barn rather than an expensive gift from the King of Wakanda. He didn't question the reason as to why the table was in the middle of the room, mostly because he thought it was just common place above all else. "Edward Harris is my secret codename." Called her bluff that called his bluff. The bluffer has turned into the bluffee. Bluffee the vampire slayer. "Actually my secret codename in his school was 'Ed', but--" Shrugged.Sometimes Scott didn't take the time to watch a person's body language. He didn't feel the need to, because as naive as it might have been, he usually trusted a person's words more than he did their actions. Especially if said person was either Hope, or any of the Van Dynes/Pyms, a Lang or a Paxton, an Avenger, a Guardian, or if they were under a Jedi Mind Trick. But with Wanda, he somehow took the time to watch her curl a strand of hair behind her ear like it was her own form of magic trick. The slapping of card against his hand slowed, up until the sound had completely vanished, and movement ceased. Head tossed back at the her exclamation. Crushing on Scott? That's not what he meant. "No, Wanda-- that's-- no--" Ever so awkward breath was taken, legs unsprawling to have a better hold of his figure, feet planted firmly on the carpeted floor. "--that's okay! You don't have to have a crush on me. That'd be weird." Right? "Besides, I'm-- You're too-- you should just--" An alarm would be good right about now. But his flailing would stop at the mention of them being friends, mouth that spewed words instead opted to close with the gentlest of smiles. Relief, even. "Good. I-I-I'm glad. I just-- Wanda, I want you to know that I think... at least I think that if it was Hope, or Cassie, or anyone in my family who was in Bucky's position. I-- I would have done the same thing." He didn't want her to take him the wrong way, no did he want to ruin whatever moment they were having, but to Scott it was important for her to know. "These people, the Guardians they're a family too. People made mistakes, Nebula made her mistakes, but she does try to make up for them. I want--" Lips were licked, and breath taken. "--I want you to see that. Okay? Yes, YES if it was Cassie who she hurt I would never forgive her. But I still would have stopped a war from happening. Because each and everyone of them has their own... their own Cassie." Her hand was taken for a moment, only to be shaken in comfort. "I can't protect everyone. I want to, I do. But I can't. I'm not Cap--tain. Captain America. I'm not as smart as Tony, I'm not as strong as you, I'm not as determined as Hope, I'm-- I just want the best for everyone. If it means anything to you, --and this is our little secret-- if you tried fighting them, you totally would have won that, easy." Head turned to face where her finger was pointed. "Going away present? You shouldn't have!" But he was already thinking about what wondrous toys he could be bringing to space, as if he was Andy from Toy Story turned astronaut. Oh wow he's going to space, which means he's an astronaut, right? He'll have to check in with Rocket for that one. The male stood up from his seat, and approached the care package. "Sorry if this is all weird to you--" Brushed his robe off slightly. "--If it's weird that I just suddenly come barging in. I wanted to make sure we were okay. It's been--" patted the top of his head a few times. "--It's been on my head for a long while. You've been on my mind a lot lately, and it's just so--" His lips motor boated in exasperation. "--so crazy you know?" Finally approached the 'going away' present that she had prepared for him, eagerness slowly taking form of a smile. "One day, your brother comes along, I get kidnapped, Bucky gets hurt, It's been one hell of a week." Palms were rested atop the gift. "And you don't get enough credit, but--" Open lips hung for a while, as if Scott tried desperately to find the right words to say. "--I know you were trying your best to make things right. Don't start assuming I don't see it, Wanda." Finger wagged at her accusingly, but also very playfully. "I get it. Things are such a mess, and it's hard for you not to do anything. But I constantly stop you from doing anything, I know. I get that. I see that. But it's also because I know you have a lot on your plate. And the last thing you need is to worry about someone like me. In the end what I'm trying to say, other than thank you, of course, is that--" Open palms were lifted, as if he was presenting something, or surrendering something to the witch. "--I stopped you from getting yourself involved, not because I don't want you to. But because troubling yourself with my problems isn't something you need, Wanda. Because you don't deserve more problems than you already have." Now what, oh what was in the mystery box? Also, head perked up, his true emotions distracting him from the sudden snag of her thoughts on accident. A single brow was raised, and head dipped closer towards her direction, even as he stood so far away from her. "You don't have a crush on me, do you?"
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