Enabler Smut (Yang X Ruby)

Mar 14th, 2015
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  1. It was right there, Yang thought.
  3. It was right there, right in squeezing distance, just begging for some one to touch it. It's just so...round.
  5. “No booty should be that perfect,” Yang mumbled under her breath.
  7. “You say something sis?” Ruby turned to look at her.
  9. “Hm? Nope, why?” Yang lied, oh so nonchalantly.
  11. Ruby shrugged her shoulders and went back to doing her homework.
  13. It wasn't fair, why did the worlds greatest booty ever, have to be on her own sister. Yang eyed her sister up and down, and even though she was only 15, she couldn't help but notice that Ruby has gotten curves in all the right places, especially in those tight strawberry pajamas she wears. Yang could no longer deny that her baby sister has turned into a smoking hot young lady.
  15. She shook her head vigorously, telling herself that she shouldn't think that way about her little sister, but then she saw ruby get up off of her bed and start stretching. Yang watched her derriere sway left and right as she stretched. It was hypnotizing to watch. Ruby turned her head and noticed Yangs eyes following her movements.
  17. “Yang,” Ruby called to her sister.
  19. Yang didn't answer, so Ruby called again.
  21. “Yang, a-are you...checking me out?”
  23. “H-huh? What,” Yang asked, breaking from the trance.
  25. Ruby knew the look well, she saw her sister give it to many guys, and some girls. Was her own sister having the hots for her? No way.
  27. Ruby continued to look at her sister, who had her 'oh shit i'm caught' face going full blast as she stuttered. Busted.
  29. “Yang...” Ruby blushed some and turned to face her sister, “I'm your sister Yang.”
  31. “Y-yeah, I know, but,” Yang averted her eyes, ashamed to look at her sister, “But you've gotten so hot, ya know?”
  33. Ruby fiddled with her hands, not knowing how to respond to her big sister calling her hot. Silence filled the dorm room, before Yang tried breaking the silence.
  35. “C-can I see it?” Yang mumbled
  37. “W-what?” Ruby asked, not fully understanding what Yang meant.
  39. “Your butt...can I see it?” Yang bit her lip, “Maybe if I just look at it a little bit, I'll stop obsessing over it.”
  41. Ruby moved her hands behind her, placing them on her butt as she contemplated her sisters request.
  43. “You...You want to see my butt?”
  45. “It a really nice butt,” Yang said sheepishly.
  47. Ruby blushed even more. Her sister was calling her hot, and now she was talking about how she wanted to look at her butt. Ruby didn't know what she should do in this situation, but she decided that Yang might be right, and the quickest way to get through this is to just face it head on.
  49. “O-okay yang,” Ruby said, turning away from her sister.
  51. “Ruby?” Yang sat up on her bed.
  53. “You can...You can look at it,” Ruby said.
  55. Ruby slowly started pulling down her pants, shaking her hips side to side as she did, stopping just past her cheeks. Her tiny, strawberry pink panties barely covering any of it.
  57. Yang stared at her sister, awe struck by what she was seeing. Even though she asked for it, she didn't expect her sister would so willingly show her self off to her like this.
  59. “R-Ruby,” Yang got up and walked over to her sister.
  61. “I-it's alright Yang,” Ruby said nervously, “I trust you, you're my sister after all.”
  63. Yang walked closer and stood behind her sister, and before either of them knew it, Yang grabbed a handful of Ruby's plump tush in one of her hands, making Ruby gasp. She started kneading her sisters rump like it was dough, as her other hand slithered around Ruby's waist, moving under her shirt and rubbed her fingers across her stomach.
  65. “Y-Yang,” Ruby stammered, “Y-you said you just wanted to look, this is...mmph...this is so...wrong.”
  67. “I'm sorry Ruby,” Yang said, nuzzling her face against her sisters neck, “But I just want to touch you.”
  69. Yang kissed her sisters neck causing Ruby to shudder. She moved her hand up to Ruby's breasts and fondled one, using her fingers to play with her nipple while she did.
  71. “You're not just my sister anymore,” Yang said, finally taking her hands off Ruby, “You're turning into a beautiful woman Ruby.”
  73. Yang Pushed her sister onto Weiss's empty bed, throwing herself on top before Ruby could move.
  75. “And I really like it.”
  77. Before Ruby could respond, she felt Yangs lips crash against her own. Ruby's eyes widened as her own sister was kissing her, pushing her tongue against Ruby's lips, hoping for more. Ruby felt her sisters hands exploring her body while they kissed. One was moving back towards her breasts, and the other was going lower. She could feel her sisters fingers dancing along the edge of her panty line, then she could feel them inside her panties and touching her unmentionables.
  79. Ruby tried to protest, but that simply gave Yang the entrance she had wanted, and soon her sisters tongue was inside and exploring every inch of her mouth that it could. Ruby moaned in her sisters mouth, and her cheeks were flushed red. She could feel her sister start playing with her clit while her other hand pinched her nipples. Another moan escapes her lips, and she grips the covers tightly as she starts to feel an orgasm coming on. She tried to tell her sister, but with Yang relentlessly mouth raping her with her tongue, all she could manage was...
  81. “Mmang mmph uumen”
  83. Despite Ruby's warning being nothing more than a barely audible slur, Yang could understand the gist as she felt her sisters body twitching under hers, and she quickened her pace in response, pushing two fingers in her sisters tight hole. She was getting very wet.
  85. Ruby's body arched under her sister, and she could feel herself clamping on her sisters fingers as another loud moan was caught by Yang. Yang was caught off guard when she felt her sister suddenly start to push back with her own tongue, and her hands were starting to explore her own body. She could feel Ruby's hand grabbing at her ass as her other hand was gripping at her back. Ruby's orgasm slowly came to a stop, Yang finally broke their kiss, a string of drool connecting the two sisters by the tongues hanging out of their mouths, and they panted heavily.
  87. “A-Again,” Ruby said, her voice low and breathing unsteady.
  89. “Come again,” Yang asked her sister, not sure if she was hearing her right.
  91. “Y-yes...please,” Ruby pleaded, as her hands tried to remove Yangs shorts.
  93. Yang could feel her sister tugging, and tugged down her sisters panties in response. They lied together on their bed, underwear to their ankles, and Ruby began grinding her hips against Yangs hand. Ruby moved her own hand down Yangs body, stopping at Yangs wet snatch.
  95. Ruby was nervous, she had never done this with someone before, but she closed her eyes and imagined she was doing it to herself just like those nights when Yang and her father were out late with friends or working. She imitated her sister and started by rubbing Yangs clit in circles with her thumb, and teased her slit with two of her fingers.
  97. The sisters grind against one another, moaning into each others mouth from pleasure as their tongues swirled together, moving from ones moth to the others. Ruby broke the kiss to talk to her sister.
  99. “Y-Yang...aahhh,” Ruby panted as she spoke, “I...I've always..mmmph...loved you Yang.”
  101. Yang stared into her sisters silver eyes. She was taken aback by Ruby's words, but that did not stop their actions.
  103. “Ever since the first time...unf...I caught you masturbating...h-hhmmm....I kept trying to stay up to catch you again, and I with myself when I did.”
  105. Their rhythm increased as Ruby spoke about catching Yang and getting off to hearing her every time she did it.
  107. “R-Ruby I-”
  109. Before she could finish, Ruby kissed her again, moaning with such need as her body sped up, desperate to reach that level of ecstasy again, and Yang closed her eyes, kissing her sister back. Yang starts to realize, as their tongues intertwine and the fingers dance inside one another, that it wasn't just tonight that she noticed Ruby. She's always noticed how beautiful her sister was becoming, tonight was just the night she finally decided to act on her feelings.
  111. She wasn't just seeing Ruby as her sister anymore. She was seeing her as a woman. A forbidden lover.
  113. Yang and Ruby could feel themselves closing in on their climax, as their faces press closer together and their bodies grind faster, fallen out of sync and simply trying to get off.
  115. The sisters were thrusting on each others fingers, bodies covered in sweat and their tongues thrusting back and forth between mouths as they moaned into one another. They felt one another start to clench on their fingers and they both knew that it wouldn't be much longer. With a few more thrusts of their fingers and a final, long, lustful moan between them, their bodies shuddered as if the orgasm was travailing through out their entire bodies.
  117. The pair lie together on the bed catching their breath, as Yang leans in by her sisters ear and whispers to her.
  119. “I love you Ruby.”
  121. Ruby turns her head to look at her sister. Their eyes meet, and Ruby gives her sister a kiss. It was long, or passionate, or wet like the others they shared that night, but it was the perfect kiss to the two.
  123. “I love you too Yang.”
  125. For the first time in what seemed like forever for the two, they shared a bed again, however brief. However tonight they didn't share it as sisters, but lovers.
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