Bladerunnr vs Karbn (6/20/2021)

Jun 22nd, 2021
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  1. Bladerunnr vs Karbn (6/20/2021)
  3. R1:
  4. The round starts off with Karbn assuming a stance with his weight on the front foot.
  5. Blade begins the fight with a missed lead right hook and tries to come back into a rear left straight; but, cuts his own sync off by over-rotating his chest and pec before positioning himself with his hips.
  6. Karbn attempts a left lead uppercut but misses his target whilst having a bit of a problem with his lateral balance. As he begins to start falling to his left, Blade starts pulling in Karbn's left arm with his own rear left arm and ducks down to then come back up with a lead right hand to the dome. Karbn starts reaching for a collar tie but is interuppted by the punch. He then attempts to convert it into a punch or elbow but fails to make an impact.
  7. Blade begins attempting to dirty box a bit, first trying to find a left underhook but sliding off. Karbn tries to hit blade with a left jab but makes no impact as his arm is too close at the start of the impact, jamming himself. Blade hits a lead right hook, an odd forward stepping left uppercut that places his front foot in position to try and over-correct, using the momentum to throw another right hook with the sacrifice of balance due to the skewed spinning axis; but, Karbn allows it to glide past his guard using his elbow.
  8. Blade attempts a spinning backfist from the momentum but stops short of the chest. Karbn still leans back because of Blade's chi.
  9. As Karbn begins to place his weight back forward, he is forced to eat a side-teep of sorts from Blade. As they both re-stance, Blade begins spinning to hit a spinning hook kick, using the tip of his foot to make contact whilst Karbn tries a low kick. Karbn throws his right leg back to prepare a right overhand; but, is out of range completely.
  10. Blade throws a backfist to Karbn's head but is denied by the Toribash gods and phases through. Blade then falls down to post out with his right hand and they both just start tricking.
  12. 10-9 Bladerunnr
  14. R2:
  15. Both fighters start off quick:
  16. Karbn punching out of range and getting intercepted by Blade with with a sidekick to the chest, double left jab, right hook to the upper ribs, left hook to the liver.
  17. Karbn tries to put his leg up to attempt a "Wall of China" Thai clinch type of situation whilst throwing out a left cross to catch Blade in the face after Blade finishes his combination. Blade responds back with an equally cheeky right cross to Karbn's face.
  18. Karbn is holding onto a cheeky right overhook and begins getting clinched by Blade in return. Coming into the 50/50 wrestling position/over-under. Karbn tries his best to avoid Blade's takedown attempts but begins to lose control of the situation, getting lifted off the ground despite straightening out his body fully after squatting to avoid the right underhook of Blade.
  19. Karbn tries to hook Blade's right leg with his own left leg to avoid being toppled over.
  20. Blade begins to look for the inside footsweep but Karbn comes back to both feet.
  21. Blade takes a deep penetration step inbetween Karbn's base and lifts him up good.
  22. As Karbn tries to widen out his base, Blade begins to change the axis of the throw and topples him right into guard.
  23. Karbn pushes away in terror.
  25. 10-8 Bladerunnr
  27. R3:
  28. The round starts off with Karbn throwing a right lead punch out of range.
  29. Blade throws a toe tapping diagonal front kick of sorts to Karbn's rib as Karbn attempts to catch his leg.
  30. As Blade pulls his leg back behind himself, Karbn is leaned down with both his arms away from his body, Blade then uses this recoil to come back with a right hook to Karbn's head.
  31. Karbn is impacted by the shot so he starts to spin away to his right.
  32. Blade throws a left roundhouse out of range and a right spinning hook kick out of range.
  33. Karbn and Blade fuck about a bit, spinning and what not.
  34. Karbn finally comes up to engage and hits Blade with a quick two piece and grabs an stiff-arm collar tie.
  35. Karbn tries to kick in the clinch while Blade is working to isolate the left arm of Karbn. Karbn lands wrong on his kick and begins to fall backward.
  36. Blade is deep on his grip and launches himself for a flying armbar.
  37. Karbn attempts to turn in and put both his arms inbetween his legs; but, Blade's bite across Karbn's face begins to sink in before Karbn can begin his defense.
  38. Karbn is finished via flying armbar submission.
  40. Bladerunnr by submission
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