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  1. To celebrate the 1st year of the Discord server, I decided to have a little game. Because I'm like that, I like to play with you.
  2. It comes in two phases.
  3. The first phase is those thirteen descriptions. They each describe something rather specific. Discord and the game are the only essential things to find the answer to each of these enigmas.
  6. 1)  Heinous traitor, he went against his peers in an attempt to further his knowledge, and yet even in his betrayal he will keep destroying the enemies of his former allies.
  7. 2)  Archivist providing the most information about magic to his fellow wizards. Without his powerful sorcery, many secrets would still have to be unearthed.
  8. 3)  Powerless and yet source of everything, he's too often forgotten on the path to power. And yet his legacy will forever remain, for no wizard could exist without him.
  9. 4)  Prefered by all artisans, this piece of armor is costly, but everyone will tell you : Refining it further will bring you riches beyond your dreams.
  10. 5)  You would never guess she is close to being an harbinger, however her eldritch powers are the real deal, do not underestimate her!
  11. 6)  Bat king, Hallowed King, he bears many titles. But don't let them make you forget his biggest work : The Arcanaeum.
  12. 7)  Intended to be the first power-up for beginner wizards, it doubles your power! That is, until you grow stronger and purchase its much more efficient counterparts.
  13. 8)  Ruling over us all here, her name is hidden in the memories of a few selected people.
  14. 9)  Traveler of the timelines, and once-teacher of Karnaphen himself, his power is legendary. Some says that a certain spell can even bring him to life right in front of you.
  15. 10) He is the creator of the most powerful evocation spell and of one of the Harbingers.
  16. 11)  Disapproving each and every idea put forth by his fellow wizards, he's a fun-hating nay-sayer. At the same time, he also paved the path for beginner wizards. What a weirdo.
  17. 12) All powerful creator. In spite of his title, he's not inactive, and he alters the Realm to make it more welcoming for wizards. Praise his bug-crushing hammer, for it shall save us from destruction.
  18. M)  Your memories are all recorded there, in plain view, yet you never notice it. If you did notice them, wouldn't you realize their beginning is shared with all wizards?
  23. You found the answer to all enigmas? Good job!
  24. Now, you have to understand how to use all these answers with this decoding tool :
  25. 144545327329_15
  27. You did it? Congrats!
  28. You can now enter the code in the market to receive your rewards.
  31. "I found the code but it doesn't work!".
  33. The codes follow the usual code syntax :
  34. If it's a single word or gibberish, the first character is in uppercase, and the rest is in lowercase.
  35. For example if you found "Zbli uRG VT", the code will be "Zbliurgvt"
  37. If it's several words, the first character of each word will be in uppercase, and the rest in lowercase.
  38. For example if you found "Jey is the best", the code will be "JeyIsTheBest".
  40. The only "special characters" allowed are numbers. No punctuation, no symbols, no space, nothing. Promise!
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