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  1. So the guild is splitting in two. Some people are going to another realm as Horde, some people are staying on Darkmoon Faire as Alliance.
  3. For those that are staying, do not fret. We plan on continuing as we are to the best of our abilities.
  5. After a headcount in the announcement thread I can easily see that we have more than enough people to carry on as a successful raiding guild and we will be able to raid on day 1 after the transition. This isn't even including the people who have yet to voice an opinion in the thread too.
  7. Absolutely everybody will be welcome to remain in the guild. This includes raiders, casuals, socials and even Alts of people in the Horde guild. I don't want there being animosity between us and the other guild. Just because they've changed realms doesn't mean we can't be friends or at least civil to one another.
  9. Whether we retain the name "The Logical Cube" is another question, as it won't be quite the same without the whole family here, but we can decide on this another day as it's not too important in the grand scheme of things.
  11. I'd like keep the days and times for which we raid the same, but I'm totally open to any suggestions if we find better slots for the guild as a whole.
  13. We already have a new paid website that is yet to be unveiled and a 35 slot Mumble server. The website uses Guildlaunch so everybody will instantly be familiar with it.
  15. As we don't have a date when the split is going to happen it's a little tricky trying to plan things right now, but if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask them below and I'll try and answer them to the best of my ability.
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