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Who would you save?

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Aug 19th, 2017
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  1. Who would you save?
  3. I had a bit of a shower thought the other day thinking about the events in Charlottesville. Antifa on the streets throwing bottles of urine, bear mace, feces and even acid, it is no mistake to anyone who has been following the recent events that these savages were acting in an illegal, uncivil and barbaric manner to which I previously thought only feral animals and the insane were capable of... Of course Antifa by definition are insane and feral, these people are mindless zombies and the lowest form of shock troop the Jewish establishment has to shut down anyone with opinions that do not fit in with the status quo, the very fact that these communist terrorists were surprised when they saw the media side with them as part of a co operative effort to slander and shut down the event in Charlottesville is reason enough to come to the conclusion that these libshit trashcan beating zombies cannot form a single piece of logic in their drug addled minds.
  5. But this little rant if you will is not about the events in Charlottesville, I could write all day about my thoughts regarding the events that took place there but I shall talk about something different... Yes it is related to the mental gymnastics of our political enemies and quite frankly it is no shock to any among our movement that the mindset of a liberal is quite fundamentally flawed, so much so that I actually came across the following “argument” in a somewhat heated discussion with a Tumblrina tier libshit who I deem not even worth the time to argue considering that she cannot even comprehend what sexuality or 'gender' she is... Let's call her 'L'
  7. ...Regardless, L gave this argument to me after a short while of delving into the magical hippity dippity world of “White privilege” and “systematic oppression” (otherwise known as “whatever my Jewish college tutor crammed in my head), I was given this little thought experiment that would surely blow me the fuck out and unmask me as a 'neo-nazi white supremist KKK man who also likes to beat women' (not surprisingly after this discussion that was the sort of response I got)
  9. “So if there was a black man and a white man dying in front of you, who would you save?”
  11. I think we all know the answer to that..
  12. The white man...
  14. Why? Why not? I would sooner aid a man from my own race or at the very least a man who looks more like me and shares a similar culture than a man who is from a completely different part of the world, a different race and quite bluntly a different mindset than me.
  16. Does this make me racist? Absolutely... Does it make me an honest man? I would assume so.
  17. I decided to spin this against her, I find that if you spin such feeble logic against them it can become a great weapon in a debate. Though I would hardly call this a debate, I have had more intelligent conversation and far more enlightening discourse listening to retards spout shitty memes with a bunch of autistic children.
  19. So I asked her who she would save. I suppose you could picture my astonishment when all I heard back was “Oh my God! You racist! You're a racist!”
  21. I could not be bothered to waste time explaining the simple logic of what race was, but it did make me think... Who would she have saved? Was the propaganda that consumed her very soul so powerful that it would truly cause her to abandon her own people in the favor of a complete alien out of fear of being called 'racist'? I questioned what the future has in store for L, who would she settle down with and eventually start a family with? (that's assuming a degenerate such as L would even have children)... What race would she save?
  23. I suppose I am also racist for wanting my future children to look like me and I am also a nazi for wanting to continue my people on and set the world right, to create a world where our future generations can grow up safe without greedy sniveling kikes doing everything in their power to destroy them and their future... What race would I save? That's easy...
  25. My own race.
  27. The white race.
  29. And I am sure that even before taking the redpill that if I was called a nazi and a racist and slandered by waves of brain dead SJWs and Jewish media for simply wanting that, I would have shrugged and said “Well I guess I'm a racist now”...
  31. And I am proud of being so.
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