Woshou Moves

Jan 13th, 2020
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  1. Regular Moves
  3. (Moves that are not associated with Shen Fist styles. Most of Woshou’s ‘Regular Moves’ come from Monk and Sacred Fist traditions, and his elemental bloodline.)
  4. (Note that the bonus to attack speed form ‘Master of Many Paths’ and some of its meta moves do not apply to non-kung-fu moves, and so only apply to Shen Fist, Monk Sacred Fist action commands -and Mystic Fist as well, if Woshou possessed that class. ‘Master of Many Paths’ meta moves cannot select or target other Master of Many Paths action commands, and they technically are not Kung Fu moves for the purposes of any interactions- they are only nominally Kung Fu moves).
  6. Strikes
  8. Fire Breathing (Requires Brewer)
  9. Cone AOE, Medium Stamina, High Cooldown
  10. Can only be used after imbibing alcohol while wielding a fire source. Exhale flames in an AOE cone in front of you, dealing fire damage with a chance to inflict burning. Fire damage and chance to inflict burning increases based on the quality of the alcohol consumed.
  12. Low Kick
  13. Melee range, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  14. An attack that otherwise deals normal damage, except that it deals additional damage proportional to the weight of the target and you, dealing more damage the heavier the target is.
  16. Lava Spout (Requires Fire Elemental or Earth Elemental)
  17. Medium Range, Very High Stamina, Very Long Cooldown
  18. Thrust fist into ground and unleash rock melting heat into it. Moments later, a lava plume erupts beneath the target location. Deals Extreme fire damage with guaranteed [Burning] proc in a large AOE. Those within the area continue to take fire damage for a duration, and may continue to receive [burning] procs.
  20. Fire Punch (Requires Fire Elemental)
  21. Melee, Low-Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown
  22. Deal a regular attack, plus additional fire damage. Has a chance to inflict [Burning].
  24. Ember Shot (Requires Fire Elemental)
  25. Medium Range, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  26. Deal fire damage against target with a chance to inflict [Burning]. Uses Natural Weapon Proficiency.
  28. Intensify Flames (Requires Fire Elemental)
  29. Long Range, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  30. Can only target a character that is [burning]. Add another instance of [burning] to that character, and reset the duration of all [burning] instances on target.
  32. Two Students Cross Paths (Requires Master of Many Paths)
  33. Special, Special, Special
  34. Select two kung fu action Strikes you possess; this action command gains the effects of both of those action commands. It takes on the longest range, the combined stamina cost, and the combined cooldown of both of those action commands. If there are contradictory effects on the move, you pick the ‘highest’ value (whether good of bad). Both of those action commands are placed on their normal cooldown when selected with this action.
  36. Stunning Fist (Requires Monk)
  37. Melee, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  38. Attempt to inflict [Stun] on the target. Chance to [Stun] increases the lower the current stamina is.
  40. Quivering Palm (Requires Monk)
  41. Melee, Medium Stamina, High Cooldown
  42. As Stunning Fist, but inflicting [Paralysis] on the target instead of [Stun].
  44. Flying Jump Kick (Requires Monk)
  45. Short-Medium Range, Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown
  46. Jump towards a target and deal Very High Damage with a Very High chance to [stagger]. If you miss the target, you take half the damage you would have otherwise dealt.
  48. High Flying Jump Turning Kick (Requires Monk)
  49. Medium-Long Range, High Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  50. Jump towards damage, and deal Extremely High Damage with a 100% critical hit chance and Extremely High chance to [Knock Out], [Stun] and [Stagger]. If you miss, you are rendered [Prone] and deal the full damage to yourself, however you do not crit yourself or apply any of the other conditions.
  52. Brick Break (Requires Sacred Fist)
  53. Melee Range, Medium Stamina, Very Low Cooldown
  54. A standard attack that has the added benefit of destroying magical barriers, such as [Light Screen] and [Wall of Force]. Can be used to just break a barrier, or to attack a character behind a barrier while also breaking that barrier.
  56. Power Up Punch (Requires Sacred Fist)
  57. Melee Range, Low Stamina, No Cooldown
  58. A standard attack that will also slightly increase the users attack when used. The attack increase stacks, lasts a short duration, that refreshes each time this attack lands.
  60. Stone Shattering Strike (Requires Sacred Fist)
  61. Melee range, Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown
  62. An attack that ignores the structural and material hardness of the target. This attack can target worn equipment. Can also be used against automatons and golems to deal increased damage while bypassing critical resistances.
  64. Steel Splitting Strike (Requires Sacred Fist)
  65. Melee Range, High Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  66. An attack that deals double damage to inanimate objects while ignoring their structural and material hardness. This attack can target worn equipment. Can also be used against automatons and golems to deal greatly increased damage while bypassing their critical resistances and immunities.
  68. Focus Punch (requires Sacred Fist)
  69. Melee, Special Stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown
  70. Channel Stamina into you fist, charging up a powerful attack. The longer you charge the attack, the faster stamina is absorbed, and the more damage the attack deals per stamina spent- this attack can easily cause an instant kill on even a tough opponent after a 10s charge. There is no maximum damage on the amount of damage this punch can do beyond stamina, but the user cannot move while charging this technique- meaning it can be defeated by the target simply moving out of the way or preparing a counter. Creatures that do no expend stamina or that have infinite stamina cannot use this technique, and methods and abilities that restore stamina used on or by the user fail while this technique is charging. Stamina Reducing effects do not affect either the charge time, the amount of stamina stored, or the amount of stamina lost in any way.
  72. Counters
  74. Flame Body (Requires Fire Elemental)
  75. Melee Range, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  76. Target who struck you is afflicted with [Burning], and suffers a reduction in Physical Attack for as long as they are continue to [Burn].
  78. Defensive Roll (Requires Evasion)
  79. Self, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  80. If an attack would drop your vitality to 0 or less, you may reduce that damage to ¼.
  82. Disparate Houses Combine for Defence (requires Master of Many Paths)
  83. Special, Special, Special
  84. Select two kung fu action counters, or one kung fu counter and one kung fu strike, that you possess; this action command gains the effects of both of those action commands. It takes on the longest range, the combined stamina cost, and the combined cooldown of both of those action commands. If there are contradictory effects on the move, you pick the ‘highest’ value (whether good of bad). Both of those action commands are placed on their normal cooldown when selected with this action.
  86. Aerosault (Requires Monk)
  87. Self, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  88. If you would be knocked-down, knocked-back or knocked-up, you immediately regain your footing and stand up.
  90. Double Horse Kick (Requires Monk)
  91. Melee, Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  92. Can only be used against a melee attacker that is attacking from behind. Make two attacks against that opponent, each with increased bludgeoning damage and a chance to inflict [Knock Out]; resolve both attacks and knock out chances separately. If one attack misses, you stagger yourself; if both attacks miss, you become prone and deal standard damage to yourself.
  94. Ki Block (requires Monk)
  95. Self, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  96. Become briefly immune to any non-physical damage and effects from ranged or AOE Action Commands.
  98. Flesh over Steel (Requires Sacred Fist)
  99. Self, Medium Stamina, Medium Duration
  100. Briefly gain an additive 50% damage reduction. Weapons that strike you take damage equal to 50% of the damage they dealt, bypassing their own damage reduction.
  102. Life Mimicry (Requires Shen Fist)
  103. Perceptual Range, Medium Stamina, Very Long Cooldown
  104. Upon observation of an action command- including Strikes, Counters and Boosts but not Stances or Passives- gain limited access to that action command for one use; when you use that action command, lose access to it. Cannot be used to mimic action commands you already possess; if you would otherwise gain access to a command that you are currently mimicking, first lose access to it via ‘Life Mimicry’ before gaining access to it through other means. Only one action command can be mimicked by this ability at a time: if you mimic a new command, lose access to the previous command.
  106. Synchronize (Requires Shen Fist)
  107. Perceptual range, Very-Low Stamina, Long Cooldown
  108. When target activates a boost, you gain the effects of that boost for half the usual duration.
  111. Regular Boosts
  113. Controlled Breathing
  114. Self, No Stamina, Special Cooldown, Instant
  115. Instantly restore 15% of your maximum stamina. This move can only be used once between short rests (a short rest can only be used out of combat).
  117. Speed Boost I-IV
  118. Self, Low to High Stamina, Low to High Cooldown, Medium Duration
  119. Increase your movement speed. Movement speed increase is higher based on the level of Speed Boost used.
  121. Hair of the Dog (Requires Brewer)
  122. Self, Low Stamina, High Cooldown, Instant
  123. Requires the consumption of alcohol to activate. Gain a high chance to remove the effects of each [Poison], [Disease] and [Slow] effect upon you, checking once for each effect. Chance becomes guaranteed if a quality enough brew is ingested.
  125. Evasion Boost I-IV (Requires Evasion)
  126. Self, Low-High Stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown, Medium Duration
  127. Further reduce the damage you take from AOE. The damage reduction increases to 60-90%, depending on the level of Boost used.
  129. Blaze Bright (Requires Fire Elemental)
  130. Self, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown, Short Duration
  131. Increase all Fire damage you deal by a percentage amount equal to the amount of health you are missing.
  133. Inner Fire (requires Fire Elemental)
  134. Self, Low Stamina, Very Long Cooldown, Long Duration
  135. Become immune to the [Frozen] condition. Take 75% less damage cold damage from attacks that do not directly target you, and suffer no penalties from environmental cold.
  137. Temples Combine Arms (Requires Master of Many Paths)
  138. Self, Low (Continuous), Long Cooldown, Indefinite Duration (as long as stamina upkeep is maintained)
  139. Select one Kung Fu Stance you possess; this boost gains the effects of that stance. You may use this boost while using a stance.
  141. Techniques Evolve Across Masters (requires Master of Many Paths)
  142. Self, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown, Medium Duration
  143. If you use a kung fu strike, boost or counter of a particular school or style while within a stance of a different style, the damage, effects and effect chance of that strike, move or counter is increased by 20%.
  145. Attack Speed Boost I-IV (Requires Sacred Fist)
  146. Self, Low-High Stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown, Medium Duration
  147. Further increase your attack speed from the Sacred Fist class feature. Bonuses increase the higher the level of Attack Speed Boost used.
  149. Regular Stances
  151. Sense Ki
  152. Cast out extra-senses to espy the martial ability and life force of those around you. You become aware of creatures with an ML around you: the distance in metres from which you are aware them directly corresponds to 2 times their ML, eg you can detect ML 115 characters from 230m away. You discern the martial level of those you detect, in addition to their positions, but can detect little else about their character- with the exception that a Shen Fist can also discern any action commands being taken. This is a divination effect and is normally blocked by some divination blocking abilities, but if a character executes an action command while within range then this detection will bypass most divination immunities and counters protecting that character for as long as they are executing that command.
  154. Utter Recklessness
  155. Action Commands you use that deal damage to you, or have a chance to deal damage to you, based on the damage they deal, deal double damage.
  157. Drunken Stagger (Requires Brewer or Monkey Fist)
  158. Your physical commands become impossible to predict, unless those trying to predict your actions can best you in an opposed ML check.
  160. Battle Awareness (Requires Evasion + Shen Fist)
  161. You take no damage or negative effects from the AOE of attacks, abilities, action commands and spells of your allies.
  163. Flash Fire (requires Fire Elemental)
  164. Absorb all fire damage from attacks and the environment, and if you do, boost your Agility by an amount proportional to the fire damage absorbed since the stance was enacted.
  166. Posture that Bespeaks Killing Intent (Master of Many Paths)
  167. When using a kung fu strike or counter, do not apply any non-damaging effects; increase the damage of those techniques by a percentage amount, depending on the effect not applied (eg, a [Stagger] effect is likely a small increase, a [stun] effect is a moderate increase, and a [death] effect is a great increase). Non-damaging effects includes critical chance, but not critical damage.
  169. Convalescence (Requires Monk)
  170. Sit and meditate, taking an extended action to begin channelling ki to heal yourself. Gain Regeneration and treat your CON as x3 for as long as you maintain this stance, and suspend the effects of any DOT you are receiving (the DOT duration does not run, but no damage is dealt). You cannot take any other actions while maintaining this stance.
  172. Crane Moves
  173. (In qigong, Crane represents the metal element. Represents autumn, the large intestine, and the lungs. Likened to a prime minister. Emotion is sadness. Associated with the most material part of the soul. Has a lot of different kicks. Soft and unyielding. Is the adaptor to change, is flexible, and has an association with emptiness of stance. Amongst the animal styles, it is one of the most defensive, and has one of the strongest arrays of defensive counters in the game).
  175. Crane Strikes
  177. Beak Pierces Scaled Underbelly
  178. Range, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown Cooldown
  179. An attack that deals additional sonic damage, and has a chance to inflict [Silence] and [Deafen]
  181. Qigong Metal Strike
  182. Melee Range, Very low Stamina, Very Low Cooldown
  183. Deals regular damage, half piercing and half sonic, with a chance to inflict [Deafen]
  185. Flick Mud from Talon
  186. Melee Range, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  187. A high kick that has a chance to stagger, and inflicts additional damage.
  189. Take to Morning Sky
  190. Close Range, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  191. Jump towards target while flapping arms to distract them to reduce their ability to counter, before attacking with 2 high kicks that each have an increased chance to stagger and deal additional damage.
  193. Crane Counters
  195. Crane Raises Wing
  196. Melee (attacking target), Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  197. Inflict an additive +100% miss chance on the target for an extremely brief period
  199. Turning Crane Wing
  200. Any Range (Attack targeting you), Medium Stamina, Very Long Cooldown
  201. Instantly Negate Target Attack, negate all of that attack’s effects, and prevent all damage dealt by the attack. Will not work against super spells, daily abilities or auras.
  203. Crane Dances to the Side
  204. Self (When targeted for an attack), Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  205. Gain an additive +100% Evasion for an extremely brief period
  207. Crane Raises Talons
  208. Melee (Attacking Target), Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  209. Make a double-speed standard attack against attacking target with an outward rising circle kick, and inflict an additive 100% miss rate on the target for an extremely brief period
  211. Dancing Crane Kick
  212. Melee (Attacking Target), Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  213. Gain an additive +100% evasion for an extremely brief period, and make a double-speed standard attack against attacking target.
  215. Crane Boosts
  217. Crane Boost I
  218. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Medium Duration
  219. Increase dodge and parry chance. Multiple Crane Boosts do not stack.
  221. Crane Boost II-IV
  222. As Crane Boost I, but with increasing effects, stamina cost, and cooldown.
  224. Crane Stances
  226. Crane Strides through Silt
  227. Ignore the effects of difficult terrain
  229. Crane Battle Stance
  230. Increase Agility and Supernatural Resistance
  232. Minister Spars with Wind
  233. Gain the proficiency to wield fans as a weapon, and gain a bonus to Physical Defence and Magical Defence when doing so.
  235. Mantis Moves
  236. (I’m going to steal some qigong aspects of Bear and use them here. Bear has the organs of spleen and stomach. It is associated with digestion and with concentration (so probably a good fit for mantis, with the long time praying and contemplating and all). Big digestion and acid vibe from Bear, which is good because I was planning on putting that stuff into Mantis. Associated with late Summer. Bears movements are generally wide and strong, but that is going to be supplanted by Mantis being quick and narrow in this adaptation. Mantis is has a lot of crossing a central line, in order to best control, and counters that are simultaneously strikes. Mantis is a difficult to master 1v1 style, combining blistering speed with precision strikes).
  238. Mantis Strikes
  240. Claw to Vital Point
  241. Melee Range, Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  242. An attack that deals additional acid damage, and damages the targets stamina as well as their vitality.
  244. Qigong Earth Strike
  245. Melee range, Very low Stamina, Very low Cooldown
  246. Deals regular damage, half piercing and half acid, with a chance to inflict [Corrosion].
  248. Mantis Kisses Lover
  249. Requires grappled or helpless target or stopped target, High stamina, High cooldown
  250. Devour the target’s neck with acid, decapitating them. Inflict extreme acid damage to target and their head equipment, and inflict them with [Death].
  252. Flurrying Mantis Strike I
  253. Melee Range, Low Cooldown, Low Stamina
  254. Make 3 strikes in the space of time for 1. Each of the 3 strikes deals 50% normal damage, are harder than normal to counter, and are affected by counters independently.
  256. Flurrying Mantis Strike II
  257. Melee range, Medium Cooldown, Medium Stamina
  258. As Flurrying Mantis Strike I, except with 4 attacks that deal 60% damage each.
  260. Flurrying Mantis Strike III
  261. Melee Range, High Stamina, High Cooldown
  262. As Flurrying Mantis Strike I, except with 5 attacks that deal 70% damage each.
  264. Mantis Pressure Point Combination I
  265. Melee range, Medium Cooldown, Medium Stamina
  266. As Flurrying Mantis Strike I, except each attack deals damage to the target’s stamina equal to the damage dealt to health.
  268. Mantis Pressure Point Combination II
  269. Melee range, High Cooldown, High Stamina
  270. As Flurrying Mantis Strike II, except each attack also deals damage to the target’s stamina equal to the damage to the target’s health.
  272. Mantis Counters
  274. Killer Insect Catches Bug
  275. Target that is moving away from user or teleporting, Very low stamina, Medium Cooldown
  276. Strike the target for regular damage, and attempt a grapple. Deal double damage if target is unaware of user.
  278. Deflect Claw with Claw I
  279. Melee (Attacking Target), attacking target, Very Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  280. Receive 80% of damage from targets attack, and reflect the rest of the damage into target’s weapon or limb with a high chance of inflicting [Corrosion].
  282. Deflect Claw with Claw II
  283. Melee (Attacking target), Low stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown
  284. As Deflect Claw with Claw I, except as noted above, and receiving 60% damage and reflecting 40% damage.
  287. Mantis Boosts
  289. Mantis Boost I
  290. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Medium Duration
  291. Increase Attack Speed and Critical Chance
  293. Mantis Boost II-IV
  294. As Mantis Boost I, but with increasing effects, stamina cost and cooldown.
  296. Mantis Stances
  298. Still Mantis on Branch
  299. Stand so still that you blend in with your surroundings. Gain a large increase to your stealth bonus, become immune to passive detection, and gain a moderate bonus to your own perception.
  301. Mantis Battle Stance
  302. Increase Attack Speed and Physical resistance.
  304. Poison Flower Staff
  305. Gain the proficiency to wield a staff, and gain an increased attack speed and parry chance when doing so.
  307. Monkey Moves
  308. (In qigong, the monkey is associated with the fire element, the heart, and the small intestine. Associated with the ‘Emperor’. Emotion is Joy. One phrase is “Clears the mind by shifting the branch, then grabbing the peach of heaven”, which is a move in qigong. It also has simultaneous strikes and deflections though unlike mantis it does not do both with the one arm.)
  310. Monkey Strikes
  312. Monkey Snatches Peach
  313. Melee, Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  314. An attack that deals additional fire damage, and has a chance to for target to drop a random item from their inventory
  316. Qigong Fire Strike
  317. Melee, Very Low Stamina, Very Low Cooldown
  318. An attack that deals standard damage, half fire and half bludgeoning, with a good chance to inflict [Burning]
  320. Monkey Kick Flip
  321. Melee, Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  322. Kick off from the target, dealing regular damage, fire damage, and launching yourself a moderate distance directly away from the target.
  324. Cunning Monkey Tricks Foe I
  325. Melee, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown
  326. Make 1 Illusory attack, followed by 1 real attack. The illusory attack deals fire damage, and while it can be countered, the effects of counters against the attack or you are negated. The real attack deals standard damage.
  328. Monkey Counters
  329. Naughty Monkey Endures Spanking
  330. Self, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  331. Convert 50% of the damage from next attack received into damage over time, taking effect over the next minute.
  333. Iron Monkey Defies Heaven
  334. Self, low stamina, Very Long cooldown
  335. Convert 100% of the damage from next instance received into damage over time, taking effect over the next minute.
  337. Kicked Monkey Rolls Back
  338. Self (When Attacked), Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  339. Convert 50% of damage taken from next instance into damage over time, taking effect over the next minute, then roll backwards onto feet a short distance away from target.
  341. Wise Monkey Tells Joke
  342. Target making an attack or casting a spell, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  343. Gain 50% concealment against target. This is an illusory effect.
  346. Monkey Boosts
  348. Monkey’s Mischief
  349. Close ranged Target, Low Stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown, Instant Duration
  350. Tumble to within melee range on one side of target, while an illusory copy of yourself mirrors your movement and tumbles to the other side of the target. The Illusory copy lasts only a few moments- about long enough for a standard attack, which it mirrors; if directly targeted for an action before then, it will disappear. Effectively grants concealment.
  352. Monkey’s Mischief, Greater
  353. Medium Ranged Target + all characters in a medium ranged AOE around target, Low-Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown, Instant Duration
  354. As Monkey’s Mischief, but in addition to an illusory image landing the other side of the target, two images tumble to either side of all other eligible targets within the AOE. All illusions last the same duration, and mirror the same moves.
  356. Cunning Monkey Tricks Foe II
  357. Melee, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown, Medium Duration or until discharged
  358. As the Strike, Monkey Tricks Foe I, but instead applying the illusory effect to any attack you next make within the duration.
  360. Monkey Boost I
  361. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Low Duration
  362. Increase your Physical Defence and Physical Attack power.
  364. Monkey Boost II-IV
  365. As monkey boost I, but with greater effects, durations, cooldowns, and stamina costs. Monkey Boosts do not stack.
  367. Monkey Stances
  369. Monkey’s Road
  370. You can move rapidly by brachiating through an appropriate environment. This uses less stamina than running and is almost as fast, and bypasses difficult terrain. This movement requires amenable terrain, such as a forest or urban environment. Climb Speed in increased, and suffer no penalties when attacking or being attacked while climbing.
  372. Monkey Battle Stance
  373. Increase Agility and Physical Defence.
  375. Emperor wields Ocean’s Column
  376. You gain notable proficiency with staves while in this stance. While using a staff, gain cleave and a massive bonus to reach, and gain a greatly increased jump height and jump distance.
  378. Panther Moves
  380. Panther Strikes
  382. Leopard Claws Open Throat
  383. Melee, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  384. An attack that inflicts [bleed], and has a significant additional chance to critically hit; on a critical hit, damage is doubled and two additional [bleed] instances are inflicted
  386. Claw at the Moon
  387. Flying Target, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  388. Leap a great height, and strike the target for bonus damage with a high chance to inflict knockdown.
  390. Cat Claw Swipe
  391. Melee, Low Cooldown, Low Stamina
  392. A standard attack with slightly increased crit chance that also inflicts [Bleed].
  394. Retreating Cat Swipe
  395. Melee Target, Low Cooldown, Low Stamina
  396. Make a standard attack against target, then immediately make a move in any direction.
  398. Claws Rake Eyes
  399. Melee, High Stamina, High Cooldown
  400. An attack with a high chance to critically hit that also inflicts [Blind].
  402. Patched Cat’s Hidden Claw
  403. Melee, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  404. Make an invisible, silenced attack against the target. This movement gives no visible tell (although ‘see invisibility’, Shen Fist prediction and similar abilities can detect it coming). This may cause counters to fail.
  406. Panther Style Lateral Throat Swipe
  407. Melee, Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown
  408. Make a strike that inflicts additional slashing damage and inflicts [Silence]
  410. Panther Counters
  412. Snatch Flying Bird
  413. Ranged, Low-Moderate Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  414. Used when a target is airborne and performs an action at least 2m above the ground. Leap to the target, deal regular damage and grapple them.
  416. Cat Batters Mouse
  417. Melee, Low Stamina, High Cooldown
  418. This attack has priority. Attack a moving limb of attacker, dealing regular damage with a chance to [stagger].
  420. Leopard Evades Lion
  421. Self, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  422. You Jump. If you have Evasion, this movement has priority, and you may apply your Evasion against the attack if the movement would take you out of the attacks range.
  424. Cat Scratch Fever
  425. Melee, Medium Stamina, Very-Long Cooldown
  426. Combine the effects of Cat Batters Mouse and Leopard Evades Lion, making a standard attack against the attacker and also making a standard jump.
  428. Patched Predator Evades Sight
  429. Self, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  430. Gain extremely momentary invisibility against attacker.
  432. Panther Boosts
  434. Leopard Ambushes Gazelle
  435. Self, Very-Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  436. You leap at 300% speed, and reduce damage incurred from this leap as though the distance was 1/3. This leap counts as a running leap, but otherwise the distance is not increased, only the speed of the action.
  438. Panther Boost I
  439. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Medium Duration
  440. Increase Movement Speed, Jump Height and Distance and Critical Damage Multiplier. Multiple Panther Boosts do not stack.
  442. Panther Boost II-IV
  443. As Panther Boost I but with increasing effects, stamina cost and cooldown.
  445. Panther Stances
  447. Cat Like tread
  448. Gain the ability to move silently, even when charging or otherwise moving quickly, and increase your stealth skill by +10. Additionally, gain [low light vision].
  450. Panther Battle Stance
  451. Increase Agility and Critical Chance.
  453. Panther Fang Stance
  454. You can use your counter moves in response to the opponent’s counter moves; when doing so, your counter moves have priority.
  456. Lone Feline with Sharp Claws
  457. Gain the proficiency to use a sword, and gain an increase in critical chance and status chance when doing so.
  459. Phoenix Moves
  460. (In Xingyiquan, it covers penetrating between an opponent’s limbs and into their body. Some straight takedowns are present in this school. Also called Goshawk or Sparrowhawk; basically a mish mash of any non-raptoral predatory bird. Xingyiquan has repeating 180 degree turns in Sparrowhawk style. One phrase I’ve heard was “folds it’s wings, pierces the sky, flips over”- which is well interpreted by elbow into palm strike into flipping the other guy, by the way, so put in a throw or two. I looked it up, and turns out the hawk style has to do with both fire pounding and water drilling, wood bursting and a little bit of metal chopping but not too much. A little different to monkey, another fire ki style, it turns the whole body more, arms are bent more like wings, and it is a standing low to high rather than high with some crouching to make the attacks low. It being a pay to win Ygg SAC, it gives an unfair amount of aerial movement alongside).
  461. (Also, some Phoenix moves inflict [Immolation]. [Immolation] is just to [Burning] what Primal Fire is to Fire. Most effects that interact with [Burning] do not interact with [Immolation], and [Immolation] does not require air to burn, and so is not put out through immersion or burial in a liquid or other substance).
  463. Phoenix Strikes
  465. Flaming Bird Ascension
  466. Range based on ML, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown
  467. Soar straight into the air at great speed, up to ML metres. Deal Primal Fire damage to targets within a short radius from of your movement. Stop harmlessly if you hit a ceiling or other obstacle directly above you.
  469. Flaming Bird’s Descent
  470. Maximum range is distance to the ground, Medium Stamina, 8 Hour Cooldown
  471. Dive straight down to the ground. Deal Primal Fire damage in a radius on landing; damage and radius scale directly with distance travelled. User takes full damage form the fall, which cannot be prevented though double jumping or [feather fall] or similar; if fatal damage is received and user has Shining Bird Embraces Heaven daily uses remaining, user can avoid death by expending a daily use, simultaneously inflicting the daily move’s primal fire damage with added [Immolation] across Flaming Bird’s Descent’s area, in an implosion that follows the initial radial damage.
  473. Sparrow-Hawk Sonic Strike
  474. Long Range, Low Stamina, Moderate Cooldown
  475. A gap closing technique, the user leaps high into the air before swooping into the target across a distance at great speed.
  477. Talons pierce Pidgeon
  478. Close range, High Stamina, High Cooldown
  479. Attempt to pierce the target’s rib cage and pierce their vital organs. Inflict standard damage and [Death] on the target. This technique has significant attack speed, but also significant end lag- this move is immune to counters, but the user cannot use their own counters for 10 seconds after employing the technique.
  481. Phoenix Spreads Wings
  482. Two Targets within Melee Range, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  483. Step between two targets and perform a flaming upward palm strike with both hand. Inflict Primal Fire damage to both targets, with a chance to inflict [Stun] and [Immolation] to both.
  485. Qigong Primal Fire Strike
  486. Melee, Very Low Stamina, Ver Low Cooldown
  487. Attack the target for standard damage, half-Primal Fire and half-Physical, with a chance to inflict [Immolation].
  489. Phoenix Counters
  491. Flaming Wing Blocks Path
  492. Melee or Ranged Attack, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown
  493. Reduce damage taken by 40% and inflict [Immolation] on the attacker.
  495. Hawk Catches Prey in Flight
  496. Melee, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown
  497. Intercept and throw attacker before attack lands; if throw successful, negate the attack and inflict [Knock Down] on attacker.
  499. Bird of Prey Circles Tree
  500. Melee, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  501. Grab attacking weapon or limb and turn, swapping positions with target and moving the both of you away from each other; depending on relative speeds between you and attacker, this may interrupt and prevent the attack.
  503. Phoenix Boosts
  505. Hawk Turns in Flight
  506. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Instant Duration
  507. You can use this technique to turn up to 180 degrees midair, changing facing and direction of momentum while preserving velocity. Can be used to protect against falling damage, or to change the direction of a technique like Flaming Bird Ascension.
  509. Phoenix Boost I
  510. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Medium Duration
  511. Elemental Damage and Jump Height and Jump Speed increased
  513. Phoenix Boost I-IV
  514. As Phoenix Boost I, but with increasing effects, stamina cost and cooldown.
  516. Hawk’s Manoeuvrability I
  517. Self, Very Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Instant Duration
  518. Jump while in mid-air. Can be used before landing to prevent fall damage.
  520. Phoenix Stances
  522. Phoenix Soars Over Earth
  523. Gain the ability to fly. Flying costs stamina, with the stamina cost increasing the longer spent in the air.
  525. Phoenix Battle Stance
  526. Gain additional Magical Attack and Physical Attack while in this stance.
  528. Heavenly Courtier’s Gleaming Talons
  529. Gain the proficiency to use Claw Weapons, and gain additional physical armour penetration and attack speed when doing so.
  531. Snake Moves
  532. (I’m stealing a lot of these qigong things from Deer; I’m working under the assumption people won’t use a deer stance or particularly mind. Anyway, so Deer is associated with the kidneys, the bladder, and with joy. Associated with birth and growth (and rebirth, I guess, if we take skin-shedding from Snake). Is associated with Winter. In Shaolin kung fu, in addition to the snake ‘fist’, the entire arm is treated as the snakes body- when blocking, the arm is curved around the attackers limb to bind it in place. The snake has an emphasis on swift movements and strikes, locking coils, and sensing enemies).
  533. (The snake’s emphasis on awareness, particularly how it can sense an opponent’s movements through the vibrations of their body, means some moves have [true strike]. [True Strike] is like [True Seeing] for your fists, in that it lets your attacks ignore bullshit like concealment, invisibility, illusions, evasion, high speed, some counters, etc. [True Strike] is normally very rare, but the Snake Style has greater access to it than most).
  534. (A few other snake moves inflict [seal]. Seal prevents the target limb or weapon from being used for a duration. Arms, legs, and weapons can be sealed. A head cannot normally be sealed, though it varies with physiology).
  536. Snake Strikes
  538. Qigong Water Strike
  539. Melee, Very Low Stamina, Very Low Cooldown
  540. Deal regular damage, half ice and half piercing, with a chance to inflict [Slow]. On a critical hit, has a chance to inflict [Freeze] as well.
  542. Viper Raging River Strike
  543. Melee, High Stamina, High Cooldown
  544. Inflict High Damage, High Ice Damage, a High chance to inflict [Slow] and a High chance to Critically Hit. On a critical hit, inflict [Freeze] on target. Counters used against this strike have a high chance of failing. If you are grappling the target while using this ability, this attack possesses [True Strike].
  546. Serpent Chokes Limb
  547. Melee, Low-Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  548. Inflict bludgeoning and additional cold damage to target, then attempt to grapple them. If grapple successful, [Seal] one of the target’s limbs or weapons as long as grapple continues.
  550. Heavy Serpent Crushes Limb
  551. Melee, Medium Stamina, Medium-Long Cooldown
  552. Can only be used on a grappled target whilst you are grappling them. Inflict Heavy Bludgeoning and Heavy Cold Damage to target, with a high chance to [Seal] a targeted limb for a Medium Duration and a high chance to inflict [Slow].
  554. Snake Counters
  556. Serpent Coils Along Arm
  557. Melee, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  558. Seal target’s attacking limb or weapon briefly. This may interrupt or cancel the opponent’s attack.
  560. Python Returns Petting
  561. Melee, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  562. After an attack lands, attempt to grapple target with greatly increased accuracy and true strike.
  564. Snake Flows Over Rock Like Water
  565. Melee range, Low Stamina, Long Cooldown
  566. Attempt a priority grapple against an opponent that is attacking you; this move may interrupt the attack
  568. Snake Reverses Hold on Crocodile
  569. Melee Range, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  570. If you are targeted for an action by a character that is grappling you, or if a grapple is attempted against you, you can attempt a priority grapple against the grappler, or else attempt to gain dominance in the grapple.
  572. Snake Boosts
  574. Snake Tastes Air
  575. Large radius, low stamina, low cooldown, Instantaneous
  576. Flick tongue in and out to gain precision awareness of all living things in the area, and the positions of all living things and where they have been within the past 5 minutes. Can discern between each living things.
  578. Viper Jaws Track Mouse
  579. Close Range, Medium Stamina, Very Long Cooldown, Short Duration or until discharged
  580. Your next attack gains [True Strike].
  582. Snake Coil I
  583. Self, Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown, Medium Duration
  584. The user increases their accuracy, physical attack and physical defence simultaneously.
  586. Snake Coil II-IV
  587. As Snake Coil I, except with greater effect, stamina cost and cooldown
  589. Shed Skin in Spring
  590. Self, High Stamina, High Cooldown, Instantaneous
  591. Heal self a moderate amount, and remove all damage over time effects on your self
  593. Snake Stances
  595. Slithering Serpent
  596. Gain no penalty for fighting from the ground, fighting while prone, or fighting while in water. Can slide across the ground as easily as running, and can swim through water as easily as running.
  598. Snake Battle Stance
  599. Your grapple chance increases, and opponent’s chance to escape decreases.
  601. Snake Listens to Air Flow
  602. Gain [Tremorsense].
  604. Farmer wields Poison Staff
  605. Gian the proficiency to wield a spear, and gain additional accuracy and attack speed when doing so.
  607. Tiger Moves
  608. (In Qigong, Tiger is also liver, gallbladder, blood. It houses the soul. Likened to a general. Its emotion is anger. Its element is Wood. Grasping. Reaching up to draw down heaven (lightning), and reaching down to draw up Earth. Shouting, and balance. Its season is spring. If you’re the kind of guy who responds to aggression with fury, then Tiger might be for you. Tiger moves have notably higher stamina costs and are the least subtle and precise attacks, but tend to inflict significantly more damage than other animal styles)
  610. Tiger Strikes
  612. Tiger Draws Forth Earth
  613. Melee, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  614. Leg Sweep the to target to inflict medium damage and knockdown.
  616. Claws of the Striped Death
  617. Melee, Medium Stamina, Low Cooldown
  618. Strike target for increased physical damage, inflicting [Bleed] with a chance to inflict [Stagger].
  620. Tiger Echoes Black Sky
  621. AOE Cone, Medium Stamina, Long Cooldown
  622. Deal lightning damage with a chance to [Stun] in a cone in front of you.
  624. Qigong Wood Strike
  625. Melee, Very Low Stamina, Very Low Cooldown
  626. Deal standard attack damage, half electricity and half slashing, with a chance to inflict [Stun]
  628. Tiger Claws down Heavens
  629. Random Targets within a Large Circular AOE, Extremely High Stamina, Extremely High Cooldown
  630. Bring down a barrage of many lightning bolts on random targets in the area over the duration with a dramatic, overhead claw swing. The individual lightning bolts deal relatively low damage and have an insignificant chance to inflict [stun], but overall damage output is extreme and a [stun] instance is almost guaranteed. Lightning bolts are randomly distributed among the target in the area, meaning the less targets there are, the more damage each target is likely to take and the higher the chance to stun. Can hit both friendly targets and targets that are not visible to the user. Will work indoors, will notably avoid hitting trees and wooden structures, and will favour targets wearing and wielding more metal. This is a supernatural attack.
  632. Thunderous Roar of the Tiger
  633. Burst AOE, Medium Stamina, High Cooldown
  634. Inflict [Fear] on all targets in an AOE around you that can hear you.
  636. Strike of Striped Lightning
  637. Melee, Medium-High Stamina, Low-Medium Cooldown
  638. A mighty swing that deals twice the standard damage, an equal amount of electricity damage, a high chance to inflict [Stun] and a chance to inflict [Paralysis].
  640. Tiger Counters
  642. Tiger Greets Foe
  643. Ranged (target moving toward you), Low Stamina, High Cooldown
  644. When a target moves directly towards you, briefly reduce their movement speed by 90%, inflict electricity damage to them with a chance to inflict [Stun]
  646. Tiger Counterattacks Boar
  647. Melee, Medium Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  648. After taking damage, strike target hard enough to send them flying away- damage, distance and chance to [stagger] increases directly with the amount of damage received, and is increased proportional to how much stronger user is than target.
  650. Striped Predator Hunts Prey
  651. One target moving away, Low Stamina, Medium Cooldown
  652. You move towards a target that is moving away from you at 300% increased speed for a short duration, and if you reach target you strike at with and a chance to inflict [Knockdown]; damage and chance to inflict knockdown are increased based on speed target is moving. This may be used against a target moving away under its own power, or a target being forcefully moved (eg, with Tiger Counterattacks Boar).
  654. Tiger Boosts
  656. Tiger Hurls Tree
  657. Melee, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Instant Duration
  658. Move target directly away from you. Distance increases based on relative strength.
  660. Tiger Boost I
  661. Self, Low Stamina, Low Cooldown, Short Duration
  662. Increase Damage, Critical Damage, and chance to [Stagger] with attacks.
  664. Tiger Boost II-IV
  665. As Tiger Boost I, but with greater effects, greater stamina costs, and greater cooldowns.
  667. Tiger Stances
  669. General Brandishes Sceptre
  670. Gain the proficiency to wield Heavy Clubs, and gain increased damage and chance to stagger when wielding a heavy club.
  672. Tiger Battle Stance
  673. Physical Attack and Physical Defence increases.
  675. Tiger Claws Up Ground
  676. Go down to a stable, all fours stance. Become greatly resistant to stagger and knockdown, and gain an increased stagger chance on your own strikes.
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