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  1. U N F I N I S H E D
  3. HELIX Standard Protocol, Procedures, and Duties.
  5. Introduction:
  6. If you're wondering, this is not simply just going to be the Medical Divison for the CCA, Helix will be handling much more than gunshot wounds and injuries.
  7. Helix will be handling Anything between dead corpses, all medical needs aside from simple cuts and bruises, and exogen/parasitic threats and clean up.
  8. The divison will primarily still be medical, however it will also handle dead body clean up, disease control, infections caused by exogen/parasitic threats,
  9. however Helix will not be the ONLY division that can actually handle terminating Exogen and parasitic threats. As for joining Helix you will have
  10. to complete basic EMT training and medical knowlege, primarily how to handle gunshot wounds, asphyxiation, sickness, and proper corpse disposal.
  12. DISCLAIMER: No, it is not beyond important that you understand/withhold all this information at all times.
  14. Standard Protocol and Duties for HELIX units:
  15. Day to day Helix units will have to deal with injuries, wounds and sickness on a constant basis. Each unit must be ready to respond to wounded
  16. radio calls and ready to assist injured units. Note, Units are not to assist citizens unless it's a gun wound, disease or parasitic infection.
  17. The CWM will handle most citizen releated injuries. As for most units however you will also be handling most standard protocols, Patrol,
  18. Anti-Citizen situations, Etcetera. Helix Units are not to preform medical related procedures if they are under threat or fire, a Helix unit
  19. in a situation where a Unit is in need of medical assistance and under maligant threat is to get themselves with the Injured personal out of
  20. combat to preform needed medical
  22. Certifications:
  23. Currently there are only three Certifications that will be taught and one teaching certification for OfC's to undertake.
  25. Standard HELIX Certification:
  26. Every Helix Unit will have to under go this certification to become a Helix unit, As far as it goes right now,
  27. the primary topics will be Disease control, Handling Lethal wounds, Corpse Disposal, and basic Medical training
  29. Advanced HELIX Certification:
  30. Passing this certification is required for Units moving up in the ranks, this Certification will be for primarily parastic and exogen
  31. based serious illness and infection, as well as advanced Medical training. Illness from drugs will also be apart of the Advanced Certification.
  33. Surgical Technician Certification:
  34. This certification will only be for the upmost units who've proven themselfs to be able to handle pressure. Mainly any Ex Surgical Technicians
  35. with old world degrees and experience and units who show promising aptitude. Officers in Helix branch will not be forced to under go the
  36. certification however will be asked upon rank up. Lower ranking Units are still able to request the Certification, and depending on the
  37. situation can be given the training to take the certification.
  39. HELIX Teaching Certification:
  40. This certification is ment for OfC's to learn and understand how to teach and administer the Three Certifications for base Helix Units,
  41. Only a Squadron Leader may give and teach this certification as it's only ment to teach Officers how to properly teach Recruits, to Senior
  42. Units
  44. Important Radio Codes and Terms:
  45. These Radio codes and Terms will be on NTK. Standard Helix units must know and remember these codes as they will be important in life
  46. and death situations for Wounded subjects. These codes will not need to be used every single time, just need to be on the look out for.
  48. 10-52: Attempting Resuscitation/Resuscitating.
  49. 10-53: Person/Unit is Down/Incapacitated.
  50. 10-54: Possible DB/Dead Body/Corpse.
  51. 10-55: Dead Body/DB/Corpse.
  52. 10-56: Suicide.
  53. 10-56A: Attempted Suicide.
  54. 11-12: Dead Animal/Virome/Parasitic/Exogen/ETC.
  55. 11-13: Injured Animal/Virome/Parasitic/Exogen/ETC.
  56. 11-14: Violent Animal/Virome/Parasitic/Exogen/ETC.
  57. 11-25: Public Hazard.
  58. 11-40: Inform over Radio if Medical Assistance is Required.
  59. 11-41: Requesting Medical Assistance.
  60. 11-42: Medical Assistance is Not Required.
  61. 11-43: Advanced Medical Assistance is Required.
  62. 11-44: Clean up Crew Required
  64. Advanced Codes:
  65. These codes will be used for reports and/or used among Helix units in the medical room. These are not expected to be used Day to day.
  67. Number 14: Medical Assistance Inbound.
  68. Number 20F: Vehicular Accident, Fatalities Confirmed.
  69. Number 20L: Vehicular Accident, Injuries Confirmed.
  70. Number 24: Medical Emergency.
  71. Number 29: Death/Dead Body/Dead.
  72. Number 30: Homicide.
  73. Number 30C: Homicide Via Melee Weapon.
  74. Number 30S: Homicide Via Ranged Weapon.
  75. Number 34: Aggravated Battery Of Another Person.
  76. Number 34A:Aggravated Battery Of Unit
  77. Number 34C: Injury Via Melee Weapon.
  78. Number 34S: Injury Via Ranged Weapon.
  79. Number 35: Battery of Another Person.
  80. Number 37: Aggravated Assault.
  81. Number 38: Assault.
  82. Number 39: Injury Caused By Negligence.
  83. Number 58: Contaminated Water.
  85. U N F I N I S H E D
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